tagIncest/TabooThe Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas


My name is Ian; I'm an 18 year old student from Scotland. I have just finished school, but my story takes place last Christmas. I live with my parents and my twin sister Louise, I have a secret crush on my sister. I'm not sure if this often happens with twins, but I've always felt a powerful connection to her. Most siblings, I believe tend to argue and squabble, but not Louise and I, we have always socialized with a large group of friends and always been close, we discuss our relationships, good and bad, and are good friends in our own right.

My sister and I are as different as night and day. Louise has long blonde hair that falls halfway down her slender back; when the light catches it she has a halo. Louise has incredible blue eyes, you could loose yourself in the depths of eternity, and they are the colour of a tropical sea under a bright sunlight, quite beautiful. She has a nose I have difficulty describing, to me it's perfection, but how do I put that into words? Her lips permanently moist and plump and pert, I would say the shade is Cerise, always inviting a kiss. Louise is five foot six inches, and a bit she insists, not very tall, nonetheless she stands out as soon as she enters a room. Her figure is slender, but alluring, a glacier carved valley running from the perfectly formed mountain range, 34C in case you need a translation. Her backside belongs to a Greek Goddess perhaps Aphrodite herself, round and plump flawlessness precision. Louise has beautifully lean calves that spring from firm athletic thighs, which spring from ....well....heaven. Her feet could turn the most stolid in to a foot fetishist instantaneously; I could bow down and worship by suckling her big toes for eons.

As I say, as night and day, I am six foot two inches tall, I have dark brown hair, dark hazel eyes, quite well built; I play a lot of rugby in school, not necessarily the perfect athlete. My grades are average whilst Louise's are very good. And she runs track, fifteen hundred meters specialist I'm her biggest supporter when she runs and visa versa when I play.

Traditionally our grand parents come to us for Christmas normally staying ten to fifteen days, depending when Christmas day falls, however our grandmother had been ill recently, nothing serious, but this meant they were unable to travel the eighty miles north to us, so we decided to go to them, as Christmas alone just wouldn't be the same for any of us.

We only have the one car, a Mini, one of the newish ones. We were leaving late in the evening as Dad wanted to clear his work schedule for the holidays. By the time we packed the car up we'd filled the boot and half the back seat, with odds and ends stuffed in the front where Mum would be sitting, this meant there was only one seat for Louise and myself, she would have to sit on my lap, probably not legal, but as Dad won't drive over fifty we were fairly safe. Dad made us test it to see if we could fit in, the old joke, how many people can you fit in a Mini?

For the journey I was wearing a pair of shorts, long sleeved t-shirt and trainers, I know shorts in December are pretty stupid, but we are bread strong in Scotland. I did have a parka too, I'm not that stupid. Louise came out of the house wrapped in a beige throw and a pink fleece over a pair of jet black Lycra leggings; you could tell she was wearing a thong as there were no panty lines. I felt an excitement in my balls I was going to have that perfect ass so close to my cock. She chucked her throw in the boot, and stripped out of her fleece throwing it on top of the bags on the back seat revealing a tight white t-shirt with an obvious black bra underneath, and to top it off two pokey nipples. I made myself comfortable in the car getting ready for the car journey of my life.

"I hope I'm not going to squash you Ian, I've been tucking into Mums mince pies already." She laughed as she squeezed herself into the car, straddling my lap, with her back to me.

"It's ok Lou, we'll swap half way and I'll sit on your lap." I laughed back.

"No chance, you'll break me."

I wish, I thought. As she settled in, one leg either side of mine, her intoxicating aroma of perfume, Beauty by Calvin Klein, I bought it for her birthday, she had loads of perfumes given by puppy loved boyfriends, yet she only wore the one I bought her, that give me a buzz. I found myself with nowhere to put my hands I couldn't spend the entire journey with them up by my face; we were going to be at least an hour and a half.

"Lou, I don't mean to be stupid, but I've got no room for my hands, can I put them in front of you?" I asked with trepidation.

Louise laughed, "For God's sake Ian, of course you can." She leant forward and put her hands back, grabbed mine and wrapped them round her slender waist holding my hands crossed across her belly as we set off.

