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The Walk


It's easy, some of it, I welcome it, revel in it, yearn for the feel of your hand on my bare ass, the brush of the crop against my cheeks, the tightening of the cuffs around my wrists or the ball of the gag as you silence my whimpers. Most of all I long for those moments when you take my collar, and place it around my neck, when you buckle it and look at me with the glint of ownership in your gaze, as you kiss me on the head and let me know who I belong to.

And yet sometimes a part of me rebels, chafes against the submission you demand, the servitude. You know this, I can tell, you see it in those instances when I raise my gaze to meet with your own, my jaw setting slightly, the tension evident in my naked frame. And you are patient, watching me, waiting, the merest quirk of an eyebrow questioning my actions till I comply, knowing that if I don't it might wear on your patience, might see one of those moments when I'm punished for my disobedience.

It's a difficult life of contrast, finding the balance, seeking the pleasure that accompanies the pain. But it's these moments, like the one right now that stir at my insides, make me long to hide, to sit on my haunches and refuse to move.

You started out slowly, I love you for that, you gave me time to adjust, it wasn't that hard at first, I am used to my collar, used to wearing it out in public. The leash was something new though, at home when you wanted to take me somewhere you usually did that with a fistful of my hair to guide me. I was surprised the first time you clipped it to my collar; you led me around the house, naked, as I always must be at home, and then you took me out to the garden. It was daytime, but the fence blocked out most sight, at least that is what I told myself as you took me around, walked me through there.

I was more surprised though when you attached the collar when we went out. Not in the malls, or the carparks, but on our walk along the beach, fully clothed, walking beside you, the leash dangling between us. I was tense on that walk, not knowing what to expect, but it wasn't so bad. The next time though... there was a moment where I hesitated, there in the park in the early evening, walking on my hands and knees through the grass as you led me. You slowed your pace so I could keep up, and my clothes remained, though I never thought you'd have me naked in public.

I guess I learn something new about you all the time.

And so here we are today, pulling up to the beach once more, and you're smiling at me, leaning over, kissing me on the head in that way I love, the way that makes me feel cared for, wanted, adored. And then you pull back, and tell me what you want and my smile leaves my face, my feeling of security fades as I slowly move to comply. Removing each piece of clothing, stripping down to bare skin and then carefully opening the door, stepping out of the car to stand on the asphalt of the carpark.

It's late in the afternoon, the sun is hovering low on the horizon, about to dip down beneath the ocean and fade from view. I'm thankful for this, and thankful still for this secluded spot you've chosen. Aware that even though you're pushing my limits, you still take notice of my sensitivity, ensuring some notion of safety within me.

You move around the car, holding my collar in both hands you approach me, waiting for me to lift my chin before fastening it in place. As before you clip on the leash leaving it dangling loose between us and letting me walk upright down to the sand. The sand is still warm, the heat of the sun not yet faded from the grains, though as you lead me further down I feel it cooling, licked by the occasional spray of water from the grey-blue expanse of water before us. You pause at the edge of the shore, turning to face me, your fingers cupping my chin as you place a gentle kiss on my lips.

In that moment you release my chin and I see the change in your stance, the smile fade from your features and the firm tone of commandment enter your voice. "On your knees, bitch" is all you say, yet it sends me scrambling, falling to the wet sand below, hands automatically taking stance before me. And there I am, for the first time, in this new position you are grooming me for. Leashed, collared, naked on hands and knees, no longer just your pet, love, slave, but your bitch. And right now that is all I am.

I see you give a nod of satisfaction as I cock my head to one side to look up at you, you turn on your heel, walking down the beach, a leisurely stroll, just a man and his bitch, you pace your movements with mine as I shift awkwardly through the sand, a slight yelp leaving me as a lick of ocean spray rears up and sends its cold chill over my naked form.

It seems we walk forever, though it's only a few minutes, but my mind is racing, wondering, is this all that you have in store? What else will you subject me to? We keep walking, approaching the corner of the bay, and then I see them, another couple, a man, his bitch. Walking on the beach, coming ever closer.

I'm nervous, skittering towards the water, hoping you'll let me immerse myself in the waves to hide myself, you jerk me back to your side, a harsh command uttered, calling me to heel. I hand my head, whimpering slightly in my throat as I stumble along at your feet, they're close enough now to see us. I see the man lift a hand in greeting to you, and you return one, and I look up to see his pet by his side. It's not the animal I feared, it's something worse. I look up at you, see you glance at me with a knowing smile.

You'd set this up, anticipated it. This man and his bitch, walking down the beach, her naked as I, collar around her neck, leash held in his hand. She lifts her head, and I lift mine, staring at each other, backs arching, and bodies tense. We're sizing each other up, animal instincts to the fore, both of you ignoring us, conversing, what a pleasant evening it is, just right for exercising your bitches.

We're circling now, leashes in danger of tangling, my body brushing your calf as she circles closer, teeth bared as we compare. Both of us, butts held high in the air, our breasts dangling beneath us, and then I feel you jerk my leash, the collar pulling me back, choking me, and I'm by your side, resting at your feet, my expression sullen, my narrowed gaze on her.

And there you are, crouching down, holding out a hand to her running your fingers through her hair, petting her. I'm standing, butting my head against your arm. look at me... not her, she's not your pet, it is I. And she's preening, her master standing there indulgent as you slide both hands down to her shoulders, rubbing her skin before cupping her breasts in your hands.

"She's a fine bitch" you tell him, and I bristle, glaring at her. You look at me, catch the expression and your own turns fierce "Sit, bitch" you state, and I comply, watching as your fingers find their way to her nipples, seeing her mouth fall open as she gives a slight pant of pleasure, knowing what your expert touch is doing to her.

