tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Very Essence of Sex

The Very Essence of Sex


Amara sighed disgustedly and slammed her book shut, frustrated that she was having difficulty with her 'Summoning 101' class. Her other courses came so easy! Yet every time she delved into her text on the lower planar creatures it all seemed like gibberish. Perhaps she needed to get her mind off her studies, she thought. Yes, a quick snack-break was definitely in order.

Taking off her pajamas, Amara slipped into a comfortable pair of pink sweats and a white tank top. She paused at the mirror to gather her long blonde hair into a ponytail.

The hallway was quiet as Amara left her room. It was late in the evening and most of the other girls were probably sleeping by now, or buried in their studies like she should be. But a young sorceress needs fuel for the tank, Amara reasoned, trotting down a grand curving staircase then turning down a wide main hall towards the kitchen.

"Oh, hey Lorelei." Amara said, greeting a fellow student who was basking in the glow of an open fridge. "You on a midnight snack raid too?"

Lorelei glanced over with a smile. "Hey Amara, yeah, I'm starved! I'm thinking cheesecake. Yeah...definitely."

"Mmm, that sounds good." Amara replied, situating herself on a stool where a short counter stood in the middle of the large kitchen. "Cut me a slice too."

Bringing the whole pan and a pair of forks over to the counter, Lorelei sat on the stool across from Amara. "How come you're up so late?"

Sighing and taking one of the forks, Amara answered "I was trying to figure out the Homunculus-ward we learned in 'Summoning' today, but I just can't wrap my head around it."

"I can help you out if you want." Lorelei said, shoving a big bite of cheesecake into her mouth.

Amara smiled her thanks, taking a big bite herself. "That would be great, 'lei. Thanks."

Amara really liked Lorelei. Out of all the girls she had met since arriving at the Guild of Roma's school, Lorelei was by far the nicest. She was so beautiful too, with her long curly red hair and big green eyes. Not that Amara had ever been into girls, but when one was stuck in an all-girls school, one's imagination tended to wander.

The Guild of Roma was a society of sorceresses that formed when magic re-awakened during the millennium, formed to protect the world against the threat of other-planar creatures. The guild only accepted young women into their ranks, as females traditionally displayed more talent than males when dealing with demons. They had schools located all over the world; Amara and Lorelei attended one made from a converted mansion in Westchester, New York. Both girls were first-year students at the five-year school, nineteen years of age, and scheduled to graduate in the year 2020.

The girls ate quietly until Lorelei broke the silence, "I summoned one this afternoon, you know."

"A homunculus?" Amara asked, a little shocked.

Lorelei nodded, wiping a piece of cheesecake off her lip with a finger.

"But 'lei, we're not supposed to do that!" Amara chastised in a whispered tone. "We're not allowed to perform a summoning without an instructor present."

"I know, I know." Lorelei replied, "But the homunculi are totally harmless, and I wanted to try my ward to make sure it'd work before we had to do it in class."

"What was the creature like?" Amara asked, insanely curious. She had yet to summon a homunculus, the slaves of the lower planes, as she hadn't perfected her warding spell yet.

Lorelei giggled, forking another bite.

"What? What's so funny?" Amara probed, grinning at Lorelei's infectious giggling.

"You should have seen its penis."

Amara gasped, "What???"

"Its penis." Lorelei repeated. "You wouldn't believe it. When it appeared in my room it had the biggest boner, it must have been eight or nine inches long."

"You're kidding. Really?" Amara asked, cheesecake now forgotten. "What did you do with the thing?"

"I jerked him off." Lorelei said casually.

"Oh my god 'lei! I can't believe you! You perform an unsanctioned summoning, then jerk off a creature of the lower planes?" Amara chided, laughing at the same time.

"What? I couldn't help it, the little guy was so cute and horny. Besides, I haven't gotten my hands on any cock since arriving at this school. "

Amara sighed, "Me either. I had a boyfriend in prep-school, he was the cutest evoker, but he's at a school in London now. I bet he's already got a new girlfriend; they're co-ed."

