tagBDSMThe Vacation Ch. 04

The Vacation Ch. 04


Author's note:

This is the continuation of the fourth in a series of stories about me and my wife Lisa. If you haven't already, please read part one and especially the Author's note with that part.

Thank you

Now on to the story:

This story is protected by copyright, by Peter, the author, and cannot be reposted or used for any purpose without his prior consent.

* * * * *

I woke before Lisa, with a throbbing hard on. Just as I was coming out of the bathroom she started to stir. "Sleep well sweetheart?" she asked with a grin. Further confirmation that she wasn't at all mad or hurt, that things were unfolding exactly as she had in mind. The problem for me was, I didn't know the plan! My only choice was to wait and see what happened. We ordered coffee from room service and once it had been delivered Lisa began to give me an idea of what was to come (no pun intended, but it wasn't going to be me anytime soon).

"I had intended to let you cum every day this vacation, but after yesterday's disappointment that's all changed" (Definitely not true, but I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut) "Now you are going to have to earn your way back into my good graces, and that might take quite a long time!" This was all said through a very cocky grin. She knew she had me right where she wanted me, and so did I. Obviously I would do everything I could to please her, which was exactly what she had in mind all along.

"For starters, your going to wear the new suit I bought you from now on, aren't you?" While phrased as a question, it really wasn't.

"Yes, Lisa, I'll wear the suit you bought me. I'm sorry I didn't wear it yesterday, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." I knew I hadn't but also knew I needed to make up some ground.

"Good" she was really smiling now, "I know you'll look great in it! And if you are a really good boy and please me all day today, you might get to cum as soon as tomorrow."

I groaned, that meant for sure I wouldn't be cumming today and I'd have to work very hard at everything Lisa wanted if I hoped to get off tomorrow even. In my current state, that sounded like forever. It would soon get much worse.

"But Lisa, if I get a hard on in that suit, anyone within a hundred yards will know, it will be so obvious. And I know you, you're going to do everything you can to make that happen. Its just too embarrassing, please don't"

"Peter, I'll tell you what. If you'll be a good sport and don't disappoint me, I promise I won't touch you in any way that's even remotely sexual, once we leave the room."

"Really, do you mean it?" I asked skeptically.

"Yes I do, but since you let me down, when we're in the room I'm going to want to play with my toy in all my favorite ways, starting right now. Come over here and stand in front of me, please," she added the please in a way that made it clear this wasn't a request.

I actually shuddered. I knew exactly what she had in mind. Lisa has a teasing technique that she has perfected and it is THE most frustrating thing I've ever experienced. As horny as I already was this was going to be pure Hell!

Lisa was sitting on the edge of the bed. I did as she asked and moved until I was standing right in front of her. She had her feet flat on the floor about as far apart as the width of my shoulders. "Put your feet just outside of mine, touching them, and then don't you dare move" she directed. This had me positioned with my feet spread rather widely and my cock and balls presented to her directly in front of her face, which is a key element in her teasing torture. She can study my response very accurately and know exactly how far she can go without pushing me over the edge. "Clasp your hands behind your back." I did.

"Okay, I want to be by the pool in a half an hour, so I think about 20 minutes of this will be just right" she said as if thinking it over. "Lets get started," she giggled. I realized that Lisa had me positioned so that I couldn't see a clock, which of course meant I'd have no idea how long was remaining of the 20 minutes, nor whether she might not extend the time without letting me know. Just thinking about what was going to happen was starting to give me an erection, betraying the love/hate feelings I have about these cock teasings.

"Looks like you can't wait to get started" Lisa laughed, loving my predicament. And with that she took my balls gently in each hand and lowered her mouth to my cock, sucking and licking slowly and deeply until I was rock hard and throbbing. In a very short time I was putting out precum like a leaky faucet. She then nestled both balls in her left hand while making my entire cock slick with the combination of her saliva and my precum. Now she went to work in earnest, while holding and gently massaging each ball in one hand she uses her thumbs to stroke my cock and roll it back and forth. She especially concentrates on moving her thumbs in a circular motion right below my cockhead. In all, she rather quickly has me very near an orgasm, but being right in front of her face to watch, and by holding my balls as she was, she can tell exactly how far to push me without making me cum.

