tagErotic CouplingsThe Twelve Tables Ch. 03

The Twelve Tables Ch. 03


It was dark and beginning to rain as Josh and Peri pulled up outside a small winery. To Peri's surprise a man ran out to their car, and Josh wound his window down to speak to him. The Rain was heavy so Peri only heard a few words before the man hurried back inside and the car started moving again.

Josh continued around the winding track past the winery and its out buildings. He pointed to some pale lights in the distance, "There is an amazing villa over there." Turning her head to look at it she was jolted as the surfaced road ran out, and the gravel crunched beneath the tyres. Eventually, they pulled up outside a small well lit cottage. Getting out of the car, they ran through the increasing rain to the large veranda surrounding the cottage.

Josh opened the door then swept her off her feet carrying her into the cottage, kissing her deeply before placing her on her feet. Peri looked around, the cottage was like one enormous room, the bed was directly before her, and she guessed the one internal door on the other side of it led to a bathroom. As she turned taking in the place she saw a well equipped kitchen and small dining table, a small sofa before a fire and large screen TV and beyond that a spa bath set into the wall surrounded with glass looking out over breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and wineries.

"Wow," she breathed, "This is amazing!" She walked over and peered into the large bathroom noting the dual shower heads in the wet space. Josh had snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, nibbling at her neck. "We should get our bags out of the car before we, um, do anything else. Don't you think?" Peri asked him.

"No," he said throatily, "I plan to keep you naked all weekend and at my beck and call." His hands tugged at her clothes as he continued, "Speaking of which you have far too many clothes on for my liking right now." Peri tensed and looked around at all the large windows and glass door leading out to what she expected was a balcony. "We are isolated here and I want you naked," he said it with a smile but she felt the tone making it a command. He released her taking a step back and smirking, "All weekend."

Peri blushed slowly lowering the zip at the side of her dress. "Wait!" Josh moved over to the couch and pressed a few buttons on a remote, music started playing softly. "Now strip for me," he fell back onto the sofa motioning her forward. The heavy beat of the Pussycat Dolls singing Buttons played from the small speakers. She liked the song and loosened up a little bit enjoying teasing him. He had a way of making her inhibitions disappear with his hungry eyed stare and she danced around him slowly revealing her body. Her breasts once freed from the constricting bra bounced and moved with her, his eyes following the sway of her soft curves as she sang softly with the song imagining herself as one of the sexy Pussycat Dolls singing it. It as a song meant to tease men and she did her best to tease Josh.

Peri enjoyed the way he looked at her with hungry eyes. With him, she rarely felt the terrifying self consciousness that would have frozen her movement's mere weeks ago. He had shown her since that first night how much appeal her curvy form held for him in many ways and so she danced for him revelling in her new found sexuality. She watched him as he sat, he was controlling, exacting and demanding, she knew those qualities had not appealed at first, but as she had fallen for him she saw how they had created the man he was, successful, charismatic and unwilling to compromise in what he wanted. Peri blushed and smiled at him as her dress shimmied to the ground, he wanted her, she still couldn't believe it, but she knew it to be true.

"You are such a hot slut," Josh said and grabbed her hand as she danced past him, pulling her to his lap. Peri blushed hotly and looked up into Josh's eyes as he smirked at her not denying his words. He leaned down and kissed her, long deep and passionately while his hands travelled over her body. His hands touched her neck, slowly travelling down to her breasts, encircling them, sending waves of tingling excitement through her. Her nipples became hard and erect at his touch as if answering his unspoken question of how much she wanted his touch.

His hands drifted down to her thighs, and she widened them willingly, letting out a squeal as suddenly he slapped her pussy hard and smirked as she attempted to close her thighs. His fingers delved into making her breathe deeply and let out soft whimpers of pleasure. Manipulating her clit with his thumb as his fingers forced her wider inserting one, then two and eventually three as he brought her higher and higher, watching the trembling muscles of her thighs shake as she came close to the edge.

