The Upscale Underwear Store


Becky directed me to the podium and had me step up on it. She unwrapped the towel at my waist and took it away from my body, timidly averting her eyes from my private parts for the moment. She started folding the towel and then, finally catching a glimpse of my flaccid penis, stopped what she was doing and gawked at it. No guy would feel comfortable in a situation like that. I mean, give me a break; the little guy had just had a work-out.

"Yumi!! Yumi!!" Becky yelled, dropping the towel and storming out the door, "What did you do?"

The room seemed suddenly large and quiet, and seeing my reflection in the mirror, I felt silly standing there, naked on top of a pedestal. After that outburst, I also felt like a misbehaving child again. It was all a bit humiliating, and I covered myself with my hands.

In no time, Katherine came through the door with Becky in tow counselling her. "It happens. Don't worry about the measurement protocol. We try to do it that way in case a second arousal isn't possible. It probably won't be a problem," Katherine mentored and then turned to me. "Ah, Mr Davis, well prepped I see. Let's get you measured up, shall we?" She had removed her jacket and her bouncing bust-line had me mesmerized.

Katherine strode to me and brusquely moved my hands to my sides, while Becky went over to the table and picked up the clipboard and a cloth measuring tape. With my hands at my sides, my dangling member was abandoned to Katherine's visual scrutiny, vulnerable to any physical inspection that she may wish to conduct.

"Are you satisfied with your service so far, Mr Davis?" Katherine asked calmly, her eyes rivetted to my little guy.

"Yes," I answered contritely, "absolutely. "

"That's good, because at Essence, we don't want you to be a one-time client. " She finally looked up at me and smiled. "We want you to come again and again and again. "

"Oh, I see... Excuse me?" What was that she said?

With a curling finger, Katherine invited me to lean down towards her. She grabbed the far side of my head with her hand and brought the closer ear toward her lips. I could feel her hot breath waft past my ear and her lips graze my lobe as she spoke. "I really appreciate your patience, Mr Davis," she whispered, releasing her grip and letting her hand trace lightly down my neck and chest, "This is Becky first fitting, and I want it to be a good experience for her. " Her hand slid across my stomach and, teasing towards my crotch, veered to end on my hip.

Katherine then pulled back abruptly and turned around. "Okay, Becky, let's begin. "

Becky walked over to me and paused. Suddenly confronted with the situation, she was frozen by either timidity or uncertainty. With a trembling hand, she reached towards my penis.

"Becky," Katherine interrupted, "what's the first step in the measurement process?"

Becky withdrew her hand. "Well, to have the client sit in the chair while I get ready, but I thought we were past that now. "

"No, I mean your first precaution," Katherine mentored, "I'll give you a hint – you're wearing a suede skirt and a dry-clean-only sweater. "

"Oh, my gosh! I forgot!" Becky recalled, "One moment, sir. " She handed the clipboard to Katherine and stepped quickly over to the table. Taking the hem of her sweater, she pulled it over her head and placed it folded on the table. From the rear, I could see the outline of her breast bob a bit as it broke free of its confines. Then she slipped off her skirt and laid it on her sweater. Underneath, she wore a tiny black thong that framed a cute and firm pair of little ass cheeks.

On her return, her perky little B-cups jostled on her chest with youthful resilience as she walked, and her puffy aureoles and hard nipples wobbled distractingly all over my field of vision.

When she reached the podium, she halted in front with a determined little jiggle and stated, "Thanks. I wouldn't want there to be any accidents. " She tried to sound confident but was betrayed by the blush on her chest and the quaver in her voice. Similarly, my slowly firming tool hinted at my interest in Becky's little strip show and Katherine's confidential intimations.

Becky drew in a breath and took the tape measure in hand, but paused again. Noticing her hesitation, Katherine reached in and fondled my balls gently, "They don't have thorns, Becky. " My goodness, I was turned on. "Look, why don't you begin at the waist," she added.

Becky started in but was pretty awkward at the job. When she measured my waist, she accidentally grazed my penis with her cheek as she reached the tape measure around me. Then when she measured my thigh, the top of her hand incidentally rubbed along the underside of my sac. Nevertheless, she kept drawing her tape around parts of my body and making notations on her clipboard.

