tagRomanceThe Warmest Winter, Day 06

The Warmest Winter, Day 06


Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the previous chapters, with a special thank-you to my real-life editor. Remaining errors, if any, are mine. Reading the chapters of this story in order is highly recommended. All geek culture references are properties of their original copyright holders.


"Hey, Veronica, what's wrong?" Jenny asked as she poured her friend a cup of coffee. The third woman in the room, Cassie, was busy with the pancakes she was making for breakfast.

Veronica sighed, but wrapped her hands around the coffee mug with an appreciative glance. "You know I'm a bit restless. Yesterday's news didn't help."

"Oh. Yeah," Jenny sympathized. Snowbound in the house for the last five days by the worst recorded blizzard in New England, Veronica did not take the news very well that their SUV had broken down.

Of course, life typically gave her all kinds of distractions from things she would rather not think about, but now Veronica was staring deep into the heart and mind of Veronica. It was uncomfortable, to say the least. At least the car trouble was the frustration she could talk openly about. She flicked her eyes to Cassie, who was shaking her hips and humming some upbeat tune, and once again had to wrestle with the reaction it brought out of her.

It had been a long time, that was all, only exacerbated by the hot encounter with Mike a few days before when he fingered her to orgasm with his hot semen still covering her chest... That had been a good day. And she was tense here. Mike was great and all, but Veronica would have preferred being there by choice. She just needed to relax. That was it.

She was still letting her mind turn over when Mike galloped down the stairs.

"Morning, all," he said with a smile. All three ladies returned it warmly. Veronica noticed again that whatever tension was between Mike and Jenny was gone. That was good. Veronica was going to have to kick Mike's ass if they started not getting along, and that would have been a conflict of interest.

Another thing Veronica noticed was that Mike was a lot more comfortable in close physical proximity to her friends. Had they made their moves yet? How far had they gotten? Was it too late? Did Mike already rule her out?

Veronica truly wanted her friends to be happy, and if that was with Mike, she was okay. But if she had been sidelined already... well, that just hurt.

No, she thought, I'm just reading too much into things, seeing worry where there's none.

Out loud, she said, "Hey, Mike? That offer for the hot tub still stand?"

"Um, sure," Mike said, and then wrinkled his brow. "Didn't you already shower?" He gestured at her still-damp hair.

"Recreational bath," Veronica explained, "I've been tense from... shoveling yesterday."

"All right. You know how to use one?"

"Yeah. Been in one a couple of times."

"Oh, good. You guys still exercising today?" This was directed at Cassie and Jenny. They said they were, but ultimately agreed to move their workouts to later in the day. This meant that the major water usage was spread out.

"Are you working again today?" Cassie asked Mike once Veronica had gone upstairs.

"Yup. Gotta keep up my skills, at least."

"What a shame," said Jenny, "Cassie is going to show me the Mario Party games."

"Mario Party 4's my favorite," Mike said, "You'll have a blast."


Smiling, Mike closed himself into his office and buckled down to his work. The bulk of his load today was for a construction company. They needed to make paycuts, here, here, and here, and how would that affect the employees, specifically? Was there another way to make ends meet? Would they only have to cut some people's pay, who would then quit, leaving their salaries free, while the company saves face?

That last suggestion Mike smiled at. It was devious, and quite a biting commentary on the human condition, on both the parts of the employer and the employees. So now, how was he going to explain the complications to his client? Sometimes, that was the hardest part: not in knowing the answers, but in getting clients to see what they need to see.

Mike was in the middle of typing up his third recommendation package for the client when his phone rang.


"Hello. I'm calling for Michael Evans."


"Mike! I didn't recognize your voice over my new phone. It's Rick."

"Rick, good to hear from you! Either your mouth is lined with cellophane or your microphone is crap, too. Or both. Speaking of, how's the Denver party scene?"

"Hopping in its own snowbound way, but I hear you got it worse."

"Yeah, but we're all right."

"Did you just say, 'We?' Who you got with you?" Mike filled him in, sticking to the basics and leaving out various intimate details.

"Well, I guess it's fortunate they're not the suing type. They try, you call me," Rick said.

"They won't, but okay. Say, isn't it, like, seven in the morning there?"

"Yeah, we just closed a major case and the firm threw a party to celebrate."

"And you more than most."

"Actually, I heard another lawyers-ears-only tidbit that made me think of you." Mike heard screeching tires in his brain.


