tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Voice Ch. 1

The Voice Ch. 1

bydeputy duffy©

Debbie Wilson closed the door to the large house that had been the home to her husband and two young sons for the last four years; she wiped a small tear from her eye. She had just said her goodbyes, which she always hated. They were off for a weekend trip to see her husband's mother, whom Debbie also hated. While Debbie would always cry when they left, she would cry that much more when they returned.

Debbie finished cleaning off the breakfast table and started a bath. She relished the fact that she could take a hot bath and soak as long as she wanted, without feeling like she was robbing her young sons of their mother's attention. Debbie had grown up in a broken home and vowed, when she was a mom she would show her children what the word love meant.

Debbie met her husband at work, she was his secretary and sparks flew, even though Debbie knew he was already married. She hated the thought of being the other woman, but she also felt she had found the man of her dreams despite their 20-year age difference. Seemingly she was right, as she had spent the last 8 years in a blissful marriage.

Just as Debbie was about to enter the tub when the phone rang. Debbie's first instinct was to ignore it, but the thought of her husband and two kids flashed in her head. She slipped back on her robe, which covered her silky black nightie.

"Hello," Debbie answered.

"Good morning Mrs. Wilson!" A strong voice roared on the other end.

"Who is this?" Debbie said a little alarmed, as the voice was unfamiliar and menacing sounding.

"My name is Sam, and yours is Debra, but you like to be called Debbie."

"I don't know any Sam's," Debbie interrupted, searching her memory.

"You don't? Well maybe we should change that!" The voice said with an amorous laugh.

"Man that was creepy!" Debbie cried, as she slammed down the phone.

Debbie took one step, and then jumped the next, when the phone rang again.

"Hello," Debbie said a little apprehensive.

"Do you or me a favor Debbie, don't do that again, or you will be sorry." The booming voice was back.

"Please stop it your scaring me!" Debbie cried out.

"I know it's this voice box; it makes it a little scary." The voice boomed and Debbie concurred.

"What is this all about?" Debbie managed.

"I just want you to know that I indeed know who you are. Your 31 years old, married 8 years, two young sons, Preston and Joshua, one husband Stan 51, lawyer. Your parents both died when you were in your late teens, although you never really knew your dad. Your brother Wilson died of a drug overdose at his eighteenth birthday party."

Debbie slammed the phone down, her heart in her throat, she had spent the last eight years trying to build a new life, and one phone call had brought her old life crashing back again.

It only took one second for the phone to ring back again. Debbie's heart was in her throat, as the phone rang and rang. Debbie finally picked up the phone with trembling hands.

"Please if you don't stop calling I am going to call the police!" Debbie cried, cursing herself for answering.

"No you won't, because of the unknown," the voice shot back.

"What?" Debbie again cried.

"The unknown of what might happen if you do, and the unknown of what I want," the voice boomed.

"What do you want?" Debbie managed.

"For you to listen for a second and please don't hang up on me, it's so rude, and it's getting boring," the voice boomed.

"Tell me!" Debbie screamed.

"All right, but let me tell yah one thing first, your husbands a slow ass driver." the voice boomed.

"My husband?" Debbie asked nervously.

"That's rights we are on highway 97 just past exit 144," the voice shook, "Red caravan, personally I prefer black."

"Why are you following my family?" Debbie cried.

"I just wanted to let you know that we are watching, watching them and watching you."

"Please you are really scaring me!" Debbie cried.

"Well that's the point, if I were you, I'd be nervous as hell too. Why don't you sit on the sofa?"

"Ok," Debbie said, still standing in the middle of the living room, "I'm sitting now."

"Really, very good Debbie, test us to see if we can really see yah standing in the middle of your living room."

Debbie dropped the phone and fell to her knees, spinning around, scanning the room, suddenly she felt flushed, like her face was on fire. It suddenly became difficult to breathe. Her eyes now focused on the phone now lying on the floor Her mind raced with questions, only the thought of this person following her family gave her the strength to reach over and pick up the phone.

"I'm sorry I dropped the phone," Debbie mumbled.

"It's understandable, but don't let it happen again, I'm the type of guy that loses my patience quickly," the voice boomed.

"Why are you doing this? How can you see me?" Debbie cried, as tears slowly streamed down her face.

'Look no need for the water works, just do as you're told and your family will never even know we are here." the voice barked.

