tagMind ControlThe Vegas Adventure Ch. 07-10

The Vegas Adventure Ch. 07-10


© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidental. However, one fan of my prior erotic stories, was instrumental in making this story possible. I dedicate this story to her.

Story Summary: De Ann and her husband Trent experience Vegas from the back of a strip club. Used and humiliated, they think their arrival back home in Dallas is the end of their personal nightmare – but thanks to their nosy neighbor, it is just the beginning.

In the first 6 chapters = De Ann and Trent get used in Vegas – but at home – they have their neighbors to fill in that role. The story can stand on its own – (plenty of sex in this part) but if you would like to know more about the characters you are experiencing here – check out the other posts first!

Read on – and I hope you enjoy this story.


Chapter 7 ********* That Tuesday Morning. *****

The next day – De Ann visited her friend Candice and put her 18 month old into the playpen in the living room while they went and had some coffee in the kitchen. "Well, so tell me all about Vegas!" Candice asked – holding her hands to her chin and waiting impatiently for De Ann to answer.

But before she could answer, the doorbell rang. Candice answered it and returned with her friend Raven. De Ann knew they were very close, but always felt just the slightest bit uncomfortable around Raven. She had the inescapable feeling that when Raven looked at her – she was mentally undressing her. Raven was totally unlike Candice, whose small frame was closer to De Ann's. Candice is only 5' 3" blonde (dyed), a shapely 135 pounds – compared to Raven's tall features and very curvy 165 pounds she looks small and weak. Raven is aggressive and bold – telling people off whenever they treat her wrong. She is the one you want on your side when someone is rude or mean to you. Her intimidating manor has been known to frighten some people, and De Ann was always wary of her, and honestly intimidated as well.

Raven entered the room and held out her arms to greet De Ann with a hug. "De – oh you are back from that wicked city of sin – tell us all about your trip. What kind of wonderful mischief did you get into?"

De Ann was a bit slow to return the hug preferring to lightly press her body against the much larger woman. De Ann was always a bit uncomfortable around Raven, but put up with her since she was Candice's close friend. De Ann always thought that Raven made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, especially when Raven would stare at her as if she was undressing her.

Raven noticed how De Ann quickly pulled away from the hug – preferring to sit back down at the kitchen table too soon. "Aww, honey, don't you like me enough to give me a real hug?" Raven sarcastically asked.

With Candice intently watching the two of them, De Ann refused to stand back up and hug Raven properly. She preferred to just blow Raven off by saying "Too early in the morning for that kind of pleasantries."

Candice decided to have some fun – just the way they had rehearsed it the day before asking De Ann just how she felt about her friend Raven.

De Ann, always the polite woman – never really wanting to hurt anyone's feelings answered "Raven is your friend – this is your house, and I think she always has something interesting to bring to all of the conversations we have."

De Ann's politically correct answer didn't satisfy Raven so she tentatively said the magic words used on the videotape. Raven and Candice watched intently as De Ann's eyes slightly glazed over upon hearing the words. "Pumpkin Pussy Eater"

De Ann didn't seem to react one way or another. She just stared blankly across the table.

Candice hesitantly asked "How do you really feel around Raven?"

De Ann, under the hypnotic catch phrase she learned in Vegas gave the two of them her deep down feelings for Raven. "Raven is bold, aggressive, and intimidating at times. She has always been polite to me. While she has never made a complete advance on my body, I always feel uncomfortable when we are shopping or trying on clothes and her hand brushes my chest, or rests on my leg too long when she pats it after a funny joke. I feel a bit small beside her. Her huge breasts and powerful body is impressive, and she sometimes makes me feel small and helpless."

"Anything else?" Raven asked of De Ann as she slyly winked at Candice.

"Yes – not just when we are shopping, and trying on clothes; and not just when we are sitting poolside sipping on Margarita's; she always seems to be looking at me as if she is mentally undressing me." De Ann admitted to them both "And that makes me uncomfortable."

Raven smiled at Candice – seeing how easily De Ann admitted what she kept a secret all this time. Then as they had planned Raven said the wake up phrase "End Pumpkin Pussy Eater" and watched De Ann's reaction.

