tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Unwitting Guardian Ch. 05A

The Unwitting Guardian Ch. 05A


"Hey Sensara! Wait a minute!" Ryna exclaimed as Sensara dragged him towards the exit of the building. She simply ignored him and pulled him further. They were close to the exit when she seemed to change her mind, pulling him into an open office and shut the door.

"Huh? I thought you were hell-bent on leaving," Ryna asked, so confused it wasn't even funny. Sensara pressed in against his body, and put her arms around his neck. Taking the cue, Ryna kissed her, slowly at first, and was pleasantly surprised when she slid her tongue into his mouth. She slowly pushed him back until he was up against a couch at the far end of the room. She broke the kiss, then pushed him down onto the couch.

"I need you now!" Sensara pleaded, pulling her shirt off. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath, allowing Ryna to see her milky globes. She kneeled down on either side of his legs, and pulled his head into her breasts. Ryna sucked on her nipple, drawing a loud moan from Sensara. she released his head slightly as the pleasure dulled her senses slightly.

"I see these are rather sensitive," Ryna said, smirking slightly before she pulled his head back into her boobs. His arms explored her backside, softly stroking her spine and lower back--all eliciting more moans from Sensara.

"Mmmm... That feels so good! But I need it somewhere else now," Sensara cooed, standing on the couch. She unzipped her pants, and let them fall down onto his lap, then sexily dropped her panties as well. Ryna leaned forward and locked his arms together behind her ass, and pulled back. She fell forward slightly, until her knees found the back of the couch, leaving her in a crouching position over Ryna. He leaned in again, and licked her exposed pussy. His tongue wandered up her puffy lips until it found its target--her swollen clit. He flicked it several times, making Sensara moan loudly. Then he plunged his tongue into her pussy directly, almost making her scream. One of her hands found the back of his head and pulled it deeper into her pussy, while the other was massaging her tits.

She was very aroused now, and her juices were flowing freely into Ryna's mouth, a taste he decided he thoroughly enjoyed. He lapped up the juices, then entered her tight slit with his tongue. Sensara was barely able to stifle her scream as she grinded her pussy against his mouth. Ryna worked a finger in past his tongue, slowly inserting and removing it. Sensara bucked upward, arching her back as mini-orgasms wracked her body. After she had recovered, she decided to return the favor. She stepped down from the couch and kneeled in between his legs, tugging at his pants. He helped her remove them quickly, revealing his 7-inch cock, and then threw off his shirt.

She took his cock in her hands, and lightly kissed the tip, sending shivers up his spine. Slowly, she lowered her mouth down onto his cock, using her tongue to massage the tip even after the first inch or so was in her mouth. She began to bob her head rapidly up the length of his throbbing cock. After several minutes, he was close to coming.

"Ah, Sensara, that feels so good! I'm gonna cum soon!" Ryna exclaimed, grasping the couch. She immediately stopped, and pulled her mouth off of his cock.

"No way am I going to let you cum so soon Ryna," she said teasingly. She crawled up his body, positioning her slit just above his manhood. Locking her arms behind his shoulders, she lowered herself onto his penis. After a small length, Ryna felt an obstruction inside her vagina. Before he could react, she shoved downward, taking the rest of his cock into her pussy. A small trickle of blood leaked from her vagina and onto his leg.

"Sensara, you shouldn't force yourself on your first time," Ryna said, brushing away the tear that fell down her cheek.

"No! I want this! just give me a second to get used to its size," She asked, laying on him. Ryna picked her up and laid her on the couch, then leaned down into a kiss. After a little more than 30 seconds, she broke the kiss and nodded. Slowly, he pulled his member out of her, then thrust back in. He kept a slower pace at first, seeing the minor contortions of pain in her face. When those disappeared, he took it as a sign to speed up.

"Mmmmm... yeah, just like that! That feels so good Ryna," Sensara moaned, spreading her legs out and recrossing them behind his back. Ryna continued like that for several minutes before Sensara's moans picked up in pitch and volume.

"OOOOOH, that feels so goooood! I'M CUMMING!!" Sensara yelled as she orgasmed. Her body spasmed as though lightning had raced through her body. Ryna pulled out of her, and sat back on the couch. To his surprise, Sensara flipped around and began sucking him off again.

"What are you doing Sensara?" Ryna asked, moaning at her touch.

"Obviously... I am... making you... cum too!" Sensara explained in between bobs. Soon, she had him near orgasm again.