"We?" Debbie picked up on.

"Yes it's a we, but you will deal with me, for the weekend."

"For the weekend?" Debbie mumbled.

"Yes for this weekend you will do whatever I tell you over this phone and if you are a good girl and follow my instruction to the fullest, Sunday night when your family returns from grandmother's house, well you can return to your life, but if you don't, well I think you get the point."

"Don't you fucking dare hurt them!" Debbie screamed.

"Calm down, you have their futures in your hands."

"Please their all I have," Debbie cried as she lost control of her emotions, for several minutes she babbled incoherently, tears pouring from her eyes. It took over fifteen minutes for Debbie too finally calm down.

"Well at least you understand the magnitude of the situation, now listen up Debbie," the voice finally blasted.

Debbie tried to dry her eyes with one of her sons T-shirts that he left lying around like he always does, and for once it came in handy.

"Rule number one, is simple I give you an order, you comply, no questions or complaining." The voice barked, as Debbie tried to follow.

"Rule two, you don't leave the house, in fact you don't leave the first floor. Rule number three is don't ever break rule number one or two, do I make myself clear," the voice barked.

"Ah hah," Debbie mumbled.

"Tell me what the rules are," the voice blasted.

"One is to listen to you and follow you orders, and the other one is don't leave the house or the first floor," Debbie managed.


"But I have a hair appointment at three," Debbie remembered.

"I know call up Daisy and get her to come over your house instead," the voice barked.

"Daisy how did you know, I mean I don't know if she will," Debbie said.

"Did we already break rule one Debbie!" The voice hissed.

"No, No," Debbie screamed, "I was just saying that, I didn't say I wasn't going to try."

"Good now call her, just so you know I can hear what you are saying, so behave one wrong word and I disconnect you, in more ways then one," the voice said as it hung up.

Debbie looked at the phone trying to gain her strength. Daisy had been her friend for a couple of years, she always cut Debbie's hair. Debbie's husband liked her hair short and loved the blond spikes, she had done last time. She dialed the phone and held her breath hoping she could talk Daisy into coming over to her house, as she usually cuts it at her own house, so she can also watch her five year old son.

Debbie finally got a hold off Daisy after two tries, and the two talked for over twenty minutes as Debbie was doing her best, even lying about her car being broken down and needing her hair done for an important meeting, and she offered to pay double and pay for Daisy's sitter. Debbie got lucky as the next door neighbor said she would watch Daisy son. When Debbie said her goodbyes, the phone quickly called back.

"Good job Debbie," the voice said, "now go into the bathroom."

"Bathroom, but ah."

"Debbie, follow directions," the voice snapped.


Debbie rambled, on weak legs, into the bathroom. Her bath was getting cold, and her heart was pounding.

"Now stand in front of the mirror," the voice said.

Debbie's nerves were building quickly, as the unknown of the caller's intention were having their effects. Debbie stood in front of the full-length mirror that was next to the sink. Debbie used it to check out her outfits, and she had a little stool that Debbie used when she put on her make up.

"Ok do your face up," the voice commanded.

"You mean put make up on," Debbie mumbled.


Debbie started to put on her base.

"This is a little hard I mean holding the phone in all," Debbie mumbled.

"Just do it," the voice snapped.

"I will, but could I ask something," Debbie asked cautiously.


"My husband has a speaker phone in his office, the jack is just outside the bathroom door, it should reach," Debbie asked nervously.

"Get it but be quick," the voice boomed.

Debbie quickly returned with the speakerphone and plugged in the jack, finishing by putting the phone into it.

"You still there," Debbie asked.

"You bet, good idea Debbie now get back to work," the voice boomed, it even sounded more evil to Debbie, coming from the speaker phone.

"Please can I ask one more thing?" Debbie mumbled.

"Ok, but last question, so make it good!" The voice barked.

"Do you promise that you won't hurt my family, I mean if I do."

"Just follow my orders, and they never even know I'm here," the voice interrupted.

"Promise!" Debbie screamed several times.

"I give you my word," the voice finally bellowed.

Debbie sat down on the stool and went back to her make up and then fixed her hair. When Debbie announce she was finished, the voice commanded her to stand up. Debbie moved the stool aside and stood in front of the mirror, her head not moving, but her eyes shifting back and forth.

