The Vassal Academy Ch. 08


"Yes Sheriff, we currently have two trainee's. Members of our staff who are working to become fully qualified. I'm just starting my apprenticeship as a Trainer, so my file is not yet started." Ann answered. Devon had told her that this line, call them staff and trainee's in lieu of slaves was the best one.

"You were quite adamant that Devon and the rest of them here had to be violating the law, are you convinced otherwise now Ms. Price?" Robertson asked.

"Yes sir. I'm convinced. I mentioned it to Sheriff Mitchell when I resigned for embarrassing the Department."

Robertson turned to Devon and said. "Geneva, it says he she has issues with humiliation and degradation. What issues would that be?"

"Geneva is an adrenaline junkie. She would be involved in something extreme if not this lifestyle. She'd be snowboarding, or perhaps extreme skydiving. She gets a rush from the humiliation, an adrenaline surge that increases her sexual energy and it's effectiveness. We're going to move her away from that, slowly, and get her feeling the same satisfaction from service as she now feels in the humiliation." Devon explained.

"You act like her behavior is somehow wrong." The Sheriff said.

"Not wrong, but potentially dangerous. Like a drug user, she'll need more and more extreme events to get the same rush. That means more dangerous scenes eventually. I'm afraid she'd turn to blood play, needle play, or god forbid, asphyxia to get the rush eventually." Devon explained. "These tend to scar, harm, and even kill the participants."

"You wish to prevent that harm?" The Sheriff asked. "Instead of pushing her to those more extreme limits?"

"Sheriff, if I may, the purpose of this school is to provide education on a sustainable pattern of behavior, for long term practice of Bondage. Not to push the envelope of adrenaline." Ann answered.

"You believe that Ann?" The Sheriff asked.

"Yeah Uncle Jack, I do." Ann answered. "If I didn't, I wouldn't be here."

The Sheriff nodded and set the file down and asked Robertson. "Ready?"

"Yes, I am. This is interesting. They really note the physical and psychological results of training events and duties." Robertson said as she scanned the file. "Impeccable attention to detail would be needed."

"Yes, because our trainee's need that attention to detail in us, to grow into the best possible slaves they can be." Devon answered.

They moved to the training wing. "Sheriff, we've almost finished setting up our Aide Station. Geneva, the Paramedic I told you about, is running that for us." Devon said as he entered. "I'll introduce you Mr. Robertson. This is Geneva, formally Sergeant Price of the US Army Medical Corps. She won the Bronze Star for Valor in combat in Iraq, and has just taken the test required to be issued a certification as a Paramedic. She'll be our onsite medical personnel, and as I explained before, a Doctor is less than an hour away by phone call for accidents or injuries."

"Geneva, what kinds of injuries are you set up to treat here?" Robertson asked.

"Sir, I can handle minor strains and sprains. Immediate treatment of more serious injuries, attempt to stabilize the patient for transport to a medical facility. Stabilize a broken leg for example." Geneva pointed at the splints and stretchers. "We've also got an automatic defibrillator, in case of heart attacks, and these smaller kits are intended for on site care in the training wing. They will also be available in the other areas where people work." Turning to the medicine cabinet. "We have the basic medicines that are available in every home in the nation. Tylenol, and that sort of thing. We've also requested some meds I was issued in the Army, and are available for Paramedics including allergy kits and meds. Benedryl shots and an Epi pen are top of my list from the Doctor."

"Emergency Defibrillator? Expecting a lot of Heart Attacks?" Robertson asked Devon.

"We picked those because they're in use on aircraft, and in amusement parks. We don't expect one, but who does? I understand these devices have saved many lives." Devon answered. "A Cardiac arrest often strikes without warning, and without sexual activity doesn't it Sheriff?"

"Yes, it does." Sheriff Mitchell replied. He knew those units cost about five grand apiece, and there were five of them sitting right here in front of him. Twenty-five grand for the five units he saw charging. "One in each hallway?" He asked.

"Yes, and one here of course." Devon answered.

"Thank you Geneva, you've been quite informative." Mr. Robertson said with a smile.

"Thank you sir." Geneva said bowing her head submissively.

Devon escorted them to the first training room where Thomas picked up the demonstrations and explanations. He walked them through each room finally ending in the stairwell. Devon and Jeannette followed them down to the Dungeon where Andre had all the lights on.

