tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Waitress Sucks

The Waitress Sucks


"You're the worst fucking waitress I've ever seen," Marcus said. "You know that?"

Angie was crying. He'd been yelling at her for the past ten minutes, ever since he called her into his office. It was her first night on the job and she screwed up so many orders that she was sure he would fire her.

"You lied to me about having experience, didn't you?"

She nodded her head and brushed her long blond hair back over her shoulders. She tried not to look at him. The way his cruel eyes mocked her gave her the creeps. Marcus was a tall, dark-skinned, Black man with a shaved bald head. His size alone was enough to intimidate her.

"I should have known," he said. "You're only eighteen. What experience could you have? One thing, though, you look good in that outfit." He stared at her until she blushed. Her frilly red blouse showed off her huge firm 36DD tits. The satiny material was cut low in front and it clung to her flesh. Her black skirt was shorter than anything she'd ever worn before, hardly covering her ass. But it was the same outfit that all the other waitresses had to wear. Marcus told her that the skimpy costumes were good for business.

She knew that was true. All night long the men (and women) were gazing at her tits every time she bent over a table. And now Marcus was doing the same thing.

She knew it was coming any second now. He would fire her and then she'd have to go back to her mother and break the bad news to her. She really needed the job. She'd just graduated High School and needed money for college. He father had ran out when Angie was only two, and her mother had struggled to raise her alone. Money was tight, so Angie needed to pay her own way, in order to make something better of herself.

"But I need the job," Angie said. She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up at him, hoping he'd feel sorry for her. "Can't you just give me another chance?"

"Alright, honey," he said. "Don't worry. I'll give you a chance." He put his hands on her shoulders.

She smiled at first, but then she felt the pressure of his strong hands. They pushed down on her shoulders, hard, forcing her to bend her knees.

"Get down on the floor, Angie." His grip tightened around her shoulders, digging into her flesh. "Yeah, baby, get down on your knees and suck me off."

She tried to push his hands away but he just laughed at her. "But...I can't..."

"Don't give me that," he said. "I don't need that kind of shit, I just need you to suck my cock." He pulled at her blouse, pushing it down her shoulders. "Come on, bitch. Do you want to work or don't you?"

Angie stepped back away from him. She pulled her blouse back over her shoulders. She wasn't crying any more. She was just scared out of her mind.

"No," she said. "Please... I don't want to."

"Get lost then, you stupid bitch. But don't plan on working as a waitress anywhere around here. All I have to do is spread the word about what a dumb bimbo you are."

Angie just stared at him. She was still afraid of him, still wanting to get the hell out of the office. But then she thought about how much she needed the job and the money.

"Come on, baby," he said, speaking in a softer voice. "I'm willing to give you another chance, but you have to make it worthwhile to me."

He walked over to her and slid his hand across her face. "See, baby, see how nice I can be?" His fingers dropped down to her neck and then moved down the wide open bodice. She shuddered when he cupped her tight tit in his hand. He squeezed his hand really hard, rubbing her nipple with his sweaty palm. "Yeah, do it, Angie. Do it for me." His other hand pushed her down to the floor.

This time she didn't fight him. She knelt in front of him on the soft plush carpet and then stared at the long thick bulge in his pants.

"That's it, open up, baby." He unzipped his pants and pulled his stiff Black cock out into the open. Angie stared at the glistening wet tip. She'd never seen a Black cock before. It had to be at least 9 inches long, and very thick. With no other choice, she opened her mouth wide.

"Suck it, baby. Suck it," he said, shoving his meat into her mouth. The hard flesh shot all the way down her throat in one stroke. Angie choked on it while he hammered it in and out of her lips. His nuts slapped against her mouth, jumping up and down with each thrust of cock.

He grabbed her head and moved it back and forth, making her suck on the full length of his cock. Her cheeks bulged in and out as she closed her lips tight around his wet meat.

"Ahhh, yeah, you're good for something, bitch. You really know how to suck." He looked down at her, watching her head bob up and down, pulling her by the hair while he stabbed his dick into her throat.

She felt little drops of fluid seep out of his cock and ooze onto her tongue. Her cheeks moved in and out as she sucked him off, stuffing his cock into her mouth with both hands. She cupped his nuts and rolled them in her fingers, then jerked off his long dick, sloshing it in and out of her wet sucking lips.

