tagRomanceThe Warmest Winter, Day 10

The Warmest Winter, Day 10


Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the previous chapters, with a special thank-you to my real-life editor. Remaining errors, if any, are mine. Reading the chapters of this story in order is highly recommended. All geek culture references are properties of their original copyright holders.


The memories of the previous night started pouring back as soon as Mike regained consciousness. This may have had something to do with the warm bodies laying next to his on the bed. Thank God he bought a King size, said a stray thought. He recalled that he never set his alarm for the morning. What time was it? More importantly, why did he care?

The only way the four of them could fit onto the bed was if they all spooned the whole night, sleeping on, in this case, their left sides. Jenny was on the far left, and Mike woke up with his arm around her and his stiff erection nestled into the top of her ass. Her hair still carried traces of the scents from last night's escapades, but for the most part she had regained her natural scent. For Mike, it was sheer intoxication.

He felt the body behind him stir, and judging by the pitch of the sleepy purr, the firmness of the breasts against his back, and the heat she still emanated, he decided it must be Cassie. Veronica should therefore be on the far right, behind her.

Not wanting to rouse anyone too early, Mike was content to lay in his bed with the three deliciously sexy women. His hand, of its own accord, began to softly explore Jenny's body in front of him. He couldn't help it. Mike felt Jenny give an involuntary shiver as his fingers traced the curve of her hip to her waist. When he slowly wrapped his hand around her right breast, Mike had just enough of a view of her face to see her discreetly bite her lip.

"So you're awake," he whispered, "Good morning."

"Good morning," she whispered back, with a light smile, "Up for round two, I take it?"

"No, I'm pretty stiff."

"That's what I'm talking about."

Still climbing out of sleepiness, it took Mike a second before replying, "No, I mean my muscles. I think we all need to stretch before doing much else."

"Hey, could you two keep it down?" whispered Cassie from behind Mike, "Some people are still trying to pretend to sleep."

"Sorry," whispered Mike, "Why, what were you planning?"

"Not me," said Cassie, "Veronica."

"Rats," said Veronica, "How'd you know?"

"If I tell you, you'll just correct it."


The four of them lay in silence for a short while.

"Um..." said Jenny.

"What?" said Cassie and Veronica, both with the unmistakable subtext of "I know you're about to say something we don't want to hear, so get it over with."

"We should all clean up," said Jenny, "Especially the beddings."

Everyone else on the bed quickly took stock of themselves, and the blanket underneath them, and laughed.

"Yeah, you're right," said Veronica.

Taking her unwitting cue, Mike continued, "And when you're right, you're right."

"And you? You're always right!" Cassie finished.

"Oh, god," Jenny said when she got it.

"I guess I'm first, being on the end," Veronica said, getting up, "I'd say Jenny, too, but she's too busy being embarrassed that she knows what you two are talking about."

Cassie giggled into Mike's back. Veronica closed the door to the master bathroom, and they heard running water from the shower. Now that the bed occupancy was down to three, they spread out a bit more and let their limbs stretch.

As Jenny and Cassie lay flat and arched their backs, Mike was conflicted. The only reason he didn't roll over and ravish one of them is that he couldn't decide which one. His hard-on was throbbing now.

"You still seem tense," observed Cassie.

"Two guesses why."

"Hey, Jenny, mind if I take this one?" Cassie asked as she moved gracefully down the bed.

"Sure," she replied, a little surprised. "If he's got anything left. Last night I was afraid his balls were going to shrivel, he pumped me so full."

"Hey, I'm right here," Mike objected.

"It was a compliment, babe," assured Jenny, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"So I'm a babe now?" Mike asked playfully.

"Oh, totally," said Cassie, then took Mike into her mouth.

Mike was still a tad sensitive from such vigorous activity, but Cassie knew what she was doing. Jenny's hand swiftly found her slit, where she started rubbing herself. Taking his eyes away from Cassie, Mike saw that Jenny was just as transfixed by Cassie's head bobbing up and down on his cock.

Jenny, for one, was impressed by Cassie's speed. She must practice with her dildo, Jenny realized. Sweet little Cassie had a very naughty side.

"I think Cassie wants to be a lot dirtier than we've given her credit for," Jenny whispered to Mike. It wasn't quiet enough.

