The Visit


It's been forever since I've seen you, and the anticipation has been building since you offered your invitation. The memories of your hands, your kisses, your cock have kept me in a constant state of arousal for days now. And finally the day is here.

After driving for what feels like hours, I arrive at your home so wet I'm amazed there's no spot on my jeans. All the way here, I've been thinking about what I'm going to do to you. Now I can finally put it into practice. You always wanted me to ask for what I wanted, and I never dared before. This time will be different. This time, I'm taking what I want.

You greet me at the door with a peck on the lips that I turn into more, holding you against me, pushing my tongue between our lips to meet yours. I've wanted so badly to kiss you that I've felt your lips on mine for months. The reality more than lives up to expectations.

You lead me to your couch and I sit down. You offer me a drink, but that isn't what I want. It was nice of you to wear your elastic-waist lounge pants; you know I struggle with belts and buttons. One tug and your cock is revealed, thick and hard, precum glistening at the tip. I've barely touched you, and you're already as horny as I am.

I bend and lick the precum from your cock, which twitches at the touch of my tongue. "Suck me," you beg. "Please!"

Pleased with the reaction, I engulf your cock with my mouth. Most of it, at least. It's too much for me to take completely, but I go down on it as deep as I can, deeper than I've managed before. Surprise; I've been practicing with a toy I bought just for this purpose. You always wanted me to deep throat you; I still can't oblige, but I'm so much closer than before. You moan and run your hands through my hair, tugging hard enough that I feel the pull, but not quite hard enough to hurt.

I suck harder and you move your hands, holding my head as you fuck my mouth. You thrust your cock back and forth between my lips, but I'm the one in control here. I set the pace. You taste so good, better than I remember. I handle your balls as I suck, and feel them tighten as you get ready to cum. Finally, you release your salty sweetness down my throat.

I'm not done with you yet, though. Not by a long shot. I walk into your room and strip, knowing that you'll follow. I lie on your bed, legs open. "Eat me," I command.

Never before have I managed to persuade you to go down on me, but this time you don't argue. You kneel between my legs and lower your mouth to my wet pussy. At the first touch of your tongue, I tremble. "You've told me how good you are at this," I say. "Now prove it."

You obey, licking and sucking my clit, thrusting your tongue in and out of my wet hole. You are good, better than I imagined. Soon I feel my climax build. "Make me cum!" I cry, and you do just that.

As my orgasm subsides, I decide I want more. "Give me your cock," I say. You position your cock close to my mouth so I can suck you back to hardness as your tongue works its magic on my pussy. From the first flick against my cunt, I can feel my orgasm build. We pleasure each other, you licking and sucking my clit and plunging your tongue into my pussy; me tasting your cock, sucking it until it's fully hard again. Screaming around your shaft, I cum hard and take my mouth from you.

"I want to fuck you," you say.

"Then ask me."

"Can I fuck you?"

"On your back."

You roll onto your back and I straddle you. Slowly I sink my wet, tight pussy onto your thick cock, stretching to accept you. You grasp my hips, helping me raise and lower myself. I've always loved riding you, and this, too, is better than I remember Harder and faster I ride you, and allow you to continue moving me until the waves of pleasure take me over the edge. "Fuck me!" I scream, and cum again.

"I'm going to cum," you say. "Where do you want it?"

"In my pussy," I say. "Oh, god, cum in my pussy!"

With a hard thrust from you, I feel you shudder. You grunt as your cum spurts inside me. Then you are still. "Welcome back," you say.

"It's good to be back."

I lift myself from you and we curl up together, holding each other as we drift into sleep. We need our rest for the next round.

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