The closer I get, the more she reduces the stimulation, which means I continue to get closer yet, but at a slower pace. It is a true Catch 22, the closer I get, the slower she goes, but that still pushes me closer and closer until she finally reaches the point where she knows that any more stimulation at all and I'll shoot cum like a fire hose! When she finally goes get to that point, and believe me she knows how to get to the very, very edge, she makes it even worse by taking each ball even more gently with all five fingertips evenly spaced around each testicle, and very gently massaging them, as if rolling an egg back and forth. As I've written before, no matter how desperate I am to cum, stimulating just my balls will not put me over, but it sure intensifies the ache to do so!

When she does stop stimulating my cock I am usually so close that my balls actually feel as if they are contracting and my cock literally twitches and spasms, but other than an increase in the amount of precum, nothing else happens and there is certainly no relief. The need to cum simply increases some more.

Lisa absolutely delights in this. She can't help but moan or blurt out something like "Oh God I love doing this to you! You can't imagine how much this turns me on" or "Oh, Peter this is making me sooo wet!" Naturally, that just escalates my wanting to cum all the more.

This particular day was no exception, in fact she was in rare form. She started by talking about how big and purple the head of my cock was getting, how the veins on the shaft were standing out looking as if they would burst. Soon she moved on to talking about how big and full my balls felt, how she was sure that my need to cum must be driving me crazy. It was of course, and listening to her talk about it just made it that much worse.

Once she stops stimulating my cock, to keep from making me cum, she pays very strict attention and just the second she knows she can start the stimulation again she does. This has the effect of making each subsequent cycle shorter and shorter, but she offsets that by starting back up with very light and minimal stimulation. Lisa has gotten to the point where she can subject me to several cycles before she has to stop.

I'd lost track of how many times she had pushed me to the very edge on this day, nor did I have any idea of how long she had been at it. My legs were getting rubbery and I knew I couldn't stand much more. The problem was that I knew if I did anything that caused Lisa to have to stop before she was ready, it would be a very long time before I came again. I started to beg her to stop, saying I really couldn't take any more.

Lisa loves it when she gets me to the point that I'm truly begging for her to stop, not just wanting to cum, but actually physically needing it. "Boy Peter, I just don't see how you're going to stand to wait until AT LEAST tomorrow to get to cum, these babies are as full as I think they've ever been" she taunted while doing the ball massage after the last peak.

"Lisa, please, I really can't take any more, you have to stop now, I'm about to collapse!" She knew I wasn't kidding, but nevertheless she was going to make her point about the Speedo.

"It is almost time, and no matter how much I'm enjoying this I don't want to cut in to my sun time too much" she said, "so just once more and we'll head to the pool." And true to her word, she started again. Somehow she seemed to prolong this last build up longer than any of the earlier ones, or so it seemed. When she finally stopped I did nearly collapsed onto the bed. I glanced at the clock and realized she had been at it for almost 40 minutes, but was smart enough to keep it to myself.

"Wow, that was really spectacular" she said proudly, "in fact I may have done it to myself, I'm horny as hell!" I could tell it was true, her nipples were sticking out like pencil erasers and she had a bit of a flush.

Seeing an opportunity to score some points, I positioned myself to lick her pussy. She didn't say a word, just spread her legs and gave me access to her lovely cunt. I slowly but steadily licked and sucked her to a glorious orgasm. Making my already serious ache even worse.

"On Peter, thank you. It makes me want to play with you a bit more," she said, but before I could even panic, she continued, "but, its time to head for the pool, so get your suit on like a good boy!"

At least that meant the physical teasing was over for a while, a break I desperately needed.

"And Peter, don't disappoint me further by making me have to wait for you"

It occurred to me that 'don't disappoint me' was likely to precede many comments for the rest of the day. I asked Lisa if I could shower first, but she was on to me and realized it would just be an attempt to stall. My cock was so rock hard and my pulse was still racing from her tease session that I would barely be able to get it in the Speedo, and certainly my present state would be obvious to everyone.

