tagErotic CouplingsThe View from the Inside Ch. 2

The View from the Inside Ch. 2


Thanks for all the response we received on the first part of our story. We hope you will like the second part just as well.

The trip hadn't been a long one, somewhere between three and four floors later I found myself wobbling back and forth trying to keep my balance while my counterpart lost hers bringing the whole house of cards down. The car had come to a rather abrupt stop and the lights went out immediately. I did manage to regain some dignity when my fellow passenger let out with a short scream just before I was about to, which of course would not have been the manly thing to do. I thought the scream might have come from the fact that she had inadvertently grabbed me in a certain area and I was quite thankful for the darkness, as my face grew even redder. Trying to help her up my hand reached out and touched her rather ample chest and I pulled my hand back as if instead of merely bees were attacking, it had now caught on fire.

Trying desperately to cover my embarrassment I stammered out, "It, it's okay, probably just a little malfunction." I hope I sounded a lot more positive than I felt as I reached out and tried to locate the little red emergency door. I had it open moments later and pushed the emergency button and was greeted with the sound of absolute silence. Pushing the button several times only served to make my fingers hurt even more and those were quickly followed by my feelings when Madeline out of the dark said, "Well?"

"Uh, the button's not working. The electricity must be off in the entire building. Let me try the phone." Did I happen to mention earlier about things couldn't possibly get any worse? "I'm sorry, it's dead too. I guess we're stuck." *** I looked from the button to William, and then almost like my synapses weren't working, I did it again. At least we had some light, even though it was the dim auxiliary light. I could feel myself breathing rapidly, but I wasn't sure it was the situation, or the possible danger of being stuck in an elevator. Perhaps it could be the nervousness I was feeling at being alone with him for the first time? And it could be the fact that I was still feeling the warmth from his hand as it pressed against my boob. Whatever the reason, I was having trouble catching my breath!

"Great!" I muttered softly. "My birthday, and I get stuck in an elevator!"

I looked up and saw William was watching and I realized how thoughtless my words were. I smiled, knowing it was a little weak. "I didn't mean that it was awful being stuck in here with you..."

I let my words fade, thinking I was not making things any better. I was good in professional work situations, but when it came to social stuff- I was a loser, big time. I took a deep breath and tried again.

"I'm sorry, William. Today has not been a good day. I turned forty today, and the highlight of my day has been a cupcake with a candle in it and a box of condoms, which won't see the light of day any time soon."

I look up from my shoes and saw William was smiling a little bit. I smiled slowly. "I need to gather all this stuff back up," and I kicked my heels off and went down on my knees. It was almost too dark to tell what paper went where, so I just grabbed them together and began shoving them into the envelopes. I was aware of William moving in the elevator as well. I shifted my position, feeling uncomfortable. I decided it was dark enough and decided to sit cross-legged on the floor. My skirt rode up, revealing the lacy thigh high stockings I was wearing. I had thought it might be fun to wear something a little more risqué on my birthday, just in case anyone suggested we go out for drinks. Well, that sure as hell hadn't happened.

I looked up as William joined me on the floor of the elevator. He had slipped his suit jacket off, along with his tie. The top few buttons were undone. He saw me looking at the open V in at the top of his shirt.

"It is going to get a little warm and stuffy in here, if they don't get us out any time soon."

I nodded, noticing how his deep voice sent shivers up and down my spine, sending my already frazzled nervous system into over drive. I fanned myself with the papers I was holding. I blew a puff of air upwards and felt it ruffle my bangs. I had recently had my haircut into a short, ear tip bob, which slanted up slightly in the back. The stylist had insisted that it would be much more youthful than the bun I had worn for years. At least with the bun, it was out of the way. I finished with the papers, and reached for my purse, grabbing the tampon and the lipstick and shoving them back into the bag. As I looked back up, I saw William was offering me the box of condoms. He couldn't hide the smile that curved his lips.

I didn't want to respond, but I couldn't stop the grin that suddenly my mouth upwards. "Thanks. I wouldn't want to lose my only birthday present this year."

"Surely that isn't your only present!"

I nodded, feeling embarrassed. It sounded so desolate hearing it coming from someone else. I shrugged, hoping to look nonchalant. "Well, it is a lifetime supply!"

** The dim light still was adequate enough to see her amazing beauty. As flustered, as she seemed, she still had an almost regal attitude about her, even sitting there on the dusty floor. I had caught the flash of creamy, white skin that showed above her lace stockings and my heart fluttered as in my fantasies she had always come to me in exactly that kind of stockings. I couldn't help the smile as I handed her the condoms that had fallen from her purse but I wasn't sure if her hand lingered on mine for a fleeting moment before pulling them back into the safety of her handbag.

