tagLesbian SexThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 11

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 11


When George, and Susanna's husband, Peter, the local vicar, agreed to Sue and me having a weekend together in London for her birthday, the prospect of being together for a whole weekend was wonderful! I'm not sure of either of them are aware that we are lovers, but if they do, they certainly haven't made an issue of it. Perhaps they think it's better to have another woman as a lover, than a man. And they're quite right, of course. Besides, if the affair became general knowledge, the press would have a field day! So we have to be very discreet.

One of our staff drove us to the airport. After a hectic Friday, sex with the Air Hostess, then with Sue as soon as we arrived at the flat, then a long erotic session on the bed after dinner, I think we lost the number of orgasms we each reached. Beside, it's rude to count. Nevertheless, we were both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with the excitement of being together openly, pleasing ourselves - or should I say pleasuring ourselves!

To wake up with Susanna in my arms was a really heavenly experience. It's the first time I've slept all night with a woman - it was wonderful, unalloyed joy to wake with the lovely soft breasts of Susanna to stroke, and her bottom cheeks to caress, and her pussy to explore with fingers whilst still half asleep. I felt wrapped up in a protective warmth filling my whole being. Glowing. Sue woke up and we just kissed and kissed. Oh Hell! Never mind our mouths being like the bottom of bird cages - we were in our seventh heaven, for goodness sake. We were together. Just the two of us. Adoring each other!

When I went down on her, her pussy tasted of juices from the night before, but to hell with it - there can be nothing unpleasant about my darling Susanna! She tasted of apple blossom honey!! She rolled on top of me and we had a sexy wrestle, each trying to get the other to orgasm first!! Sue won! She has the tongue of a she devil! The climax surged from my feet, drowning my loins in agonizing bliss.

I ran a hot bath for us, but the bathroom isn't all that big. As the bath filled, I sat on the loo - Sue was in a wicked mood - she came in, stood astride my legs, leaned back, thrust her hips forward and parted her labia. Then she peed over me!! I watched fascinated as the golden jet spurted from the middle of her vulva, hitting me between the boobs to trickle down my belly and mingle with my own pee! We laughed fit to burst. She said she'd always wanted to piss all over the aristocracy!!

'As long as you don't want the crap all over them darling...' Anyway, I told her, it was George who's the aristocrat, not me!

'Well, you're the closest I'll get,' she laughed!

We had fun making breakfast in our dressing gowns. I peeled a banana, which I pressed between her legs deep into her vagina. She perched on the edge of the kitchen table so that I could squat between her thighs and slowly eat the fruit as she expelled it.

'Mmmm, delicious! I never realized how tasty a banana could be!'

Then Sue did likewise with her own banana! The feeling of a soft length of fruit inside the vagina is wonderful. Quite different from any other object. Susanna was really having a good time. Normally, she is an earnest, serious lady, listening to the griefs of the parishioners. Here, she could forget the pretense, letting her hair down. Which is exactly what she did, I'm glad to say.

I offered to take her to a theatre on Saturday, but she said she'd come to spend a couple of days with me - to have me all to herself, not sit in some dark auditorium with hundreds of other people. So we spent the afternoon looking round Oxford Street's lovely shops, examining the lingerie and giggling. Oh yes! And the Ann Summers shop! I offered to buy some love patches, but Sue said 'Who the hell needs love patches - bromide patches more like!!'

Our feet ached by the time we got back to the flat. We had treated ourselves to some attractive underwear - and a bottle of champagne for later. But more loving sex and a nap in each others arms refreshed us. To start the evening we had a few drinks in the cocktail bar in Dolphin Square - we were chatted up by a couple of dishy looking guys - it was a good laugh really. They offered to take us out for the evening and give us a good time. I'll bet they did! I had to tell them that they were wasting their time with the two of us, that I was sorry to tell them that they had nothing that we wanted. I think they twigged.

The waitress was a dishy looking French girl called Emeline, who looked about twenty with short-cropped dark hair. We got to know her as Emmy. Sue fancied her! I could tell by the way she gazed at her. Emmy told us about the One Night Stand Club down the road - ladies get free drinks - but they have to be up for some free sex if they go in! I'll bet they do! We thought we'd give that a miss as well! Sue asked Emmy what time she finished and would she care to join us for a drink in our flat afterwards. Fucking hell! I thought she might have asked me first. But what the hell... Emmy looked fresh and clean, well endowed with curves. And Susanna was in a wicked mood, so why not go along with it. I smiled sweetly at Emmy, easing forward so that she could see my cleavage.

