tagGay MaleThe Unused Room Ch. 07

The Unused Room Ch. 07


Tommy allowed Caiden to lead him back to Michel's bed but sat stiffly as the man rubbed his arm. "Caiden ... "

"What's wrong?"

"I ... I'm not really used to this."

"Used to what? Being touched?"

"Being loved."

It was a whisper but Caiden still heard his words and he turned the young man's face toward him, searching his eyes. "What did Hardy do to you?"

Tommy's eyes filled with tears and in halting words, he told the tale of his past relationships, beginning with his father's abuse. When his mother died of cancer, his father took it hard and blamed Tommy for her illness. Tommy had only been twelve when the abuse began and Caiden couldn't help crying tears of anguish as he listened to how the father would dress him in his mother's clothes and mercilessly fuck him. Tommy had only escaped when a teacher found him in the restroom, washing blood from his hands and took him to the nurse. His sad story unfolded from there and he was whisked to the hospital and never saw his father again.

When he'd healed sufficiently, his science teacher, Jim Monrow let him stay with his family until one day, when the wife was away, Jim made a play for the young man, threatening to throw him out if he didn't comply. Tommy let the man fuck him once, then slipped away at nightfall, taking his own destiny into his hands. He'd hitchhiked to New York, working in little diners and dives as a dish washer or short order cook and was lucky enough to find a cook job at the fire station. That was where he had met Hardy.

"He was like one of the guys at first. Joking around about gays. I never would have thought that he was gay himself until one night when we were in the kitchen together, he came up behind me and told me that he was going to fuck me. He pushed my shorts aside and just reamed me, right next to the salamander."

Caiden's stomach turned. Hardy had never shown him an ounce of meanness or violence. He couldn't believe that the man he had loved for so long had turned into a beast. He wanted to speak but didn't know what to say.

"He told me that he'd kill me if I told anyone." Tommy took a steadying breath. "It wasn't until I moved in with him that I found out that you existed. I'm sorry."

"It wasn't your fault." Caiden whispered, unable to trust his voice. "Tommy?"


"What did he say about me?"

Tommy's bright blue eyes filled with tears. "He said you were his out-of-town convenience and he was just using you because you spent a lot of money on him."

Caiden felt sick again but tried not to show it. Obviously, he didn't know Hardy. He thought he'd found the love of his life, his soulmate and partner but nothing had been farther from the truth. Thinking back on it now, there were signs that he'd purposely overlooked: late night calls and the couple of times that he'd disappeared for a few hours while on various trips. The extra charges that Caiden had paid without question. Why hadn't he seen through Hardy's charade?


Tommy's gentle voice brought him back and Caiden looked at him through fresh eyes. Not fifteen minutes ago, this young man was willing to take Caiden's rage for Hardy because he didn't want to continue the chain of anger. His sacrifices and pain would permanently end now if Caiden had his way. He leaned closer to Tommy, taking in the softness of his hair and the depth of innocence in his eyes. Tommy had seen a lot in his young life but hadn't let it harden him as it had Hardy.

When Caiden's mouth touched his, Tommy jerked as if he'd been shocked, then pressed in, welcoming the warmth of his tongue and the touch of his hand on his arm. Caiden's kiss was different than others he'd received. He could tell that Caiden was interested in him, that this was not just the product of lust but that there was real care infused with it. Just the thought of that had him hard as a rock in his pants, a fact that Caiden's wandering fingers found out seconds later.

Caiden wanted to suck him off but he was too engrossed in discovering Tommy's body. Small but hard muscles met his fingertips as he moved his hands under the shirt and caressed the young man's chest and arms. His nipples were sensitive and Caiden smiled at the shuddering gasp Tommy took when he flicked one with his nail. He pushed Tommy back on the bed, laying alongside him and running his hands up and down his body until he couldn't stand the aching of his own cock any longer. He moved his leg between Tommy's and pushed his knee up while rubbing his hard prick against Tommy's hip and shivered when they both moaned together.

Tommy gasped, wrapping his arms around Caiden's body and lifting his hips upward. Caiden soon got the idea and crawled on top of him, pressing their clothed cocks together as he plundered the young man's mouth. It reminded Tommy of the stories he'd heard about other people's first times and he was overjoyed to get the chance to have a first time with someone who cared, even if the care was borne out of pity. He gripped Caiden's shoulder and thrust up against him, matching his rhythm and trying to capture his rampant tongue but it didn't matter.

His climax took him by surprise and he threw his head back, shouting happily as he creamed his pants. Caiden wasn't far behind, pumping a few more times and exploding against his jeans, his breath hot on Tommy's throat. As he recovered, sliding off of Tommy's quivering body, he realized that his tryst with Tommy had been better than all the ones he'd ever had with Hardy. He looked down into the young man's eyes and pushed the hair out of them with a gentle smile.

"Will you have breakfast with me?"

His heart bursting with joy, Tommy nodded, "Yes."

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