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The Ultimate Prize


Let me start by saying that by the end of this story, you will likely think that I am total ass hole and you will be completely right. I don't have any excuses other than to tell you that lust can be more powerful than any other feeling someone can have and it can make you do things you never would have thought you would do. At least it did for me.

Just over twenty five years ago, Rich and I attended college together. I don't know how they matched roommates up as incoming freshmen, but in our case it was a perfect match. Our interests were the same and our personalities were a great fit. Unless we were dating someone, we pretty much did everything together for the first three years. During our senior year, Rich met Linda, who was an incoming junior transfer student. I knew from the start that Linda was someone that Rich was very serious about and not just someone that he wanted to get in the sack. She had a great personality, fun to be around and never minded if I tagged along occasionally with the two of them.

In terms of looks, although Linda had a gorgeous face, long beautiful legs and an amazing ass, her boobs were on the smaller side. I liked my girls to be big breasted, even if it meant they were a little chunkier. I'm not saying Linda was flat, because frankly her A/B sized breasts were proportionate to her thinner body, but I just like jumbo sized tits. You know the kind you can motor boat between. So, I can honestly say that I never had a physical attraction to Linda back then. Had I been dating her, it would have just been to get in her pants, mark another notch on my belt and move on. As I said though, Rich was definitely very much into Linda, so I was not surprised when they got engaged within a few months of Rich graduating.

Rich and Linda were married a year later after Linda graduated and I was honored to be the best man. Within six months of getting married, Rich accepted a job in Florida, so my best friend and his new bride moved a thousand miles away. Rich and I kept in touch and occasionally got together over the next several years, but as each of us started families and were busy with work, it became much less frequent that we would see or hear from one another.

In my case, I had moved to California and started what became a very successful consulting firm. The money was flowing in, women were all around me and life was great. That is until I apparently used one of the condoms that is not 99.9% effective and got a lady I had dated a few times pregnant. When she told me, I was almost 39 and decided that maybe it was time for me to settle down and do what's right. So, I proposed to Dede and she happily accepted. Dede, like most of the women I was dating had massive breasts, so I figured I could motor boat away for years to come and start our family.

Well what may have seemed like the right thing to do initially quickly spiraled into being a large mistake. Our personalities clashed and quite frankly even though I had a wife with some of the biggest tits you have ever seen, my eyes were constantly checking out other women. Within 6 years we were divorced and Dede and my 5 year old son moved to Wyoming to be closer to her family. It wasn't as tough as you might think because business was stronger than ever, so I immersed myself in the job and did not have time to miss having a family.

Around this time, Rich contacted me and told me he was going to be in California on business for a few days, so he suggested we get together. When we got together, he shared that since their kids were in college, that he had been thinking about changing careers. I immediately jumped on that and although it took me 3 months of ongoing conversations, I eventually convinced he and Linda to move to California and take over a few of our largest clients that I personally had been managing since I started the firm. Rich was a natural in his new job and quickly generated even more business with those clients than I had ever been able to accomplish.

When Linda moved to California a few months later after she had taken care of the house in Florida, it had been at least 20 years since I had seen her in person. I could not believe it. I honestly did not think she could be the same person. She still had the gorgeous face, only now it was that of a beautiful model rather than that of a cute college girl. She also still had those long fit legs that still came up to an incredible ass, but it was probably just a little rounder than before. And to top it off, her breasts were amazing. That cute college girl with the A/B tits had some kids, added 25 years to her age and somehow she was now sporting very full looking C/D tits by my estimation. To be honest, the initial thought that went through my mind was that she had a tit job, but after she gave me a hug, I wasn't so sure. I had played with my share of fake tits over the years, but these seemed natural.

Initially, things were as they should be. Business was booming, the three of us went out together frequently and Rich and Linda had started to build a beautiful ocean-view house. It wasn't until I popped in on Linda and Rich on a weekend that things began to change. It was not uncommon for me to be at their house, but on this occasion Linda was out by their pool sunning herself. I had seen her in a swimsuit before, even a bikini, but the bikini she was wearing on this occasion was much less conservative than what she had ever worn before in front of me.

I was amazed. There in front of me was a mid-40's woman that had a perfect body. It wasn't just the fantastic tits, great ass, long legs and flawless face, but her skin was perfectly smooth and looked more like someone that was in her 20's. That night I could not sleep as I thought about her all night. Over the next few weeks, her body was constantly on my mind. I cancelled my plans with Rich & Linda a few times, just to try to get me from constantly thinking about her. Unfortunately, it did not help. I had to fuck that body no matter what it would cost, even knowing that it could likely ruin our friendship and quite possibly put my business in jeopardy if Rich decided to leave. Even with that in my mind, I continued to scheme about ways to see Linda nude and ultimately bury my cock deep inside her.

