tagIncest/TabooThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 20

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 20



There was no doubt about it. Emily was on a sexual high as she drove away from the vicarage after eating a quick breakfast alone. Toast and coffee. Her father was still getting dressed and she had no wish to have a casual conversation over breakfast having had sex with him in his bed earlier that morning. Three times! Emily laughed to herself. Three times he came! So any chat at breakfast might be rather embarrassing for them both.

But she had now seduced both her parents and found both experiences thrilling and very erotic. She felt ten feet tall! She couldn't wait to tell Susan.

Her mother was in London with her friend, Lady Sarah, spending the weekend in her step son-in-law's flat in Dolphin Square. Emily was sure that the two of them were what is called an item. Lovers! Cool! She herself was bi-sexual, with her college friend Susan and knew the awesome times that can be had between two sexy young ladies. And the not-so-young!

After getting onto the M1 North, Emily settled back, looking forward to the party she going to. It was her grandparents ruby wedding, though her father didn't really get on with his parents, and besides, Sunday was his busy day. So he had sent his apologies, hoping his daughter Emily would 'represent' him and Susannah. It was to be an afternoon buffet and barbecue in the grounds of their spacious house in the country. And with the sun shining, it looked like being a good day for all.

Her thoughts drifted back to her mother, recollecting how it had been rumoured that her mum had encouraged a young man from the church choir. The gossip was that Susannah had allowed the young man to have sex with her, but Emily could hardly believe that. Gosh! Not her mother, she told herself. But behind the serene facade of her mother's bearing might lay a hot passionate sexual desire!

The images of her mother being shagged by a youth like Andrew, his long cock banging in and out of her wet vagina, accompanied by moans of pleasure and grunts of delight were vivid in Emily's mind. She had always enjoyed a wonderful imagination ever since she could remember. Playing out fantasies in her mind had been a favourite occupation, particularly when she was feeling horny, which was most of the time! And now her mother was spending the weekend in London with her friend, Lady Sarah. She pondered the possibility of them having a thing going between them. She could visualize them rolling together on the bed, kissing and playing with each other's genitals. Hear their moans and squeals.

From there, her mind easily strayed to the memory of her father's cock, penetrating her that very morning, under the sheets he fucked her mother. It was awesome to think that she could have conceived her own sister. Wow! The thought made her giggle to herself! Just think! Giving birth to your own sister! Her father's daughter and grand-daughter in one! Though she guessed it happened more often that people cared to believe. The memory of the cock thrusting in and out of her was pleasant, even though it had been necessary for her to bring about her own orgasm with her fingers. But what a sensation! Thinking of the event had made her flood her knickers again. Thank goodness she had an extra absorbent liner in there!

As the thoughts drifted from one sexual image to another, her hand had strayed between her thighs, cupping the warm patch between her thighs. Hmm! She had always enjoyed sex very much, for as long as she could remember, with few inhibitions to deter her, even though her father was a priest. Her own self ministrations were equally satisfying. Emily often wondered whether or not other women were as horny as she was herself? Thought about sex as often? Masturbated with the same frequency? Watched pornographic videos?

It was her Aunt Angie who had first talked to her about sex and the female body. Her Aunt had once, several years ago, disturbed Emily whilst she was examining her mother's soiled knickers in the washing box. Emily was intrigued by her mother's stained panties, and loved to smell their pungent scent. That embarrassing event had resulted in her aunt sitting beside her on her bed, explaining about the vulva, the secretions from the vagina and orgasms, and how it was no sin to bring them about yourself.

As an illustration, Aunt Angie had removed her own knickers to demonstrate. Emily still recalled her surprise at seeing her Aunt's vulva, as she peeled off her knickers, exposing a mass of tangled auburn hair, though neatly trimmed. She was great, her aunt Angie. She talked about sex as she would talk about making a cake. There had been no embarrassment between them whatsoever. Emily had watched in astonishment as her aunt massaged her vulva with the two middle fingers of her right hand, parting the labia with them to show the oozing fluid from the centre of the cluster of fleshy lumps surrounding her vagina.

