tagErotic CouplingsThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 22

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 22



On Christmas morning, Susanna was feeling rather tense. It was a very busy time at the vicarage, and she was feeling rather neglected, though she expected that would change later in the day. Her tension was, she knew, because of her neglected need for sexual relief. She felt very horny with no chance of relief just yet. Sue had managed to see Sarah in church on Christmas Eve, though she was with her family. An furtive exchange of anxious looks between them was all they could achieve. She was frustrated.

Susanna, the vicar's wife, was enjoying very private intimate relations with Lady Sarah - a well-known and highly respected lady in her late forties, and wife of a local aristocrat. It had started two years earlier, at an official lunch in the Town Hall to mark the four-hundredth anniversary of the town's charter. Sue's husband, Lionel Peter, was the parish vicar, preferring to be called Peter these days, rather than Lionel. He had recently taken over the living from the previous vicar, now retired, and Sue had only met Sarah briefly before. Sarah's husband was an accomplished organist and occasionally played in the parish church.

For several years now, Susanna had accepted a declining sex life with her husband, with the occasional desultory intercourse being more for his benefit than for hers. Her orgasms were always self induced. Well - she thought - they had been married for twenty years after all. She realised that it wasn't really surprising that their love was a bit stale, though Christmas day was usually a special occasion. Of course, Susanna was not aware that her husband, a handsome man, had other hot mature ladies in the parish to satisfy his sex drive, which he took advantage of most weeks.

The vicar and his wife had left their previous parish to escape a scandal which threatened to make their life intolerable. Sue had stupidly fallen into a short affair with the young head chorister, an eighteen year old student who was unable to avoid bragging to his friends. Sue was dumbfounded by his treachery. Her friend, and sometime lover, the headmaster's wife, had come to her rescue. And the headmaster himself had told the young man in no uncertain terms that he would face the police accused of slander against the vicar's wife unless he admitted that the claim was false. Even so, the Bishop thought it wise to move them to a new parish some miles away, to avoid embarrassing gossip in church circles.

So here they were. A small county town with a strong church congregation, with several wealthy and self-important members. Having exchanged what are called meaningful looks across the tables during that life-changing lunch, there was no doubt in Sarah's mind that Susanna was both attractive and in need of some attention. They happened to meet in the ladies powder room afterwards. After a light kiss, which had lasted longer than the usual perfunctory peck, Sarah had found herself kneeling before the vicar's wife, her head beneath her skirt, kissing her crotch and inhaling the scent. Both ladies were bowled over. The promise of a coffee at the vicarage was accepted. And their affair began in earnest.

After a stunning, wild weekend together in London at Sarah's step-son's flat in Dolphin Square, the couple managed to keep their relationship a close secret between them, meeting each week for coffee - and explosive sex. Well, not quite secret. The wealthy Church Warden, Cynthia had intercepted a look between the lovers, after church one Sunday. She had diplomatically tackled Susanna about it and, to cut a long story short, had her own affair with the vicar's wife. Well, hardly affair - more of a one-off session during the summer in Cynthia's conservatory. Susanna had enjoyed the experience enormously, but had no wish to make it a regular occurrence. Both had satisfied their curiosities to a fulfilling climax on that one awesome occasion to remember.

Now, after more than two years since they met, Susanna was beginning to wonder whether or not Sarah's interest in her was waning. The enthusiasm didn't seem to be what it was. Sue was aware of her lover's other lady friends, discreet though they were. She knew Sarah only too well, and was surprised to find herself feeling rather jealous of her other lovers. She also knew of Sarah's internet friends, though was happy for Sarah to indulge online sex. It gave them something to laugh about, and encourage their sexual awareness of each other. But other real lady lovers were different, though she knew in her heart that Sarah's only real love was for her. At least that was her hope.

So in the week before Christmas, on their usual Tuesday coffee morning together, Sarah came to the vicarage rather earlier than usual. Sue wasn't to know that Sarah was feeling so very horny for some reason - eager to make love. Sue was dressed in blouse and jeans. After a kiss 'hello', Sarah hanging her coat on the hall stand, they went into the kitchen where Sue filled the kettle. No sooner had she switched it on, than she felt Sarah put her arms round her, twisting Sue to face her. Their lips clashed in a hard, long passionate kiss, taking Sue rather by surprise by its intensity. Whilst they chewed at each other's mouths, Sarah grappled at the waist band of Sue's jeans, unfastening them impatiently, before pushing them over her hips to shutter to the floor. Her hand slipping down into her knickers, fingers clawed their way between Sue's thighs to find the object of their search. That beautiful, fleshy vulva. Already wet.

