tagFetishThe Vicar's Temptation Ch. 02

The Vicar's Temptation Ch. 02


The next few days were torture for Alan. Tina and Rita brazenly flashed their panties at him whenever they were alone, inviting him to spank them. Rose made pointed references them all being one big happy family. Although the young Vicar knew he couldn't allow his housekeeper and her two daughters to control him like this, he had no idea how to stop them. They even teased him that they were going to start on his innocent young wife.

Unfortunately he knew that his wife Jenny was fascinated with Mrs Brown and had often said how wonderfully efficient she was and she wished she could be more like her. Privately he thought that he'd like her to be more like Rose in many ways too, but he doubted that she would change so much.

Actually Rose Brown delighted in torturing the Vicar and happily played along with it. Once when Jenny had made a mess in thee kitchen Rose pulled Jenny's skirt up at the back and tapped her bum, laughing "My little Jenny Juicy will have her bottom spanked if she is not careful."

Jenny giggled and almost felt she was Mrs Brown's daughter as well. When she told Alan the story that evening he nearly choked on his cocoa!

Sometimes after church the Vicars wife would invite Mrs Brown and her 2 daughters Rita and Tina into their lounge to have supper together. Alan was quite nervous of these occasions. In his worst nightmares he was always afraid that Mrs Brown and her daughters would turn him into 'Pretty Little Vicky' in front of his wife! More realistically he feared that one of the Brown's would slip in a reference to that evening that they had shared. He was also aware of his wife's fixation with the older woman and Rose's growing influence over her which made him even more nervous.

As the Sunday suppers became a regular occurrence, Mrs Brown started to bring a few bottles of wine. At first Jenny politely refused the wine, she didn't normally drink, but under prompting from Rose his wife began to have a glass, then several glasses. Alan was a bit concerned because Rose would encourage her daughters and his wife to have a few glasses too much and they could get rather giggly and silly; and he knew where that could end!

Then one evening Rose decided to take things as far as she could. First she arranged for Rita to spill red wine all over Jenny's pretty, but demure, dress. Slightly tipsy Jenny went with Rita to change, coming back in one of Rita's short and revealing skirts. Alan was stunned -- his wife never showed off her legs like this! Tina and Rita sat on either side of Jenny on the sofa. Where Alan was sitting he could see the panties of all three of them! Worse still the girls were plying his wife with vodka.

When his wife was really squishy with vodka, Tina deliberately opened Jenny's legs wider apart and Rita accidently tugged her dress a little higher, so that they could all see her knickers! Jenny herself was too tipsy to notice.

The Vicar whispered "Please Rose, can't you stop the girls putting Jenny into such a lewd position?"

Rose brushed his objections aside; "Don't be silly Vicar. She has had a lot to drink. If she squeezes her legs together or laughs too much she may pee herself."

Vicar Alan was horrified as he dumbly repeated "Pee herself?"

Rose nodded seriously to him "Yes Vicar. Just imagine the disgrace if people knew that your wife had peed her knickers while displaying herself in such a way."

Just then Tina chose to tickle Jenny; in the ensuing struggle a dark damp patch appeared on Jenny's formerly pristine white panties.

"Oh dear," said Rose, "too late!"

The Vicar was still horrified but it did seem erotic especially as Rose had reached over and squeezed his penis through his trousers,

He gasped as Rose whispered "Do you want me to do it Vicar?"

Alan swallowed nervously. He knew what she meant but had to ask "Do what, Mrs Brown?"

Rose smiled sympathetically "Don't be a silly little girl Vicar. Do you want me to pull your prick out?"

As her daughters giggled and watched Rose knelt beside Alan and dropped the Vicars trousers round his ankles. Then she eased it from his pants and held his stiffening penis.

Tina called across "He is getting a horn on Mum!"

Alan was unable to move as Rose rubbed his penis until it was standing up straight. She looked up at him "You have quite a big knob Vicar."

Alan was petrified his wife would notice and tried to get her to stop. "But, Mrs Brown, my wife can see me" he pleaded.

Rose giggled "She has had too much vodka Vicar." It was true. Jenny was in no fit state to notice. Rose called across to Tina "Take Jenny's blouse and bra off Tina."

Her daughters giggled. This was fun!

They gave Jenny another glass of vodka and then they slipped her blouse and bra off and then her skirt. Reclining in just her wet knickers, Jenny giggled as well when Rita told her "My mother is wanking your husband off!"

Rose was gently caressing the Vicar's cock. As he sighed in embarrassed ecstasy Rose asked him gently "Do you want to wear your wife's panties Vicar" He whimpered wordlessly. "I'll take that as a yes."

Rose was totally in control now; she told her daughters "Take Jenny's knickers off. The Vicar needs them."

As the girls eased Jenny back on the sofa, Rita told her "Slip your knickers off Jenny. Your husband wants to wear them."

