The Vegas Adventure Ch. 14-17


Stacy snapped her fingers in front of De Ann's face bringing her out of her private thoughts "You understand so far?"

"Yes Mistress Stacy," De Ann said quietly.

"So you're going to get yourself some new clothes today, stuff you can wear from now on. Here's how it will work. We'll see something in a store window and tell you what we want you to get. You go into the store, and one or both of us will go in with you, but we will pretend like we're not together. You don't acknowledge us, we don't acknowledge you. But we'll be keeping an eye on you to make sure you keep our deal. You try on the item or items and make sure they fit. Whether you like them or not is irrelevant. If we're doing our job, you'll probably hate 'em, but tough shit. You take them to the cashier, who we'll have scoped out in advance, and who will be male. Tell him you want to buy this, but you don't have any money, and could you pay for it instead with a blow job." Stacy paused to watch her reaction.

The color drained from De Ann's beautiful face. "What?" she shrieked, forgetting where she was. "I can't! I won't! I'll scream for help!" They were asking her to offer oral sex to strange men in a shopping mall. She has never stooped to anything so sluttish in her life. She had not been raised this way. How could they possibly expect her to do this?

"You scream for help, Auntie slut," said Ashley, "and out go the tapes, complete with name, address and phone number. By the way, isn't Trent up for a promotion at work? We better make sure we add his boss, and his boss's supervisor, to the list of recipients.

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" shouted De Ann, holding her hands over her ears as if she could block out the torture. "I'll do it, I'll do it!"

"That a girl," said Stacy. "So as I was saying, you offer the clerk or the cashier or whoever the blowjob. Maybe there's a backroom you can use, maybe a dressing room, maybe you have to go to the mall men's room and find a stall." Stacy had the most evil look in her eyes as if she could just see all the action that would happen before it did. Then she continued "Picture that, auntie De Ann, the cock-teasing queen, down on her bare knees on a men's room floor, swallowing a stranger's jism. It will certainly be in your best interest, once you get started, to make it nice and quick. Suck his cock, swallow his cum, and meet back up with us." Stacy pinched De Ann's nipple through the tight tank top just as an added measure of getting her Aunt's attention. "Simple as that," she concluded.

De Ann could barely speak. She started to hyperventilate in panic and outrage. She wanted to cry, or run, or kill these girls. None of those was an option. She looked left and right, no where to run. It took a minute or two before she slowed her breath down and resigned that her only option was to do as they told her.

"Give me your purse," ordered Ashley. She took the housewife's small purse and gave it to Stacy, who stuffed it into her shoulder bag with the video camera. "Now you have no money, no charge cards, no ID. You're not De Ann, spoiled little housewife any more. You're the Blowjob Skank of the Galleria Mall."

Chapter 15 *** De Ann exposes herself ***

De Ann's ponytail is bouncing up and down as they enter the mall. Her skirt is so short that it almost allows the very bottom of her ass cheeks to be seen when it hangs straight down, and she was quite sure that it's even more revealing when it flips up and down as she walks. She looks down at her tits and reluctantly confirms that her nipples are clearly outlined by the thin, white cotton of her tight tank top.

Numerous people glance at the flirty housewife and she can tell she's making an impression. A group of teenage boys at the video arcade stop to watch her as she walks by with her head and pride lowered in shame at the lewd display she is putting on.

Suddenly the embarrassed housewife feels a tug on her shoulder. As she stops her momentum, Stacy whispers in her ear. Upon hearing her instructions, De Ann winces, catches her breath and steadies herself for what she must do.

Halfheartedly, the scantily clad housewife stops and smiles at the boys outside the arcade. Then she turns so that her back is facing them and she slowly bends over to fix the strap on her sandal. Her skirt hardly covers her cheeks when she's standing, but when she bends over, she knows that she's giving them a completely unobstructed view of her nearly bare ass, although they're probably a little too far away to see the wet spot on her panties. With crimson colored cheeks, De Ann looks back at them between her legs. As she expected, they're staring at her cute butt under her thin white panties. As ordered, she just slowly fixes her strap and pretends that she has no clue of the show that she's giving them. Finally, after she's given them a long, lingering view up her skirt, she stands up, and continues walking away from them. She then turns her head, looks over her shoulder, and smiles at them again, leaving them to wonder if she did it on purpose or not.