I noticed her body heat so close in a tiny car. I could feel her weight pushing down on my groin. My little finger on my right hand was touching the silky skin of her belly at the bottom of her t-shirt. Her long hair was pulled over her left shoulder. I could see the black strap of her bra running over her shoulder between her t-shirt and her delicate neck. I could see her beautiful reflection in the window. That's when it happened. I got hard. My penis was running down the inside of my thigh, pulsing. She was sat along the length, like the seat of a push bike.

She must feel it, what could I do? I daren't move. I'm not a small man, eight inches. I closed my eyes willing the pressure away, it didn't work. I could feel the heat of my blushes on my face. I tried to gently push my arse right into the corner of the seat whilst pushing my chest into her.

"Can you put the radio on dad?" she asked, was there something in her voice?

"Ok, love." The reply came.

Radio one came on. Some dance track, nothing I recognized. She started jigging back and fore, side to side, up and down, moving with the music. I could feel her thighs gripping tight to mine. Contracting and relaxing. I came, in my boxers. I'd never cum without fucking or wanking before, wow. The orgasm was intense. How I remained still and quiet I don't know. My erection however didn't disappear. I had a hard on for the full journey. She jigged for the full journey. It was torture, amazing, and incredible torture. Our hands never parted. We were joined at the hip for an hour and a half.

When we arrived at our Grandparents, Louise crawled out, my erection slowly disappearing, luckily. Was that a damp patch on my sisters groin, it was hard to tell with her black leggings. I had a patch of cum showing through my shorts; I grabbed a pair of track suit trouser from the bag beside me, and quickly pulled them on.

"It's getting cold now," I said as I crawled out myself.

I could see Louise's nipples were like bullets again, was she feeling the cold? She pulled on her fleece, had she seen me looking at her breasts? Was I getting paranoid?

Our Grandfather built their house about thirty years previously; it is quite a strange house a garage on the ground level with a bed room, then above is the living room and kitchen, and above that are two bed rooms a master and guest. Louise and I always stayed in the basement, although it's on the ground floor. It used to be a large room with twin beds; however Granddad has recently had an en suite shower room fitted in there. This left only room for a double bed, a small double bed. In fact this is the smallest double bed in existence, not much wider than a single.

When we went in the house we noticed that it was freezing cold, although there was a log fire dancing in the living room, we greeted our Grandparents, kisses all-round. Granddad explained that the boiler had broken earlier in the day, and had failed to get anyone out to look at it. Dad said he'd get an old friend out in the morning to look at it. We spent a pleasant evening together, catching up.

Later it was time for bed, Louise and I trudged down to the basement even colder down there. We didn't bother to change for bed we got in fully clothed, Louise still in her Lycra leggings me just in the track suit trousers, I'd ditched the cum stained shorts earlier. Louise pulled her fleece hood up; I grabbed a hoodie, put it on and did likewise. We climbed in bed. It was awkward at first, backs pressed together.

"Ian, I'm freezing give me a hug please?" We both rolled over, wrapped our arms around each other her head in the crook of my shoulder, our legs intertwined.

"Night Ian," she said.

"Night Lou," I replied. She reached up with her head and kissed me on the lips, her lips were cold, tasting of strawberry lip gloss, she caught me by surprise so I only half kissed her. The kiss wasn't strange, we always kissed on the lips for birthdays, congratulations etc. we'd just never slept in the same bed, hence the surprise. Louise was soon fast asleep; she even quietly snored, though she'd never admit it. My hand slid down and cupped her buttock; I was erect when I eventually fell asleep dreaming of my sister.

I awoke in the same position, a half remembered dream of Louise slowly evaporating from my memory. I opened my eye to see her smiling at me. My erect cock stabbing her in the thigh. My hand still clamped on her arse. I quickly removed my hand and moved backwards removing my erection from her.

"Morning sleepy head, did you have pleasant dreams?" Louise smiled, pulling herself closer to me, I was against the wall I couldn't go any where.

"I'm sorry Lou; it's a morning thing, a guy thing, "Morning Glory"." I stumbled.

"More like "All Night Glory"! You've been shoving that at me all night." She laughed, snuggling her legs right into me, grinding into my pulsing cock.

Before I could say anything else, I heard the click and whirr of the boiler kicking in followed by Dad shouting down the stairs. "Ok guys the heating's fixed, give it half hour before using the shower."

"Ok, Thanks." We replied in unison.

"Can I see it?" Louise asked.

"What? No. Why?" I stammered not believing this was happening.

She blushed. "Well it felt big in the car, and it felt massive all night, I just want to look. Please?"