"Sheriff, I don't believe your tour made it this far last time." Devon said.

"No, I didn't see this." The Sheriff said.

Andre began explaining the various restraint devices and cages. "These are actually more for punishment, and more extreme play time." Andre explained. "Other than Jeannette, we don't have anyone up to the level of these items."

"Then you certainly have a lot of them for her to play on don't you?" The Sheriff asked with a cold eye.

"We have a number of different items, because our clients will expect their more advanced submissive to be trained in them, how to use them, how to endure them, how to enjoy them." Andre answered indifferent to the cold tone and eye of the Sheriff.

"How to endure and enjoy?" Mr. Robertson asked looking at Devon.

"Yes Sir. Enjoy them." Jeannette said. "We've been too busy for me to do that lately, and I miss them already." _

"You see, a submissive enjoys the bondage Mr. Robertson. They glory in the restriction of their movement. Bondage as you may be aware, is practiced by some thirty million people in this nation alone. That goes from light spanking and a pair of handcuffs on Valentines day to people who enjoy these small diversions." Devon answered charmingly.

The Sheriff walked to a large X with bindings at the ends of the X. "Perhaps a demonstration, to see what we're talking about."

"Certainly, pick a device, Jeannette likes them all don't you?" Andre said smiling at Jeannette.

"Oh Yes Master." Jeannette said smiling back. "I don't think we'll have time to play properly though Master."

"We'll finish later Slave, You've earned some relaxation." Andre said and looked to the Sheriff.

The Sheriff looked around and shrugged. He pointed to the X and before Andre could say anything Jeannette was in position with her arms and legs spread towards the bindings.

"Jeannette will have to remove her dress, I hope that doesn't offend anyone." Devon said.

"Perhaps we should skip the demonstration Sheriff, after all, I'd hate to hold up dinner." Mr. Robertson said smiling.

"Of course. I'd like to ask one question of Jeannette though. Do you really enjoy being tied up and whipped?"

"Sheriff, forgive me, but you don't know what subspace is do you?" Jeannette asked.

"Some Star Trek thing isn't it?"

"Yes Sir, and no sir." Jeannette said smiling. "Subspace is what we call the floating on clouds of pleasure that you get from the release of endorphins while you're bound and whipped. This is advanced, because discipline and self control are a must or you can't enter subspace."

"I presume you have some literature on that Devon?" The Sheriff asked.

"Yes, and you can find it online. Start with Wikipedia, or there are other sites that cover subspace."

The Sheriff nodded and the shrugged. They went up two flights and entered the sleeping wing. "Sheriff, you were told about the audio sensors and alarms I thought you'd like to see them while they're set on house wide." Devon said smiling.

Jeannette walked to the doorway of one room and clapped her hands once. A beeping alarm filled the hallway and seemed to echo through the building.

"Jesus." Mr. Robertson said rubbing a finger in his ear. "That's loud."

"Yes, set for maximum for the demonstration." Devon pulled his radio and said. "Thomas, low volume, training wing only please."

"Yes Devon, low volume training wing."

Jeannette stepped inside the doorway and whispered very low. "Help." No alarms sounded. She spoke in a very low voice, about enough to be heard across a quiet room. "Help." The alarms sounded much more quietly.

"As you can see, the sensors activate the alarm at the low end of a conversational tone. Anything above a whisper will activate them. They are on when we have trainee's in these rooms, any of the rooms in this wing." Devon explained entering the sleep training room.

Jeannette opened a cage and climbed inside. She took a moment to adjust her dress and nodded at Devon. He closed the cover and walked to the wall. "Jeannette will snore for us now, to show you what happens when someone makes noise in the room."

Devon flipped a switch and nodded. Jeannette made a snoring sound and a high pitched beeping sounded immediately. Devon flipped the switch again. "Now we can talk. The cage is charged with a low voltage electrical charge. As I explained to the Sheriff before, it will activate when the bars are touched." He flipped a switch and then said. "Jeannette."

Jeannette waited a couple seconds, to allow the attention to be on her and she moved a finger towards the bars. There was a tiny popping sound of electric discharge and Jeannette jumped slightly.

"Gentlemen, please try the shock yourselves, unless you have a pacemaker or something like that." Devon said.

