tagGroup SexThe Very Young Man Ch. 03

The Very Young Man Ch. 03


That next morning Ben really did leave Karen to enjoy herself. Mark trembled with anticipation in his room, growing impatient as he waited for Karen to finally come get him. But she took her sweet time. She had a full breakfast before finally calling out to him, "I'm going to take a shower and get ready. I will come for you in a little while." What a tease. He trembled with anticipation. His emotions went from intense lust, to abject fear over Ben catching them, to profound shame over what he was doing here. But it was all according to her plan. She wanted his emotions to be magnified, just as were hers for her part in all that was now happening. She loved the intensity of all this, even the uncomfortable second thoughts that occasionally intruded on her enjoyment.

Finally. Finally, she came for him. She was dressed in that same catsuit. But in the daylight she looked even more erotic. She brought him coffee and pastries to eat bedside. "We are going to have so much fun today," was all she said. It was all she needed to say. It was a new day and he was hard as stone, wanting her. No more second thoughts.

She them took him by the hand and led him upstairs. He was naked. He trembled with anticipation, which got much worse when she led him into their bedroom. Now he really felt like an intruder. This was where she and Ben were husband and wife. She led him past the bed and into their bathroom suite. She guided him into the shower. She sat on the bench seat of her vanity and watched him shower. When he was finished she patted him dry with heated towels. She then took him by the hand and led him back into the bedroom.

She climbed onto the bed. "Come here," she invited. He was unsure of exactly what to expect. But she obviously knew. She had him sit against the headboard. "Watch me," she said, "Just watch me." She instructed as she laid across the bed in front of him. She slipped off the straps of her catsuit to expose her breasts. She ran her hands aver them, cupped them, pulled and twisted her nipples as she began to moan. Mark was amazed at what he was being shown. She slithered out of her outfit entirely and stretched out naked in front of him, thoroughly enjoying being so naked for him. She reached down and spread her labia. Her engorged clitoris protruded high. She had her own huge erection. She held her labia spread with one hand as she rolled her clitoris around with her other index finger. She moaned louder.

She played with herself like this for some time, saying nothing, only moaning. Finally she spoke, softly, "Have you ever watched a woman do this?"

"No, never," he replied.

"Have you ever done this to a girl?" she then asked.

"Yes, some," he said.

"Did you make her come?" she continued.

"I'm not sure. I think so." He admitted. Perfect. This is exactly the level of experience Karen was hoping for. This fit perfectly the young man fantasy that had plagued her for so many years.

"This is how most women come," she explained, smiling, happy to realize she could teach this young man some extremely valuable lessons. "My clitoris is exactly the same as the underside of your cock head. It is a woman's very special spot." She had sped up the swirling of her finger around her clitoris. She cried out. "I'm coming. Oh my. I'm coming!" It was a powerful orgasm.

When her climax finally eased, she resumed her lesson with the young man. "You guys usually need a period of recovery after you come before you might, maybe, be able to come again. And a second climax is usually very difficult for most men. That is what is so nice about sex with a guy your age, because it is not so difficult for get another orgasm out of you. So, enjoy that while you can, young man," she said with a giggle.

"But us girls, on the other hand, are usually very capable, not to mention expecting, several orgasms before you guys move on to yours. We girls know from experience that nine times out of ten, once the gentleman has his orgasm he is pretty much done with sex, unless, of course, you are sharing sex with a slut like me," she was quick to add. "A few women a happy with one orgasm. There are even those who don't have orgasms at all. There is a challenge for you. But most sexually mature women want all the orgasms you can give them." Mark was learning life-altering lessons from her today.

Mark was now anticipating her turning her attentions to his now very excited cock. She spun around on her back and draped her legs over his, giving him a full-on view of her pussy. She reached down and dripped her fingers into her juices, making wet noises. She held her labia wide and resumed massaging her clitoris. She moaned on and on with totally relaxed abandon. In a few short minutes she cried out very loud with a completely uninhibited climax.