"Aaah, I'm cumming!" Ryna exclaimed, putting his hands on the back of her head to prevent her from pulling up. He spurt several times into her mouth, which she swallowed down dutifully. He released his grip on her head halfway through, allowing her to lift off of his cock and get some of his thick semen on her face too.

"Mmm... This tastes so good!" Sensara remarked as she wiped a stream onto her finger and into her mouth. She repeated the process several times, letting her finger linger in her mouth each time.

"That was amazing Sensara," Ryna said as he pulled on his boxers.

"Really! It was my first time, so I didn't know how I would do," Sensara replied, also starting to get dressed.

"I feel so special to have taken your first time," Ryna said with mock drama as he pretended to wipe a tear from his eye. She smacked his shoulder, then leaned in against his chest.

"There is no one I would rather have had my first time with than you," she stated, looking up into his eyes lovingly.

"Of course not, I am rather amazing," Ryna joked, grinning. She rolled her eyes, then pulled his head down onto her lips for a quick kiss before she turned and finished getting dressed.

"So, what made you decide to force yourself on poor little me?" Ryna asked teasingly as he pulled on his shirt.

"I needed to remind you that you are mine, and only mine." Sensara replied imperiously, now fully clothed.

"Hmmm, but those are the words I live by, why would I need to be reminded?" Ryna asked sarcastically, curious about the reason for the reminder.

"Because I heard that you were keeping rather detestable... and female... company." Sensara explained, crossing her arms and looking accusatory.

"Are you talking about Laura? Sure, she's pretty-" Ryna began.

"So you admit to seeing another woman-" Sensara interrupted.

"-But you are the only person I want to be with," Ryna finished. Sensara contemplated his words for a minute, then seemed to judge them satisfactory.

"Fine, but I am still mad at you, for the record. Let's go back to the dorm for now," She said as she turned and opened the door. Ryna followed her out the exit and to the hovertaxi waiting to take them to the dorm. A couple minutes into the ride to the dormitories, the driver turned back to look at Ryna.

"'Ello mon! I can't say I expected you to be done so soon," Quali exclaimed.

"Hey Quali! Yeah, well, if I hadn't been almost killed a bunch of time, it would have been much faster. All I had to do was a stupid courier mission," Ryna lamented, clearly disappointed in himself. He looked up to see both of the other too in a state of shock.

"Ryna, you had the courier mission?!" Sensara exclaimed, surprised.

"Yeah, why?" Ryna asked, confused.

"The courier mission is the hardest admissions test that can be administered here at Van-cademy, mon. It is only given once per admissions season. Congratulations, mon," Quali explained.

"It is several times harder than any other test given, and completion warrants admission into the school no matter what the score was," Sensara explained further, "but I also received it when I was tested this year. I received a total of 997 of 1000, which is why I was selected as the Student Body President,"

"Hmmm, interesting, so when do I see my score?" Ryna asked, stroking his non-existent beard.

"Why is that what you are worried about!? We need to go find Grampa and beat his ass for breaking the school's admissions rules! Quali, was it? Take us to the administrative building!" Sensara huffed.

"Yes ma'am!" Quali exclaimed as he faced his autopilot system and entered the new destination. Within a couple minutes, Quali had dropped the couple off at the steps of an imposing glass pyramidal building. Looping her arm through Ryna's, she led them up the steps and into the building. As they entered the lobby, Ryna immediately noticed that the spacious, rectangular room had a single desk in the middle of the rear wall, and was flanked by two pairs of elevators.

Black marble floors met bleached white pillars at the side walls, all of which was cast in a golden light by a grand chandelier hanging some 20 feet off the ground in the center of the room. Behind the receptionist's desk was a clear glass sheet with the school's emblem on it. As Ryna was taking in the sheer majesty of the room, Sensara had walked up to the receptionist and was seemingly engaged in an argument. Ryna walked up behind her and wrapped an arm around her stomach and put a finger to her lips, making Sensara melt into his embrace.

"Shhhh Sensara! Stop harassing this poor woman. I'm sorry for her, but we were just looking to talk with Headmaster Iures," Ryna said.

"As I told this young lady, Headmaster Iures is currently in a meeting, and cannot be disturbed. Please come back some other time," the receptionist responded, looking relieved that the argument had stopped. Ryna looked past the receptionist for a second, and noticed the reflection of her computer on the glass. Open on the screen was the headmaster's schedule for the day. Ryna quickly looked for the current time in the reflection.