"Debbie look into the mirror and tell me what you see," the voice snapped.

Debbie hesitated a little confused.

"Describe yourself," the voice finally barked.

"Ok, this is hard, where to start," Debbie said stalling, wondering why if the voice could also see her why would she have to describe herself, "I'm five, five, one hundred fifteen pounds, ah brown hair, with blond highlights, green eyes, ah is this what you want?"

Debbie was now spinning around looking in all directions. She even tried to pry the mirror off the wall.

"Ah ok I'm wearing a robe and slippers," Debbie mumbled.

"I don't like slippers go to your bedroom and put on some high heels," the voice interrupted. "Be back in 30 seconds, Go."

Debbie raced to her bedroom and grabbed her highest heels, a black pair, she hated them as they killed her feet, but she put them on and returned to the bathroom, all while in a state of perplex.

"Ok I'm back," Debbie said a little short of breath.

"Yes now what kind of shoes are you wearing?" the voice boomed.

Debbie was looking at her reflection in the mirror.

"Ah, there you know high heels, ah red ones," Debbie mumbled.

"Hey I like red ones like Dorothy," the voice said, followed by a flutter of laughter.

"Yah just like that," Debbie said, as she breathed a sigh of relief. She sat down on the stool and put her hands in her face.


"Yah," she said almost laughing,

"Stand back up," the voice barked.

"Ah what the fuck," Debbie screamed, as her relief was short lived.

"If you can see me, then how come you didn't know my shoes were black," Debbie hissed.

"Just relax Debbie I don't want to spend an another fifteen minutes listening to you cry like a five-year-old," the voice boomed. "I can see you, just not as well as I'd like, but never mind that, now touch up your face again."

Debbie looked around again, she figured the voice had to have a camera or something, but she couldn't find it.

"Do it," the voice barked.

Debbie fixed her make up, and was again standing in front of the mirror.

"Ok, what color lipstick?" the voice boomed

"Ah pink, it's pink," Debbie said, she figured the voice must only be able to see her in black and white, like those cheesy surveillance systems, in the convenience stores.

"You sure this time?" The voice blasted.

"Yah, I'm sorry about that," Debbie said hoping to smooth it over.

"Put some gloss on them," the voice boomed.

Debbie was a little puzzled that the voice knew so much about make up, and cared so much about hers.

"Now what is under that robe?" The voice bellowed.

"Please, ah I'm sorry, it's a black silk nightie," Debbie said, as she instinctively clutched the front of the robe.

"Nice ok hang the robe up on the back of the door and stand back in front of the mirror.

"Oh my god," Debbie whispered, as she slowly slid the robe off and hung it up, and was now standing in her black nightie in front of the mirror.

"Slowly turn around," the voice bellowed.

Debbie was frantic, how dare someone invade her home and now treat her like this, she kept saying to herself, only the thought of her family was giving her the strength to comply, as Debbie did a full circle.

"Ok lean forward, hands on you knees; you're doing good Debbie," the voice teased.

Debbie didn't know about that, she felt so pathetic, for playing along.

"Ok Debbie slide the straps off your shoulders," the voice barked.

"Please sir I'm naked underneath," Debbie snapped.

"Don't you usually bath nude?" the voice asked.

"I guess so," Debbie mumbled as she realized she was going to take her bath after all, only not a private one.

"C'mon Debbie," the voice barked.

Debbie watched her reflection, it was like she was watching someone else. Her nightie fell down over her breasts and slid down her body, gathering at her ankles.

"Hang it up on top of the robe, and then back. Good job Debbie," the voice boomed when she was back in place.

"Now I want you to describe yourself." the voice said.

"I though I already,"

"Your body, describe your body!" the voice interrupted.

"Please this is so strange,"

"Don't forget rule one Debbie," the voice bellowed.

"I'm sorry but really,"

"No buts do it!" the voice shot out.

"I'll try, I guess I have medium sized breasts, and a flat stomach, and my legs might be a little on the muscular side, and ugly feet."

"Satisfactory, but I will help you out, what are your measurements?" the voice asked.

"Ah last I checked, they were 34-23-34,"

"And what cup size are you?" the voice asked.

"Ah a C," Debbie mumbled.

"How about your nipples?" the voice asked.

Debbie instinctively reacted to the question by putting her hands up to her chest.

"Please this is embarrassing," Debbie mumbled.

