tagLesbian SexThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 12

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 12


Susanna, the vicar's wife, was enjoying very private intimate relations with Sarah - a well-known and highly respected lady in her mid forties, and wife of a local aristocrat - whom she first met at an official lunch of the local district authority. The women's close relations developed quickly, and had been going on for several weeks, when one Sunday morning after the church service, during coffee in the Parish Hall, despite their great care, a brief, though incautious hooking of little fingers, coupled with a 'special' look between them was intercepted by Cynthia, the Church Warden.

Cynthia immediately recognized the meaning of that exchange. Naturally, she became very curious. Susanna was a very attractive lady just turned forty, whom Cynthia fancies herself. Although she had joined Susanna for coffee at the vicarage, she had yet to return the compliment. Perhaps she could persuade Susanna to join her for coffee, perhaps a session on her sun-bed. Perhaps ...?

Cynthia, though not yet sixty, was a wealthy widow whose husband died over two years ago. A highly successful cosmetic surgeon of international renown, he amassed a fortune, mostly invested through a capital investment management company, yielding his widow a sizeable income, besides a generous pension. A car accident cut his life short, leaving Cynthia, at the age of fifty-six, a widow with two grown children, both married with children of their own. She was, of course, bitterly upset at the tragic accident, and the grieving period lasted many months, before she was able to come to terms with her situation.

The first thing she did, with the advice of her son, was to move into a new house, to get away from the old memories infesting her present large detached Edwardian property in the executive belt of the city. In addition, being in a half acre of land, the upkeep was substantial. Her son, whose business was in real estate, arranged the sale through a suitable agent for approaching three quarters of a million, and found her a more appropriate modern property, though she still insisted on having a five-bedroom detached house, for less than half a million. She spent money transforming her new home into a personal haven of luxury, with every possible convenience for her and guests - though she has few close friends and her only guests were her children.

Of course, with a husband in the cosmetic surgery industry, Cynthia always kept at the height of physical attractiveness and fitness. When he was alive, she was expected to be an example of his profession when accompanying him. Her skin was smooth and clear - thanks to a continuous course of expensive creams and facial massage - giving her the appearance of a woman easily ten years younger.

Thankfully, her figure required no help from her husband's skills to retain a perfect feminine shape, which, in spite of having delivered two children, was in excellent shape. She undertook regular keep-fit classes and private bodily massage by an efficient, attractive, responsible young woman called Adele. The massage occasionally included attention to the soft, private area between her thighs, resulting in relaxing orgasms for Cynthia. She came to look forward to these massages, with those sensitive fingers gently probing her secret womanly parts, giving her delightful sensations in her loins and delicious fulfilling climaxes. Adele was very adept at giving satisfaction in an undemanding way - apart from her fee, of course.

A very attractive woman, Cynthia could have easily found a younger man to share her life, allowing her to lead a full and happy existence. But she was very wary that such a man, though looking after her physical needs, would be rather more interested in what she owned than what she offered. This would never allow her to relax with a gentleman friend, nor to trust one fully. As a consequence, Cynthia sought solace by artificial means of satisfaction until recently, when another widow, equally as wealthy as Cynthia, began to show interest in her.

Moving into a new home had brought Cynthia to a new parish in the city where the lady in question - Anne - welcomed her to the congregation. When Cynthia learnt that Anne was a retired masseur, they started mutual massage sessions on Cynthia's sun-bed, which eventually developed into more adventurous massage, with heavy sex activities, leading to oral stimulation, which resulted in delicious orgasms for each of them.

The sun bed was a permanent feature of the luxury conservatory, lavishly filled with shrubs and plants, kept a temperature and humidity necessary for their well-being. The floor was covered with ceramic tiles, slightly tilted to allow water to drain into a gully and out to a drainage system. Other deep relaxing chairs were also kept in the warm, sun-filled room. Well, when there was a sun of course! Cynthia loved relaxing among the exotic flowers and plants, reading or listening to her favorite music.

After moving into the new area, to occupy her mind, she threw herself into the affairs of the church, and, as a means of repaying the kindness of the church, and the vicar - the Rev Lionel Swanson - Cynthia made generous donations to the restoration fund, helping out in the Parish office, which brought her into contact with the administrators. Much to her surprise, she had not been in the parish very long, when the position of Church Warden became vacant. She found herself nominated, then appointed to the post!

