tagGay MaleThe Video Ch. 02

The Video Ch. 02


Author's note: If you are here now, you need to read Frat House Troopers by Xavier Mayne first, otherwise this story will make no sense at all. The characters and storyline in this series are made to fit together with Frat House Troopers.

The characters and story are used with Xavier Mayne's permission. Thank you, XM, for letting me borrow Brandt and Donnelly :)

Please be warned, this series contains scenes of a graphic nature involving male on male sex. If this is not for you, don't read and don't complain. I
did warn you :) This story is purely fictional, in real life safe sex is critical and essential! Any scenes without the use of condoms are not intended to promote unprotected sex but to maintain the flow of prose.



Over the next few days, Donnelly struggled to keep it together. Two things were now constant in his world. One was the never-ending cycle of thoughts whirling in his mind. What the hell happened? What does it mean? The strongest orgasm of my life came from jerking off to a sex video of my best friend. How could I do that to him? How did it happen? What the hell does that mean?

The other constant was the video. In his head he kept seeing Brandt in scenes from the film. The striptease that was more effective than Viagra, the shower scene and the near orgasm, the brutal, passionate masturbation on the bed and, of course, the climax. Donnelly couldn't get over the image of Brandt having an orgasm. Arching on the bed, head thrown back, hand fisting his penis and thick ropes of cum shooting powerfully across his taut belly... The expression on Ethan's face of unadulterated ecstasy was...unforgettable.

Three times he'd woken up at night ejaculating with his partner's name on his lips. Nine times already he'd replayed the video at home by himself, touching and stroking himself to completion. Half the time Donnelly didn't even make it past the shower scene before erupting in an orgasm that hit him like a wrecking ball every time. His cock was raw and his balls were tender and he'd never been more sexed-up in his entire life.

The video scenes overlaid every waking moment of reality—flustering Donnelly when he was with the real Brandt—and they dominated his dreams at night.

As soon as he was asleep, he entered an erotic world where he did things to Ethan and things were done to him. Donnelly felt so intimately familiar with his partner's body the urge to touch Ethan, slide arms around his waist and kiss him, was a demon Donnelly had to battle every damn day.

He was grateful beyond words that Brandt was too distracted to notice that his partner was off with the fucking fairies. Ha! More than once he'd had to stop himself from calling Ethan 'babe' or 'gorgeous' instead of by his last name, had to restrain himself from flirting.

And yeah, he got hard pretty much every time he saw Brandt. Much to his embarrassment, Donnelly had gone back to Camp & Dragg by himself and asked Bryce for some help hiding his erection problem. He'd endured several humiliating fittings and unequivocally shut down Bryce's suggestion that he bone up for a proper decision.

"Are you going for modelling job too, honey?" Bryce then asked.

"What? No! Why would you think that? Ethan's the one with the looks," Donnelly grumbled, blushing to the tips of his ears.

To his horror, as soon as he thought of his partner and his partner's good looks, Donnelly plumped up down below. Bryce was at least sensitive enough not to point out that they were getting their 'proper fitting' after all, though his smirk spoke volumes.

"Uh huh. Well, right now I'm looking at 210lbs of hotness that tells me you and Ethan are a matched set," Bryce retorted with a raised eyebrow and a saucy smile.

"...on't know what you're talkin' 'bout," Donnelly murmured.

"Uh huh," Bryce repeated, dripping with skepticism. "You two boys are the finest pieces of ass ever to grace the mirrors of Camp & Dragg. Let me give you a piece of advice, hun. You and he belong together. And you better make that happen before someone else comes along—girl or guy."

Donnelly frowned, a denial ready to go, but for some reason, what Bryce was suggesting felt more right than the automatic argument on the tip of his tongue.

Finally, begging the shop assistant to keep his visit a secret, Donnelly walked out with a bag full of Ginch Gonch underwear that a dismayed Bryce swore up and down would "cloak the mighty dragon, although why you'd want to hide that monster is a complete mystery to me..."

But even after all that had happened, Donnelly's mind still refused to acknowledge two rock-solid truths—one, he was gay, and two, he was in love with his best friend. His consciousness ignored the voice in the corner of his mind, getting louder every day, that told him he wasn't the same man anymore.

However, when the subject of the auction came up, one thing became vehemently clear—no chance in hell was Donnelly letting some perverted freak watch Brandt jerk off for a whole hour. No. Fucking. Way. Donnelly would do whatever he had to to be on the other end of that webcam link when the auction time was up.

