tagErotic HorrorThe Vindictive Stranger Ch. 02

The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 02


Jonathan Nelson's Apartment, 6:30 PM:

Nora and Jonathan nearly destroyed his bed, as he fucked Dr. Gunderson's daughter to distraction. She never imagined that he would be such a great lover, but he had a superhuman sexual prowess. This was probably just a fling, but it was one that Nora fully intended to have its greatest impact, if she had her way.

For Jonathan, it was an enjoyable experience, though not his first. He had deliberately made sure to lose his virginity earlier, so that he would be more impressive in bed when he seduced those who counted in his scheme. The sex was certainly delightful, but it was still chiefly a means to an end. The goal in her case was for Mr. Nelson to let her father catch them, and get upset at the idea of his daughter getting laid. The abortionist would find this the first of many shocking incidents in his near future.

"Well, Nora, care to do this again soon?" Jonathan grinned with a sadistic intent.

"Why the fuck not? You name the time and place, and you have a booty call. I only hope that the offer is requited," Miss Gunderson answered, punctuating her comment with a French kiss as she left his apartment.

"I have no problem with that, Nora. Quite the contrary, I assure you," he winked, before closing the door behind his new sex partner.

As much as he indeed planned to resume their liaisons in short order, Jonathan had more plans, of course. There was also the matter of wrecking his mother's life. He wanted Melanie Hatch to suffer so terribly that she wouldn't recover at all. He would deal some truly paralyzing blows to the bitch, so much so that she would die with the knowledge that she was cursed, and at his hand in particular.

Well, he had plenty of time for his conspiracy to achieve its real purpose: vengeance for his infanticide, which was legally protected under the name of abortion.

Janice's Residence, 7:45 PM:

Despite her resolve, Melanie had not held her grudge as long as she planned against her girlfriend. Janice was too delectable for her to fight off forever. Part of her even respected the woman for standing up to her lover. Or maybe she just told herself that to explain why she eagerly licked her best friend's pussy and ass to multiple orgasms.

She tried to take some revenge by sodomizing Janice, but her best friend challenged her to a contest that resulted in Melanie taking it in the butt for a change. It hurt, losing her anal cherry, but Mrs. Hatch reluctantly accepted it as the consequence of defeat, and on some level even enjoyed surrendering her bottom at last to Janice.

"So, who is the slut-bitch now?" Janice teased her friend, quite vindicated at the sight of her girlfriend rubbing her sore ass.

"I'd say that it was your lady friend, dear," Quinn interjected, revealing his presence.

"Honey! I didn't see you," Janice reacted to the startling presence of her husband.

"It's quite okay, babe. I suspected for a while now that you took care of your needs outside of marriage. It's not as if I would have done differently, after all. I don't blame you. In fact, I am relieved that you aren't suffering from my impotence as I am. Mind if I borrow your strap-on? I want to experience taking another woman for a change. Since my natural equipment doesn't work, why not try a substitute?" Janice's hubby suggested.

"I have a better idea. Now that you seem open to ideas, I propose that you let me peg you, while you screw Melanie's ass. I know that this sounds weird and possibly humiliating, but I have studied about the prostate lately, and I think that attention to it will possibly give you a chance to get it up again. You won't need to risk a heart attack that way from ED pills," she offered.

While a bit stunned at his wife's proposal, Quinn liked the idea of being able to perform again. He nodded, yes, and then added, "As long as you lube me up, I'll do it."

"Hey, what about me? Why don't you consult me about taking your husband's cock up my ass?" Melanie complained.

"Oh, shut up! I'm tired of your crap, Melanie. From now on, I am in charge of our affair, and you can like it or lump it. When I say that Quinn gets to butt-fuck you, then you'll bend over and damn well let him! Understand me, cunt?" Janice laughed sadistically.

"Yes, Janice," Melanie complied, strangely enough. She just didn't grasp why she did so.

Quinn and Janice winked, as they lubed up her dildo and both of their asses. The idea of making that ice queen take it in the rear began the process of causing Quinn's cock to wake up from its coma.

Gunderson's Den, 8: 58 PM:

Dr. Gunderson was quite worried about Nora, when she barged into his study, practically giddy with pleasure.

"What has excited you so much, baby?" Martin probed.

"Well, Dad, I've met such a sexy man. He's black, too," Nora goaded her father.

"How nice," Dr. Gunderson reacted sardonically.

"What's the matter? I thought that you were a liberal, Dad," she taunted further.

"Well, yes, but you're too good for some fool from the ghetto," he retorted with some irritation at being called out on his hypocrisy.

Not opposed to her father's world-view, Nora found that very inconsistency the annoying part. She wanted to make him uncomfortable, both for that reason and because he had largely neglected her during her childhood.

"What's the matter? Harder to accept minorities in your own daughter's life?" she interrogated him.

"Why rub this in my face? Are you trying to get me to admit to some racial prejudice? Fine, I confess that I'm human and I feel some misgivings about black men. So sue me! I try not to let my impression of them control my life, however," he snapped.

"See, was that hard? And, yes, I am fucking a black guy, so you're going to have to live with it, Dad. I don't hate you, but I wish that you would grow up sometimes!" she insisted.

"You don't have to be vulgar, Nora," he scolded.

"Yes, I do. I want to get you to accept that I'm not a little girl anymore. You missed your chance to be my protector and provider long ago. The time has come to truly embrace my adulthood and my choices. You speak of women's rights all of the time. Well, that applies to me, too. Don't be a hypocrite, Dad. Stop trying to catch up with the past. It's too late," she slammed the door behind herself, while Martin reached for a bottle of gin, his only friend who never forsook him.

His drinking problem would just have to remain a secret from everyone, even as he got plastered that night and hungover the next day. He had hidden it this long, after all. By midnight, the bottle of Bombay was empty. He had enough shots of gin and tonic to get him through the night.

The stage was set for more of Nelson's revenge.

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