I think that did it. Emeline laughed as her eyes lingered on the swell of my breasts. 'Perhaps,' she murmured. Say eleven?'


Hand in hand, Sue and I strolled up the embankment towards Chelsea - an Italian restaurant in Cheyne Walk. It was a beautiful warm spring evening, with the sun over the river and the rattle of trains across the bridge. Very relaxing.

'Did I ever tell you about Jane, on her half-term visit home?' Sam asked as we walked along the embankment.

'No, what's your daughter been up to?' I laughed. 'I expect it's something rude!'

'I've never dared mention a word of this to anyone. But you're special, Sarah, and understanding.'

'Hey! This sound serious!

'Well... according to Jane, it was during an evening in the Uni club bar, just before half-term hols, that she and her group of girl friends got chatting about incest. It seemed that one or two had experienced some form of sexual contact with their fathers - well, they said they had, though Jane said she was never sure just how true these claims were. Just attention grabbing. Even so, they gave rise to erotic feelings and helped Jane's fantasies when masturbating before going to sleep.

'She admits to being a regular masturbator - wanker, as she calls it. "Why don't you try it, mum?" I didn't like to admit that I did from time to time. But as Jane's fantasies surfaced she found herself imagining her mother involved in the action, rather than her father.'

'Good grief, Sue! You're not serious!' I laughed in some sort of embarrassment. Jane and Sue? Well... I didn't know what to think. I know they were a close family, but I hadn't thought this went as far as sharing sex. Gosh! How wrong can you be?

'All this, she explained, had started with me getting ready to go out for the evening. At our last parish, we did socialize rather a lot. Mixing with the local musical society. Jane would gaze at my figure with envy. My breasts and furry groin fascinated her. I remember smiling at her. "Never mind Jane, I'd say, "one day you too will be a woman with the right sort of curves and be able to wear lipstick."

'When I caught her in my bedroom, holding my soiled knickers to her face, her fingers between her thighs, I was rather shocked. I didn't say anything. I just withdrew quickly and went downstairs. I couldn't understand what it was about the smell of pair of my dirty knickers that excited her. Then I realised that perhaps she was a lesbian, so any female smell would be of interest - but no! She was too interested in young men. Bisexual I suppose.

'Like mother like daughter?' We laughed together.

'Anyway, when she got home for the hols - or vacation as they call it these days - I was out at some official musical society dinner. Peter was away at some church conference, so I was alone. When I got home, I had a nightcap - brandy and tonic - which I took upstairs with me. I popped my head round her door to make sure she was asleep, and got undressed for bed.

'Perhaps it was the wine, or being alone in my bed, but I found myself drowsing off to sleep, groping my damp pussy, and began wondering in my half sleep if Jane was doing the same. What would it be like, I wondered idly, to fondle Jane down there. Feel her suckle again my nipples. How different would our private parts be? After all, mother and daughter should have some similarities.'

'You'd have thought so, Sue, but I've a feeling you're going to tell me that you found out. I have no idea myself,' I giggled, 'but if hers are like yours, she's a lucky girl.'

'Well... I thought I heard a stifled sob through the dividing wall. My bed-head was against that wall and so was Jane's. So it was something like a sounding board. Straining to catch the least sound, all was still again. I had no idea what caused her to cry out. Perhaps an orgasm?

'I was now wide awake. Then, I heard a rustling sound on the landing. My bedroom door was slightly ajar. It made a light hissing sound as it opened over the carpet. The landing light was out, so all was in darkness. The next thing I knew was that the bedcovers were lifted and Jane slipped in beside me.'

'She whispered, "Are you okay, mum?" "Yes darling. Hello." "Bet you're lonely."

'I didn't reply, wondering what she was leading up to. Jane cuddled in to me, arm across my tummy, with her head on my shoulder. The scent she was wearing was attractive. Mmm! She smelled good. Then I felt Jane kissing my cheek lightly. I realized that the scent was not all artificial. There was the distinct tang of womanly juices mixed in. Jane sensed it as well, I think, inhaling deeply, gently caressed my belly allowing her finger tips to brush against the top of my hairy patch. Soft fur. I stiffened, wondering what my daughter was up to - rubbing my belly like that. But it gave a flutter inside. Good grief! That gave the game away. No! I took Jane's hand and pushed it away.