"Mmmmm, eat it bitch, eat it." He rocked back and forth, moving his hips faster and faster. Then he pulled his cock halfway out of her mouth and thrashed it from left to right while he jerked himself off. His hand beat against her lips faster and faster. He laughed while she blew him, treating her like a real whore.

She looked up at his face, watching him grin at her each time she slurped on his hard cock. Her jaws were sore already from the steady pounding of his meat. She wanted him to come so she could get out of the office. Then it would be all over for her. At least that's what she hoped.

"Ummmmmmmm," she moaned, slurping on his cock as loud as she could, hoping to turn him on even more. She drooled all over his cock, pumping it hard with her fist. Her lips opened and closed, sucking harder each time.

"That's it, baby, suck on it, ahhhh, yeah, take it into your mouth." He pulled her head all the way to his groin, shoving his cock forward at the same time. She gagged on it but she still managed to take it all the way in. Her lips moved up and down on his hairy sack of nuts while she sucked him off.

"Let me see some tit, baby," he said. "Come on, bitch, show me what you got."

Angie kept his cock in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down, sucking and slurping on his meat. She slid both hands to the front of her blouse and then pulled it down so that her bare tits stuck out in the open. The huge fleshy mounds jiggled up and down as Marcus hammered away at her wide open mouth. Angie slid her head back, sucking hard on his wet cock until just the tip of it was in her mouth. Then she ran her tongue around the pulsing head, lapping the juices from the tiny slit.

"Jerk it off, baby," Marcus said. He tilted her head back, keeping a couple inches of dick in her mouth. "Come on, bitch, do it."

Angie wrapped her fingers around his hard throbbing meat. Then her fist flew up and down his cock, pulling on it really fast. Her hand banged against her lips each time she jerked his cock. It quivered inside of her mouth, sliding back and forth across her tongue.

"Faster, baby, do it faster." He groaned and slid his cock in and out of her hand, getting it all wet and sticky. The hard flesh pulsed wildly in her fingers, growing thicker and longer with every stroke.

She felt his cock stiffen even more when she slurped hard on the throbbing tip. Her lips made a loud wet sucking sound as she worked on his cock. Saliva dripped out of her lips and ran down her chin while the hard wet meat jabbed in and out of her sucking mouth.

"Ahhhh, suck it, baby, suck it. I'm ready to come in your fucking mouth." He slid his hand down to her face and held her by the cheeks. Then he moved her head up and down really fast, ramming her lips with cock.

A hot gob of cream spit out of the tip of his cock and splashed way down into her throat. It was thick and gooey as it slithered down inside of her. "Mmmmmmmn, mmmmmmmph," she moaned, slurping away on his spitting meat.

"Yeah, bitch, suck it all up. Ohhhh, eat it, bitch, eat my fucking cock."

Another load of cum shot into her mouth. A thick pool of cream dripped down onto her tongue while she jerked him off. She gagged a few times as her whole mouth was filled with his hot cum. But she managed to swallow most of it. Then her lips went back to work on his cock, sucking it as hard as she could.

"Don't stop, baby. Keep sucking it for me." He grabbed her head and rammed it all the way down to his groin. With his huge cock stuffed all the way into her mouth his nuts were slapping her hand. He held her head still while his long dick stabbed in and out.

The sticky white cream slid out of her lips and ran down her chin as she choked and gagged on his throbbing meat. Gush after gush poured into her mouth, splashed onto her tongue, and then oozed out of her lips. He made her keep her mouth on his dick until every last drop of cream was inside of her. Then he pulled his cock out of her wet lips and dangled it in front of her face. He ran the thick wet head of his dick all over her face, coating her cheeks with his sticky fluids.

He laughed at her as he whipped her face with his cock. "You like it, don't you, baby?" he said. "Yeah, you love sucking on cock." His hand pumped up and down, squeezing out a few more drops of cream.

She reached out with her hand and wrapped her fingers around his glistening shaft. Her fist flew up and down the sticky pole of flesh that throbbed in front of her face, leading it back into her mouth. Just as she sucked on the tip of it he started laughing again. "You're a hot little cock-sucking bitch," Marcus said. His cock plowed in and out of her mouth, making wet slapping sounds with each stroke. His meat filled her completely, sliding over her tongue, pushing deep down into her tight throat.