So Lisa took a quick shower and I jumped in the second she got out, turning the water as cold as I could stand in an attempt to get my erection to subside. It was clear Lisa realized what I was doing and was getting quite a kick out of my predicament, but she said nothing.

It wasn't long before Lisa let me know that she would be ready soon and if I didn't hurry, I'd end up keeping her waiting. The message was clear, get out of the shower now! I did. It had helped, but not much. I dried quickly, combed my hair and grabbed the suit. By now my cock wasn't standing straight out anymore, but it was a long way from fully soft. I slid into the suit and to my horror saw that things were much worse than I'd even imagined. The outline of my cock was clearly visible and there was no way to hide it. My angst, at least, had the effect of further deflating my cock so that it was now completely soft. As soon as I had the suit on Lisa was commenting on how right she was that it made me look sexy.

I figured that I'd wear one of my longer pool tops and leave it on, or stay in the water a lot and I'd get by. After all I wasn't the only man that would be wearing a suit like this. The two young activities staff for instance. And there were a couple of other guys I'd seen. It just wasn't my style, but no one else would know that, except of course Lisa. I got one of my longest pool shirts out and started to put it on, I should have known better. Lisa of course had other plans.

"No silly, not that old thing. Did you think I wouldn't get you a nice new top to go with your suit?" she asked laughing, as she headed to the closet. She returned, with what I must admit was a very nice shirt. It went well with the color of the suit and had three buttons up the front. But I could tell that buttoned it would just barely come down to my waist, and unbuttoned it would simply hang open in front.

Knowing I'd better just make the most of it, I put it on and commented on how nice it was. If I was going to wear this too, I might as well get some more points. Realizing I'd been snookered all around I decided I better make Lisa happy any way I could.

"Okay, you ready? Let's head to the pool" I said with a big smile, not feeling like smiling at all. "Here, let me carry the bag." I saw one last chance to have something to hide behind.

"Nah, its not at all heavy." Lisa said as she snatched it off the bed and headed for the door.

Here we go, I thought to myself.

In a few minutes we were camped out poolside. I was hugely self-conscious and trying to be as unobtrusive as possible. After a few minutes, I looked around and didn't seem to be attracting a lot of attention. I started to relax just a bit, maybe I really didn't stand out any more than anyone else. I started working on my book. I was trying to avoid looking at Lisa, or any of the other women for that matter. In my state it wasn't going to take much to get me aroused.

Lisa was as good as her word and then some. She had done nothing to get me worked up. In fact she'd seemed pretty involved in her own book and had scarcely said anything at all. When she did, I'd put my book down, look right at her and give her my full attention. I was bound to give her no reason to be "disappointed"!

We'd been out for well over an hour when Lisa asked me to go get us something cold to drink. The bar was on exactly the opposite side of the pool, which meant I had to walk all the way around, something I'd hoped to avoid. It now occurred to me why Lisa had chosen this particular spot (DUH!). However knowing that I was stuck again, I quickly agreed and jumped up to head that way.

I really haven't described myself much, and don't really care to. But suffice it to say I'm reasonably well built and stay in decent shape. There are definitely a few extra pounds, but only a few. My "equipment" is what I'd call very average, though I'm convinced that the swimsuit made it seem larger.

As I made my way around the pool I tried to avoid eye contact, especially with the women. I'd resigned myself to the situation and figured, what the Hell. If they look, they look. It's not like I've got the original model or anything.

The line at the bar was rather long, so it took several minutes to get the drinks. As I started back, I could see Lisa was sitting up talking to a woman that was sitting in the chair I'd been using. I couldn't tell who it was, but I could clearly see they were having a rather animated conversation. I couldn't imagine that would be anything good for me. As I got around the end of the pool and could see more clearly, it became apparent that the other woman was the busty blond activities staff member.

As I approached, Lisa noticed me coming and the conversation suddenly stopped. I hoped I was being paranoid, but my instincts told me something was up. I'd just have to wait and see what.

To be continued...

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