tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Utter Humiliation of Penny Love

The Utter Humiliation of Penny Love


Penny Love gratefully closed the front door of Keller's Hardware Emporium behind her, feeling highly relieved that she'd managed to get through another day of mind-numbing tedium punctuated periodically by the unpleasant feeling of Mr. Keller's hungry eyes on her pert bottom.

Penny was only eighteen, still at school and only worked for the middle-aged obese Mr. Keller on Saturdays to make a little bit of extra money which she mostly spent on clothes and music. Her father had got her the job with Mr. Keller, a fellow churchgoer and family man, recommending Penny as a hard worker who always had a smile on her face, which was absolutely true. She often felt her smile slipping though when Mr. Keller stood a little too closely behind her or made her bend down in front of him to pick something off the lower shelves in the storeroom at the back of the shop.

She'd considered mentioning that Mr. Keller occasionally made her feel uncomfortable to her mother but knew that her parents would simply disbelieve that such an upstanding member of their church would be so sinful as to lust after a single young girl like her. The church was the centre of her parents' lives, as well as being extremely important to her, and any thought of causing a fuss would be unimaginable.

Penny sighed dismissively, as she flounced away down the street, a large brown handbag slung over her shoulder. Mr. Keller was harmless as long as he just looked and didn't touch. She could bear his eyes on her for a few more months until she went to college. She glanced back over her shoulder and wasn't surprised to see him staring at her surreptitiously through the shop door. Shaking her head slightly she decided to stop thinking about him. She had much more important matters to ponder!

She felt a flutter of excitement as she heard the strains of music from the other side of the large wooded town park. Today was the annual town carnival, a day she'd always loved for as long as she could remember. The carnival had started perhaps an hour ago and she'd have gone from the beginning except that Mr. Keller had made her stay to closing time despite a complete dearth of customers.

So now she had to go and meet her boyfriend, Bobby, who would already be celebrating. After the carnival was over they would be going, with a gang of their friends, to Tammy's Bar. She was really looking forward to the evening but she was also a little nervous because she planned tonight to go one step further with her boyfriend when she was alone with him in his car later on.

She'd been going out with Bobby for four years now and she loved him and was certain that he loved her too. They'd been kissing for a while now and she'd allowed him to feel her cute firm breasts a few times, only through her clothes though. But of course, Bobby wanted more, particularly when he'd had a beer or two, and she'd felt on more than one occasion the dangerous exciting bulge of his erection pushing against her whilst they petted.

Penny was a church girl and she had no intention of actually having penetrative sex until she and Bobby were married. But with persistence, he'd worn her down and she'd ended up promising him that tonight she would touch him and relieve him with her hands.

That had been last week and since then she'd looked forward to tonight with a strange mix of anticipation and anxiety. There was no doubt that she got excited whilst they were together and she'd recently noticed after she'd been with him that there was a hot slickness between her thighs. Of course she chatted with her friends, some of whom were less reserved about sexual matters than her, so she knew how things worked. In any case, Bobby had been patient and he was so sweet and handsome: he deserved to be satisfied even if only via they medium of her hands. She giggled to herself impishly at her deliciously mischievous thoughts as she crossed the road into the park.

She was still wearing her work clothes, a white blouse, black trousers and flat black shoes, and wanted to get changed and do her make-up before she met up with Bobby. Her plan was to go the public lavatories on this side of the park to get dressed. There were others on the other side of the park where the carnival was taking place but they would be very busy. She could have changed at the store but didn't want to tempt Mr. Keller to letch at her any more than he normally did. Once she was changed she'd text Bobby so that they could meet up for what she hoped would be a special evening.

Penny's heart sunk as she approached the toilets. She could see from a sign on the door that the ladies' were closed for repairs. She'd have to go to the others and brave the queues to get changed. As she walked around the building to cross the park she noticed that the men's however were still open.

She looked around -- the whole area was deserted of people. Everyone would be at the carnival of course. Perhaps she could get changed in the gents? She hesitated briefly before knocking on the door and opening it slightly, calling out, "Hi. Is any in here?"

