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I was in my room with Suede and we had been together for a few weeks. He still hadn't quite learned all of my turn-ons, but he knew of the other guys, and that I'd had fantasies about some of them. Anyway, I was standing in front of the mirror in my nightgown. I had nothing on underneath it. I guess I was just checking to see if I'd gained anything. I pulled the gown closer to my skin and was looking at my stomach and my chest to see if anything had changed. Then I felt arms reach around me under my gown. It was Suede . He pressed himself against me, his cock rubbing against my inner thigh. I felt him and myself getting aroused. He whispered to me.

"Why don't you just take the rest of it off and we can settle this like...adults." I turned around to look at him.

"I guess you're turned on, huh?" I said looking up at him. Suede took his hand and put it under my gown... cupping my pussy. I slowly closed my eyes, savoring the feeling. He ran his thumb across it and then took his hand out.

"You might be more turned on than I am. Suede said his hand thick with the wetness from my slit. Shall we?" He pointed to the bed, went over and lay down. He only had his briefs on and was about to take them off. I came over and leaned against him.

"Maybe it wasn't you I was thinking about." I said seeming distant.

"Well then it was all of us. Suede began. You never struck me as the gang bang type before...but I read your stories and the words you used--I would never have thought it was you. He pulled me to him and kissed me. Is it all of us, again?"

"No, I said my eyes closed...I looked down and massaged the hair on his chest...just one other." I sat on the side of the bed and began to pinch my nipples thru the gown. His mouth fell slightly. "I just imagined that if the two of you were to come at me at once...how delicious it would feel."

"You have no idea what you do to me when you play with yourself like that. He sighed. What do I have to do to get you to tell me what your fantasy is, and who the other guy is? Suede got up out of the bed and walked to the dresser. You're lucky I have good dick control...to keep up with you, I have to." He thumbed thru one of my pads. Then he looked up at me. I was lying down with my eyes closed. He got on the bed and bent over me. He sat there, his arms crossed for a minute, then whispered in my ear. "It's Shayne isn't it?" I shuddered for a second... looking up at him. Then he caressed my breasts thru the gown. Tell me your fantasy." He lay down and then I lay next to him.

"You're correct in it being him. I spoke quietly. He appeared to be simple.... but an exquisite conversationalist. That's what I liked about Shayne. When I came to you guys that day and told you about the story I was writing, he did like the rest of you and put in his two cents, then he added...there's gonna be sex, right?" Shayne had no idea I had already thought about that.... and yet, it made him stick out more. I thought that he would be the only one I could show "The Game" chapter to, and he'd like it. I was scared to show it to you because you were the object of my lusty advances." Suede kissed me on my neck.

"I wish you had told me sooner..."I heard him mumble.

"Well, I continued. I kept changing the chapter. Because of you, Suede. The next time I came to see you guys, I was totally elated. I spoke to you, Damon, and lastly Davis and Shayne. Shayne shocked me that day. He was wearing this beautiful 72-hour beard. It totally changed the way his face looked. I was turned on...I was hoping it wasn't obvious. I talked with him later, too. When I got home that evening, because of all of you, I was scooping a ton of come out of my panties. I didn't know I could come that much."

"You seemed so innocent to me...that's why I never mentioned my intentions." Suede chuckled.

"I wish you had, I said kissing him. I was so hot every time I left you, I could only imagine that you had any. Anyway, the more I wrote, the more I fantasized about what could happen with 5 men and two women on a desolate campus. I thought of you and Joe a lot. I never thought about Shayne that way until I saw his face with the stubble. Then one night, after I finished fantasizing, I dreamed that he wanted to play The Game. I was hesitant about it and was beating around the bush. But when we finally did it, he put me into shock, because having sex with him was nothing like being with him and talking. He was like a depraved man full of pent up sexual desires. I glanced at Suede who sat there smiling...then I continued speaking. Shayne damn near ripped my legs apart having sex with me. Doing it so fast, ramming himself down me as if...nothing else mattered. He kissed like... (I paused to catch my breath)...like he had been waiting to kiss someone, anyone and I was there...then he apologized for the whole thing hoping this wouldn't stop me from playing with him again. The best thing though, Suede is...I felt the whole thing! When I woke, I felt my eyes were as big as saucers, I was really wet, flowing between the legs and I masturbated on that dream. He was no longer the person I met at school."