I felt very exposed standing above the two women, one poking and prodding my intimate regions, and the other staring intently at her progress. I felt Becky's fingers lifting and probing and squeezing all over the place. Occasionally, Katherine would offer some advice. "Not too hard... Now the droop... Just push that out of the way... You have to squeeze it more, you've got too much skin there... "

Finally, she was left with doing my most discreet part, which was becoming less discreet with each measurement she took. Timidly, she took my cock by the tip with a thumb and finger and, ever so gently, extended it outwards. Looking over at Katherine, she asked "It's still not fully erect. Do I measure now, or do I wait?"

"Well, why don't you take a few preliminary measurements," Katherine advised, "and then we'll decide what to do. "

Becky resumed. She carefully laid the measure along the top of my shaft and leaned in very closely to take an accurate reading. I could feel her breath on the skin of my little head. However, in the process, she let everything fall through her fingers and had to start again.

"Okay, now, Becky," interrupted Katherine, "It's good that you are trying to be gentle, but it's better if you act more assertively. Here... " Katherine took the tape measure and positioned herself in front of me. "The measuring will go quicker, and the client will feel that you know what you are doing. "

She took a firm hold of my cock and pulled it out vigorously towards her, almost tugging me off the podium at the same time. Then holding an end of the tape at the base of my cock with a thumb and finger, she wrapped her other hand around both tape and cock and pulled tightly along the length of my shaft to the tip. "You see how quick and efficient that is," Katherine instructed and then demonstrated again with equal force. "Now you try. "

Becky anchored the tape, grabbed my dick and gave a quick yank.

"No, you're just pulling on one spot. Let your hand travel along the shaft, like you're opening an umbrella. "

Becky tried again. This was getting to me.

"That's better. Now do it more smoothly; don't jerk it. "

Becky tried again. I stifled a moan.

"That's it. And again... " Pull. "And again... " Tug. "And again. " My goodness!!! Yank. "That's it. Okay, you're getting it now. "

"Um... Katherine?" Becky hesitated, "I don't think it's a preliminary measure anymore. " We all looked down. My pole was red, hard and pointing, almost accusingly, at Becky.

Katherine calmly reached over and gave me a couple of soft strokes to assess my status. The skin of her hand was silky smooth, and her touch was teasingly light. She looked up at me and smiled, "How are we doing, Mr Davis?"

"F-f-f-fine... "

"Okay, Becky, here's where it gets tricky. We need to take the apex measurement without going over the top, because you will still need him in the aroused state for the fitting," cautioned Katherine, "But don't worry, I'll talk you through it. Now, take him in your hand and start a slow, predictable rhythm... "

Becky took hold of my shaft and started to slowly pump it. "But how do you know when to stop?"

"Unfortunately, that just comes with experience... Now, don't grasp too firmly; let the skin slide across your palm. "

"But it's sticky. Should I use some oil?"

"Well... no... You can't use oil or lotion because it will stain the undergarments when we move to the fitting," Katherine mentored her, "The only thing you can do right now is... " Just at that moment, a chime sounded in the hallway. Becky was doing her best to rub me but was having a tough time fighting the friction.

"Becky, I'm going to have to see to this," Katherine said as she walked towards the door, "I'll be right back. "

Becky looked up at me and, suddenly feeling alone in this awkward situation, blushed noticeably. Her hand kept skuddering on the dry surface of my cock. "Aw, nuts," she exclaimed.

Then, an idea came to her. She held out my cock and spit at it. She missed. She tried again, but not very much spittle came out. She did some mock chewing to build up her spit and then extended her tongue to funnel the fluid onto my cock. This technique proved more successful but inefficient.

She made a few more attempts, incidentally contacting my cock with the tip of her tongue. Then, resolving to finish the job, she abandoned her modesty and ran her tongue along the upper-side of my penis and out toward the tip, first tentatively and then deliberately. At the tip, she dabbed around with her tongue to keep the spit from dripping off and then pursed her lip around the knob to do a better job. I moaned in appreciation.

The lubrication eased her hand movement. She adopted a rhythm of depositing spit on my tip and stroking it down to my base. Drool and stroke. Drool and stroke.

On one occasion, I shifted forward, causing my tip to move past her lips. She flinched back a bit, causing her lips to "smick" as my cock escaped their grip, but she didn't interrupt her rhythm. Smick and stroke. I maintained my forward pressure, and she couldn't escape taking me more and more of me in her mouth. Smick and stroke. Smack and stroke.