They broke for air! Both were panting heavily. It was clear to Sue that her lover wanted much more exploration with her fingers and her lips. Between the thighs in particular. 'Gosh, Sarah. You're wasting no time.'

'I want you, Sue. Need you. Now! This minute.' Sue didn't argue. She pulled Sarah's face to hers and kissed her mouth hard, tongue forcing its way into it. This was more like the old days. Sue's belly was gurgling.

'For God's sake, take me then darling,' she muttered. 'You know I'm all yours.'

Sarah had always been in awe of her lover's vulva since she first set eyes on it. Its glossy hair was so thick that the labia were completely hidden within the curls. But not so the stands of starchy liquid that had seeped onto them, like dew, evidence of her aroused state. They were rippling with tension. When her fingers barely touched the tip of the clitoris, Sue's knees buckled. Sarah's urgency had carried her away. She was suddenly tense and very randy, thrilled at Sarah's need for her.

With Sue's legs crumpling and parting, Sarah had easy access to the most delicious part, sliding her hand between the thighs. Her palm cupped the hairy vulva, feeling the contours of her thick, puckered labia. Very warm and wet already with slippery juices oozing from the vagina. Sarah sighed with pleasure. After lifting her fingers to her nose, to sample the unique scent and taste of Sue's juices scooped onto her fingers, Sarah slowly sank to her knees. She slipped the jeans from her ankles, removing the knickers, before easing Sue's thighs over her shoulders.

Legs splayed well apart, Sarah gazed on one of the most beautiful of sights in the world, wallowing in the heady aroma. So glorious. Adorable. Sarah thought the female vulva one of the wonders of the natural world. And Sue's vulva was a prime example. The personal nectar had gathered in a small pool at the base of the vulva, and was now overflowing, trickling over the ridge, collecting in the center of her coral-colored rosebud. Spreading her finger and thumb either side of the engorged labia, Sarah revealed the wet vagina with its ridges of pink flesh, culminating in a cluster round her delectable passage. Superb!

With a sigh of adoration, Sarah blew gently on the dilating vagina before snaking out her tongue to touch the bloated clitoris. Sue lurched with an involuntary jerk. A gasping cry as the vagina contracted again. Her body rigid, Sue grasped the head and thrust it hard against her juicy labia, the nose pressing against her erect clitoris.

The aroma and taste were delectable sending Sarah wild with unbridled lust. She was hungry for it. Chewing Sue's swollen clit. Sucking at the labia. Taking the whole vulva into her mouth. Eating it. One hand was now under Sue's bra, playing with her right nipple, whilst the other fingered her juice-covered bum, the stiff middle finger slipping inside it.

Sue had closed her eyes, whimpering and moaning. It was some time since Sarah had been so possessive and demanding, bringing her to that ultimate peak of ecstasy. With rolling hips and flexing muscles in her thighs, she could feel the rising tension inside her loins. She was concentrating all her mind on the wonderful, indescribable sensation of the gathering climax within her, allowing the full force of her orgasm to overcome her. The finger fucking her bum was driving her crazy. With a long agonizing moan, eyes screwed up, her mouth pulled back as if in a silent scream.

'Yes! Here it comes! Oh, yes! Yes! YES! GLORIOUS! Out of this world! Oh my God! Come on! Come on!'

And the climax overwhelmed her conscious mind with its sheer intensity. Her body lurched and shuddered.

With each unstoppable lunge, Sue grasped Sarah's head, pushing her quivering vulva hard against her mouth and nose, crying out triumphantly, glorying in the sensuality, until the tensions finally snapped. Sarah kept kissing her vulva again and again, with deep devotion, until the last drop of Sue's ejaculations had been consumed and her lover, eyes closed in an expression of bliss, was relaxed and composed.

Then Sarah swung Sue's legs from her shoulders, pressing her to kneel in front of her. Lifting her skirt, dragging her knickers to one side, Sarah pushed Sue's face against her throbbing clit. Gasping for breath, she was almost there already. Sue's orgasms always got her to the peak of agitation. Sarah cried out. 'I'm coming. I'm coming! Yes! Yes! Don''t stop. Fuck me Sue. For Gods sake. Fuck me with your fingers and tongue.'

