tagGroup SexThe Waitress

The Waitress


Chance spun the coaster on the table, and glanced around the bar.

"I can't believe we are doing this."

"I know what you mean," Frank replied.

"A month ago a threesome was something I saw in porn movies and tonight I going to be in a second one."

"What can I say, life is good."

"And Fiona set this up?"

"Yep, she was intrigued with Misty. I mean, it's not every day that you get your waitress to flash her breasts at you."

"True, that never happens to me," Chance lamented, "at least not for free."

"So when we got home, Fiona used the email and phone number Misty gave her to do some digging. Once Fiona decided Misty was not some kind of psycho, she gave her a call. They chatted a bit, and here we are."

"Did Fiona say why Misty has this abduction fantasy? She certainly does not appear to be the type for it. She looks more like a Harlaquin Romance kind of woman."

"Well," Frank said with a sigh, "without getting into too much psychological mumbo jumbo, Misty needs a little encouragement to try new things with men."

"Works for me," replied Chance, "and Fiona doesn't think Misty will flake out on us?"

"They have been talking and emailing a lot; Fiona says this is really what Misty wants."

Frank tipped his head to the side, and Chance looked over. Misty was walking toward them.

"Here she comes." Frank observed.

"Hi. Chance and Frank, right? Can I get you something to drink?" she asked, settling into an empty chair at their table.

"Rum and Coke for me," said Chance.

"I'll take an Arnold Palmer, "Frank replied.

"My shift ends in about 10 minutes, so you guys are pretty much my last customers. Cary came in a few minutes early, so she is taking everyone else in this section. I still can't believe I'm doing this..." her voice trailed off.

"It's okay if you changed your mind, an abduction fantasy kind of a big step if you have never done anything like this before," Frank said.

What can I say, I like to be scared. Scary movies, bungee jumping, extreme roller coasters... but something like this requires trust. For some reason, I am trusting Fiona . I think this is going to scare the daylights out of me, but in a good way."

"From the instructions we got from Fiona, I think it will be everything you want," said Frank.

"Ever since I saw the three of you last month, it's been all I think about," Misty explained.

"Do tell, Girlfriend," Chance replied

"When you two were here with Fiona, I overhead her ask if Chance was going to be her fuck buddy and I saw her rubbing her foot on your is, um..." her voice trailed off again.

"Dick," Chance almost shouted, "You will be seeing a lot of it tonight, you don't have to keep it a secret."

"Yes, your dick. And then when I talked to her in the restroom and she told me she was taking both of you home. Oh, I so wanted to be her that night."

"And that's when you flashed her?" Frank asked.

"I am so embarrassed about that, I can't believe I did it."

"Don't be, "Chance replied, "If I had tits like yours, I'd be showing them off all the time."

Misty blushed and looked down at the table.

"So you are okay with all this?" Frank asked.

"Totally," she replied. Misty did not tell them she had been masturbating every night this week thinking about what was going to happen tonight.

"Do you remember the safe word?"

"Yes, it's Flare. Did Fiona give you my rules?"

"Yes. Not hitting or slapping. Nothing up your butt, no choking. Not a problem. Blowjobs, swallowing, oral sex and fucking are all okay, right"

"Yes," Misty answered, blushing again.

"And somebody knows where you will be?" Chance asked.

"Yes, now let me get your drinks."

"This is going to be epic, not only is she smoking hot, but she seems really cool," Chance exclaimed.

"Fiona said her tits were stunning. That's the word she used, stunning. What do you think, 34 C?"

"Yea, that sounds about right. And she is not afraid to show them off a little. That top shows just enough to catch your interest with being slutty."

"Not that there is anything wrong with that."

"I hear you brother."

"And a bit of a tomboy."

"Yea, who would have guessed our waitress is into bungee jumping."

"I guess we need to get out more"

"The whole abduction thing is pretty sexy, I can't wait to have her tied up and naked."

Misty returned a few minutes later with their drinks. She set them down, and leaned in, flashing her cleavage to both of them.

"My shift is over, I'm going to go change, and then we can go."

"When do you want to start the role playing?" Chance asked.

"As soon as we can" she said with a nervous smile.

"We can start as soon as we get in the car. Chance will blindfold and handcuff you."

"And you two are going to talk dirty about the things you are going to do to me?"