There was no answer so she crept inside seeing in relief that the three cubicles were empty and no-one was at the urinals. She looked out briefly, and not seeing anyone there either, she decided to go for it. Smiling at her daring she went into the middle cubicle and began to quickly get changed.

She put her bag down on the floor of the stall, grateful that it was clean, before stripping naked, glad that it was a warm day. She put away her old clothes before pulling out her new ones, a pair of skinny jeans, a tightly fitted black top and black heels, as well as matching lacy black bra and panties, all designed to show off her slender figure without being slutty. And of course she knew that Bobby loved her in that outfit, not that he'd ever had more than a glimpse of her bra as he'd groped her breasts through her top.

Before getting dressed she decided that she needed to use the lavatory so she carefully placed her outfit on her bag and sat down for a quick wee while looking at the childish graffiti on the door, some of it making her blush at its crudeness. After she'd flushed she reached down for her clothes but then stopped in confusion.

Where were her clothes? And her bag? They were there a second ago! Fighting off a sickening sense of impending panic, she looked around the cubicle. As well as her clothes, her phone and purse were in the bag. She couldn't have lost them!

Suddenly she noticed movement to her right. For some bizarre reason someone had made a hole in the cubicle wall at waist height that she'd missed when she'd first come in. There was someone next door! Had he been watching her? He must have come in while she was changing. And for some reason he had taken her bag and her clothes!


Xavier Blatter shook his head despondently as he walked through the park, away from the carnival on his way back home. The path meandered through a small wooded area and he occasionally kicked an innocent tree in a combination of anger and self-pity.

Xavier knew he wasn't a popular kid. His only friends were similarly nerdy young men with unhealthy obsessions with on-line gaming and a complete lack of experience with the opposite sex. Xavier himself was a hulking overweight teenager with swarthy skin and dark greasy hair, no girl's idea of an attractive date.

But that was no reason for him to have just been humiliated in front of everyone. And especially by a bunch of mouth-breathing jock twats who could hardly tie their own shoelaces.

He'd been at the carnival with two of his friends, munching on a hot dog, enjoying the atmosphere and checking out all the girls in their sexy clothes when he'd run into Bobby Hunter and his football-playing buddies. Bobby and his mates had obviously started drinking early because they immediately picked on Xavier in a way that he'd thankfully not experienced for years.

"Oh look it's Fatso Blattso!" Bobby had screamed in his face before knocking his hot dog and drink to the ground.

Whilst Bobby had continued to abuse him, Xavier had desperately pondered a clever witty response that would leave Bobby dumbfounded but of course there was no way he would be physically brave enough to resist. He looked around distraughtly for help but all he could see were the laughing faces of what appeared to be everyone at school. Even his friends had disappeared, keen not to become targets of any thuggish bullying.

So Xavier had run away; away from the carnival and away from Bobby and the crowds. Which is how he found himself in the park, upset and mortified at his own lack of backbone and the general unfairness of life.

Of course one of the other reasons, Xavier hated Bobby fucking Hunter was because Bobby's girlfriend was the girl that Xavier had loved since he was just a kid.

Penny had been his next-door neighbour from an early age and Xavier still remembered fondly how they'd played together as children. She'd always been so kind to him, his only real friend as he grew up, that it was natural for him to feel a deep connection with her.

Which is why it was so hurtful when she'd started going out with that arsehole Bobby Hunter a few years ago. Admittedly, Bobby was as handsome as Penny was pretty so they made a great couple but Xavier still felt deeply hurt and jealous.

He'd tried to talk to Penny about it at the time but she'd got cross at him and things had never been the same between them since. She was always polite to him but they stopped spending any time together and moved in completely different social circles, if Xavier's geek buddies could even be called a social circle.

But, despite the futility of it, he still loved her and often found himself watching her surreptitiously from his bedroom when she was in her garden or cleaning her Dad's car.

Maybe that's why Bobby had picked on him, because he suspected that Xavier still had a crush on Penny. "The stupid fucking bastard!" Xavier fumed as he approached the far side of the town park.

He was still coming through the trees, when he noticed a young woman with long dirty blonde hair looking around furtively before going into the male lavatories near the park exit.

