The Twelve Sluts of Christmas


I know I don't have long, ten minutes before Jane is home and I need to be fucking Demi when she arrives. I get Demi to stand up and I pull her panties to her knees.

She turns round and lowers herself onto my cock, still seven minutes to go, I hoped I could last that long. She sinks her cunt slowly down my cock until all eight inches are buried inside her. I don't fuck Demi, I just let her ride my swollen cock, her arse is bouncing off my stomach. I reach around taking a breast in each hand, Demi seems to like it when I squeeze hard. I take a final look at the clock, my time is up. Jane storms into the room screaming.

"What are you doing you little fucking cunt? That's my husband." She slaps Demi hard across the face. Demi tries to stand but cannot move with the grip I have on her tits. Jane slaps her again. "What will your fucking mother say when I tell her I found you with his cock stuffed up your tight little pussy?" Demi tried to stammer an answer but no recognisable words left her mouth.

I could see Jane was looking down at my cock buried in the tight cunt, I saw a smile pass quickly over her face. Demi was in a panic trying to remove my cock but the movement had an adverse effect causing me to shoot my spunk deep into her soaking wet pussy.

Jane had seen what had happened, a look of horror on Demi's face. "You've made him cum you dirty little whore."

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to, I never wanted him to fuck me it just happened."

"What just happened? You managed to sit on my husbands cock and make him cum in your dirty cunt but you didn't mean to, it just happened."

Demi's head dropped, she had no more answers but Jane continued. "Well get off his cock, you little slut." I released my grip on her as she stood. Sperm dripped from her opened pussy lips covering my cock and balls. As Demi moved her panties dropped from her knees to her ankles, as she again started to mumble an apology.

"Don't think you are going anywhere until you have cleaned up this mess." She told the girl.

"I'll get a towel." Was Demi's reply.

"No you will clean it with your tongue bitch." Jane moved and grabbed her by the hair. "Or I will phone your mother right this minutes and tell her what a dirty slut you are."

Demi dropped to her knees, her tongue working quickly as she tried to lick all the spunk and pussy cream from my cock. Jane had hitched her skirt up around her waist and was furiously wanking her clit. I knew she wouldn't be able to last long before she filled her black lace panties full of her cum. Jane let out a loud gasp, her legs turned to jelly as she almost fell.

I knew the time was now coming the time when I would get to eat Demi's virgin arse.

"Good girl." Jane told Demi." You can stop now." Demi did as she was told. "Time to get you cleaned up now." She told the younger girl and Jane laid on her back, on the floor. "Get you pussy over my mouth so I can clean all of the dirty spunk out of your cunt." Demi didn't move. "Now bitch or face the consequences."

Demi moved slowly, straddling Jane's head and then dropping to her knees, lowering her pussy into her Aunties mouth. Jane was good at licking pussy and soon had Demi moaning and grunting in delicate gasps.

It was my turn to take over, I bent over and removed Jane's panties and spoke to Demi. "It's about time you paid Auntie Jane back for cleaning your dirty pussy." I told her." She has cum in her panties and her pussy is all sticky." Demi looked at Jane's open lips and without further encouragement started to feast.

I moved behind Demi, I could see Jane's tongue working fast in her cunt, her exposed arsehole ready for me to take. I moved in slowly, I didn't want to rush after waiting for so long. As my tongue came into contact with Demi's muscle her whole body convulsed, I knew she had cum in Jane's mouth.

I could wait no longer and plunged my tongue as far as I could ram it into the virgin hole, I heard Demi squeal and start to buck but I kept a tight grip swirling my tongue around. I pulled my tongue out of her hole and quickly replace it with two fingers. My saliva had lubricated her hole enough for my fingers to work easily. Again I used my tongue, her muscle had relented slightly make her hole wider, given my tongue more space to work, again she convulse, surly she hadn't cum again so soon. Finally I withdrew, I had completed what I had set out to do and it was as good as I hoped it would be.

Demi was soon dressed and left the house after Jane reassured her that her mother would not find out that she was a dirty slut but told her she may have to do a repeat performance. Jane kissed me, both of us sharing the different tastes of Demi, she asked if I had enjoyed the young woman, I told her I had. We fucked like rabbits for the next couple of hours thinking of Demi before heading to bed and fucking some more.

Could tomorrow be any better than this, I didn't think so.

On the third day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a blonde who would squirt upon my face.

