tagMind ControlThe Vicar's Wife

The Vicar's Wife


Veronica Lewis was very pleased with herself as she and her friend, Julie Morris drove away from the parish council meeting. For months now she had pushed to utilise the women's guild, of which she was chairperson, in an effort to boost the attendance at the Sunday services. It wasn't that Veronica was overly religious; indeed in her youth she had been quite wild. She had won several beauty pageants. She even posed nude for various magazines to help pay for university. She finally settled down to study medicine. When she qualified and after some years working at various hospitals she GP practice in the town of Longmeadows in Kent. Now forty-two, Veronica was still a striking beauty. She stood a statuesque six feet tall. She was trim, with long smooth legs and large firm breasts. Her black shoulder length hair reflected sunlight.

She married David Lewis, the fifty year old local vicar eighteen months ago after a brief courtship. David had two children from his previous marriage. Alison twenty-one and James nineteen who both were attending university. They also made no secret of their hostility to their father's marriage to Veronica. After all, it had been just two years since their mother, Grace, had passed away. Eventually Veronica got around them by paying their university fees and accommodation costs. Gradually Veronica settled into the triple role of local GP, step-mother and Vicar's wife.

Conscious of her of her husband's position in the community, Veronica dressed modestly. Her skirt was always below her knees and her blouse was always fully buttoned. She tried to conceal her beautiful features but her natural beauty always shone through.

When Veronica first arrived at the vicarage Julie Morris was the first to greet her. They hit it off at once and became firm friends. Julie was married to George. They had two children. John was twenty-two and Patricia was twenty-one. They both attended university.

Julie worked as receptionist in her husband's financial consultancy firm. Years earlier both George Morris and David Lewis had been business partners but eventually went their separate ways. While relations were amicable enough both wives detected a certain tension between their husbands but for the sake of peace they decided to leave well enough alone.


The following evening the women's guild met in the parish hall. Veronica put forward her ideas to the attending ladies. Her plan was to divide the parish between them and make visitations in pairs, explaining their work and in so doing, encouraging parishioners to return to services. Veronica's plan was enthusiastically received by the group. Veronica was delighted, not for her own sake, but she felt at least that she was doing something to help her husband and at the same time she was participating in a positive way in the community.


Two days later Veronica and Julie came to the last house on the street behind the parish church. They had been encouraged by the positive response and warm welcome they had received. When they reached the last house they could see that it looked a little run down and the garden had grown a little wild. They wondered if there was anyone living there at all. In the end they opened the gate, went up to the door and Veronica gave a gentle tap. To their surprise the door was opened almost immediately by a man in his late twenties.

"Well, hallo there. I heard you ladies were in the area. Please do come in," he said cordially. He led them into the living room. "Please forgive the outside of the house. I've only just moved here and between moving and work I've had little time to get the outside of the house done."

Veronica was astonished. It was as if the young man had read her mind. "I'm sure the parishioners would too happy to help you out," volunteered Veronica.

"Well, that's very kind of you. I was about to make some tea, perhaps you ladies will join me?"

Veronica and Julie accepted the invitation gratefully.

"My name is Edmund Slater, by the way." Edmund went on to explain that he had just moved to Longmeadows to take up a position in the council's engineering department. Edmund came back in and placed a tray on the table. He poured the tea and handed each woman a cup before pouring his own. "Please help yourselves," said Edmund, pointing to the variety of cakes and biscuits.

Veronica went on to explain the reason why they were here and her vision for the future of the parish. As her friend was speaking Julie began to get an uncomfortable feeling. She couldn't pinpoint it initially but she knew it had to do with Edmund. Suddenly it came to her as she recognised the satanic symbol on Edmund's ring but was too late.

Edmund acted swiftly as he pointed his ring towards the unsuspecting women and a strange light emanating from it rendered powerless and put them in an almost zombie like state. Edmund gave a sinister laugh. "Yes Mrs Morris. You guessed correctly; all is not what it seems."