De Ann shook her head slightly as if to clear it. She wondered if she had just dozed off or zoned out for a moment. She saw Raven and Candice staring at her in a most unusual way. It was like they shared a secret – or maybe a joke that they weren't telling. "What?" De Ann quizzed them both.

"So, Raven uses her undress me eyes to see what you look like under those jeans and top and sweatshirt huh?" Candice taunted her neighbor.

De Ann was slightly shocked – she knew that's how she always felt about Raven – but she would never have just told anyone would she? Her eyes went back and forth trying to determine an appropriate response to Candice's comment. After all, Candice is her close friend, and she didn't want to hurt her feelings. She wondered if just now when she zoned out – did she really say what was on her mind? Could she have been so insensitive to them both? At the same moment that De Ann wanted to crawl away from the table for saying the politically incorrect remark that was on her mind – she noticed that her nipples were becoming erect at the thought of them both knowing that Raven intimidates her. She let the moment pass – without a reply. Raven and Candice just sat across from her – waiting to hear what was said next.

Raven finally broke the uncomfortable silence by candidly requesting "De – go ahead and strip for us right here in the kitchen so we don't have to wonder what is under those clothes anymore – you can show us for real."

De Ann wanted to laugh off the comment, even though she had a secret desire to obey the obviously bigger built woman. "Get REAL!" was all she thought she had to say to get them to quit picking on her. Just then she noticed that her nipples were starting to poke through the tight white top she had on, Not wanting to reveal her inner excitement at the prospect of submitting to this powerful woman, De Ann zipped up the red sweatshirt to cover them more thoroughly. As she rose from the table she intentionally turned her back on them as she went to retrieve a doughnut.

Raven and Candice were about to test their theory once and for all this morning. They were brimming with anticipation as they wondered if the magic words would give them the power to totally control their overly prim and proper friend. "Pumpkin Pussy Eater – you want to smile your pretty entertaining smile and you want to strip out of those clothes. It will seem totally natural for you to show your naked body to your dear friends. As you remove your clothes a feeling of great warmth will spread through your body. I want you to move as if you hear some erotically charged music guiding you." Raven confidently ordered her newfound prey.

Putting down the doughnut, De Ann's mind got fuzzy again as her eyes glazed over and she obeyed the command. Slowly she began unsnapping her blue jeans holding the edges down, to display a touch of the white thong she wore underneath. Spinning around as if she was dancing, she hooked her thumbs on the waistband of the tight jeans and started to peel them off her hips. Bending down, her tight ass thrust toward them both at the kitchen table, (delete as) she shoved the light blue jeans below her knees. Her pussy was covered, but while her jeans bunched at the knees, the top of the white thong neatly framed her ass. Raven could hardly believe that finally after all these years she had 'too cool for school' De Ann's ass sticking up in the air like a dog in heat. She couldn't help but notice the perfect contour of it. Two perfect tan globes of equal proportion, framed by the one of the skimpiest pair of panties she had ever seen. This surprised Raven, as she didn't expect the stuffy housewife to allow herself the indiscretion of wearing sexy undergarments. She snickered to herself as she wondered what else their petite neighbor has been hiding from them.

Slowly lifting one foot and then the other, De Ann yanked her jeans off her shapely legs and over her white sneakers before kicking them out of the way across the polished wooden floor. Then she turned back to the table where Raven and Candice were gleefully watching. De Ann unzipped the red sweatshirt and was about to remove it when Candice suddenly stopped her.

"Go on – slink to the floor and show us your pussy!" Candice instructed. Raven looked over at her close friend as if to say – 'that's not the way we planned this – you're rushing things!' The look was understood by Candice but was totally ignored by De Ann who slid her butt down the cabinet door until she sat on the floor.

De Ann gripped the left side of her thong with her right hand and yanked it aside so that her pussy was exposed to her neighbor and her friend's preying eyes. Her pouting pussy lips were already getting moist at the sheer thought of debasing herself this way. She spread her legs even wider – to allow them both to see her private treasure. Smiling the whole time, she looked so innocent – yet so seductive exposing herself on the kitchen floor.