Emily loved talking about sex with her, though she never admitted knowing that her cousin Ferdie claimed to have fucked his mum. In any case, she hadn't know whether or not to believe Ferdie when he told her having had sex with his mother. Though he had known about the colour of her pubic hair. But being a red-head, that's not surprising. Still, Emily could believe it of them, though she was less willing to accept that her aunt was a high-class porn star and model. Ferdie insisted that she worked in the camera studio with her husband, as a model for other members of the club. Certainly, Ferdie knew what to do when it came to sexual intercourse.

Although it was still fairly early, Emily decided that she needed a break and a coffee. The Trowell service area was only a mile away. It wouldn't do to get to her grand parents too early, so a leisurely stop was called for.

After filling up with fuel, Emily parked her white Fiesta near to the amenities building. The large café area was very quiet. Tables and chairs set out in serried ranks, parallel to the large windows overlooking the motorway. She quickly got a fresh express coffee, finding a table by the window. As she stirred the milk into her cup, she became aware of someone looking at her. That eerie feeling that you're being watched. The hair at the back of her neck bristled a warning. She looked round, slowly. Not many people in the café. Two tables away to her left was a young woman staring at her. As their eyes met, the woman held her look before quickly averting her eyes to her coffee cup.

Well! She's attractive though, Emily thought casually, studying the woman. Not what you'd call a raving beauty, but ... yes ... attractive. She speculated more about her. Emily guessed her to be early twenties. A bit overweight perhaps. Probably called Mary, she thought, for no particular reason. Tanned face with fairly chubby cheeks, eyes set wide apart from the straight, small nose. Medium height, she thought, even though she was sitting down. The straight dark hair was cut rather short. A white blouse with a generous gap suggested a well endowed bosom.

As Emily studied her casually, the woman lifted her eyes over her cup to meet those of Emily again. This time, they became more enmeshed. Rather inquisitive. Asking questions? A hint of a smile turned the corners of the other woman's full mouth. A touch of coral-colored lipstick.

Emily smiled back. Encouraging.

There was definitely something meaningful in the exchange. As they each sipped their coffees, their eyes never faltered. Emily was trying to work out what was lying behind the gleam in the Mary's eyes. Her smile became a little wider as Mary's hand moved to her blouse to pull the lapel to one side - only by and inch or so, but enough to suggest she wanted to show Emily rather more.


Emily's eyes moved to the swelling of the creamy breasts. Which was what she knew was intended of course. Perhaps she should respond in kind. Without giving it much thought, feeling a bit wicked, after a quick look round to make sure no-one else was looking, Emily drew back the right lapel and slid her fingers into the top of the bra as if inviting the woman to follow suit. It was then that Emily noticed the parted legs beneath the table. A short skirt did little to prevent her seeing a flash of blue briefs. Was this deliberate, she wondered? Well, in conjunction with the open blouse, it had to be.

Feeling rather risque herself, Emily opened her own thighs a few inches. Her miniskirt was hardly sufficient to hide her own thong. It made her smile to herself to see the other woman's eyes drawn by curiosity to the sight. Whilst lifting the coffee cup to her lips, Emily sneaked her other hand between her legs, letting her long fingers touch her crotch. The other woman's eyes opened wide in surprise. It felt naughty having some stranger watch as she fingered herself between the thighs. In fact, Emily could easily have slid fingers into her vulva to rub her clit. Feeling horny, she eased the thong to one side, rubbing her exposed labia briefly before closing her thighs with a wide smile.

There was no doubt that the other woman was entranced by Emily's exploring fingers. Her own were rubbing the outside of her knickers in a circular motion. The two middle fingers. To add to the fun, Emily lifted her fingers to her mouth to lick them sexily. Mary's jaw dropped. Emily gave a little laugh to herself.

Enough! Emily should go to the ladies room to make herself comfortable before continuing her journey. It was in the other direction to the table Mary was sitting at. Gathering up her handbag and keys, Emily stood and left the table without so much as a glance at Mary.

The rest room was empty when Emily pushed through the door. But no sooner had she stepped inside than the door opened again, behind her. She turned to see who had followed her inside. There stood the young lady, her eyes gleaming, fixed on Emily. Mary! She stepped towards Emily, her cheeks flushed, putting one arm round her. Suddenly Emily was kissed on the mouth. Not surprisingly, she was taken aback by the suddenness of the approach. She felt Mary's other hand lift the mini skirt, fingers push down beneath the top of her thong, straight through the mass of her pubic hair until they reached her clitoris.