He stopped just as suddenly as he had begun leaving her gasping and rocking her hips in need. Josh caught her hands as they travelled down her body, trying to find some release from the tortuous wanting she felt. He spoke huskily as though holding back his own lust and need when he finally murmured, "We are going to try something different this weekend." His eyes bored into hers, and she nodded, speechlessly, waiting for him to say more. Josh transferred both her wrists to one hand and pulled a long slim box from his pocket, "This is for you," he held the box before her eyes for a few moments before releasing both her hands and helping her to sit up upon his lap better.

Peri gasped as Josh opened the box revealing a short golden chain. Each of its links had at it centre a brightly coloured gem stone. "If you accept this," he paused briefly making sure she realised she had a choice, "For as long as you wear this and each time you wear it, here after, you will do exactly as I say." His eyes still bore into hers as if trying to read every thought in her head.

Peri knew she loved the man looking at her so intently, she had never felt this way about anyone, and nobody had ever made her feel so wanted and desired. She trusted him and knew he would not ask anything of her that she could not give. She nodded her understanding and acceptance of his gift as her eyes flickered from his to the beautiful necklace. She noticed a small tremble in his hands as he took the necklace from the box and her mind wondered at that briefly before he spoke to her again.

"This weekend will be very different," his eyes had softened at her acceptance of the necklace, "All you need to do is trust me, and do as I ask," he hands pulled the chain about her neck, it fit she noticed, snugly as if it had been made for her alone. Once again she nodded not trusting her voice, watching the look in his eyes and melting at the way they devoured her with desire. "I need to hear you say it," he whispered as the clasp finally fell into place against her neck.

Leaning in he nibbled the flesh of her neck above the chain as she whispered, "It's so beautiful, thank you. While I wear it, I will be yours and yours alone," she smiled crookedly at him acknowledging to herself he didn't need the necklace, she was already his in every way that mattered. She was sitting in his lap naked while he still wore his suit and she almost giggled that she had already done exactly as he asked before the introduction of the necklace. "I will do as you ask," she added softly.

Josh smiled as he saw the corners of her mouth tilt up, realising she held no trepidation of what she had just committed to. He leaned back in the chair and spoke quietly but with authority, "Take off my tie, my pretty one," he smirked at her as her hands automatically reached for his tie drawing the ends apart and holding it limp from her fingers. Taking from her fingers he picked up her hand and began winding around one wrist, picking up the other hand he bound her wrists together, her eyes curiously watching his every move. She accepted his tying her wrists meekly, and when he finished he leaned in to kiss her, picking her up and placing her on her feet.

Josh led Peri to the centre of the cabin between the sofa and the dinning table where there was a vacant space and reach above him to what she had assumed was a low hanging lighting fixture. From within the hanging crystals, he drew a hook and lifted her tie bound hands to it. Peri found if she relaxed her arms the hook pulled further down and she relaxed her arms until it stopped giving way. Her arms were still held above her head, but she did not feel stretched uncomfortably. Continuing to watch Josh, Peri saw him pull two crystals from the ornamental display and hang them from a second hook the weight making her arms rise higher. Josh continued to add crystals until Peri had no choice but to stretch up and eventually stand on her toes to take the weight on her wrists.

Peri said nothing as she watched Josh take a larger crystal off the hook counter balancing her weight and reattached it to the display before walking away from her. Turning slowly, Peri followed his movement as he took off his jacket and moved into the kitchen. Staying silent as he pulled a bottle of champagne from the fridge and opening it with a loud pop he turned back toward her. Not bothering with a glass Josh took a sip tilting the bottle up to his mouth. Walking slowly back toward her he smiled widely his eyes taking in her curves as she hung at his will. He revelled in the power it gave him and once again was amazed at this girl that had so captivated him. She was exactly the type of girl he fantasised about, soft and curvy, willing and giving, faithful and trusting, smart and curious, he adored her and knew she was his soul mate, this weekend he would make sure she knew he was hers.

"Would you like some champagne, my love?" He asked still smiling widely.

"Yes, please," Peri whispered.

Josh tilted the bottle up to his lips again taking a large mouthful and leaned in to kiss her dribbling the bubbly liquid between her lips. Peri swallowed the still cool liquid tasting Josh along with the liquid. He repeated the manoeuvre twice more letting her drink from his lips and kissing her deeply after each mouthful she took.

