The Unaffordable Vacation Ch. 02


Still bothered by it all, I went out on a limb and asked, "Was it just with that guy after you got over to this tent?"

I must have taken it a bit over the edge with that, as she was already brimming with regret when she replied sarcastically "I'm not sure, okay? I don't know. There could have been someone else, oh and let's not forget about you sneaking up behind me and getting yours, was that even you?

She continued fuming "Does it make you happy that I could barely feel my husband inside me because of how many times I've been BANGED? What would it matter at this point, after you excitedly watched those first guys take turns gang fucking me, did it really matter, did it? For fuck sakes, I've been used by practically a baseball team in front of my you, and now you want to know if the bat boy got some?"

She then reached between her legs and inserted her fingers inside her. As she pulled her fingers out, she held them up in front of me. She then began pulling her fingers apart as the semen stretched between her fingers saying, "Oh look, see? Hum, I can't tell how many men this is, apparently their sperm wasn't wearing name tags. Next time we'll make them wear name tags."

Again, I began to apologize saying "Okay, I get it. I really get it. I'm sorry, dumb question. Let's just go back to the hotel and shower this whole night off of us and never do it again."

She didn't really reply. She just fumbled and reached for her panties and put them quickly over her feet and scooted into them. As she stumbled to get up, I could see come all over the outside of her navy blue panties.

As we got back to the other tent, we quickly gathered and fumbled for the rest of our clothes, and exited the tent. I noticed the sun, still not quite up, but making the horizon beautifully orange. The fresh ocean air was like a truck hitting me after having smelled only semen for as long as this had taken place in the tent.

Half the guys were laying by the fire with sheets pulled over them as they slept, the other half, I had no idea where they made it to. I didn't even want them to see us, I just wanted to leave.

For some odd reason, It all seemed okay once we got out of the tent and stepped into the slightly cold sand. As we turned to walk back to the hotel, we ran into Miguel the leader of this bunch quickly replied "It's okay. It didn't even happen."

He also pointed at the rest of the guys, and said, "And the same goes for them, don't worry."

Janet sarcastically said, "Whose worried, it was fucking, don't all husbands bring their wives down here every night to screw?"

She then turned and walked off carrying her shoes. He just silently said nothing and but waved for me not to worry, and off he walked to the tents. Janet and I stumbled across the sand back to the boardwalk, not saying a word to one another.

Once we got to the boardwalk, Janet stood for a second and slipped her shoes onto her feet and adjusted the crotch of her panties. When she did, she wiped her fingers on her skirt and let out a quick regretful exhale saying, "I can't, I just can't believe us, all of this, and it's all surreal. Surely, it's a bad dream, and we'll wake up soon."

We finally made it back to the room, and noticed that Henry was already up on the back-porch sipping on a cup of coffee and reading a USA Today. He quickly smiled saying, "Oh, there they are, how's the boat?"

I quickly replied "Oh it's fine. It's all good."

He then said, "Wow, you two look rough, must have been a wild night."

I glanced at Janet, and she really did have her hair all over the place, and my shirt was half tucked in and rumple up. I'm quite sure we did look rough. I then pulled up a chair opposite Henry, and tugged at Janet's arm to sit with me.

Janet was still in quite rare form as she replied "A whole night of fucking can make a person look rough."

As soon as she said it Henry covered his ears and jokingly said, "Okay, I've already heard enough, glad you had a good time."

I got a sinking feeling not wanting her to go completely off the handle and spill everything that happened. I then jumped in saying, "Honey, just go take a shower. It'll make you feel better."

Janet paused for a second when she finally replied looking right at me "That's probably the best idea I've heard out of you in three weeks."

Henry sensed something was wrong as she walked into the sliding back doors of the room, when he quietly uttered "Is she mad at me, for some reason? Are you two okay? What's wrong?"

I didn't go into any great detail, I simply stated, "Janet and I played a bit more than we probably should have. I think we've unleashed a monster in us. We're taking too many risks."

It was almost as if Henry sensed what I was eluding to when he replied "Listen, by lunch time today we'll sail out of here, and you can forget about it. Don't be too hard on yourselves. I'm as much to fault as you. We all kind of let our inhibitions go, and they've spiraled a bit out of control."

Henry always had that way of making anything seem okay. A person could rob a bank and ten minutes later Henry would have them forgiving themselves."

Janet eventually came out of the bathroom and walked out back to sit with us. As soon as she did, the subject matter changed immediately. We began mapping out our way back home and speaking about another port south of us, we could hit before leaving. It was like a new beginning.

Everything spoke about it seemed to erase our guilt, regret, or any other negative feeling we were having at the time. As they continued speaking, I made my way to the shower. I couldn't wait to get clean.

I didn't have a sexual thought in my head, until I entered the bathroom. Upon entering, I noticed Janet's clothes in a small pile under the towel she had used. I can't explain why, but I desperately wanted to look at her panties.

I locked the door behind me and slowly began lifting the towel off her clothes. After a few seconds of searching, I saw her panties tucked inside the dress. I slowly pulled them out, and the site was unreal. They were still saturated with semen.

Some of it had started to dry around the edges of the deposit, but right at the crotch and about two inches in either direction, there was still a slick, soaked, creamy-white load of all their seed.

The intense smell of come was overpowering even though they were two feet from my face. I would like to say that we learned our lesson from all our risky events, but it didn't take much for me to fall right back into the mode of wanting to watch her fuck. *

The events over the next week, took Janet and I to an entirely new sexual level... but that is another story entirely.

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by Anonymous03/12/18

This cuck risked his wife getting STD's and infecting himself and maybe Henry. the condom of Henry's he stuffed up her vagina was pretty safe as the sperm had not been kept in ideal conditions, all themore...

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by Stubbyone02/13/18

This was a great story, until ...

they went down to the dingy and let everybody and their brother fuck her. Way out of character for them both. Just not believable ! The writing was really good before the gang bang. Gave it a 4, wouldmore...

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by Anonymous01/28/18

Please finish this story is too hot to stop

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by Anonymous11/21/17

Hope the Boat

Sinks and all are lost at sea.

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by Anonymous09/16/17


another cocksucking wimp posting dumb cuck SHIT.

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