Veronica and Julie could see and hear Edmund but his voice was a strange echo. Their vision was a foggy dream like state and they were unable to move. Edmund took a few moments to survey his prisoners. He admired them both but was taken by Veronica in particular.

This time he pointed his ring at Veronica and she stood up. Edmund moved his hand up and down and Veronica began to give a corresponding moan as she began to feel aroused by his actions. "Uuugh," she sighed as he breasts began to tingle and her pussy was being probed by this strange force.

Julie was shocked at her friend's reactions but she was unable to say or do anything. For a moment everything stopped and Veronica stood still. Edmund once again, pointed to Veronica and this time she began to disrobe. As she slowly unbuttoned her white blouse her slip came into view. It was only as she unzipped her blue skirt and allowed the loosened garment slide to the floor that its full length could be seen. After discarding her slip Veronica turned her back to Edmund. She turned her head towards him with a smile as she teasingly slipped the straps of her plain white bra from each shoulder. She unsnapped it and swinging around to face him, allowed it to join the rest of her clothes in a heap on the floor and at that same moment her magnificent breasts sprang forth as if joyfully escaping their forced confinement. Her nipples hardened as they made contact with the air. In one swoop, Veronica gripped black tights and white knickers and rolled them down. She stepped out of them and putting her hands on her bare hips stood there unashamedly exhibiting her naked beauty.

All this time Julie witnessed this erotic display. It was the first time she had seen her best friend naked and despite her moral outrage, she found it arousing, although she would never admit it.

Once again Veronica began to move her hands. She began to moan ever more as she fondled her nipples with both hands. Eventually she moved her left hand to her pussy and began to play with it. Julie was once again morally disgusted but despite this she felt a sudden sexual attraction to her friend. She couldn't understand it. She was always heterosexual. She never had a lesbian bone in her body.

"Your girlfriend is very beautiful, isn't she Julie?"

"Y-yes," stuttered Julie. "She is very desirable."

Edmund turned to Julie and pointing his ring to her, Julie found herself undressing in front of this stranger. As soon as she was naked, Edmund compared the two beauties. As well as being three inches smaller than Veronica, Julie's breasts were medium. She also boasted a full pubic bush as apposed to Veronica's trimmed pussy. It was the trimmed pussy that took Edmund by surprise.

Veronica now lay back on the settee and with arms outstretched, beckoned her friend to come to her. Without hesitation Julie mounted Veronica and they began kissing passionately. Julie broke the kissed and with her tongue she travelled to Veronica's breasts and began to lick, suck and nibble them alternately, much to Veronica's delight as she continued to breathe deeper and deeper. When Julie reached Veronica's pussy she halted only to turn around in order to get into a sixty-nine position and both women began to lick and suck ravenously with a crazed lesbian ardour that neither could have imagined was ever possible. They orgasmed almost simultaneously, leaving both women breathless and exhausted.

Once again Edmund, using his strange powers made Veronica and Julie dress and resume their original seating. Veronica began to speak as if concluding her speech and both women had no recollection of what had just happened. Edmund looked at his watch. "My goodness. Is that the time?"

Veronica was amazed as she realised that an hour and a half had just passed. "Have I been speaking that long? Why didn't you stop me?"

"Oh I found it interesting and revealing," responded Edmund.

"Well, we must be going," Veronica as they got up.

"I really would like to learn more. Why don't you call back on Friday and we can have an even better discussion?" asked Edmund with enthusiasm.

Veronica was about to say no because of her scheduled surgery but something compelled her agree. Both Veronica and Julie were confused. They both felt damp and exhausted. More than that though was the sudden secret sexual craving they had for each other. That night as she slept, Veronica dreamt of ravishing her friend. She woke with a start and wondered just what was getting into her. At that same moment Julie woke from the same erotic dream and was wondering the same thing.

What neither Veronica nor Julie knew was that Edmund had secretly filmed their lesbian tryst. He had also secretly photographed them in various stages of undress with strategically placed cameras. Now, as both women had their very erotic dreams, just as he had intended, Edmund enjoyed his homemade DVD. He found it a real turn on to see these very conservatively dressed ladies strip naked and indulge themselves in a lesbian frenzy. Not being a religious believer, he failed to understand why women would want to hide their beautiful bodies. The final edited DVD made it look as if they had always been lesbian lovers.

