The Ultimate Playboy Pt. 04


Kaia appraised Marissa, a hint of admiration in her emerald eyes. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry. I didn't realize. I guess I was a little blind."

Marissa gestured up. "How does your cheek feel?"

Kaia reached up to touch her cheek where Marissa had clocked her in the vision. "Nothing. It feels like it never actually happened."

Marissa sighed, and after a long, silent moment, she looked at Kaia honestly. "Well then, I guess you never really tried to steal my man. The desire may have been inside of you, but in reality you never actually tried it."

There was a long and pregnant pause before Kaia responded. "That's very generous of you."

"Sisterhood and understanding. But I don't think we're going to make that dinner date for next week."

Kaia managed a light laugh, and she looked at the younger girl with a newfound respect. "Maybe another time."



A low groan escaped the lips of the hot brunette I was currently drilling. She was flat on her back, torso twisting against the sheets while she wrapped her ankles behind my neck as I thrust down over and again.

Gabrielle came next to the bed. "Sorry to interrupt. But the reporter for Forbes has been annoying me for the last hour about his interview with Miss Robinson."

No answer came for a few seconds besides the normal grunts and moans accompanying our sex.

"Oooh, don't stop, I'm almost there," Marissa stated.

"Well then," I said to Gabrielle. "I guess the reporter can wait just a little longer."

Gabrielle smiled and then stepped back, patiently waiting. The heavy bass music from the party downstairs reverberated dully up into the bedroom. I timed my pumping to its rhythm.

And then with a little extra tongue work, Marissa shook her head and clamped her thighs together, and then she was pouring out her honey into Mrs. Robinson's face. I leaned back to watch Marissa's slender form writhing in pleasure, sitting upright with her tits jiggling pleasantly. "Oh, oh, fuck yeah! I'm there!" she finally cried.

And with two more hard thrusts into the brunette beneath me, I mentally projected down into Mrs. Robinson, visualizing a powerful orgasm setting off her nerves, and then she was spasming in pleasure as she had her own version of the Ultimate Orgasm.

Per usual, I was drained by that kind of mental exertion, and then I was exploding, pumping my cum deep into Mrs. Robinson's belly, and at last we all chugged to a stop. At least I'd learned how to avoid passing out myself.

Marissa got up off of Mrs. Robinson's face, finally allowing her to breathe more deeply. Mrs. Robinson looked surprised to see Gabrielle.

Gabrielle blushed and repeated her comment about Forbes.

"Right, right." Mrs. Robinson moved to get dressed and then stepped over to the sink to clean up her face and fix her hair. Quite deliberately, she pulled on her panties, her quim still full of our mingled cum.

Just before she went out the door, she stopped and kissed me, petting the limp member that had been the source of so much pleasure. Like always, I thought back to my first budding fantasies of my High School Biology teacher. And even after all those years I could come back full circle and fuck her like there would never be a tomorrow. I lingered just a moment on Mrs. Robinson's lips. And then she headed out, followed quickly by Gabrielle.

I turned back to face my bed, where Marissa reclined seductively. She was as gorgeous as ever, and I felt a new stirring in my loins as I headed back to the bed.

"Got some of that for me?" she inquired, the hint of a smirk on her face.

"Of course."

"Are we still visiting the Playboy mansion tomorrow?" she asked me as I lifted the covers and crawled in to snuggle with her. She immediately dropped her hand to my crotch to start petting me. I nodded a "yes" to her question.

"Mmm, I've been dying to find out what Holly tastes like. She so sugary in person, and I'll bet her pussy tastes just as sweet." Marissa pecked me on the lips and then slinked down between my legs, holding my slowly re-hardening pecker in both hands like a lollipop. "And I know you've been wanting to fuck Kendra's tight ass for weeks."

I let my head fall back, briefly closing my eyes to call that vision into my mind. But then I opened my eyes again to look upon my gorgeous girlfriend giving me one of her patently fabulous blowjobs. I loved to hear the lip-smacking, slurping noises as she made love to my cock and tasted Mrs. Robinson's nectar upon its skin.

I held her head and Marissa looked up at me with her mouth still stuffed full. "Did you notice that serving girl?" I asked. "The cute brunette with the braided pigtails? I was thinking of inviting her up."

Marissa popped off my dick for just a moment. "Hmm, the barely eighteen year- old hors d'oeuvres girl? With the obviously fake, D-cup tits spilling out the top of her uniform? She is your type." And then with an approving grin Marissa returned to suckling my shaft.

I picked up the phone and called down to the wait staff. I described the waitress, and they informed me that 'Stacy' would come up to my room in a moment with three champagne glasses as requested.

I settled into the bed cushions, a silly expression on my face as Marissa continued bobbing her head up and down me while I felt my über-pheremones filling the room, ready to immediately attack Stacy once she got here.

I loved my life.



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by LupusDei08/18/17

The way you write it

I wonder how people manage to do it just between two of them. There, the third is a requirement not just fancy.

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