Finally, she told him to get her vibrator out of the nightstand to his left. He wasn't sure exactly what it looked like, but it became apparent. There was a rubber cock-shaped device with a power switch on the base. He handed it to her. She turned it on and hummed her clitoris with it. "Get the other one," she demanded softly. He returned to the drawer and found a second, identical vibrator. He sat next to her, wondering what exactly to do.

"Turn it on," she commanded. He did as he was told. She moaned to him to put it inside her. He trembled with excitement at such very naughty sex play. "Fuck me with it," she begged. He slid it in and out of her and it was just right. She flowed from one orgasm to another, her toys giving her the most incredible stimulation she had ever experienced.

Finally she had had enough and ordered the toys silenced. She laid still and relaxed for a long time. Mark's balls ached. "Now it's your turn," she announced. He almost cheered. "Lie down," she instructed. She laid on her side across his thighs, his erection standing tall and proud in front of her. She gently fondled him, exploring every bit of his sex. She was not stimulating him toward orgasm. She was just learning his body. He moaned, almost begging her to make him come. It was now that she started a critical intimate conversation with him.

As she had planned with Ben several nights ago, Karen now set about to ask Mark all about his sex, to learn every corner of his sexuality, his experiences, past partners, fantasies and desires... all information necessary to determine where she could go with this young man.

She heard exactly what she wanted to hear, details she could certainly exploit. It turned out he had very little experience with sex. He was not a virgin, but his actual sexual intercourse had been limited to sex with one girl during his first two years of college. It had been rather conservative, plain, soon becoming unexciting, as the young lady became domineering and emotionally abusive. He put up with her for some time before finally dumping her. He had avoided relationships since then, concentrating exclusively on his academics.

The most important detail of this background was that the girlfriend had been his only sex partner, and he hers. That made this young man solidly clean and safe from STD risks. That fact, combined with Karen's tubal ligation years ago, made her very excited about the fun she could have with this young man without the limitations of a condom. She loved semen and realized she could enjoy that without worry.

And his lack of experience made this young man quite malleable. She could teach him to give her whatever she wanted, that the boundaries of what is acceptable sex can be whatever she says they are. This plays into her first fantasy of teaching a very young man all about sex, not to mention the accompanying fantasy of sex with a young man with a very big cock that ejaculates hard, ejaculates great volumes, and ejaculates often.

All this now opens up the very real possibility of her other fantasy, a more powerful, more secret, much more naughty fantasy of coaxing this young man into helping her experience the erotic adventure of bringing two men into her bed for threeway sex. She also realized that Ben was equally intrigued by this and was very supportive of her seduction of Mark as a possible path to that threesome encounter.

Ben and Karen actually shared that fantasy. But they never anticipated actually being able to experience it. The closest they had come to it was when they were in Las Vegas and had arranged for a young male masseur to come to their room and help Ben give her a two-man, four-hand, full-body massage to several orgasms. But the only actual intercourse they dared to do with this professional was to have him massage her clitoris as Ben fucked her. It was incredibly erotic and only fueled their fantasy to do more. Now, she could not wait to tell Ben that she was now sure they could easily get this young man to come to bed to play with them.

As she continued her intimate fondling of Mark's aching erection, she now started to ask him some very different questions. "I'll bet you rub yourself every night before you fall asleep." He said nothing, shocked at her question. "Well, tell me, do you?" she persisted.

"Yes," he had to admit.

"And do you make yourself come?" she continued.

"Yes," he said.

"And I'll bet you wake up with an erections every morning. Right?" she continued.

"Yes," he moaned as she rubbed his cock slowly back and forth against her breast.

"And I'll bet you masturbate again each morning. Is that right?" she persisted, mercilessly.

"Yes," he admitted.

"And what do you think about when you masturbate?" she continued, slowly rubbing his cock against her hard nipple.

"You," he freely admitted. That was exactly what she hoped to hear.

"That is very flattering, Mark. That makes me want to fuck you." That got his attention. "I was planning on waiting a few more days, maybe a week before letting you fuck me, but you are just too sexy to waste any more time." What a relief it was for Mark to hear that.