At first, I thought if I could just see her exposed breasts that I'd be fine. After all, maybe they would not look as sensational uncovered as they do covered in a bikini top. I came up with an idea that I thought might work. While Rich and I were at lunch and eyeing our large breasted waitress, I shared with him that he ought to go to a beach that was about 60 miles north of where we were at. It allowed topless sunbathing and always had a great collection of talent there, if you know what I mean. When he asked me for more details on where it was, I joked with him whether he's planning to go up there by himself, or if he would take his fine looking wife. He said the only way he would go is if she went. Then I asked the big question, whether Linda would go topless. Rich responded that if there were other women that were topless and there was no chance that we'd see someone we know, that she would probably take off her top. My cock immediately sprang up when he said that. My only concern was how I would know when they were going to go if they decided to go. So, as my last piece of information on it, I told him that there is a great little sandwich shop up there that if you called ahead, they will have a cooler ready for you that you can pick up and take to the beach with everything you need for a day of relaxing in the sun. To be honest, that was a stretch of the truth. There was a great little sandwich shop, but I made the cooler part up. The good thing was that I knew the owner and could definitely talk to him about doing something special on this occasion, even if it meant I needed to put the cooler together myself.

I told Rich that I would get him the owner's name and number and that I was sure if he mentioned my name when he calls, that he'd set them up with a great deal. The next step of my plan was to call Marty, the owner of the sandwich shop and tell him that Rich may be calling him about arranging for a beach cooler and that I needed him to play along. Marty joked that this guy's wife must be pretty hot, but said he'd be glad to do it and would call me when Rich reached out to him. After that, I shared Marty's name and number with Rich and just hopped that he would do it. The following week, I got the call I was waiting for. Marty said that Rich had just called and said they would be up that way the following Saturday, so he wanted to arrange to have a beach cooler ready for pick up. My plan was now in motion and if everything worked out, I'd get to see Linda's bare breasts very soon.

I was a little worried leading up to that Saturday, as Rich never mentioned that he and Linda were planning to go. To make sure nothing had changed, I called Marty that Friday night and he informed me that Rich had actually called earlier that afternoon to confirm that the cooler would be ready. So, as planned I drove up there early on Saturday morning to put the Beach Cooler together for Marty to give to Rich and Linda. My next challenge would be how I could get close enough to see Linda's bare tits without her or Rich knowing it was me. A ball cap with hair out the back of it, sunglasses and a phony mustache and beard was what I decided to go with. To test out my disguise, I walked into Marty's sandwich shop and he had no idea that it was me. After we packed the cooler, Marty and I exchanged sets of car keys, so I could follow Rich and Linda in Marty's car and not be detected.

For the next few hours, I sat in the car at the sandwich shop parking lot. Rich and Linda finally pulled into the parking lot and picked up the beach cooler that Marty and I had packed for them. I followed them in Marty's car to the beach and watched as they unloaded the cooler and a few chairs from their car and headed down to the beach. I gave them about 10 minutes before I followed them and positioned my chair about 10 feet from where Rich and Linda had set up theirs.

After they got settled in, Rich and Linda walked down to the water. At this point, Linda was wearing a bikini. The bottom was a brazilian cut style and the top was similar to the skimpier bikini top that I had seen her in which started off this insane desire for me to see my best friend's wife's bare tits. In that bikini bottom, it really showed off her fantastic legs leading up to her nice tight ass. When they returned to their chairs, I watched as they applied suntan lotion to each other. My cock was hard as rock as I watched Rich rub the lotion onto Linda's amazing legs and back. As they settled into their chairs I watched anxiously waiting for Linda to expose her tits. Unfortunately for me and every other heterosexual male within 100 feet on that beach, Linda just settled back into her chair and started talking with Rich.

Before I go on, I should also inform you that I had rigged up my beach bag to have a high definition camera recording everything it was pointed at. Naturally it was pointed at Linda, even though she was still wearing her bikini top. I had just started to check out some of the other talent on the beach when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. Linda had sat up and was reaching behind her neck to undo her top. I watched intently as she lowered her top revealing the most amazing breasts I have ever seen. Before I describe those heavenly mounds, let me remind you that I have seen, squeezed, sucked and fucked at least a couple dozen sets of tits in my lifetime. Although most were at least DD in size, I had some fun with some smaller tits along the way as well. And from all that I had ever seen, Linda's were by far the best.

I sat in amazement looking at my best friend's wife sitting topless in her beach chair just 10 feet away from me. First, they were perfect in terms of shape. Despite her being in her mid-40's there was no sag, they looked very full / plump, and they had a nice upward curve to them. From the way they laid as she moved around, it was also obvious that they were 100 percent natural. In terms of size, I'd say between a C and D, which had now become what I feel are the perfect sized tits. Although not as tan as the rest of her body, her tits definitely had some color as well. From the angle I was at, I did not have a great view of her nipples, but from what I did see, she had nice dark areolas with her nipples pert in the warm summer air. As I continued to marvel at how amazing she looked, it also struck me how perfect her skin & complexion were. Her abs were tight, not muscular and were in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. I was probably looking at the hottest woman I had ever seen and she was over 40 and had multiple children.

