tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Ultimati' Boutique

The Ultimati' Boutique

byAvalanche Man©

"Do you really think he'll like it??" She asked nervously, as the Ultimati' Tech was busy applying the color.

"Honey, if he doesn't just totally LOVE it, then we're going to have to send that boy back...........for some serious retraining!" Gail, her tech laughed, as she leaned back to study her work.

How she had let her coworkers talk her into this; she still wasn't sure, but a gift certificate for an Ultimati' treatment and curiosity had won her over. Besides, Tina, her closest friend and buddy at work was there too, getting some "Diamond Danglers" put on her. At least, I didn't get that crazy and far out she thought to herself; she was feeling the waves of pleasure course through her again as Gail went back to work to finish her up.

Hearing others at work, the bar, or just snippets of conversation about all that went on and could be done at Ulimati' were enough to arouse anybody's curiosity and interest. Some things were like "WOW", that sounds really neat and fun, while other things were just too much and hard to believe that anyone could or would go in for that much "enhancement".

Finally, she had gotten up enough nerve and determination, and with Tina encouraging her; had made an appointment and gone to see if it was all for real. Using her gift certificate that the whole department at work had given her for her birthday (Yeah, the big 29th) had covered most of the cost. But Tina, who had been several times before, must have hit the lottery to pay for those "Diamond Danglers". Sure, a 1" gold chain with 3 diamonds in it from each side was going to look dynamite, but wearing a bra would be very difficult at best under any circumstances.

Although, Tina had done her utmost to talk her into some of the hair creations they had available to be done, she had resisted and gone for the simple coloring treatment. A bright, coral pink with gold flecks was going to look fabulous compared to plain light brown color that had been her normal coloring after two kids. Once she had convinced them that this was what she wanted to do and NOTHING else, then all the benefits were explained to her. She would probably have to come back every 3 or 4 months for a recoloring or touch-up, but she could even change colors if she wanted.

Tina had raved about how great the hair creations were, and stated that she was really into different ones for about a year or so. The heart shape was the one that had made her almost wet thinking about it, but she could just shave like she did now and be just as happy. The big arrow, intertwined hearts, and smiley face designs were definitely different, but smooth shaven had been good for years............so why change a winner. Some of the hair weaves, or I guess, you could call them "pussy weaves" were just too, too much and almost looked uncomfortable.

Gail interrupted her thoughts with, "There now, you look so good......a total Knock Out!!!!"

" All you have to do is sit here under the fan for a little bit to let it dry completely.........Sip your wine.........and l'll be back in a few minutes." She said as she pulled the curtain back just enough to slip out.

Starring at herself in the mirrors, and especially at the two bright pink perfect circles on her chest, she almost screamed with happiness. What a difference and so much better than the flat light brown eggs sitting there before. The perkiness and hardness of her nipples had been explained when she signed up and paid for it, BUT to see it in real life and on her was.........a tremendous feeling. She had laughed (Well, giggled) when Gail had told her what all they would do, and how she would feel afterwards, but, as they say, SHE WAS RIGHT!!

When both Tina and Gail had said that she would hate to wear her bra after this, she had thought, "Yeah, SURE, I do everything but wear it to bed and you two dreamers think that I'll start going brafree." But as she sat looking at herself; she thought "Well, I'm not wearing it out of here, and then we'll see.........cuz these are just too pretty to hide behind one."

"OKAY, Gorgeous, let's get you wrapped up and outa here to show the world!!" Gail exclaimed as she slipped back in the curtain.

Finishing off her glass of wine, Lucy stuffed her bra down in her purse and after half buttoning her blouse.........gave Gail a hug. "Thank you, thank you, Thank you," she cried, "I feel so much better and different."

Waiting in the reception area for Tina, she was offered another glass of wine, and the front desk girl and all the Techs that went by told her how great she looked. Sipping on her glass, she thought this place sure knows how to pamper a girl and make her feel really great about herself...........no wonder they can charge so much.

"I've been overhauled, and HUMMM, I wonder how much it would cost to get my clit to match my nipples."

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