The Waitress


Jack then reached back to her panties waist, hooking his fingers beneath them. "It'll be easier like this," he said, sliding them down, and while giving her time to object he had slipped them completely off before Denise could gather her thoughts.

Her dress fell back into place, hiding her body and his hands from her site, but not preventing the gentle marauding that was taking place. She was being conquered before she even realised that a contest was taking place. "You should stop that," she hissed. "I haven't said you can touch me like that."

"You haven't said I can't either," came a gentle reminder, and she found he was kissing her again. "OK, so I'll tell him to stop shortly, she thought.

After a while that seemed to last an age, Denise found those fingers and their terrible touches drifting away from her quivering and sensitive pussy, drifting back up to cup her breasts, that were also suddenly feeling sensitive and yearning for a touch. "This is no good," she heard Jack murmur. "Hold still for a moment." She found a tug freed her dress from under her bottom, and then it was being lifted, up and over her head and tossed to the side, followed quickly by her bra. Naked now, she felt herself being drawn back against him, while his head descended onto her breasts, gently suckling and kissing them, satisfying that yearning that she had felt there, while those fingers, she realised were creeping back down there to wreak more havoc.

Denise could hear herself moaning and babbling slightly, as Jack tormented her, slowly driving her to the edge of she knew not what. She took a deep breath and pushed Jack firmly away. "This has to stop," she said, "and stop now."

"OK," said Jack agreeably, leaning a bit further away from her.

"OK?" she gasped. "You're not going to try to make me go further?"

"No. You've said stop, so I guess I have no choice," sighed Jack.

"But you've got an erection," she accused. "I can feel it."

"Well yes, of course, I have. I want you, badly."

"Then why aren't you trying harder to make me?"

"Born gentleman, I guess," Jack said with a smile. "I can control myself. I could even enter you and then withdraw if you told me to."

Denise was shocked. "I don't believe that for a moment."

"It's true," said Jack with a small laugh, "but I can't prove it because you would have to let me enter you first and you said that's not happening.

Denise stared at him, intrigued. "Could he?" she wondered. There was only one way to find out she realised, and bit her lip.

"That lip is getting a lot of chewing tonight," observed Jack.

"You couldn't, could you?" Denise asked, feeling her stomach squirm at what she was about to do.

Jack just shrugged and waited for her to continue.

"Just in, and then out as soon as I tell you?" she pressed.

Jack nodded once in agreement, and as Denise watched he undid his trousers and took them down, showing her what she knew had been there but had been too nervous to touch.

"How are you going to do this?" she asked, appalled at what she had suddenly agreed to. Even while she was quietly asking him, a little voice inside was shouting "What are you doing? See the size of that thing. And he's going to stick it in you," while another little voice was answering "I know. Isn't it great."

Jack carefully twisted Denise around so that she was straddling him, facing him, the slit of her pussy pressed firmly against his rigid cock. His hand slid around her bottom cheeks, gently lifting her up and towards him, until she suddenly felt his cock slide under her, the head now pressing firmly against her. He held her like that for a moment, then she heard him telling her to part her lips for him. Denise felt as though she was watching someone else move as her hand dipped between her legs, felt his cock and traced slowly to the top, feeling where his head was pressing against her lips. Her hands gently moved her lips apart, stretching them until she felt that head surge up slightly, slipping into the space she'd made. Her hand withdrew and she could feel her body closing over this intruder.

With initial entry gained, Jack placed his hands on Denise's shoulders, forcing her slowly down while at the same time pushing up to meet her. He pressed firmly in, feeling her shudder with relief as his erection finally found its home within her, taking possession and filling her consciousness with its presence. Leaving her sitting there, neatly skewered and unwilling to move, he moved his hands to her breasts and started gently playing them, musical instruments that he could draw sweet music out of.

Denise sat there, straddling Jack, with his cock rearing up and into her. She waited for him to withdraw, not wanting him to, but knowing he would. Waited, feeling his fingers moving against her breasts, adding to the sensations already flooding her. Opened her mouth to speak, but finding his in the way, and let the kisses keep her quiet.

Restless, sitting there feeling this erection doing things to her, feeling it throbbing within her, agitating her nerves, bringing pleasure, but not enough pleasure. She twisted slightly, rubbing against it, gasping at the extra sensations. Rubbed some more, bouncing a little now, relishing those little ripples of feeling. She could now feel Jack adding his own movements, pressing deeper into her, his thrusts aligning with her bounces. She could feel his mouth ravaging hers, his fingers raising torments of delight with her breasts but most of all his cock, surging through her tender flesh, beating against her, something live inside her, having its own way within her.

Jack could feel the tension rising within him. "If she tried to stop him now," he thought, "not a jury in the world would convict." Thrusting up, climax screaming towards him, then feeling the explosive release as his seed surged forth into her. Feeling the answering release as she closed around him, seeking all of him, demanding all of him.

Coming back to earth, feeling the world settle around him, the aftermath of pleasure leaving him lethargic and relaxed. Denise, relaxing, settling down into Jack's lap, wondering what on earth had possessed her, but not really caring. Two minds without a thought between them. And then, suddenly, two minds with two different thoughts.

"Oh, fuck," said Jack. "We forgot the condom."

"I'm on the pill," snapped Denise. "You said straight in and then out."

"Not quite, sweetheart," soothed Jack. "I said straight in and then out as soon as you said. I'm still waiting for the word."

Denise blinked. He was right. What's more he was still within her. She smiled. If he was waiting for her to ask him to withdraw, he could damn well wait a bit longer.

"Well," she said, "you also said you were going to take me to bed. Not just bounce me on a chair."

Jack grinned, then reached up and pulled the catch next to the bed cubicle. Denise saw the space that she thought was the bed fold forward and down, opening up to reveal a proper bed. "Never say I deceived you," said Jack. "Shall we transfer there for dessert?"

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