"In the car.... You noticed? You want to look?"

"Of course I noticed, silly. Its ok, I don't mind. In fact it's a compliment isn't it?" She replied. She pushed back the duvet, the room still cold.

I rolled onto my back and pulled back the elastic of my trackies, my cock sprang out, and I dragged my balls out too, putting the elastic underneath. Louise wrapped her self around my chest her eyes glued to the action.

"Wow, Ian. You're enormous." She just stared at it, "you've nice big balls too."

"Eh thanks Lou." Not sure what else to say, uncomfortable, but hopping for more.

"So how do you get rid of this "Morning Glory" then? Show me."

I started pulling back and forth on my rock hard erection, I wanted to explode, but I wanted this to last. I closed my eyes and tried to control my breathing, it wasn't working I opened them and could see the glisten of pre cum on the head; I could feel the tweaking in my balls. I tried to think of something else, impossible.

"Oh God!" I murmured. "Oh shit!" I exploded pumping stream after stream of spunk all over us both. Showering Louise and myself in thick creamy cum. It was in her hair, on her clothes, on her face. I thought she'd be livid. She turned and grabbed me in a hug.

"That was amazing, Thanks Ian you're the best brother in the world." She leant in and kissed me on the lips, five or six short kisses, accentuating the sound. I reached up and used my thumb to wipe my cum off her cheek, rubbing it into the sheets. She smiled up at me, reaching over to a towel on the floor beside her, gave herself a quick wipe over and proceeded to clean my cock up, only touching me with the towel then pulling my trackies back over my semi erect cock. Louise then pulled the duvet back up.

"No thank you Lou, I needed that." I leant in to kiss her again. This time one long kiss. She rolled over, half on top of me. I placed my hand on her arse again, she didn't stop me. We lay like that for a while, as the room around us slowly succumbed to the heat from the radiator. We kissed, not making out just kissing on the lips.

Louise eventually got up first to use the shower. She turned her back to me and stripped to her underwear, her pink cotton thong parting her beautiful cheeks, I could see a damp patch over her mound as she bent to remove her leggings. She turned back to me, smiling as she noticed me checking her out, her bra was semi transparent, and I could see her large pale areola, a perfect circle about an inch diameter. And her bullet like nipples jutting out. Louise reached around and undid her bra unleashing those perfect breasts. She had a faint tan line around them; we do get sun in Scotland. She walked over to me, her boobs swaying slightly as she walked and dropped her bra next to me. "An early Christmas present, for the best brother a sister could wish for." She leant down and kissed me. I reached up and cupped her bounteous breasts and tweaked her nipples. "Not so quick you." She laughed pulling away and into the bathroom. I picked up her discarded bra, still warm from her body. I brought it to my face to sniff it, smelling her aroma, mixed with her perfume. I grew hard again. I got out of bed and stripped my clothes, standing completely naked and walked to the bathroom. She was in the shower, the glass was steamed up, I could make out her figure, was she masturbating?

"I hope you're not doing anything naughty in there," I called as I turned the tap on.

She shrieked. "Turn the tap off you brute!" she laughed as I turned the tap off resetting the temperature in the shower. I got my electric shaver out and started to shave, my back to the shower. I could see her in the mirror; she had wiped a hole through the condensation so she could see me. She was checking out my arse.

"Enjoying the view?" I called out.

She laughed. "Yes thank you, you've got a very nice bum."

"Not as nice as yours though."

She stepped out of the shower, not trying to hide her nudity. Her pussy was bare, not a hair. "Could you hand me a towel please Ian?"

"It would be my pleasure Louise" I replied, grabbing the towel and holding it out for her to walk into.

"Thank you kind sir." She laughed walking into the towel which I wrapped around her waist and pulled her into an embrace. She grabbed hold of my naked behind, her breasts squashed against my chest as I ducked down to kiss her. Her lips parted and our tongues collided for the first time. A few minutes later, "you need to brush your teeth Ian." And to show she wasn't being mean kissed me again.

I laughed, pausing for breath "As my lady commands." I turned to comply as she pinched my left arse cheek and left the room. I rushed through the bathroom and managed to get out as she was just pulling on her underwear in the bedroom.

"You look like James Bond stepping out of the shower." She said.

"None of the bond girls are as beautiful as you." I replied. She smiled and blushed, but remained quiet.