"Great job auntie slut," Ashley sarcastically praises, "now just stand here and smile at anyone who makes eye contact with you while we wait for Stacy to run a little errand.

De Ann didn't know what her nieces were up to, but the mischievous look in Ashley's eye send a cold chill right down her spine.

Just across the courtyard Stacy walks into a Fredericks of Hollywood shop. She wants to find something really naughty to complete the debasement of her aunt. She quickly scans the store to see what she can find. To be perfectly honest though, she knows exactly what she's looking for - crotchless panties! Fredericks has a great selection of these naughty under garments, and the store often has styles that aren't available through the mail order catalog. She walks to the back corner of the store and sure enough there's a whole rack of crotchless panties.

Stacy takes her time and checks them all out, one by one, finally selecting a lacy white pair with little red bows and a sheer black nylon pair with "Please kiss my pussy" embroidered on the front just above an embroidered picture of a cat. "I think that qualifies as naughty!" Stacy exclaims.


"Let's go," said Stacy jauntily, and De Ann and her nieces started walking through the mall. The sexy housewife felt a strange sensation, surprisingly rather pleasant as she sauntered after her young nieces. She was still wet from her masturbation session and the finger-fucking in the back of the Explorer. She couldn't believe how horny she felt as her body continued to betray her.

Their next stop in the mall was an upscale shoe store. Stacy, who was clearly running the show, told her to stop, and the housewife and her nieces all looked in the store front window.

"I kinda like that pair there," said Ashley, pointing to a pair of sexy black open-toed pumps with 5-inch stiletto heels. The price tag in front of them read $99.95.

"Nice choice, Ashley," said Stacy. "But do you think a blowjob even from a smokin'-hot babe like auntie slut here is worth $100?" There was no one else standing nearby, and the girls were talking about her like she was some sort of street prostitute! De Ann burned with shame.

"Oh, easily," said Ashley. "I'm sure she lacks a certain expertise, but just look at those lips."

"OK," said Stacy, turning to De Ann. "Go in there and get those shoes. You know what to do. We'll be watching you. And do exactly as you've been told, or the whole world gets a special video treat starting tomorrow."

The frightened housewife swallowed hard. Her stomach felt like lead. She slowly walked into the shoe store. Why oh why did she have to do this? If only she could figure a way out of this predicament – but she was at a loss to come up with anything that would appease the two teenagers.

"Hi, excuse me," she said to the salesman. He was a middle-aged man: a little dumpy, dressed in polyester, no wedding ring. His pin on name tag said Peter.

"May I help you, miss?" His eyes glittered as he took in the ravishing housewife before him.

"I'd like to try on that, uh, pair of shoes in the window," De Ann said nervously, pointing.

After De Ann gave her size, the clerk went to get a pair from the window, and she sat down. Stacy and Ashley had entered the shoe store and were standing at a display, pretending to be engrossed.

Peter returned with the shoes and tried them on her feet. De Ann stood up - Whoa!

They were by far the tallest heels she had ever had on. She swayed precariously and grabbed the clerk's shoulder for balance. He grinned and quickly slipped his arm around her waist, as if to steady her, but actually just to brush up against that firm hot flesh.

"Take a few steps and see how you like them," the clerk said. He was so engrossed in De Ann that he hadn't even noticed the two other 'customers'.

De Ann took a few wobbling steps. Normally a petite five foot, she felt like an Amazon in the shoes. She could feel the muscles in her legs moving differently than they ever had before, stretching and pulling. The heels changed the way she walked, she realized, causing her to thrust her pelvis out, arch her back to maintain her balance. She was starting to walk more like a provocative slut and less like the normal run of the mill housewife she still desperately wanted to remain.

As she wobbled around the store, getting used to the high heels, her large, lovely breasts bounced more than usual in her tank top. Freed of their bra, the nipples rubbed against the cotton fabric and the stimulation began to make them erect. Soon her nipples were poking straight out through the shirt, with no bra to hold them back.