Wednesday already, the week was flying by but today work seemed to pass slowly, all I could think about was what Jane had in store for me tonight.

I was surprised when I walked into the living room, Lindsey, a local primary school teacher was sat in the corner chair, there was no sign of Jane. Surely Lindsey wasn't going to fuck me, no way could Jane have arranged this.

Lindsey was cute, dark well tended hair, which dropped beyond her shoulder. I couldn't make out her size or curves, the long ankle length skirt and baggy jumper obscured any view of shape or flesh. What was Jane thinking? Then it hit me Lindsey must be here for some other reason.

I mumbled an hello, Lindsey did the same in reply and continued to tell me Jane had popped upstairs and would only be a minute. Lindsey looked uncomfortable, her face was a little flushed and she seemed nervous, sat up straight with her hands on her knees. What could she be doing here, we didn't have children and as far as I knew she was not one of Jane's associates.

Jane stormed into the room, she was dressed to kill, wearing a midnight blue and black Basque trimmed with lace, matching panties and stockings but between her legs was a massive cock, it must have been twelve inches. Looking closely I could see it was a strap-on.

"I have a nice little slut for you tonight darling. This bitch has been taking class A drugs and getting fucked when she's off her head. I'm sure her headmaster would love to know. Do you give them to the children? Or do you only take them when you are getting your dirty little holes filled." I couldn't believe Lindsey was like that, this demure girl a drug taking slut.

"Its not like that, I'm not like that, I only take them because I have to." Tears filling her eyes.

"Are they prescription? Do you get them off the doctor?" Lindsey shook her head, Jane continued. "No you have to get them off a scummy dealer. Do you want to lose your job." Again Lindsey shook her head. Jane was getting good at blackmail. "I heard a whisper that your pussy squirts when you cum." Jane then said holding the giant strap-on and simulated wanking the cock.

"How did you hear that?" Lindsey wouldn't even look at Jane.

"I have my sources." Jane laughed. "You better be better dressed under those clothes, I hope you heard me when I told you what my husband liked." Again Lindsey nodded. "Well you better start your dance then." Jane said turning on the CD player, I was in heaven again.

Lindsey stood and started to slowly gyrate, moving her body to the music. She slowly removed her jumper and dropped her skirt, she was instantly transformed. The timid teacher now looked the ultimate party slut. She definitely knew how to dance seductively and now that she was only wearing a boned pink Basque, laced up the middle of the embroidered material, with tiny matching panties and suspenders dropping down to hold up her white stockings. She was amazing, so sexy, she was how I imaged a cage dancer in a top night club, Jane had done well.

I don't know how long it lasted but my eyes would not leave Lindsey's body. When she was fully clothed she looked more chunky but now she had the look of an athlete but with a nice sized chest. My gaze was finally broken when I heard Jane's voice.

"I want you to strip my husband, not too fast, you had better make sure he enjoys it slut." I wanted to rip my own clothes off and fuck this woman now but decided to let Jane's plan run its course.

Lindsey moved over to me and started to unbutton my shirt and rubbing my chest, she then pulled my shirt off completely and started to lick my nipples. I was getting to the point of exploding, Lindsey certainly knew how to turn someone on. She continued to lick and suck my nipple as she unfastened the button on my trousers and then pulled the zip down. My pants fell to the floor as she started to massage my cock and balls through my boxer shorts.

Lindsey stopped for a moment giving me chance to kick off my shoes and get rid of my trousers before she dropped to her knees and continued her massage. She then tried to suck my cock and balls through the tight material of my underwear, her mouth was amazing. I knew she had done this a lot before and was not the virgin I thought she would be.

As she pulled down my boxer shorts and moved to take my cock in her mouth Jane brought proceeding to a halt. I gave Jane a stern look, she gave me an evil smile. Jane told me to sit in the chair and told Lindsey to give me a lap dance. This was something I had never had but had always wanted.

I sat down and was followed by Lindsey, the music was slow, I didn't know the song. I sank back into she seat and Lindsey straddled my legs, seductively moving her sexy body. Jane acted like a madam telling me I could not touch the dancer, I was extremely hard, I wanted to reach out and have my fill. Lindsey seemed to have been lap dancing all her life, she was a natural. Freeing her tits from the Basque, she pushed them into my face and grabbed the back of my head. She rubbed her breasts hard into my flesh before climbing up me and replacing her tits with her lace clad pussy. I could smell her cunt juice as she ground her crotch furiously into my open mouth, I tried my best to push my tongue into her cunt but the material of her panties was to tight, although I could taste her juices. Again as I was enjoying myself Jane stopped the action.