The Sheriff went first, and the Mr. Robertson. Robertson looked at the Sheriff and said. "About what you'd get off a static charge all right. Got shocked worse than that last winter."

"Yes, but you weren't asleep at the time. That little shock is enough to startle the student awake."

Devon turned the cage off and let Jeannette out, helping her to her feet. "Any questions gentlemen?"

"Not on the alarms." The Sheriff allowed. "One quick question, is the voltage able to be adjusted? I mean can you turn it up?"

Devon nodded and walked to a cabinet. "It's here. The voltage is adjustable. Please turn it all the way up for me Sheriff? That knob, turn it to the right all the way."

The Sheriff did so and stood back staring at Devon. Devon walked to the cage and bent down touching his hand to it. The lights in the room went out and Devon shrugged as the emergency lights came on. "Jeannette, it seems the safety breakers worked again. I thought that this time I'd be electrocuted for sure."

"Doubtful Master, Anything over four and the breakers cut in." Jeannette said and opened a small electrical panel and reset the breakers. All three had tripped automatically.

"Safety precaution Devon?" Robertson asked smiling.

"Just so. Accidents do happen Mr. Robertson, but we try to anticipate as many as possible."

Devon walked them to the sleeping area and showed the standard room, and a long term earned as much as possible room. The last room had a bed, mattress, and covers on the bed. There was a chair, and clothes hung in a armoire.

Then he went downstairs and to the dining room. "Gentlemen, we have a few minutes before dinner, would you like something to drink?"

"No thank you." The Sheriff said. Instead he walked to Ann who was sitting in the study with a book and said. "How are you Ann?"

"Fine, should I call you Jack, or should I call you Sheriff?"

"It was a personal question."

"Then I'm fine Jack, thanks for asking." Ann said with a thin smile.

"You're Dad is in a right fit. He skipped work today. Said he couldn't do it, not today." Jack said.

"Don't see why not, and Jack, when he told me I wasn't his daughter anymore, he kind of quit being my Father you know?" Ann said seriously.

"Ann, he's upset. It's understandable." Jack sat across from her in another armchair. "Half the reason I agreed to this is to ask you to call him. He loves you."

"I may, in a day or two Uncle Jack, but the things he called me, they hurt, they aren't true, and you should know it." Ann said, softening. "They really care here Uncle Jack. I've seen it."

"What are you expected to do?" Jack asked more stiffly.

"Not sex, believe it or not. They by my contract and agreement can't order me to have sex, I get to choose if or when I do it." Ann said, more or less stating the truth.

Jack nodded. "What about later, will they expect you to perform like these girls?"

Ann shook her head. "I'm really a trainer. I got a room upstairs, I'll show you, we have time before dinner. It has a lock on the door, the slave rooms don't. I have a private restroom and shower, the slave rooms don't."

"You sure about this Ann?"

"Yeah Uncle Jack. Joining the Sheriff's department was a mistake." Ann said looking sad. "I was a drain on the departments funds, and a slot that could have been used by a real cop."

"You were helping the department where you were." Jack said.

"No, I was being kept safe, where I couldn't screw something up." Ann said looking up. "I guess I wanted to save the world, but you can't do that. I figured that out too late."

They rose and went to the dining room and were seated when Devon rang a tiny bell. The three slaves entered in the Toga costumes and served the salad. Jeannette took Devon and the guests to his right and left. Geneva took Master Andre and Mistress Rebecca. Diane served Ann and Thomas.

"Excellent Salad Devon. Thank you." Robertson said smiling amiably. "Impressive service as well."

Devon nodded and thanked him for the compliment. As the Salad course was over the girls took the plates away and then returned with the soup. "I do actually like having guests now and then, it gives our slaves a chance to practice this task. Rebecca, I think we should schedule formal dinners like this at least once a week, to keep them sharp on it."

"Agreed Devon, I'll see to it."

The conversation was strained a bit as dinner wore on. After the coffee service dismissed the girls and said. "Gentlemen, so what do you think of my little endeavor. Is it the warning sign of the second coming?"

The Sheriff sat silent and looked to Robertson. "Devon, I must admit, I had a very different mental image of your activity. I'm impressed with the attention to detail, especially the safety issue. I'm not sure about the Sheriff, but I don't see any reason for the County to take official notice or disapprove of anything I've seen here."