"Oh, I wouldn't think a woman as beautiful as you would have any trouble going through those in a lot less than a lifetime." I closed my eyes thinking please, please tell me that I thought that and didn't speak it out loud. Once again my way with the fairer sex was about as smooth as gravel road, but as I started to stammer out my apology I heard her softly say.

"Do you really think I'm pretty?"

My eyes opened and I was thankful to see not anger but a bit of a flush of color, which had begun around her neckline and was moving slowly north. She had a tube of lipstick that she had just picked up and was holding it to her mouth. It seemed an unconscious gesture, placing the end between her lips, and then she slowly sucked on the brightly polished metal. My response must have been one of open-mouthed astonishment as her eyes moved downward and giggled at my obvious arousing. "Well, I guess you do."

As I stood from helping her, my legs were as wobbly as if the elevator had started up again but I could only place the blame on the sight of the incredible creature before me. Everywhere I looked my eyes caught a glimpse of her skin, the curvature of her breasts at the V of her blouse, swelling, rising with each breathe she took. Her skirt, as short as it was standing, was even shorter as she uncrossed her legs and my eyes drank in those nylons and for a brief moment the lace panties she wore. In my fantasies this was usually the time I would awaken in a cold sweat but this was no dream.

If I had been thinking correctly and the chance of that happening had been totally thrown out of the building by now, I would have noticed that she was apparently as aroused as I was. So caught up in my thoughts of this being the type of woman who could never be interested in a man such as I, she pulled herself up to kneel in front of me, reached out one of her manicured hands and let the red enameled nails trail down the front of my pants, teasing the flesh which now protruded obscenely, seeking it's release.

"Well, what have we here?"

My eyes rolled back in my head as I heard her husky-voiced comment. I was lucky not to lose complete control as she unbuckled my belt, let the zipper down and freed my cock from its current restraint. If I had been able to see her I would have seen a woman whose eyes were filled with lust, her body tingling with the sight of the pre cum dripping from the object that filled her hand. I had been holding my breath the entire time and when I finally inhaled, it was the smell of her sex that filled my lungs, intensifying the feelings I was now in the full throes of. ** A little voice in my head told me that I was being stupid, but when he didn't immediately push me away or step back with my hand touching him so intimately, I had to go on. The sound of the zipper had seemed ridiculously loud, or maybe it was just the erratic sound of my breathing that made it seem so. And if the truth were told, I didn't give a damn either way.

In front of me was something I had wondered about many nights alone in my bed. I had even gone so far as to purchase an electric vibrator and had pretended... I groaned as his hard, hot cock filled my hand. I felt my moisture at the top of my thighs, which had only been a tiny drip-drop on my shaven pussy lips a few moments earlier, and was now turning into a flash flood as I saw what he could not hide- his body's unmistakable sign that he was attracted to me!

In the next moment, I did two things I'd never done in my life before. I released my firm hold on him for a moment to reach down and grab the edges of my pristine white blouse and I jerked it open. I was getting hot, and in more ways than one. Buttons flew about the elevator and above me I heard William laugh out loud. His laugh died an instant later, as I did the second thing I'd never done before. My hand returned to grasp his velvet over steel-like cock, my mouth opened and I proceeded to experience oral sex for the first time in my life.

My two previous relationships had been strictly missionary position guys, and I didn't start reading the Joy of Sex until I hit 38. For a moment, I almost asked him if he minded that I was getting some of my freshly applied red lipstick on a place it had never been intended. But I didn't. Instead, I moved my tongue to lick at the soft over hang of flesh, pausing at the jointure. I could feel my panties getting soaking wet as I started to move my mouth, tongue and hand in unison. And when I heard William groaning above me, I knew I must have been doing something right.

I was breathing hard and fast, and I thought my breasts were so enlarged that suddenly they wanted to pop right out of their jail cells. I reached down with my other hand but stopped as I felt William's hands come up and begin caressing my hair. His fingers threaded through the silky dark brown strands, messing up the perfect "Louise Brooks style." Did he somehow know how much it turns me on to have my hair touched?

My free hand moved, but instead of freeing the prisoners, it went to his sac. I cupped his balls, and rolled them in my hand. I tugged and pulled gently, amazed at the soft skin. I wasn't completely sure if I was doing the right thing, since all I had to go on was my memory of what I'd read, when I felt William's hands tightening in my hair. He tugged until I released the suctioning hold my mouth had on his appreciatively hard cock. Above me, I heard his voice hoarsely whisper, "Stop!" I tilted my head back to look up at him.

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