And Sue knew how Sarah like fingers up her bum and in her pussy at the same time. Three in each, pounding in and out. Glorious! 'Oh my God! I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming!'

And she did. A biggy!

Then she collapsed on the floor, gasping for breath with Sue clasped in her arms, holding her close. 'Oh my God, Sue. You are marvelous. I love you dearly.'

'Thank you Sarah. I was beginning to think you were going off me.'

'Never. You make me the happiest lady in the world. No-one else can bring me to such ecstatic heights.'

'But I guess they've tried a few time', Sue giggled.

'Mm ... well, there have been the odd moments, I admit. Same with you I suppose.'

Susanna was taken a little by surprise. Did Sarah know about Cynthia? How could she?

'Coffee darling. Recovery time. Then ... who knows?'

After coffee, they had made love more slowly. It was out of this world. Heavenly. Sarah was as obsessed by the sight of Sue's delectable pussy as Sarah was with hers! Sue was purring with happiness. No, she realized her lover's passion was not diminished. Welcome back.

On Christmas morning, the church was full for the family service at 10. Collection had been taken, and was very abundant. The final carol had been sung lustily, and the final prayer spoken. Peter had stood by the church door, shaking hands and wishing his flock a happy Christmas, before finally returning to the vestry. No more services for two days. He could enjoy some free time for a day or two, with Susanna and his daughter Emily.

The Church Warden, Cynthia was busy counting the collection, which by tradition, was for the vicar's personal use. But she would bank it first and then arrange for a check to be handed to Peter. After chatting to several of the departing churchgoers Susanna followed her husband into the vestry, having made final goodbyes to the organist and his wife. She would collect Peter's surplice to take home for washing, before tidying his robes away.

'I need to make a visit our parishioners in the hospital,' Peter said, 'but I won't be too late. Can you lock up, Cynthia?' She nodded. 'And I'll see you back home, Susanna.'

'Yes, darling, but don't be long. I've got to start the dinner.' She was bundling his robes into the large hessian carrier bag, then stood up, turning to smile at the elegant Cynthia. Sue suddenly remembering her taught body and firm breasts. Those long nipples. Memories of their passionate morning earlier in the year filled her mind. The perfect shape of Cynthia's sixty-odd year old body, kept in immaculate condition with exercise, and regular massage. Sue could visualize the narrow waist, the flat belly and shapely hips putting her own figure to shame, the groin covered with a light growth of golden pubic hair stretching down into the creases of her inner thighs. The crumpled lips of brown flesh bursting from the inner vestibule of her vulva. Her mouth dried at the thought of feeling them.

As the images flashed through Sue's memory, their eyes met and held each other with a telling look. Cynthia recognized the hungry look in Sue's eyes. As though mesmerized, Sue remained still as Cynthia stepped in to her, putting her arms round her waist, allowing her hands to caress Sue's rounded buttocks. She felt the light tremor in Sue's loins as she began lubricating at the touch. And when Cynthia kissed her mouth, Sue closed her eyes, her knees feeling like jelly. The trembling in her thighs signaled her lack of any resistance. Still kissing gently, tongues exploring each other, her friend was slowly unbuttoned her blouse. The hand slipped into the top of the bra, fingers searching the contours of the soft flesh for the hardened nipple. Time stood still as Sue enjoyed the caress of soft hands on her breasts and nipples.

Then, with a sudden urgency, Cynthia lifted the hem of Susanna's long skirt, bunching it round her waist, before pressing her against the vestry table, at the same time sinking into a crouch. Her face pressed against the crotch of Sue's knickers, nose rubbing against the silk. She inhaled the deep musky scent of her vulva. Superb! Thrilling! Hungrily sucking and nibbling at the hidden vulva and its bunched labia, Cynthia could feel the thighs shudder with delight and desire. She heard the loud gasp. Her own vagina was bubbling over by this time. Gripping the waist of Sue's knickers, she dragged them down the thighs and legs. Her tongue never left the warm slick vulva as she eased the garment over Sue's feet. Cythia hoisted Sue's bottom onto the edge of the table, lifting the legs high and wide, exposing her thighs and buttocks.