It was Penny! He'd know that sexy slim figure and the pert arse anywhere. Or did he just imagine seeing her because he'd just been thinking about her?

But what the hell was she doing? He hadn't noticed her at the carnival and it looked like she was in her work clothes so he guessed she was on her way to the festivities but had stopped to get changed. But why go into the gents?

Checking that wasn't anyone nearby, he crept to the toilets and carefully slipped in. There was no sign of Penny, or indeed anyone else, but the middle cubicle was closed and he could hear the sound of clothes being changed.

Without thinking, Xavier tiptoed into the cubicle to the left, quietly bolting the door behind him. He closed his eyes and listened, imagining Penny just a few inches away from him taking off her clothes. His cock twitched at the thought.

But then he opened his eyes in sudden embarrassment. What the fuck was he doing here like a disgusting pervert? Obviously he'd often masturbated thinking of Penny's big innocent wide blue eyes, elfin features and soft curved bosom but this was just being creepy. He resolved to slip out again without Penny ever knowing he'd been there. It was then that he noticed the hole in the cubicle wall.

Xavier, being an eighteen year-old boy with his own laptop, was aware of the concept of a glory hole but he didn't expect to find one in his own small conservative town. In fact he suspected that it was probably just vandalising kids rather than evidence of illicit gay sex. Nevertheless all he had to do was look through that hole and he would see what he'd dreamt of for years.

He didn't hesitate.

Penny was facing forward towards the door and she'd already taken off her blouse. In fact she was reaching behind herself to unclip her bra. Xavier stifled a moan in sudden and complete lust. He reached down to cautiously unzip himself and release his erection just as Penny pulled her white bra off, revealing her stunning breasts.

They were better than he'd ever dared fantasise, flawless pale globes, red-brown-tipped and an ideal handful, small but of such utter perfection that he couldn't imagine seeing anything so beautiful for the first time ever again

Penny then bent down to take off her shoes and trousers, causing her boobs to jiggle slightly. Xavier bit his lip to keep himself quiet, lost in hopeless desire but conscious that he couldn't give himself away. Her legs were lightly tanned and long, smooth and lithe despite her average height.

When Penny took off her tight white briefs, Xavier began to masturbate, astounded at the carefully tended wisp of dark blonde hair between her legs and the glowing faultlessness of her arse.

She was so beautiful, so perfect. And he'd actually got to see her naked!

And when she sat down to piss, even the tinkling sound of her urinating sounded attractive to him.

Xavier often looked back to what he did next with wonder. Why on earth did he do it? It was a crazy thing to do, risky and stupid. Nonetheless some mad impulse, some foolish whim made him reach under the cubicle and pull back her bag, bringing the clothes she was about to wear with it.

He expected her to shout out but she just keep weeing. It was only once she'd flushed that he heard her dismayed gasp.

He realised that he was pressed up against the opposite wall just as he noticed that all she needed to do was look through the hole to see him. He darted forward and put his hand over the hole to stop her. His breathing sounded like a roar in his ears as he waited, paralysed indecisively.

It seemed like an age before he heard her speak. "Hello?" she said tentatively. He didn't reply.

"Please. Please can I have my clothes back?" Another pause punctuated by the sound of her sobbing. "You can keep the phone and my purse. Please I just want my clothes," she begged, her voice a pitiable whisper.

Several emotions flitted through Xavier's mind. There was sympathy for the girl he loved and horror that he was hurting her with this ordeal. But mostly there was a feeling of power, of satisfaction that his anger at her and her boyfriend was being sated through her misery.

Perhaps that was why rather than responding to her despair by helping her, instead he pushed his hard cock through the hole.

"Oh, Lord no," he heard her squeal in distress.

Despite his excitement, Xavier had the presence of mind to disguise his voice. "Touch it if you want your clothes!" he growled.


Penny had never felt so awful in her entire life. She was trapped naked in a male toilet with nothing, no money or phone with which to call for help.

And the most terrifying thing was that the person who had stolen her clothes was just next to her and he might have been watching her while she undressed. She felt dirty and humiliated.