With a gasp of astonishment, Emily's body flexed at the unexpected touch of another woman. She was already well lubricated as the fingers slid down the crack to search between her labia. Grappling with her pussy, Mary was pushing her bodily backwards. Into a disabled cubicle. The door pushed closed with a foot, a breathless Emily leaned against the back of the cubicle as Mary dropped to her knees.

It was all happening so quickly. Mary had yanked the thong to one side, pushing her face against Emily's wet vulva. Oh god! This was wonderful! Astonishing, but so good. A feverish tongue lapping fiercely at her clit. Three fingers driven deep into the vagina. She grasped the head in both hands, to thrust it hard against the groin. The mouth and nose rubbing, fingers fucking her fast. Tongue exploring the whole vulva. Eating her! She was coming! Oh my god! Her loins rose and jerked. The orgasm slammed into her belly. Knees like jelly. Thighs shaking out of control.

Oh fuck! Shit! Phew! Body still trembling.

Now, Mary was pushing on Emily's shoulders, forcing her onto her knees. A naked vulva was suddenly pressed into Emily's face. A large lump of clitoris. Gosh! Big! Almost like a cock! Knees wide apart on either side of her shoulders. Emily gripped the labia between her lips. Chewing the fantastic, oversize clit. Tasting. Tongue penetrating the open vagina. Creamy and warm. Oozing with sex juices. Tangy and strong-tasting. Mary moaning and breathing fast. Slimy warm fluid like thick cream, rubbing over her mouth and chin. The big swollen clitoris between her lips. The vagina dribbling heavily. Chewing and sucking the whole vulva. The loins were heaving against her face. Hair grinding against her cheek. A wild convulsion with a series of urgent grunts. Mary was coming!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Loud urgent whispers. The vulva pressed violently against her mouth.


Deep breathing. Panting for breath,

Briefs were replaced swiftly over the groin, mini skirt smoothed down. The door opened and Mary disappeared, leaving Emily squatting against the cubicle wall, her skirt round her waist, her mouth smeared with Mary's thick juices.

Fucking hell! What a quick encounter. Incredible! A woman's head poked round the door with a look of concern, asking if she's feeling ok? Yea! Just tripped over she explained. Nothing to worry about, thanks. But before wiping the pussy juice from her mouth, Emily's tongue tested the musky taste. Mm!

She freshened up her face and repaired her make-up. When a composed Emily got back into the café area, Mary was long gone. Emily paid her tab before returning to her car. Looking around, still no Mary. Ah well!

The birthday party was a grand affair. Exclusive road-house restaurant with a large marquee where the food was served. Many guests and relatives of her Gran's side chatted away. Expensive food and drink in abundance, buffet style. Well, money was no object to her grandparents. They had made a fortune with a photographic studio in the center of the city, which had been started up by his ancestors, way back in the 1880's when photography was plates, flash bulbs and developing tanks. They had since become a very prestigious and exclusive studio, covering all the big society weddings in the area. Emily's grandfather was a very clever photographer, capturing the most attractive feature of any sitter, and flattering their image. The business blossomed and boomed.

Henry decided to create a small exclusive photographic club specializing in 'glamour' photographs. He took on a partner for this side of the business. Frank was an ingenious photographer, and between them, they found some very notable local people, eager to take photographs of beautiful naked ladies. One of these was the manager of a local fiver star hotel, offering the use of a penthouse apartment for a studio. Henry paid top rates for the girls and had no trouble in attracting the best! That included Paula who was to become his wife. Frank also married one of the models. Jane had a stunning figure, with 40 inch D cup breasts, a narrow waist and wide hips. She and Paula became close friends.

Of course, cameras became video recorders and soft porn became hard porn. The son James joined the firm and soon became a mover and shaker in the business, using top of the range US marketing companies to handle their work. They made a lot of money. He married Angela, Jane and Frank's daughter. Their son Ferdinand would come into the business after finishing his studies at Oxford University. He would start scripting scenes. Endowed with a good eight inch penis, Ferdie already acted as a stud in some of the action.