She laid down on top of him, kissed him passionately, then rolled him over onto her. She curled her legs to her chest and spread them wide. "I want to watch you slip into me," she said, her voice trembling. They both watched as he slowly eased his cock into her.

"I've never had a cock this big before," she told him. He felt proud. They watched, fascinated and incredibly excited by the sight and feel of his oversized cock sliding into her. The both moaned when his pubic bone finally bumped against hers. She felt incredibly full.

He then began a slow deep fucking, both of them savoring the entire length of his cock sliding in and out of her. He maintained a steady controlled pace, but his moans became more and more urgent. She soon felt him begin to change in her. He was swelling even bigger.

"I feel you getting bigger. You are going to come in me aren't you," she teased, thoroughly enjoying what she was feeling."

He said nothing. He just kept pushing in harder and deeper at this pace.

"Go ahead... come." She gently coaxed, "Let yourself go. Come hard in me. Fill me up."

She felt him suddenly explode inside her, much like he had the night before, but this time very deep inside her pussy. He had an enormous orgasm. She felt him fill her with a massive load of semen that immediately began to ooze out around his cock. She felt his cock pulsing over and over, filling her with more than she could hold.

It was spectacular for them both. This certainly was the best sex he ever had. And for Karen, this was very strange, very erotic, and incredibly intense. She trembled at the thought of telling Ben all the details. She trembled at the possibilities where this could lead.

They relaxed, naked and sticky, smelling of sex. Soon, they were making out like teenagers, becoming very sweaty as they slid all over one another. She loved how he stayed hard and big and excited for her. He wanted more of her. She finally took him by the hand and led him downstairs to the deck. She pulled aside the cover and they climbed in.

They relaxed wordlessly for some time before resuming their make-out session. She could not keep her hands off his cock. He was really fun to play with, she thought. He kept trying to slip into her. She would occasionally let him, but for just a few moments, letting him fuck her just a little bit at a time before pulling away from him. She was a terrible tease. But she sure did like how much sex this young stud was capable to providing her.

She eventually moved away and pulled herself up to sit on the deck at the side of the tub, her feet dangling in the water. She spread her legs and guided him to stand between her knees.

"There is nothing better than oral sex," she told him. "I absolutely love to be licked to orgasm. Have you ever licked a woman to make her come?" she asked boldly.

He hesitated before admitting that he had not. Perfect. She spent the next half hour teaching him exactly how to lick her. She guided him through intimate kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling, combined with finger fucking. Eventually he had worked four fingers into her vagina and was fucking her with his hand as he sucked and swirled his tongue over her clitoris until she had an overwhelming orgasm that was way too loud to hide out there on the deck.

She was proud of her young man's performance. He was proud of what he had just learned. He began to realize just how valuable this day was to his personal growth and future relationships.

She brought his face, still wet, to hers. She kissed him passionately. "You deserve a reward," she said. She took him by the hand and led him from the hot tub back upstairs to her bedroom. He laid on the bed while she went to the bathroom. She returned and climbed onto the bed and into his arms. They kissed and snuggled with incredible passion. Her nipples were by now sore from all his sucking and licking so far. Her clitoris was also sore and sensitive from all the day's abuse. There was no way she could come again. She had had more orgasms than she ever thought possible. All there was left was to hang on and let this young man fuck her.

She heard herself gasping in his ear, "I want you to fuck me as hard as you want. Go ahead and take me. I am yours." Never before had she turned herself over to a man like that. It turned her on incredibly to do so. And Mark turned himself loose on her. He was incredibly strong, man-handling her, tipping and turning her about every way he could, fucking her every way possible. He was in no hurry. He fucked softly for a while before suddenly grasping her, turning her over and pounding his cock into her as hard as he could. He would then stop to catch his breath, holding her firmly before resuming. He would occasionally stop to kiss her softly, gently stroking his cock in and out of her, moving very close to his final orgasm. But just as she thought he was going to finally climax, he would turn her around or shift her legs to fuck her in a totally new way. She was impressed.