Although Cynthia had seen and licked this vulva before, she was still impressed by the mass of coppery pubic hair spreading down her inner thighs and growing up as far as to her navel. A magnificent sight. The labia were completely hidden within the curls, so that Cynthia had to use her thumbs to stretch apart the outer labia, revealing the luscious opening of Sue's vagina, now oozing with the white dribble of her delicious nectar. It overflowed onto her brownish-pink puckered bottom. Cynthia pushed out her long tongue, licked the bum, pressing her tongue inside, then along the crease, the vagina, the whole vulva, up and down. Lick. Lick. Lick.

There was no stopping Sue's orgasm from surfacing quickly. It had been hovering since she woke up, without the time to spare to satisfy her need before getting ready for church. Now, the tongue of the wicked Cynthia finding her bum, vulva and sensitive clit brought it to the surface in a sudden jolt inside her loins. It came with a loud gasp of surprise. No matter the countless orgasms Sue had experienced in life, each one was as new and utterly surprising as the very first.

Her legs were weak. Her loins buzzed and shook with a succession of loud agonizing gasps as Cythia chewed the labia and sucked the clit relentlessly, three fingers plunging deep and fast into the vagina. The middle finger of her other hand was deep inside her bum. In and out. In and out. It took very little time for Sue to hold her breath once again as a second orgasm built up inside her loins. Her belly was aflame. Her legs shook. Her thighs were taught. Her buttocks lifted as the agony grew more intense. Her face screwed up. Her open mouth drawn back. Her tense body hovered on the brink for several painful seconds before the release suddenly struck her. She cried out. 'Oh my God! My God! My God! Yeeeeeeees!' She fell back on the table top, panting hard.

Withdrawing her fingers from Sue's delicious passages, the agile Cynthia hopped onto the table, lifting her skirt as she squatted over Sue's face. Dragging her knickers to one side, she pressed her dripping pussy against Sue's mouth. Cynthia's vulva was large and unwieldy. Her labia were thick, sloppy and long, hanging from a stubby clitoris beneath a hairy hood. Her vagina was set deep in the vulva, well back between her thighs, protected by four puckered flaps of flesh. Cynthia felt Sue fasten her mouth over the generous labia, sucking hard, lapping the swollen clitoris eagerly. Heavenly! She rubbed vigorously against her friend's mouth, nose, cheeks and chin, her own orgasm building quickly.

The pressure on Sue's mouth and teeth was rather painful, but there was no let up. Cynthia was groaning loudly, twisting her groin quickly from side to side. Pressing against Sue's face. Rubbing. Rubbing. Her loins started to heave as her orgasm welled up strongly from her legs, through her thighs. It exploded like a volcano, ripping through her belly, ejaculating her juices over Sue's face, into her mouth. For several seconds, she continued to cry out, spurting her special nectar into her lover. Sue opened her mouth wide, drinking in the sweet juices. Wonderful! Special! Another small orgasms rippled through her own loins. Wow! She had really needed that to relax her. Sighs of satisfaction filled the vestry. 'Gosh Cynthia. How did you know I wanted that?'

Cynthia smiled as she straightened her clothes. 'It was all in your eyes darling. And do you know what? I really wanted that as well. Let's not leave it so long again before we meet for coffee.'

'Time to lock up!'

'I need the toilet first. And how!'

For Susanna, after changing her underwear, the remainder of the day was filled with cooking their dinner, chatting to her daughter, Emily, home from college. Sue would change into evening dress for the dinner. Part of the family custom was to dress for Christmas dinner. She chose a navy blue full length dress with a low neck-line and wrap-over skirt. Simple and elegant. Peter would wear his best clerical suit. Very smart. Emily would be going to a party with friends that evening, after exchanging presents. They always left it until after their Christmas dinner. Another family custom.

But right now, there was the table to lay, wine to open.

Finally, after a superb meal, with the glass if port with the traditional pudding, the dishwasher stacked and switched on, Emily had gone to her party, a bottle of burgundy and chocolate After-eight mints, were on the coffee table. Sue and Peter sat together on the sofa. Relaxing with the television was on low, showing the usual Christmas entertainment. Sue sighed deeply with satisfaction.

Now on their own, Sue was lounging against the back of the sofa, with her husband's arm round her shoulder, his free hand stroking her thigh. Contentment after a busy day. She wondered what Cynthia was doing. Probably with her son and his family now that all the church duties had come to an end. Though she wasn't sure that making love together qualified as a duty.

'What do you think of Cynthia?' was the surprise question from Peter.

Susanna was rather flustered. She tensed in his arms. 'How do you mean? Why? She's very nice.'

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