Josh bent low and dribbled a tingly stream from the bottle over her breast lapping it from her nipples, the bubbles tingling against her skin as his tongue teased her all the more. Peri panted at the eroticism of the act, and he repeated the slow process on her other breast. Josh loved her breasts, the nipples rose so high making them seem perky despite their size and weight. Taking another mouthful directly from the bottle he stood up erect and once again dribbled it into her mouth and kissed her deeply, his free hand dropping to her cunt delving deeply to tease her to the point of panting and rocking her hips into him.

Peri ached to wrap her arms around him, and cling to him as she usually did when in the height of need and wanting but all she could do was rock her body closer hoping to feel the form of him against her. Once again he stopped just as she climbed close to the edge, but he wouldn't let her fall over it, Peri whimpered as he moved away once again. She ached for him, desperate for his touch her body bowed as she begged, "Please. Please, don't stop."

Her words gave him more power, and he smirked taking another gulp from the bottle, and slowly moved toward her again feeding her more champagne with his kisses. Peri was calmer now, and he moved away once more toward the spa bath in the glass alcove. Taking the rope like cord belts from the two robes he turned back and approached her. The champagne bottle discarded he kissed her deeply murmuring, "Trust me." She nodded her eyes alight with lust and adoration as she watched him.

With nimble fingers he tied a cord about her waist, and lifting the second cord tied a small tight knot at its middle, he then pressed into her cunt, to rest against her clit. He pulled the cord between her legs until it nestled between her ass cheeks and secured each end to the belt. Josh pulled it up making it rub at her and press hard against her clit before pulling his hands away. Pulling a chair out from the table he sat back taking off his shoes and watched her as she hung. He could see her thighs rubbing together and the pleasure at the sensation of the rope exciting her all the more.

"How are you enjoying being mine and mine alone, so far," he smirked at her noticing her hips begin to move trying to rub at the cord between her lips and cheeks, knowing he was keeping her on edge.

Peri answered breathily, "It feels..." she let out a whimper as she came close to the edge again, "It feels wonderful."

Josh continued to watch her until he saw the tell tale shaking of her thighs again before standing from his chair and moving swiftly to her, pulling an end of the cord at her waist to undo the knot and pull the cords from her leaving her starving for more. He stroked her body slowly and kissed her with passion, "Not yet my love," he murmured into the kiss, "Now it is my turn." He lifted her trembling body and unhooked her hands. The crystals rattled, tinkling above them. Gently untying the tie he had wrapped around her wrists, to hold her to his will, he embraced her until her body stopped its constant trembling. When mild tremors alone ran through her, he stepped back and smiled, "Now I have far too many clothes on, don't you think?"

Peri almost dived onto Josh with the invitation to undress him. She began with his shirt running her hands over his chest feeling the muscles through the soft fabric. Slowly she unbuttoned the shirt, letting her lips following her hands. She kissed each small section of revealed flesh until she kissed just above his belt buckle. She kissed each wrist as she unbuttoned the cuffs, she was humming the song she had stripped to, "loosen up my buttons baby," her mind sang. "Saying what you gonna do to me, but you do nothing," her mind sang on as her hands ran up the flesh of his torso lifting the shirt from his shoulders and pushing it down his arms.

Peri kissed own his neck and over his chest moving slowly lower as her hands worked at his belt and zipper noticing how hard his cock was as she did, a small smile creeping over her face. Tucking her fingers into the waistband of his underwear Peri slid it down his legs with his pants as she knelt before him. Leaning forward Peri kissed the tip of his engorged cock and was rewarded with a groan from him making her smile wider as she looked up at him. Josh planted his feet widely and ran his fingers through her hair as he stepped out of his pants and kicked them aside. Once free of the restricting clothes Josh pulled her lips back to her cock and groaned softly. Once again she greeted his cock with a kiss slowly widening her lips and letting her tongue snake out to roll around the fleshy head and delve into the tiny hole embedded there to taste him.