He groaned and grunted, thoroughly enjoying himself throughout this entire encounter. She kept telling him how good he felt and how she was dying to feel him come in her. She urged him on, encouraging him to let go and enjoy what he was doing to her. With that he whispered breathlessly that he was about to come.

"Good. Do it. Do me good. I want you to come in me really good. Use me to make yourself come hard," she urged. She was by now firmly pinned on her belly, two pillows under her pelvis, and her ass turned up to him. Squeezing her breasts tightly in his hands, he pushed very deep into her and suddenly held quite still.

"I'm coming," he whispered.

"Go ahead," she whispered back, not knowing what to expect from this orgasm.

He did not move. He held her tight. Suddenly, the only movement she felt was his cock suddenly swell and spurt repeatedly. She felt his semen being injected into her, filling her, almost immediately overflowing her pussy, running out around his cock and flowing down her clitoris and labia. She felt the bed begin to pool with fluids beneath her. He moaned softly as his cock pulsed over and for what seemed like forever. It was the biggest ejaculation she had ever been a part of.

They remained coupled like this for several minutes before he began to tire and relax his grip. He finally slipped gently out of her. She did not move. She could not move. She fell into a deep sleep. At some point Mark left the bedoom. It was approaching time for Ben to return home and Mark felt it best to now hang out here.

Karen awoke perhaps an hour later. She was at first confused at to time and place, until she realized that Ben was now home, there in the room, sitting on the bed next to her, stroking her back. She was suddenly afraid of the scene she presented to him right now. The bed was wrecked, all the blankets tossed to the floor. Their pillows were still under her waist. She was naked and totally disheveled, obviously left well-fucked after a hard sexual thrashing. She smelled of sex. She was later shocked to discover in the mirror the next morning that Mark had left a big dark hickie on the side of her neck.

"So I guess I don't have to ask you how your day went?" Ben chuckled as he patted her bare bottom. She did not know what to say. They had both been looking forward to her having a day of sex play with the young man to coax him into maybe some careful seduction. She feared Ben may have had second thoughts about leaving her at home all day with Mark, knowing she was so obsessed with the desire to fuck the young man. But she had nothing to worry about.

"It appears you gave that boy a sound thrashing today," he teased. "You wrecked the bed and your bottom looks all inflamed," he said as he stroked her buttocks. His hand swept to her pussy. She was afraid. She felt his fingers slip into her. She could hear the sloppy wetness. "Oh my, you have been pretty thoroughly fucked, haven't you my dear."

She was relieved to hear approval in his voice. She dared to answer, "Yes, I have." She waited for Ben's reaction, not moving from the position Mark had left her.

"Good. You finally got what you deserved. Was it as good as you anticipated?" he asked.

"Absolutely," she dared to say. "But something's missing," she added.

"What's that," Ben asked.

"I need you to fuck me. I have never wanted you as much as I do right now," she begged, still not moving, other than arching her back slightly to lift her bottom invitingly to him

Ben totally understood what she wanted and needed right now. He stood and stripped, watching her thrust her bottom up invitingly to him. He climbed onto the bed and approached her from behind.

"But you do need to be gentle," she barely dared to tell him. "I'm pretty sore."

He rubbed his cock up and down the entrance of her vagina. "You are a quite a mess," he teased, making moist sounds playing in her wetness.

"Just fuck me, dear, please," she begged, feeling rather self-conscious about Ben playing in her sex like this. "Please," she begged. He pushed into her

"You are swollen pretty tight, dear," he told her. "But you are quite slippery." he teased as he began a slow, deep, firm fucking. As he slid in and out of her he whispered in her ear, "Did you enjoy yourself today?"

"Yes," she whispered back. It became a very intimate exchange that excited them both very much.

"You feel like you had a lot of sex today," he continued to tease her. "Tell me what you did with him," he dared to ask.

She was shy at first, recounting what she did in very general terms. But Ben coaxed her for more details. Finally, she was recounting her in graphic detail. She discovered her confessions excited Ben as much as it did her.

"His cock is big," she told him. "He comes very, very hard. He has a enormous ejaculation. I have never seen so much semen come from a boy. And he stayed hard all day."

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