"One way to find out," Cassie replied, coming up for air. Mike took the opportunity to get out of bed, taking Cassie by the hand to come with him. Mike sat her down on the floor at the footboard of the bed, facing him as he stood facing the bed. Cassie resumed her blowjob while Mike braced his arms on the bedframe. Jenny crawled over, her catlike movements making Mike's heart pound even harder. She gently pulled Cassie's hair back, and watched.

Now that he had their full attention, Mike placed on hand on Cassie's head to hold it still, against the bedframe. Then, with short, hard thrusts, he began to fuck Cassie's mouth while Jenny watched.

Cassie, as soon as she realized what was going on, lost control. She shut her eyes tightly, and got two fingers on one hand wet from her pussy, then plunged them deep inside, fingerfucking herself to Mike's rhythm. Her other hand darted across her body, squeezing her breasts, running across her silk-like skin. Every time she tried to moan, it would be muffled by Mike's pistoning cock.

Jenny hadn't had time to build to one of the earth-shattering orgasms she'd been having recently. Ever since Mike took Cassie to the end of the bed, she had a series of small ones, each of which held their own knee-trembling delectability. She saw Mike start to get unbalanced as he got closer, so she knelt on the bed above Cassie and kissed him, holding her arms at his waist to steady him.

Cassie could barely discern the details of what was happening. She could still feel Mike's hard cock slide into and out of her mouth, and her tongue struggled to keep up, wanting to taste everything, every time. She opened her eyes, and looked up as much as she could, to see Mike and Jenny break their kiss, and bend their heads to look down at her. Jolts of pleasure ran back and forth between her lips around Mike's cock, and her pussy, which was tightening around her fingers as they kept up their pace. God, how she wanted this.

"Take a deep breath," said Mike, his voice urgent. He pulled his hips back so that only the head was in Cassie's mouth. When she'd taken a lungful, he slammed his cock back into her mouth so hard she couldn't breathe anymore. His thrusts were long and deep, and she knew how close he was.

"Oh, fuck," Mike gasped, and gave one final thrust, and began to pour his load down Cassie's eager throat.

Cassie wanted to scream, but her air was blocked. She just continued to frantically finger herself, fingers of one hand in her pussy, the other hand working her clit. With every shot of Mike's cum, Cassie could feel it rush through his cock with her tongue, then hit the back of her throat. She swallowed as often as she could, not wanting to let a single drop escape. Mike had fucked her face, and all she could do was sit there and let him. She loved it.

When Mike was finally emptied, for a second time in less than a day, he stood back and admired Cassie. She sat on the floor, looking as sexed as he'd ever seen her.

Cassie wasn't finished. She wanted to scream, to let her orgasm take over, but she still had a mouthful of Mike's hot load, and she didn't want to wait to swallow it all. Without thinking, Cassie pulled Jenny with one arm into a kiss. When their lips had locked, Cassie poured into Jenny's mouth her tongue, Mike's cum, and a scream. Jenny had to swallow, and to admit it wasn't bad, although she still preferred fresh.

Cassie's body went rigid, and only relaxed when her orgasm had run its course.

"Damn," said Veronica with a smile from the bathroom doorway, "I can't leave you people alone for five minutes, can I?"


The day's events began after that. The ladies each went to their own guest room to finish cleaning up and to get ready for the day. By the time Mike made it downstairs, Cassie was already cooking breakfast as normal. He smiled to himself at what he was considering "normal" today.

Before he even reached the kitchen, he sensed it. Something in the lack of conversation, the muted clinks of the dishware. Taking his cue from them, he poured himself his coffee and leaned his elbows on the kitchen island. The only one who would catch his eye was Jenny, and he saw her looking back at him with an identical expression to his own.

A slight upturn of Jenny's eyes told him everything: what had happened upstairs the previous night was finally catching up to everyone. While they stayed in the bedroom, the spell remained unbroken, but now it sank in: They'd all had sex with each other. Mike had the easiest time of it, as he'd had sex with each of them before, individually.

But for the three lifelong friends, sharing such an intense sexual experience was a Hell of a complication. Now they had to sort out their own feelings about it all, and then deal with how one another felt, and how they felt about how their friends felt, and so on, and so on.

Luckily, Mike was not a moron. He waited until breakfast was just about over before he broke the pensive silence.