Edmund Slater was very pleased with himself. The first part of his plan had been a success and he chuckled as he thought of what was to come.


The following Friday found the two women again at Edmund's house. Veronica had asked Clare, her receptionist to rearrange her patient appointments. As they approached the house Veronica and Julie could hear strange music. Veronica was about to knock on the door but Edmund opened just as she was about to.

"Ah ladies, it's good to see you again. Please come in." He led them into the living room and to their surprise there were about a dozen men in their twenties already there.

"Gentlemen, the entertainment has arrived."

Some of the men laughed. Veronica and Julie tried to turn but Edmund, using his ring, took total control of them. For a moment both women stood silent and then faced each other. Mindlessly, they began to strip each other, garment for garment, until finally they stood naked and their blouses, skirts and underwear lay in an untidy heap on the floor. They then knelt without a word and the men, now naked gathered around like vultures waiting to pick off their prey.

One of them forced his hardened cock into Veronica's mouth and she began to suck with apparent expertise. This was despite the fact it was her first oral experience. At that same moment a huge cock was placed in each of her hands and she began to hand fuck them too. Her body was slightly adjusted so that her arse could be plundered by cock after cock.

Despite being in this zombie like state Veronica and Julie could feel the sensation of burning in their arses with each explosion of cum. It seemed to go on for ever and as they changed partners their rhythms also seemed to pick up speed. The men and both women began to moan as the crazed orgy became more and more intense. Finally, as the last of them spent their loads, Veronica and Julie fell on their sides, totally exhausted.

A few moments later they were led by Edmund to the shower. As the jets of steamy water cascaded about them Veronica and Julie began to wash each other down. Suddenly Veronica planted a passionate kiss on her friend and Julie reciprocated. Veronica began to suck and lick Julie's nipples. She then knelt and began to attack Julie's pussy with her tongue. Veronica kept assaulting Julie until her finally orgasmed to the tongue lashing. Julie also gave a corresponding performance, much to the delight of their gathered audience.

After they left the shower Edmund again used his ring and they were instantly dried. They dressed rapidly and sat in seats. The men who had been watching also disappeared suddenly in a puff of smoke. Veronica began to speak as if nothing had happened and after a brief discussion Edmund sent the two women on their way. They were both confused and bewildered. What was even more puzzling was that they couldn't understand why their arses were very sore.

That night Veronica had another erotic dream. This time she and Julie had sex in the shower together and as before they both woke up wondering what was happening to them. At that same moment, Edmund was amusing himself with his new homemade DVD which he titled "Gangbang of a Vicar's Wife."


Two weeks later it was half term at the university and Alison and James were home for the period. Veronica had persuaded them to help Edmund Slater to tidy his garden. At the same time John and Patricia Morris were persuaded by their mother to paint his house. Edmund was delighted with this as it gave him an opportunity to enslave them.

It was a hot day and after several hours he called them all in for some cool drinks. Again using his strange power all four sat motionless on the settee in the living room.

First of all he led Alison and James upstairs to a bedroom. Like her step-mother before, Alison began to moan as she became aroused by Edmund's ring. James could see and hear her but was unable to speak or move. Alison then removed her top, revealing her plain bra. After slipping off her shoes she slid her jeans down. As she stood in her bra and knickers James's cock hardened. He was shocked. He had never seen his sister in a sexual way before. After all, it was wrong.

Edmund could see the young man's struggle. "Your sister is very beautiful. Isn't she James?"

James tried turn away. "Noo, mustn't," he cried.