"Hmmm... well, I thought he told me to come see him during his break, but, if he is so busy that he has delayed his meeting with the Board by three hours, then there is nothing I can do," Ryna said, a slight smirk creeping over his face. "What!? How did you know that- I mean, yes, he belayed his meeting," the receptionist said as she scrambled to cover up her surprise. Ryna continued, pretending not to notice.

"Oh well, some other time then. By the way, which direction is the men's bathroom?" Ryna asked, still holding a blissful Sensara. The receptionist pointed to the left. He released Sensara, then grabbed her hand and lead her toward the men's bathroom. As Ryna passed by the elevators on that side, he noticed that the elevator was on the top floor. He discretely pressed the call button on the one nearest to the bathroom, then carried on to the bathroom door.

"Wait here, this is an operation of the utmost precision, so I need you to be ready to go when I come out of here," Ryna said, a teasing smile crossing his lips.

"I'm supposed to be mad at you, you idiot. It is really hard to stay mad when you do stuff like that," Sensara said, blushing from being entranced so easily. She nodded to acknowledge Ryna. With that, he entered the bathroom and climbed up on the sink, then pressed his ear to the mirror. Listening carefully, he could just barely hear the elevator cables of the closest elevator. After listening carefully for a couple minutes, he heard the door open behind him.

"Finally, I'm done for toda- What the eleventh Yuer are you doing, you Vermicious Knid!?" a short ball-like humanoid exclaimed. He was wearing a brown suit with a straight black tie, both of which miraculously fit over his orange spherical body.

"I assume that is some sort of curse in Loompaland?" Ryna asked sarcastically. Through the mirror, he heard the elevator reach the ground floor, "Well, Mr. Deep Roy, it has been fun, however, I really must be going," Ryna joked as he jumped off the counter. Patting the small man's head, he sprinted out of the bathroom.

"Hey! What are you doing Ryna?!" Sensara yelled as he picked her up off of the bench she was on, then continued sprinting to the elevator door. He jumped inside just as the doors began to close, much to the surprise and dismay of the receptionist.

"Well, there's your excitement for the day," Ryna muttered, slumping against the wall.

"You are so reckless! But thanks darling," Sensara whispered as she kissed him, forgetting her supposed anger at Ryna. She tried to slip her tongue into his mouth, but Ryna pushed her away from him.

"This elevator might not be the best place to get into it," Ryna explained to a dejected looking Sensara. Immediately feeling bad, leaned up onto his knees.

"Later. I promise," he whispered into her ear. Feeling her perk up slightly, he got up and pressed the button for the top floor. The rest of the elevator ride was silent, as Sensara tried to work herself back into a rage at her grandfather, and remembering her supposed anger at Ryna.

"Oh well, it only lasted so long," Ryna thought as they reached the top floor. Sensara had managed to get herself quasi-angry, but Ryna's soothing presence was preventing a full-blown rage, despite her anger at him. The elevator door opened, revealing a lavish office with light pouring in from the windows. A large conference table dominated the space immediately in front of the elevators, however, after going past that room, Ryna discovered a small zen garden, a full bathroom, kitchen, and finally, a study. Scattered across the study's various tables were many books open to sections on Diuwels (Reference Chapter 1, Ryna's race).

"Yo, Gramps, wassup!" Ryna called out. A small pile of books in the corner of the study rustled until Iures popped his head out.

"Damn that receptionist, I specifically told her I didn't want to be disturbed by these two..." he muttered, "Well, what can I do for you two?" Iures asked innocently.

"Don't even try to act innocent you damn old man!" Sensara yelled, as she stormed up to him.

"Now, now, I haven't the slightest clue what you are talking about!" he exclaimed, still feigning innocence, and causing Sensara to grab his shirt from frustration.

"How the hell can you sleep at night knowing that you cheated this school's academic foundations!" she exclaimed, shaking her grandfather.

"I don't know, I haven't had a night to sleep on it yet," He exclaimed, growing dizzy.

"Haven't had a night to sleep on what exactly, Grandfather." Sensara grinned, knowing she had caught him in his lie.

"Um, well... you see... uh, nothing, really!" Iures floundered,earning a piercing glare from Sensara, "Fine, I'll admit it, I put security cameras up in the girl's locker room! There, you happy?"

"You WHAT?!" Sensara seathed, "I wasn't here for that, but I am sure that the cops will be veeery interested to hear about that, you dirty old man!"