They had a solid plan for that, even joked that they would play some chess. Everything would be okay. The auction would come and go, and sooner than they thought, the case would be over and they could put this whole mess behind them, go back to chasing killers and thieves. And Donnelly wouldn't have to think anymore about why his partner lit his body on fire in a way no woman ever had. He wouldn't have to think about how much Ethan meant to him.

After the announcement of the auction, Donnelly had had to endure one afternoon of pure torture jock shopping with Brandt. Sporting Wood was like a Foot Locker gone wrong. Sporting goods stores had always been bastions of masculinity, places where men go to talk about sports and camping and fishing and lifting weights, to talk about being a man. At Sporting Wood, Donnelly had never felt more threatened.

From the moment they entered the store they were pounced on and hustled into yet another dressing room. To Donnelly's distress, his partner immediately got naked, just as Brandt had apparently come to expect. Confronted yet again with Brandt's gorgeous, nude body, Donnelly immediately developed a hard-on.

What?" Brandt asked.

"Nothing," Donnelly replied. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck and...double fuck!

"You're staring at me," Brandt remarked, stating the fucking obvious.

Because you're naked and hot, thought Donnelly with a maniacal giggle.

"What's up?" his partner went on.

Uhh, my dick, why do you ask?

"You're awfully quick to get naked these days, aren't you?" Donnelly snapped. This was all Brandt's fault. Brandt and his gloriously muscular body. Brandt and his phenomenal cock.

"In case you haven't noticed, I've kind of had to get used to it the last few days. I figure it's easier if I just get right to it. Otherwise Andy's going to get here and just stare at me, and then it's awkward."

Donnelly nearly choked. "Yeah, wouldn't want to be awkward. This is much better—just me in here with you all naked," he replied weakly. Privately, he thought it was better. The two of them alone. Together. In a tight space. With plenty of privacy. And one of them stark naked. Oh god...

"Oh grow up, ya pussy," Brandt grumbled.

The next thing Donnelly knew, a pair of underwear was sailing toward him. He only just ducked out of the way, turning to stare at the garment like it was a poisonous snake ready to bite him on the cock. Donnelly pictured Brandt's knickers leaping up from the floor and wrapping round his penis and lost it, doubling over in a fit of giggles.

"You sick fuck! You're enjoying this!" In his hysterical state, Donnelly wasn't sure who he was speaking to—his partner or himself. At least Brandt was laughing too and not looking at him like he was a crazy person, which Donnelly was freely prepared to admit he completely was.

"You looked like a kid at the zoo that a monkey has just flung poo at!"

That sent off another round of giggles that only drove Donnelly even further off the deep end because the sight of Brandt's rippling muscles as he laughed, his bouncing cock, turned him on even more.

When Andy came in, the edge of hysteria had died off, thank god. But when he too dropped his shorts it was all too much and Donnelly nearly lost his cool. Here was yet another man who supposedly wasn't gay yet took his clothes off for other men all the time. Donnelly was overwhelmed. Gay, straight, naked, men, cocks, asses, hard-ons, cum, orgasms, masturbation... It all swirled into one massive miasma of sexual identity confusion, a crisis that Donnelly couldn't make sense of. And in the middle of it all was Brandt.

God help me, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

The night before the auction, Donnelly lay awake in bed staring up at a darkened ceiling. He was exhausted yet sleep held no respite for him anymore. But lying there naked under cool cotton sheets in the silence of his room, he found a moment of languorous peace in which to try and sort out his head.

The bidding on the auction had reached $15,000, $4000 under the Chief's limit, and Donnelly was somewhat relieved. The price was within range, even if there was a bidding bump at the end. It wasn't somewhere in the hundreds of thousands, which Donnelly had been afraid might happen. Only the Chief knew that Donnelly was throwing an extra $5k of his own money in to the budget, wisely not questioning the state trooper's motives. He could also get his hands on another five large if he had to.

Winning this auction had become more important to Donnelly than anything before in his life. The most basic of instincts drove him to protect his mate, though he was still not examining too closely the definition of the word 'mate'. Whatever. As long as it was his face Brandt saw on the screen tomorrow night, it didn't matter.

Tomorrow night. Donnelly had avoided thinking about it other than to dredge through his closet the night before looking for his chess set. There was a piece missing on the white side but with a smile, he grabbed his keys and unhooked a spent shotgun shell casing he used as a keyring, substituting the missing knight with it. The irony didn't escape him—using the shell Brandt had fired once to save Donnelly's life as the white knight. Well, now it was Donnelly's turn to save his partner.

Lying naked under the sheets in his bed, Donnelly contemplated the upcoming video chat. He knew what was going to happen if he won the bid, what should happen. But for the first time since the auction was brought up, Donnelly allowed himself to think about what he wanted to happen.