You are very strong but not that strong," laughed Edmund as he forced James to face his sister who was now naked. Alison, at twenty-one was an almost perfect young woman. Her breasts were full and firm. Her waist was slim and her black hair was long. She began to fondle her nipples. In the meantime James stripped. He pushed his sister onto the bed and gently mounted her. They began to kiss passionately. The sheer warmth of their naked bodies seemed elevate their excitement as their kissing became frantic. James moved to his sister's breasts and began to suck and nibble alternately. In response, Alison gave off sighs and moans that encouraged her brother. He made his way down the gap between Allison's breast with his tongue, licking and sucking as he made his way to her other breast. Eventually he made his way to her bare pussy and drilling through her pussy lips he lashed her clit almost in a frenzy.

"Oh fuck," yelled Allison. It wasn't very often James heard his sister use such language but it acted as a spur as he continued working on her clit. Finally sensing she was ready, James gently inserted his hardened cock and began to pound her hard. Each stroke brought a moan of excitement. Their breathing became deeper as their pace accelerated and their body heat caused them to perspire. Alison could feel her juices beginning to gather and James was close to orgasm.

They both strained to prolong this ecstatic moment of sexual joy but eventually they gave way to a huge and for both, a very satisfying orgasm. As with their mother, Edmund led brother and sister to the shower and dried them with his power. They resumed their positions at the table in the living room. Edmund then led Patricia and John to the bedroom where they enjoyed the same sexual deeds. When all four left they couldn't understand how each had a sexual desire for their sibling.

That night they all had the same erotic dream and Edmund amused himself with his latest home movie which he entitled "Sibling Lust" Everything was going to plan.


A few days later Julie arrived home from work. Her husband, George, stayed on with a client. There was no sign of John and Patricia. It was unusual because they usually lounged around the living room. She heard movement upstairs and went up to investigate. She could hear strange moaning from John's bedroom and when she opened the door she was horrified at what she saw. John and Patricia were naked and having sex. Julie was about to yell at them when she heard someone clearing their throat. She swung around. "Mr Slater? What are?..." Julie got no further as Edmund used his powers.

"Mum, come on in and join us," cried John with a childlike excitement.

Julie mindlessly walked into the room and her children stood up and began to strip their mother of her business suit. Julie just stood still as John unbuttoned and removed her black striped jacket and Patricia knelt as she opened and pulled down her mother's matching pants. John meantime, unbuttoned and removed Julie's white blouse. His cock hardened at the sight of her medium breasts when he discarded her plain white bra. He began to suck and lick them alternately. At the same time Patricia had removed her mother's plain knickers. "Oh mum, you'll have to let me do something about that hair," she laughed and began to probe Julie's pussy with her tongue.

"Oooh," moaned Julie as her children continued to devour her sexually. There was only a temporary halt as she was carried towards the bed and gently eased onto it. John resumed sucking and licking his mother's breasts while Patricia lashed Julie's clit. As her arousal grew so did Julie's moaning. "Oh fuck," she yelled several times.

Patricia suddenly stopped and looked up. "She's just about ready John," she said to her brother. They then switched positions. John spread his mother's smooth legs and gently inserted his cock. Patricia mounted Julie and pressed her bare pussy to her mother's lips and Julie began to lick and suck her daughter as if it were normal. John's movement was initially slow but picked up speed with each stroke. Julie's body began to respond positively and they eventually settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm. At the same time she enjoyed punishing her daughter's clit. It was even more exciting when she heard Patricia moan. Soon too, Julie could feel her juices beginning to gather. Both she and her son orgasmed together much to their mutual satisfaction. Simutaneously, Patricia also orgasmed. Whether it was exhaustion or Edmund Slater's power, all three fell into a deep slumber. As before, Edmund filmed the whole thing. This time however he did nothing to hide what had just happened.

It was several hours later when Julie Morris slowly began to wake. Confused when she felt body heat, she turned to her right only to see her son John also starting to come around. When she turned to her left she saw Patricia who also coming out of her slumber. It was an even greater shock when she realised they were all naked. It was clear to her what they had been up to but she could neither remember nor believe what had just transpired.

Before her children became fully awake Julie sprang from the bed and grabbing her clothes, she fled to her own bedroom. She used her en suite shower to freshen up. She decided not to say anything about what had happened, afraid she might inadvertently reveal her own involvement. She remained troubled however and simply couldn't understand what had just happened.

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