'But I don't mind admitting that I was fairly aroused. Well, I'd been feeling pretty randy all evening, after one of the dishy men tried to chat me up during the dinner. I speculated on his equipment!'

'Really Sue! And a vicar's wife at that,' I said mockingly.

'Yes! A very sexy one! So it didn't take much. Jane persisted though, pressing her lips against the upper swelling of my left boob, feeling it rise and fall as my mind spun. I turned away from her on my side, to try to signal her to stop. But the touch of another's fingers on my body was provocative. And I was hot for it.

'For a while we lay together like spoons. I tried to pretend I was going to sleep, but I could sense that Jane was even more eager to explore my body. Her hand was laid on my thigh. I brushed it away, but then Jane threw her leg over my bum. It was supposed to be a casual gesture, but I could tell she was trying to feel me up. The trouble was, that I was getting roused myself. I felt the hair of her groin against the top of my thigh.

'It was when she leaned over the back of my head and started to kiss and nibble behind my ear that I felt the juices soaking my pussy. Fingers were tracing a path over the top of my bum. I thought she was going to slip them onto my pussy there and then. I suddenly turned to face her. "No darling. You mustn't. Let me go to sleep." Jane just murmured into my ear. "Mummy darling. I want to love you. Just for a while." And before I could reply, her head ducked under the sheet and I felt her lips latch onto my right nipple. My body responded with an involuntary twitch.

'Then suddenly, her hand was between my thighs. I tried shutting them tightly, but the fingers were already paddling in the sticky juices. I panicked! Oh, my God! My own daughter trying to feel me. Why...? But the expert fingers found my clit - and you know how that starts me off Sarah. My belly trembled and I started leaking like mad.'

'I sure do.'

'She whispered. "Relax mum. Let me play with you. I've waned to explore you for years. Now's the chance with dad away." Well, I did. I relaxed, but was far from content. Until her fingers started to excite my pussy even more. My thighs were quivering. What the hell, I thought. And squeezed my hand between us, snaking their way to her private bits. I must admit to being very curious about my daughter's pussy. Mmmm! The labia were prominent and the pussy leaking heavily. As my fingers touched her clit, Jane's thighs jerked with a grunt. "Oo, yes mum!"

'And in no time, we were grappling with each other's body in a fever of lust. Gosh Sarah! I suddenly wanted her body. Boobs, pussy - everything. I didn't care any more about the morals of it. Mother and daughter? So what! She was giving me sensations I hadn't felt for ages.

'When she threw the bed sheets back, she straddled her body over me, head to toe, getting her face straight between my thighs. Her tongue, lips and teeth were tantalizing my vulva. Nibbling and chewing. My clit was ablaze with lust. I was jerking wildly, feeling the tensions mounting deep inside my belly.

'When Jane pushed her soft, dripping vulva over my mouth, I sucked and ground at her, pressing my tongue as far as I could into her pussy. She tasted and smelled lovely. I'd forgotten how sweet a woman's juices can be. But your own little girl's - gosh, darling! It was mind blowing. But I was fast coming to the boil. And I was getting vocal, begging her to bring me, eating her as though my hunger would never he satisfied.

'I fell into an orgasmic haze. My heaving body just wallowed in the sheer sexual sensations of a long shaking climax. I was conscious of Jane rolling over me, her spasms shuddering her loins. She was crying out "Yes, yes, yes! Great!" as I bit my lip to prevent my own cries of elation. And she actually came in my mouth.'

'How do you mean, came?'

'I mean ejaculated!'

'What? No, just a squirt of pee.'

'No! Like a gush of pussy juice.'

I laughed. 'Pull the other one, Sue.'

I never know when to believe these tales of Sue's. I have to say, though, that she is very convincing, if a bit over descriptive. I remembered her stories about her sexual indiscretions in their last parish. The senior choirboy and the headmaster's wife. But she was so emotional when she recounted those tales, that I just had to believe every word. Even her detailed descriptions of their sessions! However, it had passed time as we walked along the embankment.

By this time, we had arrived at the restaurant. We found a table in the window, ordered a bottle of Burra Brook Chardonnay to start, whilst studying the menu and deciding on our meal. A tomato and mozzarella salad, followed by I Gamberoni with a tossed green salad. Whilst we were sipping our wine, I asked, 'well then... what happened next?'