Brandt would no doubt be wearing the white jock strap they had shopped for. In the frat house, surrounded by people who only knew him as Jason, the hard-up-for-money college student, he would have to follow through with the charade all the way until the door closed on their privacy. So Ethan would be clothed only in that tiny strip of white cotton and silk...

"Ohh god," Donnelly groaned.

His cock immediately punched into erection as a thrill rushed through his veins. He imagined that Brandt would keep up the act, taunting Donnelly with his body. Sliding his hand down to his penis, Donnelly wrapped his fingers around the shaft and caressed his length as a fantasy began to unfold...

"So what do you want me to do?" Brandt said in his deep, husky voice. His green eyes bored into Gabriel, pupils blowing wide as he saw that his 'client' was similarly clothed in only a pair of Ginch Gonch underwear. "Mmmm...love your outfit, by the way."

"Don't get attached to it. It's coming off in a minute. I want you to strip off that jock and show me what you got. Wanna see everything...Mason," Gabriel answered, emphasising the phony name of his partner.

Brandt laughed softly, acknowledging the joke. "Everything? You'll have to be more specific...Gabriel," he countered, lazily arching his near-naked form on the bed he was using for his 'performance'.

Gabriel gasped quietly, licking his lips, eyes skimming over Brandt's nearly naked body gently undulating. Donnelly shifted restlessly on the bed he'd chosen for the video date. Already he felt himself growing erect and this time he had no intention of hiding it; he wanted Ethan to see precisely how aroused he was.
All for you, Ethan. Only for you.

"Your nipples. Your cock. Wanna see your hole." Gabriel raised a challenging eyebrow, teasing Brandt in return by lightly stroking his belly and letting his legs fall open. The front of his briefs was tented obscenely, a long, hard ridge clearly defined and punctuated by a damp spot.

Ethan moaned, eyes closing halfway, lips parting as his breath came faster. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

The head of Ethan's rigid cock threatened the waistband of the jockstrap, an erection distending the pouch beyond it's limits.
Oh fuck.


Brandt grinned and immediately got up on his knees on the bed, turning away from the webcam. Gabriel hissed when he caught his first glimpse of Ethan's perfect ass, bisected by the thin elastic strip of the white jock. He groaned when Brandt's hands smoothed down his lower back, over the taut globes of muscles, pulling them slightly apart.

"Mmmmohh...fuck yeah. Keep going, babe." Gabriel moved to kneel on his bed too, teasing his nipples as he watched his partner slowly peel away the tiny undergarment. As Brandt bent forward and the jock was tugged down to his knees, he flashed his crevice at his 'client', smiling to himself as he heard a whimpered swear word.

He straightened up and looked back over his shoulder. "Okay so far?"

Gabriel growled. Brandt knew damn well everything was fucking fantastic on the other end of the line.

"Turn around," Gabriel croaked. His whole body was shaking with excitement and his briefs were uncomfortable now, stuffed full of hard, aching, weeping cock. He resisted touching himself. There was so much more to 'come' and he didn't want to 'blow it' too soon. But it was almost unstoppable. When Brandt turned around, Gabriel nearly lost control. His gorgeous partner was buck naked and fully erect, a searing heat in his eyes only for Gabriel.

"Gabriel, there's something I have to tell you," he husked, cock pulsing before him. "And from the looks of that tent in your underwear, I'd say you have something to tell me too."

"Yeah," Gabriel breathed, wetting his lips as he gazed at his partner's hypnotically twitching cock. "I think you might be right."

"I want you, Gabriel. Always have. It just took this messed up assignment to make me realise it."

"Ahhfuck, Ethan...love you...want you bad..."

"Ohhyeah...kiss me, fuck me, Gabriel..."

Donnelly arched in his bed, crying out Ethan's name, as his fantasy tripped the orgasm he'd been stroking toward.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhh..."

Copious pulses of cum spurted from his penis, making a complete mess of his hand, his belly and his sheets. As if he cared. Donnelly whimpered and groaned, his strong body rocking his cock into his fist over and over as his release ripped through him like a nuclear detonation. He swam in a scorching sea of overwhelming pleasure.

"Ethan...want you..."

No doubts anymore. Donnelly was listening to every word that voice in the corner was saying and it was telling him he needed Brandt like he needed air to survive.

When the final drips welled from his spent sex, he collapsed back on the bed, shame and longing, guilt and desire tearing him up inside. Wanting Ethan was one thing. Convincing Ethan to want him back was something else.

"Fuck, Ethan..."

Ah shit.


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