She walked back to Peter and spoke to him in a low voice. "Can I talk to you privately, please?" she whispered.

Jeez, thought Peter, what's up with this chick? The middle-aged clerk saw her nipples poking out, obviously braless, and now she was coming on all husky-voiced. He took her by the elbow and steered her toward the back of the store, with De Ann hobbling and wobbling along, trying to keep up.

"I, uh, mister, uh," she stammered. She could barely make herself speak the unspeakable words. But her two tormentors were still in the store, stealing covert glances at her, and she knew what the penalty would be if she didn't follow through: not just humiliation in front of her friends and family, but Internet postings of her name and address that could get her stalked and raped.

The beleaguered housewife forced herself to do what she must. "I don't have money for these shoes, but I really want them," she blurted out. "If you'll let me have them, I'll, uh, you know..." She stopped again.

"No, I don't know," said Peter, but his cock was beginning to get an idea. It stirred in his slacks. What was this little slut up to?

"I'll, uh, make you cum."

"Yes!" thought Peter. "Thank you Jesus!"

"I think we can work something out," said Peter. "Excuse me, ladies," he shouted at the two girls hovering in the front of the store. "I have to close up for a few minutes. Out ya go!"

Stacy and Ashley exchanged smiles and willingly left. Peter slid the glass front of the store closed and locked it.

"I'm all yours, little lady," he leered. "Now more specifically, what did you have in mind?"

"Can we go in the back room?" De Ann said quietly, close to tears.

Peter steered the trembling housewife into a backroom, and unbuckled his belt. His pants fell to his ankles, and De Ann could see the outline of his erection throbbing in his jockeys.

De Ann took a deep breath. She could either drag this out and take all night, or get it over with and get home, safe in her own bed. There was only one way out. She dropped to her knees in front of the clerk, pulled his shorts down, and engulfed his cock in her warm mouth.

"Oh yeah, baby, suck that rod," the salesman said. "You can have all the shoes you want anytime you want, baby."

It didn't take long for De Ann to figure out what to do. The salesman held the sides of her head and started sliding his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Use your tongue, baby, and lick the underside," he ordered. She did, running her pink tongue along the bottom of his shaft and then around its thick purple head.

"Oh yeah, baby, that's it."

De Ann felt the cock moving in and out, sometimes pushing so far into her mouth that she almost gagged. She didn't even think to use her hands, and it didn't occur to Peter to tell her, because it wasn't necessary. Peter had had two blowjobs in his entire life, and all of them from hookers, and to have a sexy wife and mother come into his store, drop to her knees and start sucking him off was beyond his wildest sexual fantasy. He felt the sperm building in his balls.

On her end, De Ann felt the head of Peter's cock start to swell. He was pushing in harder and faster now, and his grip on her head tightened. Her knees hurt from the concrete storeroom floor, and her humiliation knew no bounds. She wished the earth would swallow her whole.

"Here it comes, slut!" shouted Peter, and suddenly the cock in her mouth erupted, shooting stream after stream of thick white jism onto her tongue and straight down her throat. She started to spit it out, but remembered somehow in the back of her mind her orders were to swallow, so she started gulping.

It had been more than a week since Peter had masturbated, and he had a huge reserve of salty semen for the kneeling beauty. She swallowed over and over, eight, nine, ten times, and finally Peter's cock was quiet.

She arose from her kneeling position awkwardly, stood again on the high heels. She used her left finger to wipe off any of the stray semen that was around her lips and then plunged that finger into her mouth to succulently lick it off in front of the storekeeper.

Peter pulled his pants back up. He could not believe his luck today. He was even thinking about not coming to work – make an excuse. Thank whatever providence that allowed him to instead show up and earn this great memory. "Could I interest you in another pair of shoes?" he asked with big shit eating grin.

"God no!" De Ann blurted. Now that she had followed her orders, she wanted to get out of the shoe store so badly she could scream. She walked quickly toward the front of the store and Peter, reluctantly, let her out. As he watched her walk away, he wondered if this was where those letters to the editors of Penthouse came from. And here all along he thought they were made up!

As soon as De Ann left the shoe store, Stacy fell in right beside her.

"I see you got the shoes," she noted with approval. "Nice job. Now let me smell your breath."