'What... oh, well, we spent goodness how long making love together again and again. I had lost count of the orgasms. Until we fell asleep exhausted. When I woke up, it was already past eight o'clock. I was alone in the bed. I could hear the shower. We never spoke about it again.'

'And was hers the same as yours?' I asked with a smile.

'Her what'

'Oh, come on, Sue. Her pussy! What else?'

'Oh! Er... very similar, yes. And her tits were lovely. Not quite as full as mine, but then she has time to fill out a bit.'

I laughed openly. 'Well, an amusing story Sue, beautifully told, if a little over descriptive at times, but I'm not sure whether I believe you or not.'

'Oh, it's all true.'

Sue started to laugh. I joined in. 'Well, you've managed to get my knickers in a sticky mess.'

'Mine as well. Can I have a quick feel under the table?'

Then the first course arrived. As the waiter filled our plates, I felt Sue's bare foot stroking my legs, pushing the toes into the wet crotch, without a flicker on her face. Fucking hell! She was getting me all stirred up!

'Stop it, Sue. Behave and eat your meal!'

The fool and wine was delicious.

Feeling happily lazy, we decided to take a taxi back to the Square, so that I could slip my fingers up her skirt and fondle her public hair. She purred with happiness. Sheer bliss!

Getting back to the flat, Sue stripped off for a quick shower. I switched on the TV for some background, got undressed, slipping on a silk kimono before tidying the room. I spread a thick bath sheet over the bed in anticipation of later activities and leakages before taking the bottle of champagne from the fridge for a last night celebration of our friendship. Sitting up in bed together, sipping Moet et Chandon was my idea of heaven. Then... sex!

The door buzzer sounded. I suddenly remembered Emmeline. As I opened the door, there she was, smiling, with her large bag draped over her shoulder. Her eyes opened wide her gaze falling straight away on my state of undress. In particular, the shape of my breasts under the diaphanous gown.

'Hi! You look good enough to eat!' her eyes were certainly devouring the sight of my nipples.

'Emmy - do come in darling. You look pretty tasty yourself!'

I stood back to let her through. At that very moment the bathroom door opened and Sue stood in their naked, silhouetted against the light of the bathroom behind. At the sight of Emmy, Sue stood quite still in the doorway, looking very girlish and defenseless, her breasts handing softly from each shoulder, nipples tightly wrinkled. Her slightly parted legs showed the outline of her labia protruding from the outer lips, with wisps of pubic hair. It was a very erotic sight, I thought.

I could see from her expression that Sue was bewitched at the sight of Emmy. Her eyes had that vacant look, and her mouth was half open in bewilderment. Turning round again after closing the door to the flat, I saw that Emmy had slipped her blouse off her bra-less shoulders, letting it fall to the floor along with her shoulder bag, and was moving slowly towards Sue. She had beautiful plentiful breasts which swayed slightly as she moved. I noticed the mole on the right breast. As they met, Emmy's hands went round Sue's waist, pulling her close so that their breasts pressed together, and their lips met in an exploratory kiss.

I must admit feeling a pang of jealousy watching their nipples rubbing together. This stranger taking advantage of my lover without any preliminaries. Without even a word. Then I saw that Sue was kissing Emmy hard and passionately, her hands eagerly caressing Emmy's back. She was evidently bowled over by the young French lady. I moved in behind Emmy, unclasped the waist band of her long skirt, allowing it to shutter to the floor. Her pink lace thong soon followed. She had a slender waist but wide hips.

Kneeling behind her writhing body, I lifted one foot after the other from the heap of clothes, slinging them to one side, squatting back to admire the taught, perk buttocks before me. The long shapely thighs, clad in sheer hold-up black silk stockings, begged to be stroked - or, at least, I thought they did and trailed the tips of my fingers along the inner surfaces of the thighs until they reached the bare pale skin. I am a sucker for bums! I love stroking them, knowing that they hide a woman's most secret treasure, speculating on what that teasure might look like.

Emmy sank down to her haunches so that she could latch her lips on to Sue's nipples, hand gripping her waist. I was now able to explore between her buttocks, cupping the warm furry mound between her thighs in my right palm, whilst the other stroked her bum. Heavenly! I almost came there and then. Gosh, she was certainly ready by the wetness of her vulva. Reaching further I came across her clit, pushing lewdly from its hood. It was a fairly long and stiff - rather like a little cock. I was eager to examine it, but not yet. The night was young. She squirmed with pleasure, wriggling her buttocks against my hand.

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