"I know how you feel." Lorelei said wistfully, "I swear I'm going to wear my vibrator out attending an all-girl school."

Amara burst out giggling, "Lorelei! I swear, you are so naughty sometimes."

Grinning, Lorelei replied "Hey, I didn't invent masturbation, I just have the lack of class to bring it up. So, do you still want help? I could assist you with your ward and we could summon a homunculus tonight? You simply have to see what they look like."

With a gleam in her eyes, Amara quickly agreed. The two girls cleaned up the kitchen, then hurried upstairs to Amara's room where Lorelei helped prepare the ward, a necessary spell when summoning creatures from the lower planes. Wards prevented something more powerful than the sorceress could handle from coming through the gate opened by a summoning.

After turning down the lights, the girls lit a few candles. It was well-known that homunculi were sensitive to bright lights and they didn't want to startle the creature. If it raised a ruckus and made too much noise, Amara and Lorelei could get in real trouble for performing an unsupervised summoning.

Once everything was ready, Amara laid out her spell book on the floor and sat next to Lorelei. They held hands to share their magical power and began reading the required incantations of summoning. The air felt charged as the girls repeated the words over and over, calling out to the Plane of Servants where the homunculi dwelled.

Suddenly the barrier between planes tore open and a homunculus popped into existence on the floor in front of Amara and Lorelei. The creature was about three feet in height with bright green skin. It was humanoid, with a little pot-belly, spindly limbs, and a tuft of black hair on its head. The homunculus blinked at its sudden transition between the planes, then smiled brightly when it saw the two young sorceresses.

Amara gasped when she saw the creature. Lorelei hadn't lied in her earlier description; the thing had a massive hard-on! Its penis looked absolutely huge for the homunculus' little body, rising up in the air to the level of its chest.

"By Roma..." Amara whispered. "Look at it! Its thingy is huge..."

Lorelei grinned, still holding her friend's hand. "I know, aren't their cocks big?"

Amara wondered, "How come it has such a hard boner, is it horny?"

Lorelei shrugged, watching the homunculus. It was blinking slowly with child-like eyes, staring at the girls. Homunculi weren't blessed with the talent of language, so the girls couldn't communicate with it directly, but the way it looked at them told the girls all they needed to know.

"I think he wants to have sex." Lorelei said, amused.

"But 'lei, the homunculi are lower creatures. They serve as menial laborers for magicians, and as slaves for the greater demons. I don't think we're supposed to fornicate with them?"

"Oh, come on 'mara. Look at that big cock, don't you at least want to try touching it?"

Amara's cheeks turned red. "I don't know..."

"Oh my god, you're such a wuss. Well, if you're not going to try I sure am." Lorelei let go of Amara's hand and crawled forward towards the homunculus. She reached out and gripped its penis, causing the creature to issue a quiet gurgle of delight. "See? He totally likes it."

Amara watched in amazement as Lorelei started jerking the homunculus off slowly. "What does it feel like?"

"He's warm, just like a boy." Lorelei answered. "It feel's just like a guy's cock."

"Do they...do they cum?"

"I don't know." Lorelei said. "I didn't get to finish off the other one, I thought I heard an instructor outside my room and had to banish him."

Amara moved closer to Lorelei to get a better view, watching with rapt attention as her friend's hand moved up and down the homunculus' penis. She felt herself growing a bit damp between the legs as the scene was all a bit naughty and made her horny. The homunculus was clearly enjoying the attention, standing calmly with closed eyes as Lorelei gave it a hand job. Every so often it issued a quiet purring sound.

"Take off your top." Lorelei said.

"What!?" Amara exclaimed.

"Well look at him." Lorelei explained. "He's obviously aroused by human girls. I bet he'd cum faster if he could see your breasts."

Amara gave Lorelei a stern look, "Why do I have to be the one to strip?"

"Because." Lorelei answered, "Your breasts are bigger than mine. You must be close to a C-cup. I'm only an A. If the homunculi are anything like human boys, they like big boobs."