We got dressed; I hoped I hadn't spoiled it with that last comment. Then, "Will you come shopping with me today Ian, I need a big strong man to carry my bags?"

"I'd love to," I replied.

As we shopped we strolled around hand in hand, nobody knew us here so we weren't concerned. We went to hundreds of shops, clothes shops; I had the joy of watching Louise try on hundreds of outfits. She looked beautiful in everything, yet she bought nothing. We bought lots of presents for the rest of the family, Louise advising me on my choices. We bought lunch at a posh café we sat like a couple and shared a bottle of Rioja. A very pleasant afternoon. Later we went back to the house to connect with the family.

That evening, everyone went to bed early as it had been a long day. The house was very warm, now that the boiler was working. Mum and Granny had been baking and preparing so the house smelt of Christmas; Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Citrus filled the house.

Louise got ready for bed; she stripped everything except her black cotton panties and put on a pink cotton vest, tight against her breasts. I stripped everything except my boxers. We got into bed, both with a bit of trepidation. Had we gone too far? We lay in each others arms not saying a thing, not looking each other in the eye.

Eventually Louise asked, "Can we spoon Ian, I'd like you to hold me all night long?"

I smiled and kissed her on the forehead and nodded. She smiled back and rolled over, squeezing back into me. She fit perfectly; maybe we'd been like this in the womb. I had one arm under her head the other curled over her slender hips, our legs intertwined. "I love my sister." I stated.

"I love my brother," she replied. I could feel her smiling even though I couldn't see her face.

The next morning I awoke still with Louise in my arms, she was still asleep I had another erection, but I wasn't embarrassed about that anymore. She was still resting on my arm, I had pins and needles; however I wasn't going to move it. I slid my spare hand up under the front of Louise's t-shirt to cup her right breast and tweak her nipple. She awoke with a smile on her face, and a big yawn drew out of her mouth. "Don't mind me I'm only sleeping.

I leant in and planted a few delicate kisses on her beautiful lips. "That's my favourite Beatles song." And almost whispering I sang.

"When I wake up early in the morning

Lift my head, I'm still yawning When I'm in the middle of a dream Stay in bed, float up stream (float up stream)

Please, don't wake me, no, don't shake me Leave me where I am - I'm only sleeping"

"It's a pity you can't sing though." She laughed. I ignored the dig and just kept tweaking her nipple. I pulled her breast out from under her t-shirt, and bent my mouth to suckle on her ripe and juicy fruit.

"It seems you have that "Morning Glory" again, maybe I could do something to ease the swelling?" She spoke in a shy voice.

"Well that's very kind of you Nurse; I've been suffering a lot lately."

She laughed and got up; grudgingly I had to remove my hand from her breast. "Maybe I could massage the swelling out." she offered.

"Oh God yes please Nurse," I managed to splutter, "Although I wouldn't like to dirty any of your uniform though."

She now stood up on the bed looking down at me, smiled. "That's very thoughtful of you sir, thank you." She pulled at the bottom of her t-shirt and in one motion brought it over her head. She threw it at me. I caught it and brought it to my face to breathe her aroma. Next she took her panties by the sides turned her back to me and slowly drawing them down her long legs, as she bent she showed me her pussy lips, I could see the moistness of her sex. She turned back looking down at me with the biggest grin on her face and dropped the panties on my face. "For your collection sir." she got back on her knees and pulled my boxers off, my manhood bulging.

She got off the end of the bed and sank down eyes level on my cock; she grasped it in her right hand and slowly started to move up and down the thick shaft. Her hands not able to close around the thick, shank of meat. Harder and faster she beat my drum. Vigorously and relentlessly yanking my chain. She bent down and took my left ball in her mouth, the whole thing. I had bubbles of pre cum beading through the eye on my head. With her thumb, whilst still bouncing up and down with her hand, she twirled the pre cum round and round my helmet. I had never felt such extreme pleasure as this. Then she twirled around still wanking me off, and straddled my chest, her pussy inches from my face.

Almost simultaneously her mouth engulfed my swollen member as I reached up my hand and rubbed her pussy, gently rubbing up and down with my fore fingers. I reached up with my head, not stopping my fingers, I kissed the entrance to her womb, she was sopping wet. With my tongue I split her private lips, through folds of velvet skin and tunnelled into her. I found the bean of her clitoris with my left hand, and started nipping it between finger and thumb.

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