"Yeah. I'm not sure how much I can tell you, or even how much I know, but, see, I have a colleague I consulted with for a lot of your arrangements back in the day. He's a local, up your way in New England."

"I think I remember you mentioning him."

"Right, so we've kept in social contact since, 'cause it pays. Like now. For the last month, he's been hinting to me, strongly and pointedly, that he's a little overworked, even though his caseload isn't getting heavier. I ask why, he brushes off the question. Very squirrelly. I figure he's looking for a favor, reminding me of everything he's done for me before, so I'm patient, and I figure I'll wait for the other shoe to drop sooner or later."

"It dropped at the party."

"Exactly, but not by him," Rick continued, "Well, one of the guests of this party was a real estate lawyer. And he starts talking about some recent changes in zoning in the Northeast."

"Another possible connection to me."

"Yeah. So now my gut is giving me a bad feeling, and it ain't the tequila. Well, mostly not. Anyway, I put down my drink, excused myself, called the paralegals that weren't at the party, and sobered up while they came in. We've been scouring everything potentially related to you ever since."

"And what did you find?"

"Someone's been pulling a Michael T. Evans up there, but damned if I know who. Or what they're up to. I've seen tweaks here and there to laws, that went into effect at the first of the year, enforceable by the end of February, all of them. I really can't see what they add up to, but frankly, man, I'm more of an injuries specialist now. I can do it, but I'll need someone to translate some of this for me."

"This could be nothing, Rick."

"I hope so... but my gut has won me more cases than I admit, and it's never lost me any. Tell you what. I'll only bill you for the hours if I find something."

"Half the hours. I appreciate the effort and the initiative, but you're still volunteering."

"...Damn. I hate that you can do that. Half my client list would be giving me carte blanche by now."

"If I was just another client, you would not be my lawyer."

"Well, thanks, bud. For that, I owe you a beer when you get back to the mountains."

"The Appalachians and Catskills are-"

"Foothills and you know it." They'd had this argument before. Mike loved the Rockies, but still acknowledged the eastern range as mountainous. Rick, though a Brooklyn native until he was twelve, took to Colorado so well he regarding anything with trees on the summit to be "short."

"Well, thanks for calling," Mike said.

"Of course. And if one of those assuredly-fine ladies gets tired of you, or has a sister, you let me know."

Mike laughed, "Okay, but who's gonna let them know?"

"You jerk," Rick countered.


"Hey, Mike?"


"Watch your ass."

"I will. Thank you. Bye."



"You were supposed to be my friend, Jenny!" Mike heard Cassie say as he descended the stairs into the basement.

"Look, I'm sorry! I've never been in this situation before."

"We can't both go for it at the same time."

"I know, I know. I just didn't think I'd enjoy it this much."

"I get that. But still, I got there first, so next time, accept it."

"Okay, okay, sheesh. It was just ten coins. Wario and Luigi are still way behind." Mike started breathing again, and turned the corner.

"Having fun?" The two brunettes turned and smiled.

"Jenny's getting the hang of it... mostly... but yeah!" Cassie exulted.

"Done with work for today?" Jenny asked as Mike sat down.

"Yup. There's a construction company that's about to get a quick primer on group solidarity, don't ask, and a few other irons in the fire are stoking along nicely."

Cassie was getting impatient, so she and Jenny continued with the game while Mike watched. Occasionally, he'd offer Jenny tips, which she appreciated. On one occasion, Jenny handed him the controller so he could take her spot in one of the mini-games, one where the goal was to press one button as fast as possible in the allotted time. Both women took notice of just how quickly and accurately Mike could oscillate the tip of his finger in a small target area, and the thought titillated them both. Cassie, usually the best at the mini-games, was so distracted she came in dead last.

After some time, Mike wondered aloud, "You guys seen Veronica out and about again yet?" They hadn't.

"Crud," Mike continued, "I just remembered some complications in the piping for the Whirlpool upstairs. You know, because it's only in use three months a year? Anyway, I'd better give her the heads-up and make sure she's all right."

Jenny and Cassie gave each other a look and started laughing.

"You don't need to make excuses, Mike," Jenny told him.

"You just want to see her naked," Cassie shrugged, "It's cool. I mean, if you're into that sort of thing. Tall, blonde, huge tits. God, what do men see in her?"