Soon, she was taking in half my cock and had abandoned the hand-job altogether. In and out, I slid. In and out. In and out. Then when I heard her slurping, I almost went over the top. "You better stop," I cried.

She didn't hear me at first, and I had to push forcefully against her forehead. My balls began to roil. She took the hint and pulled back. "Stop?" she asked with a little panic in her eyes, "Are you going to cum?"

I didn't have the composure to answer her, but with my eyes rolling back in my head, she had a pretty good hint. She fumbled quickly with the measuring tape. Then, just as she had practised, she grabbed the base of my cock and the end of the tape with one hand, and pulled them both outward using a firm stroke with the other hand... That was all it took... "Uhh... unghhh... " I spurted with great pressure. I had no idea where I was aiming, but it caught Becky around the nose and eyes. She reared back reflexively but couldn't avoid the subsequent shots in the face. "Unghh... unghh... ahhh... " Thankfully, she never let go of the base of my cock, which allowed me something to thrust into.

Becky fell back on her hands, blind and bewildered, my cum forming many separate rivulets and draining off her face onto her breasts and then the floor. My legs felt weak, and my breathing became very audible.

*** The Recovery ***

"Oh my goodness!" cried Katherine, as she re-entered the room and took in the scene. "Yumi!" she called out into the hallway, "Yumi! Clean-up in Fitting Room 2. "

Katherine hurried over to me and helped me off of the podium. "Are you all right, Mr Davis?" she asked, as she held my arm and escorted me out to the hall, "I am so sorry. I was only gone for a moment. "

"I'm fine," I reassured her, but my unsteady legs disagreed.

"Well, let's get you cleaned up," she said, as we shuffled down the hallway. Yumiko darted into the room behind us, presumably to see to Becky. "What did you do?" I heard her call out mockingly to Becky when she entered.

Katherine led me to a room beside the shower and lockers, and opened the door. The smell of chlorine, feel of damp air and sound of bubbling water permeated the dark interior. "Mr Davis, why don't you slip into the hot tub and relax?" Katherine said, helping me over the side of the tub. "It'll give you a chance to recover, and then we'll see if we can continue with your fitting. " She then left and closed the door behind her.

"You come; I take you," I heard Yumiko's voice in the hallway. "Thanks, Yumi. I still have gunk in my eyes," replied Becky. The two voices passed by the door and entered the locker room.

The water felt deliciously warm and soothing, as I slid my spent body into its welcoming embrace. Next door, the shower came on.

"That's okay, Yumi. I can clean myself up. "

"No, no. I wash; I wash. "

I stretched out my arms along the tub's sides and closed my eyes. Ahh... relaxing!

"Yumi! Don't! I can... ahh... that tickles... ahh... not there... ohhh... "

"You like. I know you like. "

Well, the girls sounded like they were having fun. I swam my hand lazily through the water and gave the tub a slow stir.

"Ohhh!... Yumi! Watch where you're putting your hand!... What are you doing?!!... Ohhh!... Not there!... Ohhh!... Oh my gawd, that feels good!!!"

My ears picked up. It sounded like Becky was being treated to the same kind of shower as Yumiko gave me. I floated around the side of the tub to get closer to the room's common wall with the shower.

"Oh, Yumi, is that your finger?... "

I could hear the slurpy "smuck, smuck, smuck" sound of a lathery hand making contact with wet skin.

"Onnggg... oooh... oooh... onnggg... "

This was like renting porn, and instinctively, my hand dove under the surface of the water and started stroking, as if I were lying on my basement couch watching the movie.

"You need I finish you. " That was Yumiko, and I knew what she meant by that. Man, this was going to go all the way!

"Oh my gawd!... Ahh!... My gawd, my gawd, my gawd!!!... Ohhh... Faster!... Ahh... "

My hand followed Becky's distant command. I was really starting to get firm now, which surprised me, being my third time that day.

"Oh, right there!... Oh! Oh!... There, there... Oh! Aaahhh!!!... "

My hand was churning in the water now, creating a wake that was travelling across the tub and breaking at its sides.

"Yuuummiiii... I'm cuuummmiiing... Ahhh aaaiiieeeee!!!"

Yeah, Becky, and in a few seconds, so would I... Suddenly, the door opened and in bustled Katherine.