"Honey," Frank replied, "you are getting the deluxe package, and that includes talking dirty. Did you get Fiona's list of what to wear?"

"Short skirt, button down shirt, and a bra that opens in the front." She replied.

"You'd really help us out if you could go commando. Underwear complicates things."

"I'm just going from here to the car, right? I guess I could do that." She said as she stood up to leave.

By the time Frank and Chance had downed their drinks, Misty was back. She was walking slowly, and taking small steps. She seemed concerned that someone would notice her lack of underwear. Both the men stood up and walked with out of the pub with her. They were parked close by. Misty saw a windowless white van. As they approached she noticed it had a bumper sticker that said 'We love sluts' on one side and 'Bad Girl Kick Ass' on the other.

"You came in that thing?" she asked, "you're braver than I thought."

Chance opened the side door of the van and held her bag as she sat down.

"Consider you abducted," he said has he leaned in. He slipped a blindfold over her eyes. He put leather cuffs on her wrists, and secured them to cargo strap on the floor Chance tugged on the restraint. Once he was satisfied it was tight, he closed the door. Chance sat down in the front seat. Frank was already behind the wheel.

Misty heard the door slam shut. The blindfold blocked all light, and she could not move her arms. She heard Frank talking.

"You can scream if you want, nobody outside this van is going to hear your."

She knew nothing bad was going to happen to her. . Fiona had explained the plan. Frank and Chance seemed like good guys. But as the van rumbled down the road, she felt a little scared. They were making lots of turns. That's what they did in all the scary movies she watched. The bad guys always made lots of turns to confuse their victim. She screamed. That only made the fear worse. She was screaming, and nobody was coming to help her. She smiled. This was going to be even better than she had imagined.

She could hear them talking. They were talking about her.

"Did you see those tits? I can't wait to get my hands on them. And my face, I just want to put my face between them"

"And she has such a sexy mouth. You know what would make it look even better? My cock inside it"

"When we get to the hideout, first thing I am doing is bending her over and ramming my dick into her," Frank winced as as he said hideout. When he said it out loud it was cheesy, it sound so much better in his head.

She heard them as they continued discussing their plans. They were very explicit about what they were going to do to her. Every word made her blush. And every word made her wet. Her nipples were stiff, rubbing against her bra. Chance had pulled her skirt up when he put her in the van, so her bare ass was rubbing on the seat, reminding her she did not have panties on. She felt the van slow down and make a turn. It stopped, and she heard a garage door closing. The front doors opened and closed. Then the she heard the side door open. A wave of cool air hit her. Someone reached in and disconnected her restraints from the seat. They roughly pulled her out of the van. She was still in total darkness. One of them led by her by the wrist. The other one was behind her, hands on her shoulders. She heard keys jangle, then a door unlock and open. She took a few steps inside, and then the hands on her shoulders jerked her to a stop. Then quiet. She could hear her heart racing. She thought about the safe word. She could end it all right now. But she did not. Her pulse slowed just enough for her to hear the two men breathing. They were very close.

Abruptly hands ripped her shirt open. She felt them open the clasp on her bra, and her breasts tumbled out.

Misty felt hands on her breasts. It felt electric. It was her and two men. Two men she had just met, she did not even know their last names. And they were here to fuck her. She smiled at that thought.

Chance caressed Misty's breasts. Fiona had been right a month ago. They were real, and they were spectacular. Her tits more than filled his hands. The firm dark pebbles of her nipples pressed into his palms. His mind raced with the pleasures Misty's tits were going to provide. He wanted to feel them on his lips. He wanted them wrapped around his cock. He wanted tug on her nipple with his teeth until she came.

The next thing Misty heard was one off them ripping open the button fly of his jeans. She tried to remember which of them was wearing 501s. She thought it was Chance. That sound came from in front of her. Seconds later she heard pants unzipping behind her. She was excited, so excited she could feel her wetness running down her thighs. Now there were hands on both her shoulders. They were pushing her down. Soon she was on her knees. One of them grabbed her hair and turned her head to the right. She felt the tip of a penis brush against her lips. Misty opened her mouth to receive it.