Raven was in absolute bliss as she watched her chaste and innocent young neighbor degrade herself for her amusement. De Ann was the kind of young woman whose sweet, almost childlike facial features were a direct contrast to the delectable, curvaceous symmetry of her sensuous-looking body. 'God, what a juicy little bitch', she thought with scandalous delight. Her long blonde hair and big fluttery brown eyes were like something out of one of her wildest fantasies and her body. Hell, her mouth was watering just looking at it. It was sensationally ravishing, an erotic dream, and she fully intended to make that dream come true. God, how had that punk Brent ever manage to land a sexy dish like this, she wondered in speculative astonishment?

Candice and Raven were licking their lips thinking of all the fun they could have with their new toy. De Ann – their tiny blonde neighbor was doing what they commanded, even against her own wishes. "Take it all off De."

De flipped over to her side, and while still on the floor just below the women's feet, gathered the thong and peeled it down exposing her ass again and pouting pussy in the process. Her perfect ass with the small sun-in tattoo on her exposed cheek plus the remaining tan lines accented what others weren't suppose to see, which made the scene in front of her that much more delicious to Raven.

Raven took charge of De Ann "Hop up on the kitchen cabinet sweetie. Sit your naked butt on that countertop"

De Ann instinctively obeyed. The cold countertop didn't wake her from her hypnotic haze.

As her hungry eyes continued to feast on her prey, Raven ordered "Spread your legs really wide"

De Ann did as she was told and her pussy lips started to slightly unfold.

"Now expose your breasts to us both. Yank that top down and show us what you've got. Don't be nervous – we both have seen them before. Smile like you are enjoying what you are doing!" Raven instructed De Ann.

Like an obedient child, unaware of the danger that these two individuals were about to make her endure, she sweetly smiled back at them as she pulled her top down to her stomach – exposing her proud C cup breasts. Her nipples were hard as little pebbles. Something twisted inside De Ann's mind actually liked exposing herself to this dominant self-assured woman. Deep inside her brain, a part of her secretly adored this treatment. If she had been aware of what was happening she might have laughed it off, or objected to what these two women wanted. But she was unable to fight back. She was powerless to disobey their commands.

Raven and Candice got up from their chairs and stood in front of De Ann as she sat on the countertop dazedly awaiting instruction. Candice reached out and felt De Ann's breasts, weighing one of them in the palm of her hand. Raven told De Ann to cup them and display her pert tits for them to admire. Her nipples were hard like little pencil erasers and her face shown like an angel, while she displayed her body to the two temptresses. Ditching her red sweatshirt, she was now left with only a tight strapless top bunched around her tiny girlish waist and white sneakers on her feet.

"Get down and face the cabinet. Good. Now thrust your butt out so I can spank it red." Raven told the petite De Ann.

De Ann immediately obeyed, and soon her naked rear end was protruding out obscenely and her hands were clasped to the countertop. She turned around to see what Raven was doing behind her, only to feel a slight slap on her naked behind. Ohhhh, that felt so good. De Ann wasn't sure why, but she knew she loved to be spanked by an aggressively dominant woman. It made her feel all queasy inside. Something strange was happening to her mind and body, something that she was absolutely powerless to understand, and she squirmed her smoothly rounded young buttocks nervously as she waited for Raven's strong hand to come down on her exposed backside again. It was a good feeling, even though it was quite humiliating to be doing this at 9am in the morning right in the middle of her friends' kitchen while her youngest child was in the next room enjoying himself in the playpen.

When Raven tired of slapping De Ann's butt with her hand, she ordered her obedient plaything to drop back on the floor and show everyone how Brent likes to fuck her. De Ann understood what was being asked of her, and she spread her legs while lying on the wood floor, parting her pussy to show where Brent's little dick was suppose to go. When asked if this was the only way that Brent used her body, she flipped over and got on her hands and knees while she wiggled her pretty little behind and said; "I love when he takes me doggie style. I can feel his prick so much better that way." De Ann's exposed pussy and ass were seemingly calling out an invitation to her two neighbors to use her for their carnal pleasure. But Raven had other plans for the helpless housewife, at least for today. She wanted to know what De Ann could and could not remember from her hypnotic escapades.