"All right, we got a late start today," he said. The women all looked to him. They were going to talk it out when he left earshot. What he said until then determined whether it was a discussion or an argument. "I still have my four hours of work to do, so that's my morning. Would anyone object if I was not part of the clean-up from last night's game?"

There was no objection, but Mike hadn't expected there to be. They were glad enough to be able to talk without him. And he made sure to insert the subtle reminder of the role that gaming, playfulness, and fun had in the sexed-up evening.

"So my pillowcases and blanket need to be washed. I laid them on my bedroom floor for whoever washes them, even if it's me. My sheets are fine – nothing soaked down that far, although that wasn't for lack of trying." Mike got not even a smirk – a bad sign. "There's also the game materials from downstairs that need rounding up. The shot glasses need to be washed. And our clothing needs to be sorted out, and some of it used to fill out the pillowcase load of laundry. Did I miss anything?"

The ladies seemed to relax as he spoke. He was using a tone that put them at ease. Ironically, it was his more formal tone. Back on the first day they spent at his house, Mike had been very hostly in his manner, giving them the house tour and such. He used that tone again, and they got the message he intended.

What that tone meant was that Mike assumed nothing based on the previous night. He was not expecting it to happen again, or anything else for that matter. As far as Mike was concerned, he conveyed, they were all still just friends, who happened to have had a wild night together.

Easy for him to think, Veronica thought, He can go back to before if this all goes to crap.

As Mike walked into his office, she turned to her friends and said, "So who-"

"Oh, and could someone drop off my watch when they find it?" Mike called, "Thanks!"

That finally broke the tension. The ladies laughed and heard Mike's office door shut.

"So who starts?" Veronica repeated.

"Depends on everything we're talking about," said Jenny, "But I think we can at least go downstairs and start cleaning. That way if we can't think of what to say, the silence doesn't get awkward. Plus, I have a hunch Mike has his ear against his office door."

"I do not!" they heard, "I don't need to."


They took their time, focusing more on the conversation than the cleaning.

"There's a lot we could talk about," said Jenny, "There's just last night in the bedroom, the whole game, and then there's everything since we got here. You all caught his pointed comment about us changing our rules?"

"Yeah, now that you remind me," Veronica said, "That wasn't fair of him. He broke the Rule."

"He was never under the Rules," Cassie said, "We imposed them on him without asking him first. He found a way out from underneath that didn't flat-out defy them. He just got us to break them ourselves."

"I think," Jenny said tentatively, "I think we need to all just lay our cards on the table. So to speak. From getting here until the start of the game, what have we all done with Mike?"

"How will that help?" Veronica said.

"It'll help us understand one another's behavior last night. All of it directly led us there," Jenny replied, "If it helps, I'll go first."

"What about chronologically?" asked Cassie.

"Neither of you had a chance before I took mine. After you two went to bed, the first night."

Veronica looked shocked. "You slut!" she teased.

"It wasn't like that. Look, you know how my therapy technique combines physical with mental? Well, I saw he needed some serious shaking up, and the physical part happened to be a handjob while he looked at porn on his laptop. I know, I know, very bad idea. Mike and I already discussed that and we've made amends."

"We didn't talk after Mike went to shovel snow off the roof," said Cassie, "The second day. He fell asleep naked on his bed, and I couldn't help myself. I stripped naked and gave him a blowjob. He woke up and it turned into a sixty-nine. We didn't talk at all, as a matter of fact."

"Damn," said Veronica, "I was last? If I'd known that... anyway, he got turned on keeping me company while I was in the shower, then we played Truth or Dare Ping-Pong and one thing led to another."

"So that's where he got the idea," Jenny said.

"I guess. He must have really liked my tits, he sprayed them so hard."

"That explains why he shut himself off the next day," Cassie said, "Remember? I had to bring him dinner after you two went to bed?"

"And dessert, too, if I remember last night correctly," Jenny said, "Cowgirl in the office chair, right?"


"I thought so. Well, you remember the next day, when he weaseled his way into talking to me alone while you two shoveled? Well, that's when he got me to argue with him about that thing I did the first night. And, like Veronica, one thing led to another. Only in my case, it led all the way."

"Wait," said Veronica, astonished, "You mean I was the last one to have sex with him, too?! Here I am thinking I was too forward too soon!"

"So when was your first time with him?" Cassie asked.

"Only a few days ago. I got out of the shower, and had only gotten my lingerie on when he walked in unexpectedly and-"

"Took them right back off?" Jenny suggested.