"Oh, yeah, Mike. I bet a 'heads-up' is exactly what you want to give her!" teased Jenny.

"Jealous?" Mike said. Just the one word, accompanied by a single raised eyebrow, was enough to silence them both. If they were right about Mike being sexually attracted to Veronica, which they couldn't know they were, then they could both be jealous. But neither of them could admit it in front of the other, or else essentially reveal how far they had gotten with Mike. With a wink, to show he was teasing them back, he went back upstairs to the third floor.


Once Mike opened the door to his bedroom, he stopped cold.

Veronica was standing at the edge of his bed, apparently about to put on her day clothes. All she was wearing was a set of hot pink lingerie. In a flash, as her head whipped around to face him, he drank in the sight of her exposed body.

Like her friends, Veronica was toned by years of athleticism. Her smooth legs tapered down from her juicy ass. Her waist was trim, which only served to emphasize her enhanced bustline. Mike would have to send flowers to her surgeon- the work on Veronica was a masterpiece. As Veronica's nipples pressed themselves through the thin fabric of her bra, Mike's gaze lingered up to her neck, and then her face, which was now straight towards him.

"Sorry," he said, "I thought you'd still be in the tub."

"It's okay," Veronica said coolly, the opposite of how she suddenly felt, "It's nothing you haven't seen before."

"I know, it's still, uh, still polite... anyway, I, um... I came to see if you had any problems with the Whirlpool. Apparently not, so..." Mike turned to leave. Before he could close the door behind him, Veronica's hand was on it, stopping him. He turned around, and saw the look on her face.

Her slightly-dirty blonde hair was in an uncombed tangle, framing her features. Her richly blue eyes had an eccentric glint in them, and her arching eyebrows were raised just the slightest. Veronica parted her lips slightly, as if she was about to speak, and Mike couldn't help but notice that her lingerie matched them exactly. Her breathing was a little heavy now, and he tried to assess the sum of her body language. Was it... desire? Lust? She wanted something, but he couldn't quite tell what.

"Veronica, something wrong?" he gently tried, but it wasn't easy being supportive when his growing erection needed adjusting.

She responded to his question by grabbing the back of his head and pulling him into a kiss. Mike managed to get the door shut behind them, but Veronica was all over him.

"Want. You. Now," she panted, and tore off his shirt over their heads. Mike needed no further encouragement. In all honesty, he'd just been looking for an excuse. Still liplocked with Veronica, he found the clasp of her bra and unfastened it, releasing her tremendous mounds.

But it wasn't enough. Whatever Veronica wanted, Mike didn't know, but was sure he wanted it, too. He threw himself into the passion of the moment. His tongue continued its tango with Veronica's as he picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to the bedside.

Veronica relaxed and let the lust course through her. Now she was pinned, between Mike in front of her and the bed behind her. She could feel Mike's hard cock through his jeans, and she moved to get them off of him.

Mike was quicker. Before she knew it, Mike had dropped down and taken her pink panties with him. Now that she was nude, he latched onto her pussy and ate her voraciously. Suddenly weak in the knees, Veronica sank onto the bed. Already so horny, it didn't take her long to climax. Mike actually looked a little surprised at how easily she came, but recovered easily enough.

As Mike stood up again, he unfastened his jeans and let them stay behind, as well as his boxers. Kicking them aside, he now stood naked in front of Veronica. Without a word, Mike pulled Veronica to the edge of the bed, and then used one hand to guide himself along her slit. She openly moaned. Once he'd used her juices to get his hard-on nice and wet, he slid into her, slow and steady, all the way in, while Veronica thrashed on the bed.

Mike paused for only a couple of seconds before Veronica caught his eyes and said, "Fuck me."

Not needing being told twice, Mike started pumping Veronica, hard and fast.

"Harder!" she cried, "Harder!" And Mike obliged her. He was animalistic now. She'd seen it before, but not this intense. It only turned her on more.

"Yes! Yes! Like that!" Veronica continued. "Oh, god. Yeah. You like fucking me, huh? Mmmm, yeah. I bet seeing these tits flop around gets you so worked up, mm-hmm. Yeah? You like seeing me play with them while you fuck me? Ooohh. You like it when I talk dirty? Yeah, I know what you like. I feel you get harder... oh!... harder every time I... fuck, yes! Every time I talk dirty."