Emboldened by his groans of pleasure Peri wrapped her hands around his thighs grasping an ass cheek in both hands and pulled him closer swallowing more of his cock until over full she began to gag swallowing hard against the reflex. Josh pushed forward as he felt her swallow around him his mind revelling in the pleasure he got from her willing mouth and throat. Holding her head tightly between his hands he began to saw in and out of her mouth slowly making her take more and more of him as she desperately gasped at breaths between swallowing the big hard cock down deeper feeling her own pleasure at his exclamations of pleasure, "Oh yeah take it all, swallow me you little slut. Fuck!"

Her hands kept a tight grip on his ass as he growled out his lust for her. Drooling saliva coated her chin and dripped onto her chest as she worked to take as much as he gave her. After what seemed an age he pulled her from his cock and lifting it up with one hand pressed her face to his ball sac. Dutifully Peri lapped and sucked at the pebbled skin eliciting more growls and dirty talk from Josh.

Not able to hold back the tide rising within him he stepped back and picked her up. Josh almost threw peri across the dining room table and lifted her ass in the air entering her roughly and pounding into her tight wet cunt. "Fuck!" He roared into the silence of the cabin as Peri squealed and bucked under the onslaught. His left hand wrapped around under her thigh to tease at her clit while his right hand began spanking her up turned ass which jiggled so enticingly. He felt her orgasm rip through her, her cunt clamping around his cock milking at it and triggering his own intense cum. Overcome with how his teasing of her had affected him as well, Josh collapsed over Peri.

Catching his breath Josh pulled his softening cock from Peri. He stepped back looking at her reddened right ass cheek with satisfaction and the cum that dripped from her to a small puddle between her feet, 'There would come a time,' he thought to himself, "Where she would know not to waste such a precious gift.' His eyes crinkled and his mouth turned up in a half smile as he imagined her on her hands and knees lapping at the puddle. She had already shown herself so eager for his cum, he had no doubt that if he commanded her to, she would fulfil that desire for him, but he did not want to push her too far to fast.

For now though he picked her up and placed her in the large spa bath turning on the water at a tepid run, climbing in with her. They relaxed in silence as the water filled the bath, he sat behind her pulling her close between his legs, the bath so generous as the let them both stretch their legs before them. As the bath filled, Joshed watched Peri's breasts float and bob with the movement of the water his hand stroking and playing with them gently as they relaxed together.

Peri almost purred in pleasure. With each passionate episode, Peri's insecurities paled further and further into insignificance when it came to their relationship. While their love making had always rough and intense, tonight she had truly felt his need to possess her, and it filled her with wild joy as she lay in his arms surrounded by the warm water of the spa bath lapping around her. She felt incredible after such an intense orgasm, and she tilted her head up and around to purr and nuzzle at his neck showing how utterly happy she felt.

They hadn't bothered turning on the spa jets as they lay comfortably letting the scented water wash them as they moved against each other kissing and stroking affectionately. Josh tweaked her nipple hard making her squeak and turn her head up toward him, "Are you hungry?" Josh asked.

"Oh gosh, I forgot you were late for lunch and then you went back to work," she started to get out of the bath, "Let me see what I can find in the kitchen," Peri hurried on not giving him a chance to say anything else.

Standing beside the tub she went to pull on one of the robes, but Josh cleared his throat and shook his head, "Naked all weekend, remember."

Peri's hand went to the necklace nestled around her throat, acknowledging that she had agreed to do as he asked while she wore it. Dropping the robe she dried off quickly with a towel and walked naked to the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator Peri was amazed at how well stocked it was and went to the cupboard before crossing back to Josh sitting on the side of the tub he still reclined in. "The kitchen is so well stocked you could have just about anything you like, a large snack or a three course meal, do you feel like anything in particular?" She asked him.

"A decent snack, you decide," Josh replied his hand trailing over her thigh, "and more of you for desert," he grinned at her wickedly.

"Would you like something to drink while you wait?" Peri offered her mind contemplating what she could make that would constitute a decent snack.

"I'll get up and open another bottle soon," the grin was still on his face as he watched her blush and squirm after his comments about desert. Taking hold of the snug necklace with a finger he bent her down to kiss him enjoying the position this put her in, he smacked her ass and sent her back to the kitchen.

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