tagRomanceThe Valentine I Do...

The Valentine I Do...


Eva had dreamed of this day her whole life. She couldn't believe that it was really here. She and Brad had been a perfect fit from day one. That first glance across a crowded room had made their lives one. The rest was just a formality after the last 3 years of blissful courtship between the pair. Everything in their relationship had been so romantic and so perfect, it was only natural after love at first glance to choose today...February 14 to cement their coming together. THE day of love-for lovers-about nothing more than love, romance, life, trust, hopes and dreams. All of which Brad and Eva had found in the souls of one another.

Today the rest of the world would know how they felt. They would recite their vows in the beautiful ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria in front of all their friends and family. The ballroom was decorated with peach and cream roses everywhere. The columns wrapped in garlands of flowers. A fountain in the center to bring the outdoors inside and the garden in the ballroom with its clearly lit trees had come to life.

As she walked to her future husband on the arm of her father all Eva could think is that she had finally found home-in Brad. Their eyes meet, and it was the finalization of two hearts melting into one. Tearfully Eva and her father relinquished their care of one another as Eva now stepped into a new role as Brad's primary care giver and her father had to relinquish his life-long position as Eva's protector and most important man alive.

The couple took their vows in the beautiful garden setting of peaches and cream. And just as the lone dove was released at the end of their vows, so came away one soul for both bride and groom to share forever.

The couple enjoyed a wonderful reception with their family and friends. Dancing in a candlelit garden of elegant beauty. Feasting on Cornish hens and a marvelous vanilla bean white wedding cake that was incased in the darkest, richest chocolate you'd ever seen surrounded in delicate white chocolate tea roses and topped off with two white chocolate swans with their beaks forming a heart of pure love.

The bride threw her bouquet of cream roses with long flowing peach ribbons to her best friend Sarah. The groom's brother caught the garter and the normal riot of placing it on the leg of the newest bouquet holder ensued. The bride and groom stayed to dance one last song...I Need You...by Leanne Rhimes before heading upstairs to their own little version of heaven.

The honeymoon suite at the Waldorf was beautiful, elegant and extravagant. A real departure from Eva's normal earthy personality. That was why Brad had chosen this place for their honeymoon. He wanted to lavish her in luxury for the week. As he carried her across the threshold of their room the happy couple was greeted by rose petals that led a path of sweet smelling love to the beautiful bed. Beside which a tall sliver pedestal bucket held an iced bottle of champagne two heart shaped goblets waiting.

Shortly after they arrived at the suite, Eva began taking off her veil when room service arrived with Brad's secret surprise. He dutifully met them at the door and rolled the cart in himself-Right to the base of the bed. Through the mirror Eva saw a beautiful fountain of chocolate. As she turned from the vanity stool she saw a three-tier sterling silver fountain surrounded by dark red roses and strawberries that bubbled pure dark liquid heaven from its top like a volcano-Chocolate from heaven she thought. Brad knew how much she loved chocolate, and until the one bite of cake they'd fed each other at the reception that evening she'd forgone it for months and months to be as perfectly beautiful in her ivory wedding gown as possible.

She was so beautiful standing there in her wedding gown. Hair still pinned up in a bundle of curls. As she walked toward him Brad felt like the luckiest man on the planet. They embraced and he kissed her slowly.

Reaching up behind her head he unpinned her hair and watched as the waves of chocolate curls fell to her shoulders she was so beautiful. Brad kissed her neck and then he reached around for a strawberry and rubbed its sweet redness across her beautifully full pink lips and watched as the tip of her tongue came out to trace its path. Biting off its tip then he finished the rest and headed around to the back of her dress. Not wanting to wait a minute longer to see all that lay beneath it.

He carefully unfastened each and every button kissing the skin beneath each one as he did. Finally letting the dress fall in a champagne like puddle around her feet when he was finished. Kissing, the newlyweds inched their way back against the foot of the bed where Eva sat and Brad stood taking in her every detail in full view.

The lace corset with its long strings that laced their way down the center had her amble breast pushed up and out to perfection. Her cup definitely over floweth Brad thought to himself. He poured a glass of champagne, dipped a strawberry in it and held it out for her to lick clean then he ran it under the oozing warmth of the chocolate fountain.