What should she do? She could make a run for it but then perhaps he would pursue and catch her and do something unthinkable to her. Even if she could get away what would she do? She couldn't run down the street to Mr. Keller's hardware store naked. Or could she get to a public phone and call her mother or her younger sister? But they were out at the carnival and might not hear her ringing.

She could hide out in the park woods until she saw someone she knew who might help her. But she couldn't face the disgrace of someone seeing her without clothes. Everyone would know and she wouldn't be able to face anyone again. Oh, God, why was this happening to her?

Maybe she could reason with the person. Timidly, she bent down to look through the hole but something was blocking it. With a start she realised it was the palm of a hand. Oh, Lord, the person was definitely still there and he was waiting.

She began to sob silently before pulling herself together. "Hello?" she said before she broke out weeping again. "Please. Please can I have my clothes back?" she blubbed. "You can keep the phone and my purse. Please I just want my clothes," she implored.

And then everything got a lot worse when the man, for it undeniably was a man, pushed his thing through the hole and ordered her to touch it if she wanted her clothes back.

She pressed herself as far away from the ugly blunt erection waving at her as she wept miserably. Part of her mind was fascinated by its dark pink repulsiveness. She had of course seen pictures of penises even if she hadn't seen any in real life and she could tell that this one wasn't too big. However it was still threateningly masculine and made her cringe in horror.

"Please don't make me touch it," she begged, snivelling at her torment.

"Touch it or I take your clothes and burn them," the gruff voice ordered her again.

After another energetic bout of crying, Penny tried to pull her thoughts together. What could she do? She could try to run away and get help. But the thought of being naked in public was terrifying. And anyway what if he chased her down? Perhaps she could attack him, maybe grab his penis and pull it or scratch it. But she knew his testicles would be the thing to attack and she couldn't see or reach them.

Perhaps it would best if she touched it and then she could have her clothes back. She had planned to touch her boyfriend's penis for the first time today. She had no doubt Bobby's dick was as she'd imagined, beautiful and smooth just like the rest of him. But perhaps she could just pretend that this hirsute eyesore was Bobby's and not some perverted stranger's.

Carefully she reached out to slowly take hold of him, wrapping her delicate fingers around his hard meaty thickness.

She heard him gasp and felt it twitch violently in her hands as she grasped it. And then he pushed it forward, sliding it through her hand before pulling back again. "Rub it!" he ordered her huskily.

She closed her eyes and began to masturbate him, heartbroken that she wasn't sharing this moment with Bobby.

After only a minute of wanking, he suddenly commanded, "Suck it!"

"What?" she cried in alarm, letting go his cock. "No please!" she beseeched. "Oh, God, no please don't make me do that!"

She knew what a blowjob was and she'd talked to some girls who'd given them. They made it sound like it was OK but there was no way Penny ever expected to actually put a penis in her mouth. Even Bobby wouldn't ever ask her do something so filthy and wrong.

"Suck it or I take your clothes," the harsh voice demanded.

Tears streaming down her face, she knelt down and reached out to hold instrument of her humiliation again. Closing her eyes she leant forward and positioned it at her lips before slowly sliding them over the rubbery head of his dick.

The stranger thrust himself into her mouth, groaning in apparent pleasure, as Penny began to suck on him. The taste wasn't as foul as she had imagined but she still gagged on the flavour of stale urine. This improved as the penis was pushed in and out her mouth, sliding over passive tongue as she sucked inexpertly.

Without warning, she suddenly felt a jet of thick salty liquid cover her tongue as the man ejaculated. She pulled back and spat out the unpleasant mouthful as he spurted over her face and neck.

After the squirts had become a dribble, the man pulled his penis back through the hole before slamming open the cubicle door and running out, leaving Penny kneeling on the floor of a public toilet, weeping at her lost innocence.

Eventually, Penny managed to compose herself. She wiped away the worst of the semen with toilet tissue before venturing out of the stall, checking there was no-one there.

Where had he left her clothes? She checked where the stranger had been: no clothes. Frantically she checked the other cubicle: no clothes. And then the rest of the room: no clothes.

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