It was only to be expected that she would meet Susanna in the course of her Church Warden duties, though the vicar's wife did not get too involved with administration, leaving all that to the Deacon, the Parish Administrator, and their helpers. Susanna was anxious not to interfere with their duties. But a generous contributor to the church funds had to be nurtured!

So it was that Cynthia got invited to the vicarage for coffee, finding Susanna a charming and friendly lady. Although turned forty years of age, Susanna looked rather younger, with a fairly tall trim slender figure. Had she not worn flat heels, she would have been a very elegant height, with her long shapely legs adding to the image. Cynthia was very taken with her in every way! They gossiped, as women do, about other people in the parish, the WI and the price of petrol in the local garage.

It was during their chat over coffee at the vicarage one morning following the incident at church, when Cynthia had intercepted a special look between Susanna and Lady Sarah, that Cynthia told Susanna all about her masseur friend - though only implying the physical extent of the massage - and suggested to Susanna that she must come round to visit and have a session on her sun-bed. Then, out of the blue, she asked Susanna.

'I hope you don't think I'm being nosey, and don't answer if you don't want to, but I can't get over a feeling I have that there's something rather... er... special between you and Lady Sarah.'

'What makes you think that?'

Cynthia noted the caution in Susanna's tone.

'I'm being personal now, Susanna, sorry... but I noticed the look you gave each other last Sunday during coffee - touching little fingers. That could only mean one thing to me.'

'What thing, Cynthia?'

The older woman paused before replying. 'Look! You both have very busy husbands. I have nothing whatever against a bit of romance between two charming ladies. I have ... I must admit ... my own secret relationship.'

'Then what interests you in mine?'

She leaned towards Susanna to touch her arm with her finger tips, looking keenly at her. 'You!'

Susanna returned her gaze with a faint relaxed smile, allowing Cynthia's hand to gently stroke her wrist. But Susanna was anything but relaxed. Her mind was in a quandary. There was no real choice now, she decided, but to pursue the discussion. She reappraised the woman in front of her in a realistic way. What she saw was certainly attractive, with her age causing no impediment in Susanna's mind. In fact, she was sure she could kiss those lips with enjoyment.

Yet she was unsure whether or not she wanted to start a sexual relationship with her. Stall, she thought. Just stall for the time being.

'Are you chatting me up, Cynthia. Testing the ground out?'

Cynthia laughed lightly. 'Yes, I am!'

'W-e-ll! Let me tell you then, that I have been bi-sexual for a long time - though not a practicing one all the time. Apart from girlish behavior when I was young, it was a headmaster's wife who first showed me my true inclinations.'

To tell Cynthia about the sixteen-year old young man who had seduced her frequently in a short-lived mad obsession, was unnecessary, Susanna thought. Sarah was the only other person to know about that - apart from the headmaster's wife of course! And the young man himself.

'Until Lady Sarah...?' was Cynthia's rhetorical question.

Susanna smiled. 'Thanks for the coffee Cynthia. I had no idea you harbored such hidden thoughts. But then I've long known that you can never tell a person's innermost thoughts by their outward appearance. Let me think about what you have said. In any case, nature has seen to it that any present opportunity isn't possible. When I'm clear, I may try your sun-bed. Sounds very inviting.'

'You're welcome at any time.'

Cynthia smiled to herself after Susanna had gone. Susanna had certainly not turned her down, no shown any dismay at her probing questions, making no attempt to dislodge Cynthia's hand from her wrist. At the same time, she had not acknowledged a relationship existed between her and Lady Sarah. But Cynthia was sure she was right. And when she learned some days later that the two of them had planned to spend a week-end in London together, her suspicions were confirmed.

Driving away from Cynthia's house, Susanna was uncertain what she should do. But further thoughts would be banished from her mind so that she might concentrate on the week-end before her. A week-end with Sarah in her family's London flat. They were due to fly to Heathrow on Friday lunchtime.