"Why Lorelei...I had no idea you noticed my tits." Amara teased in a sing-song tone.

Lorelei grinned and winked at Amara, still jerking off the homunculus.

Seeing no harm in doing so, Amara took the hem of her tank top and peeled it up and off, casting it aside. As soon as she did so, the homunculus stated at her bared chest. Its eyes widened and the creature seemed to grow excited, emitting several chittering noises.

"Oh cool. His dick just got even harder, I can feel it. I think he likes your breasts!"

Amara laughed, "Look at him! He's totally excited by my boobs." To tease the creature, she took her breasts into her hands and smoothed her fingers around them, teasing the budding pink nipples.

"Keep doing that." Lorelei said, working her hand at a faster pace. "I'm going to try and make him cum."

Amara felt herself growing aroused, teasing her nipples until they grew taut and erect. "Come on little guy..." she cooed. "Don't you want to cum for us?"

Lorelei stroked the creature's cock swiftly, using her free hand to squeeze its scrotum. The homunculus starting grunting out cute little noises, growing terribly excited. It nodded swiftly to Amara's rhetorical question, as though it could understand.

"Oh my god...Amara...he's going to cum, I can feel it in his balls...."

The homunculus squealed with delight when its orgasm came. Fluid that resembled the consistency and color of honey flew out from the tip of its penis. It took Lorelei by surprise as a long bead of it shot up and landed across her face. She quickly aimed the rest towards her friend's chest; several long ropes of the sticky stuff spewed out before the orgasm ended, decorating Amara's breasts.

"Oh my, there's so much of it..." Amara gasped, catching some of the cum onto her fingers as it dripped off her breasts.

Lorelei was laughing as she watched Amara, her face dripping with the stuff as well. Some of it had landed across her lips and Lorelei licked across her mouth, tasting the stuff. "Amara...oh god...it tastes so good...mmm."

"Really?" Amara asked, lifting her finger to lick a bit of the cum off. "Oh jeez...you're right...oh wow." She kept licking more of the sticky fluid off her hand.

Lorelei craved more and slid closer, leaning over to start licking it right off Amara's breast.

Amara didn't seem to even notice that her breast friend's tongue was lapping on her bare breast, or she didn't care. She was too engrossed with licking up every drop of the cum off her fingers, even scooping more of the stuff up off her chest. It was as though the homunculus' semen was a drug, and the two girls were blindly addicted.

The homunculus sat down as though exhausted and simply watched the two girls feed off Amara's breasts. Its boner never completely subsided, hanging between its spindly legs in a semi-erect state. Both Amara and Lorelei had a glazed look to their eyes, the other-planar cum making them lusty.

"I want more." Lorelei said, running her tongue across her lips to get every last drop.

"Me too." Amara agreed, equally as addicted.

"I'm so fucking horny all the sudden." Lorelei proclaimed.

"Me too." Amara repeated.

Both young women turned their heads back to the homunculus at the same time.

Amara started pushing her sweat bottoms off, taking her panties with them. "Do you think he'd fuck me?"

Lorelei looked back to Amara, as though she were jealous she didn't have the idea first.

"Rub him again, 'lei." Amara suggested, "See if he'll get hard again."

"Okay." Lorelei agreed, scooting closer to the homunculus and reaching out for its penis. "What do you say, little guy? Do you want to fuck Amara with that big cock of yours?"

Amara, now naked, sat on the floor with her legs spread open and giving the homunculus a view of her trimmed pubic hair and vagina. She rubbed a pair of fingers between her wet slit. This excited the creature greatly and it quickly grew fully erect once again while Lorelei rubbed its penis.

"He's hard again." Lorelei commented. "Look at the way he's staring at your pussy, 'mara. I think he wants to fuck you."

Lorelei was looking at Amara too, watching her friend touch her vagina. It turned her on, the drug-like semen of the homunculus fueling her sexual desires. She let go of the creature's cock as it stood up to move between Amara's legs.

"Oh god...Lorelei...I think he's gonna do it."