"Well, my little pretty – I think you should put your panties back on – and step into the family room – I have a nice strong hand that's been dying to spank that cute little tush of yours." Raven told De Ann as she continued to leer at her stripped flesh.

"But you just slapped her butt!" Candice stated the obvious to her more dominant Mistress.

"This will be different. I plan on giving her the key word to allow her to know that she is over my knee, and that you are right next to her. If you will sit so she can see you, it would be most entertaining – don't you think?" Raven explained her little plan.

As instructed, De Ann slipped on her panties and lay over Raven's knees. With her white thong tightly separating her taunt ass, she looked absolutely precious in this position as she mutely awaited her fate. Raven, who had slipped on a pair of knee high black leather boots, spread her legs and allowed De Ann's body to drape over both of her legs. The dark tan skin, and long black hair of Raven was a stark contrast to the petite blonde De Ann and that black leather just made the difference more vivid. Raven enjoyed the view from above, and the aroma from her increasingly wet pussy drifted into De Ann's nostrils. Draped over the more powerful woman's thighs, De Ann stared at the floor unable to comprehend what was about to happen to her. A devious grin spread across Raven's face as she held the vulnerable housewife in place.

To Raven, De Ann looked far more appealing while she was demeaning herself than she did when she was in her usual arrogant position running around the neighborhood acting like she was too good talk with her. All those types of stuck up bitches need to be taken down a peg or two.

She put her left arm across the small of De Ann's back, and began vigorously spanking the exposed bottom. Before long, the air was filled with the sound of De Ann's cries and sobs, punctuated by the regular, merciless slapping sound of Raven's hand being brought down hard on the now red flesh of De Ann's ass. Raven relished how the once proud woman was now compliantly letting herself be punished.

Raven reached down, yanked De Ann's blonde hair, pulling her tear-stained face upward. "End Pumpkin Pussy Eater" Raven said to the dazed De Ann.

De Ann's senses came alive to see her neighbor and friend delightfully staring at her while she was over Raven's knees being punished. ---- Punished? What was this all about – De Ann desperately contemplated. She started to turn around, but Raven kept her forcefully pinned over her knees. She tried to put her hand around to cover her ass, but Raven grabbed her wrist and pushed it back toward the small of De Ann's back.

"Ooofff" De Ann gasped as her arm was forced upward; causing a sharp shooting pain in her shoulder.




De Ann's butt was getting a palm full of Raven's much stronger hand. Raven at six foot tall, 165 well built muscular pounds, was physically superior to any resistance that De Ann could muster. De Ann couldn't really see behind her – how erotic her ass cheeks looked with the thong pulled tightly between her candy apple red cheeks. She could however see her neighbor intently watching as she got spanked. De Ann couldn't understand why her pussy was beginning to get wet, even though she knew she really didn't want this to happen. She struggled uselessly against the much bigger and forceful

Raven, while Candice looked on in obvious amusement. In fact she even delighted in telling her so.

"Just accept it. We own you now. We can make you do anything we want. This is just to show you that you are our new toy. We can play nice, or play rough. This is to show you what it will be like when Mistress Raven plays rough. Does it sting? I know it does. Does it make you upset to know how useless it is to struggle. It's so cute how your little butt cheeks tighten up – instead of relaxing and bouncing with each swat. You'll learn to relax and let the spanking happen." Candice leaned in to taunt her next door neighbor.

De Ann fired off a few cuss words. She thrashed about trying to get free from the more powerful Raven. She was mad and humiliated. They can't be doing this to her. It was one thing to have this happen in Vegas, but this is too close to home. She didn't enjoy the spanking the same way she had in Vegas, until Raven had turned her golden framed butt a fresh scarlet hue. The fire on her butt was starting to spread deeper than just the skin that was being smacked. Her loins were eating this up, and her nipples hardened. De Ann's breath was coming in gasps – matching the swats from Raven's palm. She was getting extremely turned on – even though she didn't want to enjoy it, the erotic feelings coursing through her veins were impossible to ignore. Despite trying to resist, her damp pussy was about to leak on Raven's legs revealing her dark inner need.

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