Linda read a book for about 30 minutes before settling in for a light nap on her chair. Through all of my staring at Linda, I had almost forgotten about Rich until he got up to walk down to the water. I watched as Rich walked slowly to the water so he could check out some of the other topless women all over the beach. I also noticed that as soon as he was down by the water, there was suddenly much more traffic walking in front of Linda's chair. Nearly every guy on the beach was finding an excuse to get up and take a walk that would allow them to see her amazing tits on display. I was about to do the same when I noticed that Rich was returning from the water. So, not wanting to take a chance of him recognizing me I stayed in my chair and looked in the other direction. When he settled into his chair, Linda opened her eyes and the two of them had a brief conversation before enjoying some of the other treats that were in the cooler.

After feasting for a few minutes, they talked some more before getting up and walking hand in hand down to the water. I was delighted that Linda kept her top off. I quickly opened my beach bag and zoomed in on her amazing ass as they walked down to the water. I'm not sure what possessed me to do it, but when they went into the water, I decided that I wanted her bikini top as a souvenir. I walked over by their chairs and bent down to adjust my sandal, which allowed me to casually scoop up her top. Rich and Linda were holding each other in about chest deep water and I just imagined what it would be like to have her incredible tits up against me. I was the middle of my fantasy thoughts, when I realized that they were coming back to their chairs. Once again I positioned my camera to get a close up view of Linda and her bare tits walking back up the beach.

Apparently I was not the only person that noticed, as a couple of college-aged guys sitting a few feet from me commented on hot she looked, including one of them saying; "Holy shit. That's the best body I've ever seen on a babe in my life. I could fuck that bitch all night long." I have to admit, I was in total agreement. Linda looked stunning coming back up from the water. Her figure was incredible and her tits swaying slowly were too good to be true.

As they settled back into their chairs, they began to get ready to go, so I quickly left before Linda realized that she was missing her top. I sat in Marty's car in the parking lot and watched as Linda and Rich emerged from the path into the parking lot. Linda had put her cover-up on, but her pert nipples were easy to see sticking through the thin material. I followed them back to Marty's sandwich shop, so they could drop off the beach cooler. As soon as they left, I went inside with my camera. Marty and I went to his office, so we could hook up the camera to his computer. He was amazed at how incredible Linda looked and volunteered to help in any way possible to see more of her. We both chuckled as I commented that I wished I could see more of her.

The drive back to the city flew by, as I just thought about Linda and her incredible body. I looked forward to getting home, so I could download the video and then print some pictures from the video footage. I can honestly tell you that I jerked off for the first time in years that night. Unfortunately, seeing Linda's incredible tits only made me want to fuck her more. I found myself looking at the pictures and video I had taken of her topless at the beach at least a few times a day, almost always resulting in me relieving myself. It really bothered me that I could not get the idea of fucking Linda out of my mind, so I decided the best thing to do was to get back into the dating scene and try to avoid seeing Linda whenever possible. As was the case before, I had no problem finding plenty of women to date, fuck and try to take my mind off of Linda. Not seeing Linda seemed to be helping too, but I'd still look back at the pictures of her.

It had been nearly two months since I had seen Linda topless at the beach and I felt like I was making progress. In a way, it was like I was a recovering addict. With each day that passed that I did not see her, I got somewhat more comfortable. My problem was the pictures and video. As much as I knew I should delete them, there was no way I could – they were far too valuable to me. So, my recovery would continue to be slow by avoiding Linda and looking at her pictures to get a quick fix. Everything seemed to be going well until Linda came into the office to take Rich out to lunch. She was wearing your normal, run of the mill tank top and shorts. It's how perfect she looked in them that instantly brought back the urge I had to fuck her, only now it was stronger than before. The tank top hugged her tits perfectly and her pert nipples were showing through. She gave me a quick hug and commented that it had been a long time and that we needed to go out on a double date sometime soon with whoever I was dating. As she walked down the hall to Rich's office, I watched as her incredible ass swayed back and forth in those shorts.

I went home that night and jerked off three times while looking at her pictures and thinking about how incredible it would be to fuck her. I woke up the next morning and decided I needed to take a break, so I called into the office and told them I would not be in. About an hour later I was at Marty's sandwich shop picking up a few things before going to the topless beach to see as many tits as possible. I'm not sure why I thought it would help, because I found myself comparing every set of tits to Linda's and then just moving on to the next set in hopes of trying to find a set even close to being as perfect as hers are. When I left the beach, I returned to Marty's. We sat and talked for hours about how badly I wanted to fuck Linda. Marty did not solve my problem, but he was at least a good listener. He asked if I thought Linda would cheat on Rich, but I told him there was absolutely no chance that either of them would do anything outside their marriage. They were the happiest married couple I had ever met.

It was the next day when Marty called me with an idea that moved me closer to being a complete ass hole. Marty suggested that the first step would be to get something on Rich that would essentially allow us to blackmail him to be able to have a night with Linda. I told him that I doubted we could get anything on Rich and that even if we do, we could never convince Linda. Over the next week, Marty and I talked over the phone every night about possible ideas. Although we had not come up with a way to ensure Linda would go along, we did at least come up with a plan to get something on Rich.

Our idea centered around an upcoming conference that Rich and I would be attending in Las Vegas. It was a conference that was always more party than substance, but that had always been a fantastic networking opportunity to meet prospective clients. Our plan was as follows:

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