Jenny giggled and as she wriggled her panties off her feet she was showing all her secrets between her legs as, quite deliberately the girls held her legs apart. Rita smiled at her and told the Vicar's wife "When my mother has sorted your husband out in his girly clothes we will kiss your cunt." Jenny just giggled again.

Rose set about transforming Alan the Vicar into pretty little Vicky. She helped him into Jenny's wet knickers, the strapped him into her bra, wrapping two small oranges in soft pink tissue and stuffing them into the cups. She fastened a delicate suspender belt round his waist, slipped the straps through the legs of the panties and helped him into some sheer black stockings. Finally she produced a pretty pink party dress for him to wear.

All through his transformation Alan let out whimpering sounds, torn between his concern for his pretty young wife's predicament, his desire to be dressed in the pretty clothes and his fear of his wife noticing what he was doing. Rose just shushed him quietly, much as she would comfort a small child. He watched spell bound as she took off her skirt, blouse and bra and sat down.

Then she said "Come and sit on my lap, Vicky."

Obediently the Vicar took his place on Rose's lap. Instantly her hand went up his dress and began stroking his cock through the damp panties. "Rest your head on my shoulder while we watch the fun." She said.

Opposite Tina and Rita had stripped down to their panties and they were kneeling by the reclining naked figure of his wife. Alan stared as his normally prim and proper wife allowed her legs to be parted wide apart to allow him an uninterrupted view of her pussy.

"Say what you want, Jenny" prompted Rita.

"I want my cunt kissed!" giggled Jenny, too drunk to really know what she was saying.

The sound of his wife uttering such filthy words shocked yet thrilled Alan. He felt his cock stiffen even more. Rose whispered, "She sounds as if she's ready for her treat Vicky, what do you think?"

Alan nodded, but Rose prompted him, "Say it."

"Yes, Mummy I think Jenny is ready to have her cunt kissed by your daughters."

"That's right," said Rose, "and after Tina and Rita have finished my new daughter Vicky will have her turn!"

Alan watched, torn between shame and ecstasy, as Tina eased Jenny's legs wide apart and placed her head between his wife's taut white thighs. From his position on Rose's lap he could hear Tina's tongue lapping at his wife's wet cunt and he could hear his wife moaning with pleasure. When Tina was tired she moved aside and Rita took her place. Tina came and gave him a big kiss, the taste of his wife on her lips. He moaned with pleasure.

"It'll be your turn next Vicky," whispered Rose as she continued stroking the vicar's cock. All too soon it was his turn and he took his place kneeling before his wife, still wearing hs pretty pink dress and his wife's panties. As he licked and tasted his wife's cunt for the first time Rose continued to wank him. He came first dribbling cum in the panties.

Rose made him move aside and watch as she took his place her expert tongue work bringing Jenny to a shuddering climax.

Rose stood up smiling as she watched her daughters pick up Jenny and carry her into the bedroom. They laid her on the bed, opening Jenny's legs in a rather lewd fashion. The Vicar was still embarrassed about what was happening to his wife. He muttered "My wife doesn't look very dignified Mrs Brown."

Rose gave him a sharp slap on his bottom. "Don't criticize your wife Vicar. Just look at you. There are splatterings of cum all over her knickers, which you are wearing. Take them off at once!" He did as he was told and watched in horror as Tina pulled the soiled panties up his wife's legs. "Now don't be a silly girl Vicky" ordered Rose. "Tina has put your wife's knickers back on. You can't see her cunt now"

The Vicar whimpered in shame, but Rose hadn't finished with him. She told her daughters "Rita, pull Jenny's panties to the side. Remind the Vicar what a nice cunt his wife has."

Rose smiled at the whimpering Vicar as Rita moved Jenny's underclothes to show him. Jenny was in ecstasy, after her first proper orgasm.

Tina was panting heavily as she looked at the Vicars wife and muttered to her mother "Mum I want to fuck her!" The Vicar looked puzzled and confused. He squirmed as Rose tugged his prick again. Then Rita added to her sister's request, saying "I want to fuck her as well, please say we can Mum!" The Vicar whimpered as, excited by her daughters' idea Rose gave his cock several sharp tugs.

Rose smiled. "I am awfully sorry Vicar, but it looks as if my daughters are going to fuck your wife, in front of you, but first let's get you ready for bed." With that she helped him out of the dress and bra and slipped the delicate hot-pink baby-doll short night-dress on him with a pair of tiny lacy red panties. Despite having cum so recently, he was so excited now it was obvious that the panties were too small to contain his penis. It was awkward, his cock tenting up the front of the night-dress, but now he was totally compliant, completely under Rose's spell.

Rose murmured "You want to be a good little girl for me, don't you Vicky?"

The Vicar sighed "Yes Mrs Brown. I want to be a good little girl for you."

She smiled in a motherly fashion "Pull your prick our Vicar. You may as well have a wank as we watch my daughters fuck your wife."

He eased his penis out and sighed "Thank you Mummy."

Rita had helped Jenny out of the dirty knickers and was now lying in the bed fondling her bum. Jenny was giggling and sighing appreciatively.