"Describe them now!" The voice boomed out.

"Ok, Ok, they are a little on the puffy side, pink I guess, they don't get much sun."

"I see that, turn around, you never said anything about your ass," the voice barked.

"What about it,"

"Don't snap at me girl, from now on, no flip remarks and no crying, your starting to piss me off, look this is going to happen weather you like it or not." the voice shook.

Debbie was just getting ready to grab her robe and get out of there.

"Ah we finally made it to grandma's house," the voice bellowed, as Debbie's heart sunk.

"The little one ran in the house, I think someone has to pee." the voice teased.

"Please leave them alone," Debbie said as she fell to her knees.

"I'm going to, if you start acting a little better, and not like a crybaby." the voice said.

"I'm sorry really it's just,"

"Shut up, and get in the tub," the voice hissed.

Debbie kicked of her heels, annoyed, she hated to be told to shut up, and in her own house, naked, while something watched her, and her family. Her blood was boiling when her foot hit the cold water. She tried to hide the fact that the water was cold and sat down in the water, thankful to have the soapy waters camouflage, if only temporarily.

As she soaked she could here background music coming from the speakerphone. She closed her eyes as she racked her brain for a way out of this predicament, maybe she could slip a note to Daisy when she came over, or whisper something into her ear, she had to do something.

"Ok stand up in the center of the tub," The voice barked, causing Debbie to jump.

Debbie slowly rose from the now icy water; she instinctively covered her now rock hard nipples with her hands again.

"Ok now wash yourself," the voice ordered.

Debbie leaned over to pick up the wash cloth.

"No cloth, just hands and soap," the voice snapped. Causing Debbie to jump again, that violation feeling running through her body again, as she realized just how good the voice could see her, even in the tub. She poured some liquid soap on her shoulders, quickly rubbing it into her arms and over her stomach, working quickly she splashed some water over her and announced she was done.

"Debbie I'm disappointed, we must do better than that. Pick up the soap and poor some over your front." The voice hissed.

"Please it's cold," Debbie moaned, but quickly pick up the soap, she squirted some over her breast and stomach.

"Turn and face the mirror and watch yourself wash," the voice ordered.

Debbie turned but didn't watch as she ran her hands back and forth over her breasts and stomach, which quickly became soap covered. Debbie leaned forward and washed one leg and then the next. She stood up and waited for the next instruction.

"Rinse." the voice said, as Debbie was glad that this part was over.

"Now just one more thing to clean, or two," the voice barked.

"Please this is too much!" Debbie cried.

"Put your left foot on the edge of the tub and wash between your legs," the voice boomed.

Debbie stomach fluttered, it felt like she was going to be ill from the butterflies swirling. With tears streaming down her face, she ran some soap over her neatly trim pubic mound and began to work it in before running a hand in-between her legs, she tried to put it out of her head what it must look like, as she washed until she was told to turn around.

"Just on more thing, wash your ass and anus, we must keep clean," the voice said, almost sounding playful.

Debbie hung her head, as she applied more soap to her ass cheeks, working it in using both hands, and with one finally burst of courage, ran her fingers in between her ass cheeks and rubbed her anus. Finally when she couldn't take it anymore she sat down in the water to rinse. She sat in the cold water for several minutes trying to regain her composer.

"Ok Debbie get out and dry," the voice said, breaking the silence.

Debbie was happy to get out of the cold water, but not happy to lose the waters shelters. Debbie quickly wrapped herself with a towel and used another one to dry her arms and legs.

"Ok Debbie now hang the towels back up on the rack, and stand in front of the mirror." the voice barked.

"Again with that fucking mirror!" Debbie wanted to scream, but she bit her tongue. She did make herself a promise that when this was over she was going to smash that fucking mirror to pieces, maybe even before.

"You must have some body lotion to rub in, have to keep that skin soft." the voice hissed.

Debbie let out a moan, as she knew that soon she would be rubbing lotion into her skin, as it was slowly sinking in as to the nature of the acts that she was going to be asked to perform. She reluctantly did as she was told, not even surprised when the voice had her rub extra lotion into her breasts, and soon her body was basking in a shinny glow.

"Grab some shaving gel and a razor," the voice boomed.

"Oh great now I have to shave my legs in front of the mirror as well." Debbie thought, as she opened the medicine cabinet.

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