Angie's mouth was sore. Her lips were all puffy and swollen from the steady hammering of his big Black cock. She could feel his stiff meat as it slid over her tongue. It throbbed in her wet sucking mouth, leaving drops of cum behind with each stroke of cock. She used her right hand to jerk him off, leading it in and out of her lips. Her fist beat against her mouth, faster and faster, and her lips closed tight around his sticky rod of flesh. She slurped and drooled on it, turning him on with the loud sucks that came out of her mouth.

"Yeah, do it, baby. Suck on it. Make me feel good. Yeah, I'm going to cream all over you, bitch. All over your fucking mouth. You like that, don't you, baby? Yeah, suck it, suck it so I can shoot my load." Marcus grabbed her head and forced it down to his groin, sticking his hard meat down into her throat until she gagged on it. Then he moved her head all around, fucking her lips as hard as he could

"That's it, baby," Marcus said. "Don't stop yet. Give me some good sucking."

Angie pounded his cock in and out of her mouth, slurping the full length of it as hard as she could. She cupped his big hairy nuts in one hand and rolled them in her fingers, squeezing them, milking them for hot cum.

But he was holding back as long as he could. Every time she felt his cock quiver faster inside of her mouth he stopped fucking her lips and just held his cock there. And then, after resting for a few seconds, he would stick it back into her mouth all the way and fuck it as hard as he could.

Angie slid her tongue all over his cock, licking and sucking his dick with everything she had. Her cheeks bulged with his hard meat and saliva was dripping out of her mouth. Her lips made wet slurping sounds each time she sucked his dick into her mouth. She inhaled it all the way, pulling it into her throat so that his balls bashed away at her lips. "Mmmmmmph," she moaned, louder and louder, acting like a real slut with his cock in her mouth.

"Give me some tit," Marcus said. "Use your tits on my cock, bitch."

Angie slid his cock out of her mouth, giving it one last suck. Then she clenched her fist around his swollen meat and ran it down her neck. She slid forward, lifting herself so that her huge jugs flopped all over his cock.

He grabbed her left tit and held it with both hands. Then he pulled hard and pressed it onto his stiff cock. The thick knob poked all the way into her tit, pushing in harder and harder until it was buried in her flesh. Then he slapped her tit up and down, ramming it with cock.

Angie's fist pulled at the base of his cock, jerking it off as hard as she could. Her tits were wet now, wet and sticky as she moved his cock from one to the other.

"That's it," Marcus said. "Make me cum all over your tits."

Angie moved her chest from left to right, pushing herself onto his cock, fucking it with her soft fleshy mounds.

"Uhhh, it's coming, bitch, it's coming. Do it harder!"

She stared at his hairy nuts, as they jumped up and down with each pull on his cock. And then she held the thick knob of his cock in front of her face. Tiny drops of fluid dripped out of the slit and wetted her fingers. She could tell he was going to come. Just a few more strokes, she thought, and then all of that gooey white cream would splash all over her. Her hand beat faster and faster, jerking him off, ramming it into her tits.

And then he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down hard. Her tits pressed right against his cock as she squeezed his nuts. A warm sticky shot of cum spurted onto her right tit. It splashed all over her nipple and then dripped down her smooth white stomach.

"Ahhhh, yeah, pump it, baby, come on, jerk it off, jerk off my fucking cock." He thrashed up and down, jamming his dick into her tits, squirting his cream all over her. The gushes of cum sprayed every inch of her tits, making her wet and sticky all over. Then he held it in his hand and jerked off his cock onto her face. The thick white spurts shot onto her lips and her chin, dripping down her neck in long white strands. The creamy juice oozed down onto her hand as she squeezed the tip of his hard throbbing dick.

When he was finally spent, he pushed her face away from his cock. "That's enough for now, slut." Marcus slid off of the couch and then headed towards his desk. He grabbed a box of tissues and tossed them over to her. "Clean yourself up, and then go home. Your shift's over."

As Angie tried to wipe all the sticky white cum from her face, neck, and tits, she asked: "So...I get to keep my job?"

As Marcus zipped up his pants he said, "Sure, for one more day at least. But if you don't do a better job with the customers tomorrow, then you'll be doing another job with me again tomorrow night. You understand?"

Angie nodded her head. She understood everything. One way or another, she was going to keep this job.

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