Rita spoke quite loudly as she said "Jenny I want you to help me with my strap on prick."

Jennifer giggled. She didn't ask about any reason or purpose but giggled as she fiddled with the straps. Rita kept saying lewd remarks such as "I like your tits Jenny!"

Jenny was in such a giggly mood. When she had finished doing the straps up she smiled coyly at Rita asking "What should I do now Rita?"

Rita smiled and told the Vicars young wife "Just lie back on the bed and lift your legs up and open your knees. I will do the rest"

Mrs Brown smiled as she saw Rita move between Jennifer's thighs and insert her penis into the young woman's vagina. Larger than she was used to she gasped as Rita gave her first thrust. The Vicar watched as Rita's bum bobbed up and down as she energetically fucked his wife with the strap-on. As Jenny sighed and moaned loudly with sheer happiness Mrs Brown whispered to the Vicar "Your wife likes being fucked by Rita." The Vicar had to admit it was true. His wife was clearly enjoying the experience far more than she had ever done with him. He felt a wave of humiliation wash over him.

He whimpered again as he could see that Tina was already strapping on a similar penis. He whimpered even louder when Tina told him "I am going to fuck her after my sister has finished fucking her."

Rita paused and called out "Ready Sis?"

"Yes" Tina replied. Then to Jenny she said, "OK Jenny kneel on all fours, I'm going to fuck you doggy style!"

"Doggy style, what's that?" giggled Jenny, still completely sloshed from the wine and vodka, as she turned over and knelt. Tina moved in place behind her as the Vicar watched in horror and lust. Often he had dreamed of making love to his wife in another position; now he was forced to watch while his housekeepers' daughter fucked her with a strap-on cock. Worse was to come.

"Mum, my prick is covered in Jenny's cunt juice," complained Rita.

Mrs Brown laughed. "Well Rita, I think your sister Vicky would like to help you with that problem." Then to Alan she said "Vicky, every good little girl likes to suck a big cock like Rita's wearing -- suck it clean for her."

Behind him Alan could hear Jenny virtually screaming with pleasure as Tina fucked her with all her strength. He knelt before Rita, who thrust her hips forward at him, poking his face with the strap-on cock. Reluctantly he opened his mouth and allowed Rita to slip the cock between his lips. Holding his head she began to slide it in and out, fucking his mouth like she had fucked his wife's cunt a few minutes earlier.

He began to cry out of shame as he sucked every drop of juice from the cock.

He was about to get up when he felt Rose beside him. "Don't get up," she whispered, "you like doing things that girls do, so now it's your turn to be fucked... by me!"

To his horror he felt Rose slide down his panties and he winced as she rubbed some cold gel around his anus. "It may be cold," she scolded, "but you'll thank me in a minute."

Then he felt the strap-on penis nudging his anus, pushing in a little further each time its way eased by the lubricating gel. He thought his bum would split open, but it widened to accommodate the huge strap-on and soon Rose was fucking him as hard and fast as Tina was fucking his wife. The ecstatic moans and cries of joy filled the vicarage.

As the balls of Rose's strap-on slapped against his arse Alan heard his wife screaming "Oh my God! Yes! Yes! YES!" as she came. The though that she had never screamed like that when he had sex with her saddened him, but he had other things on his mind as Rose gave another hard thrust and he came messily, his spunk squirting all over the carpet.

Alan woke the next morning hoping that he would find that he had been dreaming. There were several clues that he hadn't been dreaming. Before he opened his eyes he could tell that was still wearing the hot pink baby-doll nightdress. When he opened his eyes he was in an unfamiliar room. He mouthed a silent prayer for forgiveness. The person in bed with him stirred, snuggling up against him. It was Rose Brown his housekeeper.

"Morning Vicar" she said quietly in his ear, "you slept well. I'll get us all some breakfast in a moment, but first let's see if that lovely cock of yours is ready for action!"

As Alan was being waking up in his housekeeper's bed, Jenny, his pretty young wife, was waking up in her own bed. Her reactions were dulled by the large amount of wine and vodka she had consumed the previous evening. She woke to find someone snuggled up behind her, holding her in a tight embrace. The smoothness of the skin and the presence of what she suspected might be boobs pressing against her back told her it wasn't Alan. She tentatively moved her arm. There was someone else in front of her too! Trying to get a clue she moved her hand feeling carefully; "oops" she thought "that feels like more boobs."

Jenny quickly pulled her hand away.

"Don't stop Jenny, it was nice."

Jenny recognised the voice as Tina, who pulled her hand back to the boob. Behind her the figure stirred moving her hand down in a worryingly intimate direction. "You have the most divinely soft pubes, Jenny" whispered Rita.

Jenny wondered how she had ended up naked in bed with the housekeeper's daughters and where was her husband? She let out a gasp as Rita's fingers began probing

"Rita!" she said in a shocked voice.

"Alan!" she screamed "where are you?"

To be continued...

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