Lorelei started peeling out of her own clothes, aroused beyond concern of nudity. "This is so hot."

The homunculus sniffed between Amara's legs, taking in her scent, then knelt down as the girl laid back. It positioned its penis at the opening of her slit and thrust home, causing the sorceress to gasp at the sudden intrusion. Thankfully Amara was already wet with arousal, lubricating the union, because the homunculus fucked into her without any thought.

"Oh fuck!" Amara cursed, "Oh shit, he's so big! Uhn! Uhn!"

Lorelei crawled over beside Amara, her hand between kneeling legs in masturbation. "Does it feel good?" she asked, rubbing her clit in arousal by the obscene act occurring before her.

"Yes...!" Amara gasped, spreading her legs further to accept the rapid thrusts of the homunculus. "It's so good, oh god, he's fucking me so hard...oh...uhn!"

Without even thinking about it, Lorelei reached out and grasped one of Amara's breasts, gripping it and rubbing her thumb over the nipple. She had never thought about other women sexually before, but she was blind with lust. Watching Amara get fucked by the homunculus was turning her on more than anything she had ever experienced.

"Oh yeah...squeeze my tits...oh Lorelei, kiss me..."

Lorelei leaned over and placed her lips against Amara's. The two girls kissed each other with lust-fueled passion, their tongues exploring one another's mouths. Amara broke the kiss with a sudden scream as an orgasm consumed her body. She curled an arm around Lorelei's waist, holding the other sorceress for support.

Amara gasped through her orgasm "I'm cumming! Oh god....oh god..."

Lorelei kept rubbing her clitoris in total arousal. She watched the homunculus rut into Amara like an animal, the creature making excited grunting noises. When her orgasm came, it was like a warmth spread through her entire body. It was a feeling Lorelei had never experienced. It was as though she were drugged somehow, and it was fueling the explosion between her legs.

The homunculus squealed in glee, burying it's penis into Amara and firing its semen deep into the girl as its own orgasm came. Sexual energy filled the room as all three moaned and gasped through their mutual pleasure.

When the homunculus was spent, it fell backward, its penis popping out of Amara. It laid on the floor breathing heavily, exhausted from its effort.

Still kneeling beside Amara, her fingers coated with her own sticky pleasure, Lorelei asked "Did he cum inside you?"

Amara nodded, writhing on the floor in pleasure, "Yeah...oh 'lei...I can feel its jism inside me. It's all tingly. It's amazing."

Without hesitation, Lorelei moved between Amara's legs and dipped her head to her friend's vagina. She began lapping and licking between Amara's labia, hoping to get a taste of the creature's semen, craving even the smallest drop of it.

Amara gasped, placing a palm on the back of Lorelei's head, "Oh yes, that feels so good. Eat my pussy...lick my cunt..."

The girls didn't realize it, but their activities had caused quite the commotion. Outside Amara's room, in the hallway, several other students had gathered and were whispering about what could possibly be going on.

Two instructors hurried past all the young girls. "What's going on out here?" one of them demanded.

The senior sorceress opened Amara's bedroom door and gasped in shock at the scene before her. The homunculus lay spent on the floor, and Lorelei was knelt above Amara, spitting into the other student's mouth. The two girls were swapping the homunculus' semen back and forth, enjoying its addictive flavor. Neither of them even noticed the two teachers enter the room, so engrossed were they by the creature's magical fluid.

"By Roma!" one of the instructors blurted out.

The other said, "Oh my word, we have to get these girls to detox immediately, the semen of the homunculi is the very essence of sex! They'll be hopelessly addicted."

A word of banishment sent the homunculus back to its own plane, then the two instructors had to pull Amara and Lorelei apart.

"More...more...." Amara was moaning.

"More cum...I need more cum..." Lorelei cooed.

The other students gathered in the hallway watched as Amara and Lorelei were carried out by the instructors, the two girls still naked and moaning for the homunculus' semen as they were taken to the medical wing of the school.

(To be continued.)

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