She told Lindsey to stand up and then told me to remove her panties, I did, making sure I felt her soft flesh folds of her pussy. She then told Lindsey to suck my cock, she did dropping back to her knees. She was an expert, she licked the shaft, took my balls into her mouth and sucked deep onto my cock. I closed my eyes, lost in ecstasy when without warning Lindsey bit into my flesh. My eyes darted open and I was about to yell out when I glimpsed the cause of her actions. Jane had buried the twelve inches of her strap-on into the woman's cunt. My cock left Lindsey's mouth as she screamed. I had to take a look and could see about three quarters of the rubber cock was inside her. Jane withdrew slightly, taking a firm grip on Lindsey's hips and the drove the cock back in. Lindsey mouth was wide open as she continued to yelp, which only served to make Jane fuck her harder. I took a hand full of hair and forced Lindsey's mouth back onto my cock and I started to fuck her face, suppressing her screams, which were now turning to a gagging noise.

I was close to Cumming, Jane could tell and shook her head at me, I pulled Lindsey's head off my cock, as Jane stopped fucking her and started to speak to me. "As I said earlier, this little slut squirts when she cums. I want her to squirt on my face while you fuck her arse and then she can squirt on you while I fuck her arse with this. She said waggling the twelve in rubber cock in Lindsey's face." Do you think your arse can take it slut."

Lindsey nodded saying. "I'll try my best."

We moved Lindsey to the centre of the room, she positioned herself on all fours. We spent the next five minutes working on Lindsey's arse. Myself and Jane took turns rimming the woman and then finger fucking her anal opening with one, two, then three fingers. Her sphincter started to relax and expand, Jane was satisfied and told me to fuck her arse.

I pushed the head of my cock against her hole, there was still a lot of resistance, Jane spat on her arse and finally my cock entered her, she was so tight inside I wondered if she had ever been arse fucked. It took a minute or two before my cock was fully inserted and I slowly began to fuck her.

Lindsey immediately began to react, moaning and gasping, then she started to act like a real slut. Shouting obscenities, telling me to fuck her harder, faster, deeper. Jane hand disappeared towards Lindsey's cunt, I guessed she was rubbing her clit. Lindsey's moans were getting louder the more I fucked her.

"I'm Cumming, I'm cumming, I gonna cum." Lindsey squealed, Jane swiftly moved to the floor, putting her mouth under the woman's cunt. One more unearthly noise and Lindsey's pussy exploded over Jane's face. I couldn't see what was happening but my imagination ran wild, making my cock spew its load deep into Lindsey's bowels. Jane came out from under Lindsey, her face soaking wet, as was her hair, how much had she cum.

I pulled my cock out of Lindsey's arse a trail of my cum followed and ran down to her pussy. Jane moved around to Lindsey's arse her tongue lapping at my cum before disappearing into her gaping hole. She then stood up pulling Lindsey with her and engaged in a long, lingering kiss, I couldn't tell which one of them was enjoying it the most.

When the kiss ended Jane sat in the middle of the sofa, her cock standing out proud. She told Lindsey to come and sit on the cock, Lindsey did. Even though her arsehole had been stretched by my cock it took a while before the head of the strap-on disappeared inside her anal cavity, she worked her tight arse up and down the cock for the next couple of minutes but was still struggling, taking a little more than half its length. Her moans were again reaching a crescendo, I didn't need any instruction, dropping between her legs and sucking on her clit. I inserted two fingers into her pussy, frigging her as fast a I could.

Lindsey's hips were bucking wildly and I was caught by surprise as her pussy again exploded. It was as though she was pissing, the stream of cum covering my face completely. I opened my mouth drinking as much as I could, her juice was like nectar and the more my fingers moved the more juice her pussy spewed out until she was spent. I removed my fingers and inserted my tongue, lapping up every drop.

When I finally stood I cold see an enormous smile on Lindsey's face and as I looked down I could see she had taken the full twelve inches in her arse. We all took turns in the bathroom cleaning up and then it was time for Lindsey to leave.

"Can I come back again?" She said her eyes pleading. We all agreed would we meet again soon.