Frank slowly slid his penis past her lips, pushing it in until he filled her mouth. He gently pulled back on her head, bobbing it back and forth. A bulge formed in her cheeks as he pushed his cock against them. She felt him pull her head back and turn it to the left. Chance's penis pushed past her lips and did not stop until it reached that back of her throat. He held it there for a few seconds, and then released her head. She pulled away from him until only the head of his dick remained in her mouth. Misty swirled her tongue around it, and put her hands on his shaft. She began to stroke the length of his cock. Her lips remained tight around him, her tongue pressed against him. Chance started thrusting his hips back and forth, but Mindy's hand kept him from going too far into her mouth. She pulled away from him.

"I want to taste you," she moaned, still sliding her hands up and down his cock.

"Do you want me to come in your mouth?" Chance asked.

"Yes, I want it, I want you to fill my mouth until I can't take anymore," she pleaded. Misty wasn't sure where that came from. She had never had a guy come in her mouth before. She flicked her tongue against him a few times, and then wrapped her lips around his penis. Chanced put both his hands on her head and started thrusting again. He was thrusting harder, forcing his cock though her hands. Soon her mouth was full of his hard flesh. He was fucking her mouth.

"Don't stop," Chance moaned, as he pulled her hair, "don't stop. You're going to make me come." His voice trailed off to a low moan.

Misty was nervous, but excited. She was going to do it; she was going to make a guy come with her mouth. Chance's movements became jerky, his muscles tensed. Then it happened. She felt her mouth fill with a hot liquid. It leaked past her lips and spilled down her chin. It flowed down her throat. Misty thought she would be disgusted by it, but instead she was turned on even more. She stroked his cock, milking every drop out of it. Even after Chance let go of her, she kept sucking his dick. Finally Chance pulled away from her. He jerked her to her feet, and then kissed her.

They gave her a minute to catch her breath. Once again she felt hands on her shoulders, this time pushing her forward. He pushed her against the back of an armchair, bending her forward. Chance grabbed her breasts again, pinching her nipples and tugging on them. She felt Frank's cock rubbing against the lips of her pussy. When the tip of his penis brushed against her clit she felt a bolt of pleasure pass through her body. A current of pleasure flowed from Chance's hands on her breasts to Frank's cock teasing her vagina.

Frank flipped her skit up on to her back and ran his hand across her firm buttocks. His hips thrust forward, and the lips of her pussy stretched over the head of his cock. She gasped as she took in the entire length of his penis. Frank's fingers found her clit. He pounded his cock into her, grunting each time his hips slammed into her ass. Frank grabbed her hair with his free hand and pulled back on it slightly. A string of profanity spewed from her mouth. Again and again Frank thrust into her. His hand with drenched as he continued to finger her clit.

It surprised her a little when Frank grabbed her hair. He wasn't pulling hard enough for it to hurt, but it reminded her that he was in control. She felt Chance's hand continue to crush her breasts and pinch her nipples. It felt like Chance was pulling her towards an orgasm. And Frank was pushing her in the same direction. She heard a voice that sounded like hers. It was saying something like 'don't stop, this feels so fucking good', but she did not know where it came from. The fabric of his jeans pressed against her ass. He hand not even bother to get undressed before he started fucking her. She had a few clothes on, but she might was well be naked. Her thought was interrupted by the feeling of Frank's cock slamming into her again. The feeling of ecstasy got stronger each time his cock filled her up. Each time he pressed his fingers against her clit a shock of pleasure radiated through her body. Frank thrust into her so hard she almost fell over. She tipped forward, pressing her breasts into Chance's hand. Her whole body began to tingle. She cried out as an orgasm swept over her.

Frank pulled her upright be tugging on her hair.

"I'm not done with you yet. I'm going to put you on the bed and fuck you again." Frank whispered in her ear.

Misty felt Frank push her forward until she ran into the bed. He shoved her onto it, and she tumbled to the middle, coming to a rest on her back. One of them removed the cuffs on her wrists. She was still blindfolded, and did not know what they were going to do next. Each of them was tugging on her arms. Soon she felt straps being tied around her wrists. Next they tied her ankles, so was spread eagle on the bed.

Frank climbed onto the left side of the bed; Chance did the same on the right side. Both of them hungrily looked at Misty. She looked disheveled. She still had her clothes on, but they didn't really cover anything. Her hair was tangled, and her makeup was smeared. Most of her lipstick had been wiped off when she had Chance's cock in her mouth. Frank put his hand one her shoulder. Chance mirrored his actions. Her skin was damp with sweat, and warm. He slowly ran his hand down her body. He felt her stiff nipple against his palm as his hand glided over her firm breasts. His fingertips pressed into her ribs. Finally his hand came to rest on the inside of her thigh. Chance had done the same thing. A faint moan escaped her lips, and both men looked at her. Chance leaned down to whisper in her ear.