"Damn near ripped them off. Funny thing about it was, he was the most turned on when I started talking about you two."

"He's such a guy," Cassie said. They all smiled. "It must have been late that night, then."

"What?" asked Veronica.

"Oh, he had some line about not wanting you guys to hear us, so he just fingered me and then jacked off onto my ass." She said it like it was no big deal. It was a bit freeing, feeling comfortable talking dirty around her friends.

"Oh, that sneaky bastard!" Jenny exclaimed for the second day in a row, "He told me that afternoon he needed some recovery time, but I didn't know how much because we all kept it so secret."

"That's not sneaky."

"But he told us, early the next day, about his ex. You know, Kendra Harrington? The bitch who cheated on him, and her parents won't believe it? The cool brother, what was his name?"


"Right. Sam. Anyway, Mike told us that story so the mood would be killed for the whole day. None of us even tried. He got his recovery time."

"That sneaky bastard," Veronica echoed.

"And I got him last night," Jenny said, "and Cassie this morning. Sorry, Vee, that puts you one down."

"Two days ago, it really was a Hummer," Veronica replied.

"No way!" said Jenny, "I wanted to do that."

"With Mike in the Hummer, or just in a Hummer?"

"With Mike, silly."

"So where do we go from here?" asked Cassie, "As far as each of us and Mike?"

"I'm out," Veronica said to everyone's surprise, including her own. After a second, she realized she meant it.

"What's wrong?" asked Cassie.

"Nothing's wrong," Veronica replied, "In fact, I think something just went right. I realized, it's not Mike I want. I mean, okay, I want him, but just for sex. And he hasn't shown anything more than that towards me, either. And so me sticking in isn't fair to you two, so I'm out. If he and I happen to in the future, great, but I am not going to go out of my way for it." Jenny and Cassie nodded. "I got enough to think about." She added softly.

"So who wants to mention the ginormous elephant in the room?" Jenny said.

"What elephant?" Cassie asked.

"The somewhat-else-than-heterosexual activities that occurred last night," Jenny replied tactfully.

"Oh. That."

"Any idea how we should approach that?" Veronica asked.

"Carefully," Jenny said instantly, "That's for damn sure. I've got some notions bouncing around in my head. Tell you what. Don't sweat it for a couple of days. I'll pin down what the thoughts are, and we'll talk, and go from there. Sound good?"

Cassie and Veronica agreed.

"So how does the Rule apply going forward?" Cassie asked Jenny, "With Mike?"

"I guess we still try to be discreet. I mean, it's pretty rude for one of us to flirt with him right in front of the other. But if one of us happens to walk in on a kiss, or a private conversation, or... whatever else... it's not that big a deal."

"And I can just sit back and laugh," said Veronica, "This could be fun."


Once the downstairs was clear, Cassie stayed behind to exercise. Jenny and Veronica went upstairs and got the laundry started. At least, the pillowcases and Mike's clothes. They carried their own clothes up to the laundry baskets in their rooms. Mike could wash his own blanket.

Cassie was just coming downstairs, having showered and re-dressed on the second floor, when Mike exited his office for lunchtime.

"We're starting to run low on some essentials," Cassie said, gathering the ingredients for lunch. "And more fresh stuff would be pretty awesome, too."

"Ooh!" Veronica raised her hand eagerly, obviously volunteering for the grocery run.

"Okay," said Mike, "Cassie, you know what you can cook, so you have to go. Veronica would throttle me if I had her stay. Jenny, you want to go?"

She shook her head. "Nah. I've got to exercise anyway."

"And frankly, I'm exhausted," Mike continued, "Think you can handle driving the Hummer this time?" This was directed at Veronica.

"Yeah, I'll manage. At least if I hit my head it'll be my own dumb fault this time."

"Oh, so that part was true?" Cassie said halfway into a cupboard, retrieving some kind of appliance Mike had forgotten about.

Jenny was impressed that he didn't whip his head around. The only giveaway was the slight furrow in his brow, and the fact that he didn't respond. Cassie had just given away that they revealed everything to one another downstairs. Mike had to be concerned about that conversation.

After lunch, Veronica and Cassie went to get their stuff together for the trip. They also had Mike call Stan to let them know they were swinging by to get their stuff out of their broken-down SUV.

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