Veronica had her legs on Mike's shoulders now, and he was loudly slamming their bodies together.

"You like me talking dirty? You want a dirty girl? Yeah, I bet you do. You don't want me to give you anything, you want to take it, huh? Take what you want from this dirty girl. Take it, use me, fuck me. Oh, that's it, grab my ass, yeah! You like that firm ass? You want to see what it can do?"

With that, Veronica folded her legs back and held them down with her arms. The new angle drove Mike deeper into her, and she cried out again.

"Bet you like this, huh? Yeah. I'm such a dirty girl, I can take it any way you want me to. 'Cause I'm such a slut! That's right, I love sex. I can't get enough. That's right, give me more. More. More! God, yes! Oh, that feels so good! Fuck me hard, fuck me deep, oh, yeah, just fuck me as hard as you can, 'cause I'm just a dirty! Fucking! Slut!" Veronica screamed, and her whole body shook as she came again.

This brought her back down a little closer to reality. Mike was fucking her slow now, letting her recover.

"Do you think they heard us?"

"Who?" Mike looked up, as if from daydreaming.

"Jenny and Cassie."

"Ah, no... Um, this floor has some sound resistance, sounds travels up better than down anyway, and they're in the basement, playing a noisy game."

"Good," said Veronica, sitting up to assault Mike's mouth again, "Now keep fucking me."

"With pleasure." Mike was still rock hard, and so immediately turned Veronica over, face-down on the bed, her feet on the floor and her ass in the air. With one smooth stroke, he was all the way into her pussy again, fucking her straightaway, and she cried out even louder.

"You like me like this? You like seeing my ass? My firm, round, smooth, ass? Yeah, that's it, grip it tight, hold onto my hips as you have your way with me. Yeah, you want me facedown now, huh? Why's that? Maybe I'm not the only one you want, is that it?"

Mike was at an unstoppable rhythm, but had a feeling he knew what she meant anyway.

"I felt you get real hard when I mentioned Jenny and Cassie... oooh, yeah... you're hot for them, too, huh? Yeah, Jenny, with that Latina spice, those dark eyes, that smooth hair, those hot legs. Oh, god, I can feel how much you like that hard body."

Mike was a machine now, drilling into Veronica as fast, as hard, as deep as he could. He grabbed her arms, and pulled her upper body vertical. Over her shoulder, Mike could see her full, round tits bouncing with each thrust, could hear her heavy breathing, could see enough of her face to know how far gone she was with lust.

And of course he was getting impossibly harder. It wasn't just that he was fucking Veronica, or thinking about Jennifer now, but that he was fucking Veronica while she was thinking about Jennifer. If he'd ever experienced anything hotter, he was in no state to remember it. Which didn't matter anyway, because what Veronica did next blew it out of the water.

"And Cassie? You like her? You want to fuck her? You want to suck those ripe, juicy, perky tits of hers? Ahhh... You want to... to kiss those sweet, smooth, ass cheeks?... Oh, fuck! Want to kiss those full, pink lips, feel her tongue on yours? Harder! ... Run your hands through that thick brown hair, look into those brown eyes? I bet you want to suck every drop you can out of that... mmm... tight... little... pussy! You want to watch, as she cu... cum... cums- oh, god... oh, god! Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!"

With an even louder scream than before, Veronica's head snapped back, and Michael's hands shot forward to grab her tits. With a quick squeeze on her nipples, he set her off screaming again. While she peaked, Mike dropped his arm to below her chest, supporting those amazing tits with it, and grabbed her fine ass with the other hand. Her pussy continued to clamp around his pistoning cock, which only drove him faster to his own climax. Before Veronica's second scream had finished, Mike erupted inside her.

"Fuck! Yeah! Cum with me! Cum with me! Oh, god, I feel it! I want it! Oh, god, yes!"

Veronica reached down and fingered herself to another quick yet violent orgasm as Mike shuddered with the aftershocks.

Once they had separated, Veronica turned back over to look at Mike, and Mike stepped back to catch his breath.

"One of these days, stud," said Veronica, "I'm gonna make you shoot that load into my mouth. I want to taste you so badly."

"Patience, Veronica," said Mike, "I mean, I know today was quick, but..."

"I can wait."

"Can you?"

Veronica laughed, a little nervously. "Heh, heat of the moment, right? I can't be held to much of what I said there. But hey, we both liked it and you can't argue with results, huh?"

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