Emily circulated amongst the elegant visitors, which included the Lord Mayor and his escort, a local TV producer and his beautiful TV presenter wife. Toasts were drunk to Paula. The cake was cut amidst a flurry of camera flashes. Her uncle moved through the guests taking photographs. Eventually, at the end of the afternoon, the guests departed and the family returned, full of life and champagne to their large mansion house, set in an acre of garden and woodland.

The family would gather for their private party in the large drawing room, scattered with armchairs and a couple of chaise longue covered with cotton throws. The kitchen was stacked with drinks of every kind, and canapes with other delicacies. It was intended for the party to start at around 7.30, giving them time to relax and shower. All had been asked to use the dressing gowns provided - silk kimonos mostly - for the rest of the evening.

With Paula and Henry was their son James and his wife Angela, Jane and Frank's daughter with their unattached son Robert. James's son Ferdie and his girl friend, Fiona, and Ferdie's sister, Susan with her boyfriend Jack. And of course, the granddaughter Emily.

Angela and James sorted out the rooms. First James lit the aroma diffuses with Ylang Ylang and Basil oils to allow time for their scent to infiltrate the room. Ylang Ylang acts as a powerful aphrodisiac, promoting a sensual and erotic experience during lovemaking, whilst basil is known as an erotic scent that has a sweet, spicy aroma. It awakens the senses and can arouse basic sexual instincts. James had always found their discrete aroma to work well. It would help guests to unwind and lose any inhibitions they may have.

James also had a four hour tape of pornography to play on the large flat screen which covered almost one whole end wall in the drawing room. Then he and Angela would also operate a video camera during the evening when things started to happen. Behind the action he was playing soft dance music.

Whilst James saw to the drawing room, arranging the bowls of flowers and the furniture, drawing the gauze curtains, Angela was making sure the drinks were all set out in the kitchen, where two of James' young Thai models, acting as 'waitresses' were instructed in their duties. Both were naked except for the flimsiest of thongs, fastened with pretty red bows at the side. The sheer silk did very little to hide their pubic region, both dark curly-haired beauties. Thai girls were proud of their abundance of pubic hair. Their small breasts were topped with hard nipples, colored with a brown lipstick for emphasis.

After a spray of special erotic perfume behind her ears, Paula and Henry had fortified themselves in their bedroom with a large brandy and champagne, before appearing in the drawing room. It all looked very subdued and welcoming. The atmosphere was heavy with sex. Paula glided across the room to James, throwing her arms round him in a very close hug. She was wearing a pure white silk gown. Her make up and platinum hair were perfectly finished, taking twenty years from her age. She looked ravishing. 'Thank you darling, it smells so sweet in here,' she whispered brushing her lips against his. 'Lets dance a while.'

They shuffled on the small dance space holding each other close. Paula's hand crept between their bodies, fumbling in the folds of James' dressing gown until she found what she was searching for. Her son's penis. It was already thickening. She stroked it lovingly. 'Mmm. That's so good,' she whispered huskily. The touch of his cock always sent a tingle of pleasure through her, no matter how often she had caressed it in the past. 'I'm so much wanting to feel it inside me. Being fucked by your own flesh is so very erotic. So very special. My own son returning to the very vagina that gave birth to him. Oo yes!'

'Behave mother,' James retorted with a smile. He felt his own lust swing into gear, encouraged by the wonderful scent he detected on the nape of his mother's neck. His mother's touch was electric. Every time! 'It is special though, I agree. Let's feel.' And his hand slipped between the folds of her gown to cup the hair covered groin, the middle fingers sliding into the grove, pressing the damp labia before edging their way into the wet vagina. There was something about the creamy texture of pussy juice that he found fascinating. 'Yes mum. You seem ready for me. But we must space out the action darling. Others will want to share you.'

Paula's body gave a slight lurch at the touch of his hand, sending a ripple throughout her body. She gave a tinkling laugh. 'Why not suckle me first though. Those nipples that fed you for a few months.'

James' daughter, Susan, had joined them on the dance square, with her boyfriend, Jack. Both were fondling each other openly, whilst kissing deeply.

James removed his fingers from Paula's vulva to slide them up her flat belly to cup her left breast. She had kept her body in good shape, being a fanatical keep-fit addict. Her belly had maintained its flatness - well, more or less - and her breasts - a 36C - were firm. Only their weight gave them a slight droop. The pale areola were large and puckered, with chunky brown nipples. James loved to suck them.

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