"You're wondering...Suede spoke suddenly, if any of it's true. You know his personality, he recommended the sex in the story when you were thinking the same thing. His beard kept his face in your mind... and then there was the dream." I put my hand on his prick. Suede was too hard for words. He glanced at where my hand was.

"I'll hold it if you tell me what the fantasy was." He said stroking my hand.

"Okay, I will. I said smiling. I imagined that he came here and you answered the door. He said that he had to see me, to apologize about the sex, but when you let him in, he accidentally saw me as I am right now...nothing else on but this gown. He stood there for a moment and I tried to cover myself, but I was in shock cos he had this enormous hard on...I couldn't move! He stood... just looking at me. You stared at him, and I glanced at you. He quickly removed his shirt. He was breathing hard... was completely mystified. He knelt down, opening his pants, pulled his rigid tool out and began jacking off! I had to see it...I came closer. I was huffing...almost hiccuping. I couldn't control myself. I was so wet from watching, I went back to the room and masturbated, until I passed out. When I opened my eyes you were both standing there in your briefs. I was looking at your bulges and still getting wet. Then you pulled me up and kissed me...telling me it was okay. I turned to look at Shayne...he kissed me on the neck. I was shaking. Then you hugged me.

Unbeknownst to myself, Shayne had removed his briefs and you had signaled for him to move towards me. He slid his rock hard cock between my legs but not into me. He grabbed me by the waist and slid his tool in and out between my legs. I didn't have time to notice what was going on.... I was breathing so heavy I couldn't stand. Shayne held me and continued sliding his cock thru my legs. I couldn't breath but come was running down my legs. As I looked at you, you put your cock into my soaking pussy, which felt like it would explode! Then you slowly pumped back and forth. I was still shaking and started to move with you. Shayne had come twice and then he stuck his already recovering tool into my ass! It hurt, but it felt better every time he removed it, and went back in. I wanted to scream so bad I could die, but I had no air...I couldn't come down from the orgasm and I wouldn't let go. I moaned in ecstasy as the two of you held and fucked me. Suddenly, Shayne stopped fucking my ass. Then you pulled out having come twice. I almost collapsed on the floor shaking...my breath was still in gasps but I was almost normal. You laid me on the bed. Shayne stroked my cheek and smiled

"I missed you.... I see you missed me a little too." he said.

Then-- I swallowed, looking at Suede.... he was seriously smiling and still quite hard, but I could see precum forming on his shorts. He stroked himself, still listening intently. Then you and Shayne pulled my gown up and he started sucking on my nipples so hard I was delirious. Then you put your fingers into my recovering pussy, and started to drive me up the wall! I came two, three more times. I lay there shaking, and finally I was conscious. When my eyes opened again, Shayne was kneeling next to the bed. I looked at him, my voice barely audible, and said, "Thank you so much." He wiped a tear from my eye.

"I had to see you, Shayne began. Suede told me you were here. I suppose I got a little...excited when I did."

Then you came in and shook hands with him and said "Come by anytime." Shayne hugged me and I felt that stubble massaging my face...(sigh) and he left."

I had finished my fantasy. . Suede reached between my thighs, sticking his fingers in my wet slit. As he held them up, come dripped from them. "To make yourself come like that and me get as hard as I did waiting to hear the end of that fantasy...you'll be a great writer... 'specially since you're so good at conveying your thoughts." he said. I smiled as he mounted me, and began stabbing into my starved happy hole quickly... then slowly, and quickly again... .my legs held over his shoulders. After awhile of heavy breathing from us both, we came in unison. After two or three more times he sucked and licked my breasts til' we fell asleep. Just before I closed my eyes, I thought to myself. How is it my body could know two men so well...and be so sensitive to their needs? Falling into a deep sleep I watched both of them fade...


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