Sheriff Mitchell shifted and sipped coffee before speaking. "Professionally, I've already told my watch commanders to leave you alone, don't take any special notice of you, or your academy. I've told them to treat it as a finishing school, and to keep their mouths shut." The Sheriff turned to Ann. "Personally, I'd be much more comfortable if Ann wasn't here. I'd like to tell her Father that she's not working here any more, and is seeking other employment. Devon, you can make that happen."

Devon saw the writing on the wall and sighed regretfully. "I'm afraid I can't help you there Sheriff. I honestly wish I could. Ann is an employee, and so far, her performance has been about what I'd expect of an apprentice." He shook his head. "I'm afraid I can't sooth either your mind, or her Fathers."

The Sheriff nodded. "Jim Clark is an old and dear friend. We were boys together, surf fished up the coast about a quarter mile from here." He sighed himself. "I'm afraid that his emotional state is liable to cause some notice to be directed here, church and civic groups are a possibility."

Ann sucked in air at the threat. Before she could answer Devon waved it away. "It is impossible to keep this place a secret, that's a given. I imagined it was only time before the local Moral Majority would be outside picketing. I only hoped that the police would be neutral to the dispute."

Ann lowered her head to smile at this. Devon had just told him to shove his regrets up his ass, and his church and civic groups with those same regrets.

"I'm also not responsible for, and have very little influence over the Federal and State authorities." The Sheriff upped the ante.

"Sheriff, the President is supposedly not responsible for the Federal Authorities, Congress swears they have oversight, but not responsibility. The best I can tell is that the man in the moon has responsibility for the Federal Authorities. Devon sighed regretfully. Translation, shove that up your ass too.

"Out of curiosity Devon, how long did your business plan call as a spin up to solvency?" Robertson asked seeing the way the wind was blowing.

"Oh that's not a problem. Those prototype devices will be patented soon, and the income from the sales will at least meet payroll. We were given initial funding of fifty million dollars, and we have a line of credit from our backers to get extended another fifty million. The business plan calls for profit in three years, however there are numerous caveats to that depending upon public relations and potential interference by overzealous officials." Devon said with a smile. "The investors are quite certain that this endeavor will not only be profitable, but will change the shape of the BDSM community within a generation."

"Change the shape of the community? What do you mean by that?" The Sheriff asked.

"More service, more submission, less of the extreme degradation. The hard limits this facility has, should be the standard across the community in my opinion. We don't do a number of things, because they are too extreme, too dangerous. Asphyxiation for example." Devon waved a hand. "We don't do that, and take as many precautions as we can, out of sight of the trainee of course, to keep the trainee safe."

"That Dungeon certainly isn't safe." The Sheriff challenged.

"It also hasn't been used, and the only slave that can be taken there is Jeannette, who is also the only qualified slave by the standards of this facility." Devon said. "No other slave has been taken there. I have to admit I'm contemplating putting one in there on Monday, that is an unusual case."

"Who are you considering putting in there?" Robertson asked. "Geneva or Diane, or perhaps Ann?"

"Cathy." Devon answered.

"Who's Cathy?" The Sheriff asked. "We haven't met her."

"She's not here, as far as I know, she's in New York." Devon said. "She's being given to us for a couple weeks to help her find her submissive streak by her notional Dominant. She's actually a manipulator, using her beauty to wrap men around her finger, and she tells her notional Dominant how he can dominate her." Devon shook his head. "I need to break through that smug satisfaction she's always enjoyed. I need to break down into her core, take her soul out, and let her see it for herself. Let her see the smug little manipulator she really is."

"So you want to beat her into becoming Jeannette?" The Sheriff asked smiling.

"Not at all, she doesn't have it in her. She can become more submissive, or she can leave this lifestyle. Those are about to be her only choices." Devon stirred his coffee and said. "I'm also going to be training her Dominant, and teaching him how to be a true Master, and control Cathy and her attitude when he leaves here."

"You think she'll do it? You think she'll decide to be more submissive, less manipulative?" Robertson asked.

"Yes. It will be a close thing. Actually, this is a good opportunity. Andre, you're an attractive man, and she's always had attractive men wrapped around her finger. Please treat her with disdain and with an air of indifference towards her physical charms."

Andre smiled and bowed his head. "Certainly Devon, take her down a few pegs."

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