De Ann was too dazed and befuddled with all the demands and orders that she didn't even pause to wonder about the strange request. She opened her mouth and exhaled.

"Ah yes, the smell of cum in a slut's mouth," Stacy said quietly. "Nothing quite like it."

De Ann had no idea what her niece was talking about. She just wanted to get this horrible trip to the mall over with, but her nieces were just getting warmed up.


"The next thing that we need to do is find a ladies room so that you can put on some of the naughty new things that I bought for you. There's a restroom right behind the food court so let's head off in that direction." Stacy ordered.

"I'm so excited to show off your freshly shaved pussy and pretty new panties as quickly as possible, so get your cute little ass in there and change into these." Stacy instructs as she hands De Ann the shopping bag from Frederick's. "Then I want you to come out to the food court and ..." Stacie whispers into De Ann's ear as she presses her purse into her tentative grip. Ashley watches her aunt's face go absolutely pail as a ghost as her sister explains her next test.

In the back of the food court, near the restrooms is a booth with two young couples. De Ann heads toward the ladies room and shyly smiles as she passes and enters the restrooms.

Five minutes later the visibly shaking housewife emerges from the ladies room. She's still wearing the same top, skirt and sandals, but now she's also wearing a garter belt and white, seamed stockings. She also put on the white crotchless panties from Fredericks. She pulled the stockings up as high as she could, but even so, her skirt just barely managed to cover the tops and if she bends over even slightly, anyone who's looking can easily see the creamy skin of her tanned thighs above the lacy bands at the top. For some reason that she can't explain, wearing stockings always makes De Ann feel soooo sexy and naughty.

Gathering all the courage that she can muster, De Ann gets close to the booth holding the two couples and begins fumbling through her purse as though she's looking for something. When she's right next to them her purse suddenly slips from her hand and falls on the floor, spilling the contents everywhere.

This all appears quite accidental in spite of the fact that she dropped it on purpose. As she bent down to pick up the scattered contents of her purse she smiles an embarrassed smile at the two couples in the booth. She gets on her hands and knees and positions herself so that her butt is facing directly at the two guys who are sitting on the outside seats of the booth while she picks up the scattered contents of her purse. De Ann is no more than two feet from the edge of the booth though, so she's close enough to hear one of them gasp as she bends over and she realizes that her white crotchless panties are staring him in the face. De Ann was humiliated as she considered the thoughts that must be going through his mind at that moment. There's no doubt that the cheeks of her ass are completely visible and she's sure that the tan lines from her bikini are visible framing the cut of the skimpy panties that Stacy was forcing her to wear. De Ann could feel her body betraying her once again as the wetness between her legs continued to spread. She could only hope that they couldn't see the expanding wet spot on her panties.

There are still lots of items scattered on the floor, and the self-conscious housewife takes her time gathering them up and putting them back in her purse. To her dismay, she notices that her lipstick has rolled quite a distance away and she will have to stretch to retrieve it. As she stretches her legs spread so that her newly shaved pussy comes into full view covered only by the thin veil of sheer white fabric that outlines her puffy labia. Because she's so close to them, there's no doubt in her mind that they can also see the wet spot on the edge of her crotchless panties, which surrounded her labia so eloquently.

Mortified, De Ann looks back over her shoulder, and as she expected, she found all four staring at her with open mouths. It took another minute or so to pick everything up and put it back in her purse and as far as she could tell, they continued to stare at her the whole time - even the two girls. When everything was safely in her purse, she stood up, looked over at them and smiled another sheepish grin. The two guys looked like little boys who had just been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Stacy snatched her aunt's purse out of her hands and then possessively patted her on the ass, "I just knew you'd make a great slut." De Ann's head fell in shame.


"I found some nice clothes over at the Gap," said Ashley as the three walked along.

"Lead on," Stacy joyfully replied, and soon De Ann found herself walking into the Gap.

"There's a pile of clothes I gathered up in the far right rear corner," Ashley whispered to De Ann. "There's six items. Take the black skirt off the top, try it on in the dressing room, and wear it out. Get the other clothes and find the clerk named Ralph. Make him your offer."

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