It's too much, first the shock of being this way, only to see you admiring another, and so I lower my head, not wishing to watch. There is silence, I can't tell what is going on but I feel a tug on my leash and resist for a moment, before you tug again, forcibly, choking me, dragging me back closer to you. Your hand brushes my cheek, lifts my chin and you look into my eyes, speaking softly, "See her bitch, see how obedient she is? Sitting there, letting me pet her because her master expects it? That is what you will learn to be" You see it there in my eyes, that stubborn streak that sometimes emerges, that rebellion, and you frown.

Your eyebrows quirk and you meet my gaze staring at me till I shiver and lower my eyes to the sand beneath. "Pet" you whisper "Make me proud, don't disappoint me, you know what happens when you disappoint me" and I do. Punishment, but worse than that, the knowledge. Knowing that I've let you down, that you're unhappy with me, and the fear that follows. Not living up to your expectations, not meeting your needs, becoming worthless to you. I give a low whimper before lifting my gaze, stretching my hands out before me to rest in supplication to you.

You nod, ruffling my hair and glancing over at her once more "Introduce yourself bitch" you tell me, "Find her scent, her taste, know her" I rise slowly, as she sits there, watching me, crawling close and ducking my head to her in deference. There's a pause before her head touches to mine, before her cheek brushes my own and I feel the brush of her lips on my skin. Acceptance, forgiveness.

I swallow, knowing now what you expect and so I slowly start to explore her, nose touching to her shoulder, cheek brushing her side as let my body brush against her. As I move I feel a hand on my spine, it's not my masters, it's not you, I can see you standing still before her, watching me. It must be hers, her owner. I ignore it, moving around, nose brushing against the round globe of her buttocks as I look at you over her head. You nod, and I know I must continue, tilting my head, sniffing at her ass, I can feel his hand still on me, smoothing over my butt now, cupping my cheeks.

You're standing right in front of her now, hands moving over her hair, I see this as I spare a glance up, see your gaze set on me, watching me, observing my actions. I lower my head quickly, tentatively extending my tongue towards her pussy lips. It's a strange angle, and I am forced lower, forced to tilt my head around so that I can once again draw my tongue through her slit. She reacts this time, legs spreading a little wider; I can feel her master move behind me, his hands running down my thighs as he sinks down to kneel in the sand behind me.

I ignore him, drawing my tongue through her pussy lips once more, taking a little more time to flick it, part them, and attempt to taste her. I'm aware of more motions, looking through her legs I see your shorts resting about your ankles, I feel his hands sliding between my legs and the purpose of this lesson is suddenly clear to me.

You are demonstrating my place, as your bitch, your pet. Showing me how my actions are only those to please you, determining that where I belong is wherever you desire, right now it's here, on all fours, kneeling down and licking the cunt of someone else's bitch. Right now it's lying here like this while I feel his fingers probing me, pushing inside my pussy. And right now it's here, hearing the sound of her sucking, and knowing that you've taken out that cock I adore and buried yourself in her mouth.

I whimper against her pussy, parting my lips to suck on her, aware now of those fingers in my own cunt, pushing slowly in and out, hearing your voice as you murmur words of encouragement - for me? Or for her? I can feel her body swaying slightly her hips grinding down on my face and I can feel his hands moving, steadying on my hips.

And then there it is, his cock, forcing it's way unasked into my pussy, I pull back, about to draw away when I feel the sharp sting of my collar cutting into me, tears springing to my eyes as I look up at you, my leash in your hand, your expression stern. And her face, pressed against your crotch, you smile, not one of pleasure but cold, calculating and you grip her hair with your hands as they hold my leash and slowly pump your hips towards her. "Look at this, bitch" you whisper "See what a good pet she is, taking my cock, prove that you can be as good as her bitch, prove that I don't have to set you free"

And so there I am, back in position, licking her cunt once more as her master takes hold of my hips, chuckling quietly as he tells you it always takes them a while to adjust and then plunging his shaft inside me. It's difficult at first, this rhythm - me, licking her, you fucking her mouth, him fucking my cunt, but soon we settle into some sort of pattern. There on the beach, two bitches in heat.

I can hear you groan, remarking on the usefulness of her mouth as he answers, commenting on my pussy. She's quaking now, whimpering around your cock as my tongue wiggles deeper inside her, it's all I can smell, her scent and then you're pulling her away from me, leaving me panting, hands in front of me as I steady myself. She's facing me now and I realise why, see the glazed look in her eyes and the moan emanate from her throat as you shove your cock inside her.

All I can hear now is panting, hers, yours, his... and soon I realise my own, face to face with her, my counterpart as each of us is fucked by the others owner. Face to face, watching as she starts to tense, howl, knowing that she's cumming all over your cock, and unable to help myself as I do the same, thrusting back like an animal as I struggle for fulfilment, impaled by her owners rigid shaft.

And then it's over, me, hanging my head, not meeting her gaze as I feel her owner move away from me, see you stepping back to the side and feel the jerk on my leash. We continue our walk, me, naked, my pussy dripping as I follow you, not looking back, not pausing before you reach down, unclip the leash and slide a hand into my hair "Into the surf, bitch" you whisper "Clean off", I comply, crawling into the waves, letting them wash over me.

It isn't long before you're calling me back out, reattaching my leash and walking me back to the car, I follow, not knowing what will come next but it seems that today's lesson is over, you pull me to my feet, unclip my collar and give me a gentle kiss on the lips. "In the car, you can dress, time to go home."

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