"What! The cops?! You would turn in your poor old grandfather for such a menial offense? Well, putting that aside, why did you come here then?" Iures asked, hastily trying to change the conversation.

"What I came here for was to ask you why you assigned Ryna the courier mission for the Admission's Test. I was assigned the courier mission, and only one can be given per test!" Sensara exclaimed, easily distracted.

"I just thought that the boy needed a little challenge to see if he was worthy," Iures tried to explain. "Worthy? Worthy of what?!" Sensara asked, enraged.

"Of the school...and of you. You are the only relative I have that doesn't try to stick me in an institution, I won't hand you over to some scumbag!" he exclaimed, gaining confidence. Sensara sat there, shocked.

"I don't need you testing the man I love. Also, I won't turn you in this time, but if you do anything like that again, I won't hesitate. C'mon Ryna, we're leaving," Sensara said, standing and walking back to Ryna. Grabbing his arm, she turned to leave.

"Hold on a second. Mr. Ryna, I need to have a word with you, alone," Iures said, now standing as well. Sensara ignored him.

"You go ahead, I'll be down in a second," Ryna said, smiling at her. Reluctantly, she released her deathgrip on his arm, and pretended to walk down the corridor. When Iures and Ryna had turned around, she slipped into the bathroom next to the study.

"I will cut right to the chase Mr. Harcourt, I was surprised that you were able to complete the courier mission, especially after I increased the difficulty using various mechs and paid fighters," he started.

"Please, Gramps, no need for you to be so formal. Just call me Ryna, or kid. Even whippersnapper would be better! In any case, I suspected that you had increased the difficulty, otherwise you wouldn't have stationed something right in front of the exit," Ryna said, a pleasant smile crossing his face.

"But! I still do not deem you worthy of her, no matter what she says. If you do anything to her-"

"We, kinda, already had sex. Sorry," Ryna said quietly, his smile getting smaller in proportion to the growth of the old man's anger.

"Did you at least use protection!?" Iures said, trying to contain his anger.

"Ummm...nope. But relax, it'll be alright," Ryna said, trying to calm the old man.

"And what exactly is going to be alright?! You had sex with my granddaughter, with no protection, and you expect me to believe that it will be okay just because you said so!?!?" Iures raged.

"Well, it is almost impossible for interspecies couples to get pregnant, and STD'd can't get transmitted due to genetic differences. So, as I said, everything will be alright, old man," Ryna said, getting angrier as well. "Interspecies couples? What the devil are you talking about!?" Iures asked, intrigued.

"I am not a human, I'm a Diuwel. See, I have horns," Ryna explained, pointing to the barely visible horns on his forehead, "I assumed you knew, seeing as you have all those books open to sections on my species.

"You're a...a Diuwel?! No way! They were supposed to have been hunted down a long time ago," Iures stuttered.

"Hunted down?! Mom never did seem to want to talk to anyone. Maybe that is why they exiled me, I never really understood it," Ryna said to himself.

"You were exiled? Why?" Iures asked, curiosity replacing his anger.

"It was about 15 years ago, but I think it was cuz' I talked to a bunch of people, and someone found out what we were. They must have left me behind on Zyloth as punishment. But hey, why were the Diuwel hunted down. I never knew that had happened," Ryna asked, his curiosity matching Iures'.

"It was because the Diuwel, at the age of 13, are granted any two powers by their goddess. The other great races of the galaxy feared the Diuwel's abilities, and so proceeded to hunt down the peaceful people. It was thought that all of them had been hunted down hundreds of years ago, but I guess there were still some in hiding. Very interesting, but what two abilities were you granted?" Iures asked.

"Hmmm... I don't really know the second one yet, but I know that I can walk on air. Dude, this is so cool, I didn't know any of this shit before,and I borrow one of these books?" Ryna asked, excited.

"Sure, my boy-ack!" Iures responded, blushing.

"What was that, did you just call me 'my boy'?" Ryna asked, a knowing smile crossing his face.

"Accidentally, although, I do understand now why I am losing my granddaughter to you," Iures sighed.

"Don't think of it as losing a granddaughter, think of it as gaining a grandson! It's a much better outlook," Ryna responded, a genuine smile crossing his face.

"Hahaha, of course! Now, I shouldn't keep you much longer, seeing as Sensara is waiting. I only have one more thing to say to you," Iures said, his tone growing serious.

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