Kneeling between her thighs he touched a dab of chocolate to her chin, then proceeded to run a strip all the way down to her amble breasts. Giving her the strawberry to feed on while he lapped up the chocolate trail he'd left behind, he made his way to the top of the corset and quickly unlaced it in a flash.

As it fell to the bed beneath Eva's warm skin Brad made his way back for another strawberry dripping with chocolate and traced his way down the deep crevice between her breasts and then artfully around each plump areola, topping it all off with a fresh warm drip right to his bride's long, hard nipples. As he held the strawberry with one hand, Eva grabbed the other and led it to the growing wetness in her satin and lace thong...leading his fingers up beneath the panties to feel the warmth he was creating between her beautifully shaven folds.

Eva felt so hot and wet, so excited to have her husband inside of her for the first time since their wedding. But Brad didn't want to rush things. He wanted Eva to always remember this night-their first night as husband and wife with beautiful memories of loving gentleness surrounded by romance, candlelight and loving care. The slow pleasure of being pampered the way all women should be-he would not be rushed.

Dipping the strawberry back into the champagne glass Brad reached for another and a small bowl of chocolate sauce to go with it this time-warm and oozing-like Eva now was for his touch. He rubbed the chocolate down between her breasts, down her tight little belly and finally down to her treasure trail. Removing the thong with one hand he dipped more warm gooey chocolate with the other. As he spread His wife's thighs apart for the first time in their married life he let the chocolate run down her mound and listened as Eva gasped at the pleasure of its warm oozing sensation against her skin.

He dipped again and rubbed the strawberry gently down the slit of her lips, leaving a luscious trail of chocolate as he went then finding her hardening love button he gently rubbed the strawberry's tip in a circle around it, finally pushing its point up beneath her hood warming and smearing chocolate over her most sensitive of spots. Eva began to gasp with delight. He dipped more hot chocolate and used the strawberry tip to fully spread her lips open the next time. Letting its tip barely sink into her beautifully bald pussy lips. Never letting anything touch her but the dripping piece of ripened fruit-ripened just as she was and begging for more.

Dipping in deep for one last big hot gob of chocolate sauce he held it against her lips and watched as the sticky substance oozed down into a puddle at her entrance. Letting the fruit follow the trail with some force he finally inserted it fully into her love box leaving only the tip of the tiny end exposed as he used his fingers to turn the fruit around in the mouth of her pussy.

As she gasped and started to beg for his attention he left the warm wet sticky spot behind him, grabbing the bottle of champagne he climbed to her head and poured a drop on her sweet mouth, kissing her passionately behind it. Brad rose to his knees and let the champagne flow from the bottle in the pattern of the chocolate.

Handing Eva the bottle he started at the beautiful hollow in her neck and licked the champagne and chocolate from every square inch of Eva's glorious body. Feasting on each nipple and breast as he made his way down her belly to the insides of her thighs licking and teasing her most ticklish spots as he went. Finally he arrived at the best place on earth, heaven in Brad's eyes that night was his new wife's beautiful bald pussy lips covered in warm chocolate and the sparkling wetness of champagne topped off by a strawberry buffet that peaked at him from her juiciest treat.

Brad licked and slurped the chocolate from her clit and her lips and everywhere between. Reaching the strawberry-the buffet really began as he tongued it out of her in one big curl and swallowed the cream and chocolate covered berry down It was the best piece of fruit he'd ever tasted and he couldn't believe it was his and his alone for the rest of his life. When the buffet was finished, when Brad had cleaned every inch of her pussy inside and out with his long wet tongue-the panting and squealing and sucking of her sweet cream behind them, Brad knew that all the intricate plans he'd laid out for Eva that night had played out just as he'd wanted. He'd made memories of gentle kindness with a touch of the sweet forbidden for his lovely new wife to hold dear for the rest of her life-it was a night that would truly never be forgotten-the only thing Brad wondered now was if Eva had any surprises of her own planned-for him-he sure hoped so-after all it was Valentine's weekend and they had the rest of the week to play...

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