Misty felt them touching her. She was almost shaking with anticipation. She could feel a warm breath on her ear.

She heard a whisper, it sounded like Chance, "Are you ready?"

"Ready for what?" she asked.

"Are you ready for both of us?"

"Yes, "she answered softly. Misty bit her bottom lip. There were more words waiting to come out, but she wasn't ready for them. Words like ' Yes, fuck me now', and ' I want your cocks inside me', but she could not bring herself to let those words out. The men probably knew that's what she wanted. That's why they were here. That's what she was tied up, blindfolded and almost naked. She took a deep breath and waited to feel them.

Frank and Chance looked at each other. Frank nodded, and they both began kissing Misty. They kissed her on the lips, on the ear, and on the neck. Both of them put a hand on her breast, squeezing and caressing her. Soon they were both pressing their lips against her tits, running tongues over her nipples. They could hear her moans growing louder. She arched her back, pushing her tits against them. Frank put one hand on her breast, the other on her thigh. She strained against the straps that held her down

The word she was not saying now was 'More', She want more than kissing, more than caressing. She wanted all they could give her. Both of them had a hand on her breasts, and both of them had a hand between her legs. She felt both of them slip a finger inside her. One of them was pinching a nipple with his teeth; the other was kissing her on the lips. His tongue invaded her mouth. And all she could think was that she wanted more. Time stood still as they consumed her. Then they stopped.

One of them removed her blindfold. The room was pretty dark, but she could make out Frank and Chance. She looked around the room. The bed was in the middle of the room. There wasn't a headboard; it might have been just a mattress. The only other furniture in the room was the chair Frank and leaned her over when he fucked her. This looked like a room that was just for sex. Misty heard the rustle of clothing being removed. She looked at Frank and Chance. They were both stripping off their clothes. She enjoyed watching them get naked. She had undressed them many times in her fantasies. Really seeing them naked did not disappoint her. Frank was taller, and had a heavier build. Misty ran her eyes up and down his naked body. She wanted to feel it pressed against her. She wanted to feel crushed under him. She turned her eyes to Chance. He was a bit shorter, leaner. His muscled were more defined. Both of them had erections.

Chance walked to the foot of the bed. He leaned over and began to crawl onto the mattress between her legs. He looked at Misty. She still had her clothes on. Her shirt and bra were open, exposing her breasts. Her skirt was askew, and barely covered her vagina. He ran his hand up her leg and over her hip. He brushed her skirt out of the way, so she was fully exposed. Chance looked into Misty's eyes, and was met with a lustful stare.

"I guess, "Misty said, "you're going to fuck me now."

"I am, "Chance replied, "I bet your pussy feels even better than your mouth."

"So after you're done with me, then what?"

"Then you are mine again, "Frank interjected. He was standing at the head of the bed. He leaned over, putting his hands on either side of her chest. He lowered his head and pressed his lips against her breast. Chance was on his knees between her legs. She felt him grab her hips and pull her back, so her ass was on his thighs. He put his hand on his cock and pressed it down, stretching the lips of her pussy apart with his dick.

As Frank leaned down she lost sight of Chance. Frank started licking, kissing and sucking on her tits. Misty felt bolts of pleasure between her vagina and breasts again. Frank put his hand on her other breast, squeezing it in his large hands. Chance kept his hands on her hips, pinning her in place as the thrust into her over and over. Frank stood up, and then slung one leg onto the bed. He grabbed her head and turned it to the side. The next thing Misty felt was Frank's penis entering her mouth. Now she had two cocks sliding in and out of her. It was a bigger turn on that she had imagined in her many fantasies about this night.

Chance felt his orgasm getting closer and closer. He looked down between Misty's legs. There was just enough light to make out his cock sliding in and out of her. His eyes shifted up, and he watched her lips engulf Frank's dick. He was still a little shocked this was happening. A month ago this is something he heard his buddies brag about, and he never believed them. Now he was actually doing it. He felt Misty clamp down on his penis, and that pushed him over the edge. His orgasm gushed through him.

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