It was the following week when Cynthia phoned. Being in London meant that Susanna missed the Sunday morning service, so wasn't to be seen at church until evensong, at which Cynthia was missing due to family a visit. Susanna accepted Cynthia's offer of coffee the following morning.

Susanna had certainly had a wonderful time in London with Sarah, staying in Sarah's son-in-law's flat in Pimlico. A visit to Ann Summer's Marble Arch store had been both eye-opening and instructive, Sarah had bought one or two things - including two pairs of cami and French knickers for Susanna to wear. Although chatted up in the cocktail bar of the block of flats by two dishy guys, the two ladies chose to keep themselves to themselves.

They indulged in sex morning, noon and night in an orgy of very satisfying lesbian action. And the threesome with the French girl had been fabulous! Champagne poured in her vagina, then tipped into Sarah's willing mouth! And the girl's technique was professional, to sat the least! A night of almost unending orgasms!

It was the first time that Susanna had actually slept beside another woman all night. Waking up beside a soft warm female form, with breasts to kiss and a moist vulva to fondle was a wonderful experience for her. It was sad to be returning home on the Sunday afternoon, though Sarah had called round the following morning to spend a passionate hour with her in the vicarage conservatory, recalling the memory of those special times.

Such a succession of sexual activity had Susanna in a constant state of arousal. It was years since she had felt so sexually alive. Whist her whole body was aware of the underlying appetite gnawing at her, her loins had a constant slight ache - her clitoris always semi-erect and sensitive. Her fingers would often sneak into her knickers for a quick touch when she was alone.

For several years now, Susanna had to accept a declining sex life with her husband, with the occasional desultory intercourse being more for his benefit than for hers. Her orgasms were always self induced. Well - she thought - they had been married for twenty years after all. She realised that it wasn't really surprising that their love was a bit stale. Of course, Susanna was not aware that her husband had other mature ladies in the parish to satisfy his sex drive, which he took advantage of most weeks. Such is the selfishness of men - even vicars!

With her sex drive now in overdrive, and only able to see Sarah once a week - perhaps twice some weeks, it was barely sufficient to keep Susanna's lust at bay. So, she decided to encourage Cynthia a little further to see how things developed there. She could always call a halt if things didn't work out for her. This was something she didn't tell Sarah - though if asked, she was sure the truth would come out. Not that Sarah would mind, Susanna thought. After all, Sarah had Samantha, the doctor's gorgeous wife as a lover, as well as herself. But even so, Susanna thought it was best to be discreet at this stage.

Having sorted these matters out in her head, it was with a light heart, feeling a sense of adventure that Susanna went to visit Cynthia. She had decided to wear one of the cami French knickers sets Sarah had bought her in London. She was sure Cynthia would like it. Cynthia greeted her warmly with a kiss on the lips, which Susanna prolonged sufficiently to signal her interest in exploring a further close encounter.

The gesture wasn't wasted on Cynthia who had already planned a careful, unhurried seduction of the vicar's wife. Now encouraged by that single simple kiss, though, caution may not be as necessary as she once thought.

'How was the London trip?' she asked as she poured the coffee, after Susanna had removed her coat.

'We had a really wonderful time,' Susanna gushed. 'A bit of sight seeing, walks in the Royal parks, shopping - good food...'

'And the other activities?' Cynthia smiled, sitting beside her friend on the settee.

Susanna laughed lightly. 'Ah! You're being too inquisitive, Cynthia! But very satisfying. Sarah bought me some lovely underwear at Ann Summers' shop. Would you like to see?'

Cynthia's eye's opened wide at the speed of the offer as Susanna, twisting her body to face the older woman, unfastened her blouse, shrugging it off to reveal the blue satin camisole. She had been expecting to lead up to the subject of sex carefully, testing out the ground first. But Susanna sailed straight into it.

Unable to prevent herself, Cynthia reached over to softly stroke her hands over the pliant breasts, her heart beating rather faster than usual.

'What do you think?'

'Yes! Beautiful. And is there a bra to match?'

'Take a look,' was all Susanna said, holding out her arms.