"Okay, Mr Davis, let's see if you're ready," she announced as she closed the door and placed a towel by the side of the tub. My hand halted immediately, leaving behind an unsatisfied ache of anticipated relief. My pole remained erect but submerged like a sunken stump in a river. I no longer heard noise from next door and could only imagine what clean-up activity was now going on over there. The final waves that had been agitating in the tub from my pumping dampened down on the surface of the water.

"What are you doing way over there?" Katherine asked rhetorically. "No, don't move. I'll come to you. " She had changed into a silky kimono... only a silky kimono... and was now undoing the belt. The light material slid smoothly off her bare shoulders, revealing a voluptuously shaped silhouette. Her large breasts had a natural hang on her chest but still sat fairly high up, and they jiggled a bit with each of her movements.

She hung her kimono on the back of the door and then stepped over the side of the tub. Wading towards me, she dipped her hands in the water and then brought them up to douse her breasts and abdomen.

"So let's see if you've recovered," she stated, as she got to my position and kneeled down between my legs. Her breasts appeared to float on the surface of the water. She reached out with her hands to my chest and let them sink slowly down... past my nipples... past my stomach... to my lap. One hand then ventured to my pole and was stopped by its rigid form.

Her eyes widened, and the corners of her mouth turned up slightly to show her pleasure... or maybe her relief... or surprise. I know I was surprised. She wrapped her hand around it softly and gave it a few light strokes to convince herself of its status. "Well, I see we're back on track," she cooed, "and I thought I was going to have to really... um... motivate you to have a chance at a fitting today. "

Oh, gawd, don't say that! I can go limp again if it means receiving motivational attention!

"Let's not waste your... enthusiasm," she smiled, and then her face became serious. She leaned forward, her mouth at my ear. Our cheeks touched, her breasts pressed wetly into my chest, and her other hand curled around the back of my neck. She whispered in my ear, "I'm so sorry about what has happened today. It has all been so very unprofessional. " Her faced curled toward me, and she gave me a light peck on the side of the neck. Electricity emanated from the spot and shot through my body.

"Oh, I don't mind," I reassured her, "I don't mind a bit. ..." not at all, at all, at all, at all, at all.

She had continued nibbling on my neck, and when she heard my response, she stopped and pulled back. Her eyes stared intently into mine, looking serious but also soft and caring. "Thank you," she breathed and then gave me a full-on kiss. Her lips were soft and yet overpowering. Her tongue zipped in and out between my lips, and then she sucked in my lower lip. I was in heavenly submission.

Suddenly, she pulled back again and grabbed me by the hand. "Let's go," she ordered, standing us both up, "before we have another accident. "

Ahhh!!!! No! No! No! It was just getting interesting... but like a wimp, I just rose and followed her out of the tub.

She dried me off, poinging once playfully on my erection, and wrapped a towel around my waist, covering my rigid pole as best she could. She then swirled her kimono back on, cinched it and led me by the hand back to the fitting room. The protrusion under my towel preceded me like the prow of a terrycloth ship.

*** The Fitting ***

From the state of disarray that I had remembered, the room had obviously been "seen to. " The furniture had been squared, there was a faint smell of cleaning products in the air, and a selection of undergarments was now arrayed on the top of the table.

Katherine walked me over to the chair, pulled off my towel and sat me down... well, me and my hard-on, because it now looked like the two of us were sitting upright in the seat. In fact, Katherine made it three, by dropping into my lap – being careful not to impale herself – and scooting up to throw an arm around my neck. Her kimono fell a bit open and partially revealed her curves and private areas.

"I hope you don't mind, but I've decided to complete your fitting personally," she informed me, tracing a finger from my shoulder down to my chest. "Becky's been through a lot today, but I'll make sure she's available the next time you visit us... You don't mind, do you?"

"Uh, no... "

Tweaking and strumming playfully on my erect nipple, she continued, "I want to explain to you how the rest of the fitting is going to proceed. I've picked out some samples in your size range, and I want to get your feedback on style and comfort. Then," she reached down between us and wrapped her hand around my hard cock, "since you seem able to participate, I want to confirm fit and profile. And finally," she brought her hand back up to caress my cheek, leaned her face in close to my ear and whispered to me, "I want to check functionality. "

Well, I didn't understand that last part, but it sure sounded good. She stood up and got me to my feet, and then we walked over to the table. She picked through the samples.

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