On the fourth day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a juicy arse to rest my fat cock.

Thursday evening, we always went to the rugby club to meet friends and have a few drinks, tonight was no different. We arrived at our usual six o'clock, we always left by nine, with it being a work night.

The usual crowd were already there, Annette and Peter, Karen and Phil, Mark and Fiona. We said hello and I took a drinks order from everyone and moved to the bar. Phil and Mark soon joined me and gave me a hand carrying the drinks to the table.

My head was all over the place, Jane had not fulfilled any of my fantasies today and now we were here I couldn't see how she could. We had the usual banter, the lager and wine flowed, the night was going well. At seven thirty Phil announced he had to leave, he had to work away for the next couple of days.

After goodbyes Karen walked him to the door, I couldn't take my eyes off her denim clad arse. She wasn't petite but didn't carry too much weight. Her best feature was her arse it was magnificent, how many times had I thought about plunging my cock deep into her hole. That was it! Jane was going to let me fuck Karen's arse but how had she managed it?

It was my turn at the bar again, Jane came with me. "Have you guessed who is your slut for tonight?"

"Yes but how are you going to get Karen to let me fuck her arse?"

"Its already arranged, I found out she has been fucking Mark and I told her if she doesn't want Phil to find out, she will fuck you tonight."

I bent forwards giving Jane a big kiss. "Thank you."

The drinking ended, we had phoned a taxi. Jane asked Karen if she wanted dropping off, I could see the reluctance on Karen's face as she said yes.

Jane told me to sit in the back with Karen, she told Karen not to stop me doing anything I wanted. Karen's face was full of fury but didn't object. Jane sat in the front chatting with the driver, I could see her open her legs slightly, flirting, distracting the drivers attention away from the back of the cab.

I leaned over to Karen and whispered in her ear, with a new found confidence. "Do you know how many times I have thought about fucking you arse, How many times my cock has been hard at the thought of your pussy taking my cock. How many times I have cum and wished it had been in your mouth." I took hold of her left breast, squeezing it roughly. "I am going to fuck you so hard tonight, I am going to make you beg me to stop but I wont." I moved my head round and tried to kiss her, her lips remained tightly closed. I wasn't bothered, I would make her pay later.

Minute later the taxi dropped us off and we entered the house. I poured everyone a drink, Karen sat on the sofa scowling when Jane spoke to her. "He has watched your arse for the last four years, every time you left you seat, when you went to the bar, when you went to the toilet, every time you stood up I knew his cock was hard. Tonight I am going to give him what he wants, he is going to fuck you or you can go back to Phil, I'm sure he will divorce you and he is your financial lifeline. Its your choice but if you stay you will join in, you will not hold back, you will enjoy yourself."

Karen necked her drink and asked for another. "It will only happen this once and then you will forget about me and Mark." Jane agreed, telling her. "When you leave us tonight, I want you to be a total slut, I want you to love cock and cunt, I want you to be desperate for more."

I sat one side of Karen, Jane the other. I kissed her and this time she responded. As I moved my lips away they were replaced by Jane's, Karen's eyes went wide but she responded. Jane broke away." I'm going to fuck you too." A broad grin on her face.

As I watched Jane opened the buttons of Karen's blouse to reveal purple bra. "That's a nice colour for a slut." Jane told her before pulling the bra down and revealing her ample breasts. Without pausing we both bent forward, each taking one of Karen's tits into our mouths. Karen nipples were the biggest I had ever known and felt like a small cock in my mouth. I sucked hard and then started chewing, I guessed Jane was doing the same by the sounds leaving Karen's mouth.

My hand moved down Karen's body towards her pussy, as I reached her cunt I found Jane had beaten me to it and already opened Karen's jeans and had I finger deep inside her, Karen was wet and my finger soon joined Jane's. We both finger fucked her for the next few minutes. Then I got up and poured us all another drink as we striped off all of our clothes.

We sat back down, Karen really seemed to like Jane's attention and they were soon kissing again, Jane's finger easily slotted in Karen's cunt, as Karen pushed hers into Jane, feeling like a spare part I had to decide what to do. I had always wanted Karen's arse so I pushed my arm under her rump, my fingers probing, trying to find her hole. Karen squirmed, I was sure she was trying to force her arsehole onto my fingers. It didn't take long before I found her tightness and with no objections I forced a digit deep inside her cavern.

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