Requiring no further encouragement, Cynthia drew the camisole over her friend's head allowing the blue lace see-through bra to come into view. With eyes glued to the curves of Susanna's breasts, Cynthia caressed them lovingly. The nipples, visible behind the lace, were already fully erect on their large swollen dark areolas. So, when Susanna leaned across to plant a kiss on Cynthia's mouth, drawing her towards her, Cynthia's arms snaked round her friend's back, searching for the bra catch, releasing it, to set free the heavy breasts.

Still engaged in a passionate exploration of tongues, Cynthia slipped the bra straps from Susanna's shoulders. It was only natural that Cynthia would now wish to gaze on those lolling breasts and pay homage to the nipples with her tongue. She heard Susanna's intake of breath, head thrown back, as her lips engaged with the hard nub.

The vicar's wife was being deliberately provocative when she offered to show Cynthia her lingerie, knowing that the older woman was longing to fondle her boobs. Nevertheless, Susanna was rather surprised at her own eagerness to show them to her. Ever since the previous morning when she and Sarah had made love in the conservatory, although deliciously satisfied as she always was with her best friend, Susanna now realised that she still yearned for more.

She had borne her frustration, however, knowing that the next morning would bring a new experience with Cynthia for her to enjoy. Cynthia had made no bones about what she wanted from her. Well now the time had come. Even so, she was surprised at the ease with which she'd overcome any embarrassment at displaying her breasts. She watched Cynthia's reaction to her 36C pear-shaped boobs. Her eyes were ablaze with lust.

Cynthia attached her lips on the nipples causing Susanna to draw in her breath sharply. It was curious how the feel of those lips was different to those of Sarah. Not better - nor worse - just subtly different. Her body was now blazing with her new-found desire. As Cynthia fed on her nipples, Susanna slipped her flat hands down the front of the older woman's blouse, deep into the bra cups, to clasp her soft boobs in the clutching fingers.

With her thumbs rubbing over the stiffened nipples, Susanna felt her loins churning with her own lecherousness. This was wonderful. So sexy. Cynthia, she knew, was already fully aroused. But right now, Susanna was eager to feel the evidence of that between her friend's thighs.

Before she could put her wishes into practice, however, Cynthia was already intent on exploring Susanna's private belongings. Her hand slid under the hem of Susanna's skirt, her finger pads pushing lightly up her inner thigh until they reached their goal. The French knickers offered no resistance to her questing fingers. They encountered the oozing labia in the heat of the vulva. Oh bliss!

The widow was exhilarated at the touch of Susanna's warm secret pouch. It felt silky and sexily enchanting. Her long sensitive fingers explored every hidden crevice and every flap of slippery flesh with care, slipping into the vagina itself to test its readiness, before lingering attentively on the little button, pleased at the response she felt in Susanna's loins and her unsteady breathing.

It was a blissful moment for Susanna. Her skin quivered at the touch of Cynthia's hand. Her breathing became shallow and her throat dried up with the sheer confusion of emotions as the fingers reached her most secret passage. Her hot weeping vagina. These were only the second set of fingers privileged to penetrate the most private part of Susanna's body in recent years, other than her own.

It was with deep sense of awareness that she concentrated on the mystery of her body being explored by strange, expert fingers. And it was gloriously exciting - profoundly thrilling and extremely lewd. She gave herself over entirely to the searching whims of the older woman. Great joy! Susanna's loins were trembling with lust and desire.

After a few moments of savoring these delicacies, Cynthia withdrew herself from Susanna, to quickly remove her own clothes altogether, throwing them into a pile on an armchair. Susanna watched her every move, her eyes glued to the breasts as they became visible before standing up from the settee. They were a perfectly firm round shape, with little sag, well defined areolas showing many pimple-like lumps around the solid long nipple. The skin was alabaster smooth.

Whilst she herself undid the waistband of her skirt, sliding it over her hips, removing it altogether, she watched Cynthia's body emerging from the clothing. The narrow waist, flat belly and shapely hips that put her own figure to shame, the groin covered with a light growth of golden pubic hair stretching down into the creases of her inner thighs. The very center of Cynthia's being was a plump cushion of outer labia, with a light covering of hair, separated by two crumpled lips of brown flesh bursting from the inner vestibule of her vulva. They were inviting Susanna to inspect them more closely. And that is exactly what she would do very soon.

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