The Watch


I know you are there. I can feel you. Feel your eyes on my body, watching every move I make. I can always sense when you are watching me, waiting for me, begging me silently. Always.

We've been like this for a long time now. Held in an amber moment for what seems an eternity as you watch, and I show. I've only shown to you, but not everything. I've never shown you everything about me, until tonight.

Tonight I intend to put on the best show you have ever seen. I intend to leave you gasping until you no longer have any choice but to come to me. Come for me. I want to turn your watching into action. I have had enough of this play that never reaches its conclusion, the teasing and the tempting, and then the shutting away. I want more than a watcher.

Did you think I was never aware of you? That you were sitting in your room and I would never notice your gaze straying towards my window? The darkness does not hide everything, and I saw you that first night. It was an accident on both our parts. I know you never meant to see me as I undressed, and I never meant to be seen. That was why I closed the blind so you saw no more. But I felt a thrill.

A strangers gaze raking my body from top to bottom sent a hot wave of arousal through me in a way I should have been ashamed of. But I had seen you the next day on the street, and your blush as you said hello warmed me.

In that moment I wanted you, dreamt of you, desired you. I wanted our bodies pressed together, but part of me paused when I saw you with your girlfriend that weekend. But even as we passed in the shop your eyes drifted towards me, and I saw it then for a moment, desire as strong as my own. I would never harm a relationship, so I waited, and kept my blinds drawn until I knew you were no longer together, and then I waited for you to sit at your window again.

It was weeks before you did so, and then one night I saw you. The light highlighted your pale hair as you walked past, frowning over some paperwork. I sat waiting, casually reading a book in the light of a lamp, watching you from the corner of my eye so you would be unaware of me there. It took some time for you to look out of the window, but almost immediately your gaze crossed the lane to my room. I held back a smile as I turned the page of my book and propped my feet up on the window sill so my knees were raised to you, parting slightly as I relaxed so you saw the jeans stretching over my inner thighs.

I waited for a minute before I casually looked up just in time to see you quickly lower your gaze to the forgotten paperwork in your hand, and the red blush swept over your cheeks. Yes, my watcher had seen what I wanted him to see. And that first night I tempted you.

My book held no interest to me, I wasn't even reading it. I merely turned the pages occasionally so you thought I had forgotten you. When you turned your light out I continued to read, the lamp highlighting me from the side as I widened my feet on the sill. It took time for the moonlight to filter into your room just enough for me to make out your shape as you sat on the end of your bed, your attention held on my window.

I let you sit watching me for half an hour or more before I made a show of closing the book and setting it aside. Then I raised my arms over my head and stretched slowly, arching my back so my breasts pushed against the soft yarn of my jumper. Pushing my chair back, I made a show of leaning forward a little so you caught a glimpse of cleavage before I stood up and set the chair aside. I was unsure how far to take it that night, but I decided it was best not to go too far just in case.

As I walked across the room, I was pulling my jumper up so you caught a flash of my stomach. Then I closed the blind as I turned away. At that moment I thought I saw you lean forward to watch me closer, but I could not be sure in the darkness. I wanted right then to open the blind again and show you everything, I was desperate to do so, to let you take me with your eyes, but I held on, to draw out the experience for us both.

The next night I knew you were waiting for me; the light was turned off in your room and the curtains half drawn to conceal your watch. But I saw you move just behind them, the white of your shirt betraying you. Tonight I would let you see more.

Again I sat reading, teasing you and holding your attention as I stretched my legs out and opened myself up. When I was finally ready for bed I again let you see down the front of my loose top. But this time I did not close the blind as I removed it slowly. Tossing it away, I stood in front of my mirror to brush my hair as I let you look at my breasts held high in the silk bra I wore especially for you.

I knew you would like the way it held my breasts firm and high, pushing them up into well rounded mounds of warm flesh. Did you want to wrap your fingers around them then? Kiss them? Did you know how hard my nipples were for you then? But tonight you would not see that.

I made you wait for a week before I removed the bra, showing you the naked expanse of my back before I turned slightly and let you get a glimpse of my breast as it lay full and firm, the nipple jutting out in a hard peak of arousal. I know you saw it as you leaned forward to the window then, your eyes intense on me as the moonlight highlighted your face. And then I turned my head and looked at you, smiling in recognition for the first time as I drew the blind. You looked shocked right then; shocked that I knew you were watching me.

I was seducing you, slowly and agonisingly erotically. I wanted you with me, no one else. I was not going to let another woman have you now.

On the street next day you met my knowing gaze without wavering. There was a faint smile on your lips as we passed each other without a word. You knew the game we were playing and how it would end, but for now you were enjoying it as much as I was.

That night you were waiting for me, the light on as you moved around your room getting ready to settle. You wanted me to know that you were playing the game with me, that you knew I was watching you as much as you were watching me. Finally you settled on the bed, your back against the headboard as you looked out of your window at me. Then you smiled and turned off the light.

This time I would give you a treat. I remained sat in my chair, my knees raised as I stared out of the window directly at you. I could see your shadow move on the bed as you settled down further. Could I see your arm move across yourself? Were you as aroused as I was? Needing to touch yourself?

Leaning forward a little, I leaned my arms on my raised knees and watched you for a moment so you knew I could see what you were doing. Then I sat up and stripped off my top. This time my bra was a sheer lace, my breasts pushing it out as my nipples peaked. I let my fingers trail over them for a moment for you to see, then I slowly unclasped the front fastening of it and shrugged it off. Dropping it to the floor I cupped my breasts in my hands and raised them a little, my index finger stroking over the swollen buds as I looked to you, offering them to you.

You leaned forward into the light of a small lamp you had left on near the door. I could see you as you stroked your hand over the bulge in your pyjama trousers, your bare feet flexing slowly as you watched me arouse myself for you. I knew you wanted to be with me right now, your hot mouth on my breast as my hand caressed your erection. But not yet.

We spent a long time that night stroking ourselves for the others pleasure, but eventually I closed the blind, ending our time together.

On the street the next day I saw you across the road, you didn't see me then. Your hands were filled with shopping bags, but all I saw was that strong hand of yours stroking yourself through your clothes as you were pleasured by the sight of me. Tonight I wanted to see your cock as I showed you more.

You were late to our tryst. Walking around your house with the phone to your ear as you laughed at the conversation. I was jealous then, but I felt secure that it was not another woman. You had not brought anyone else home for over a month now, since our game began. I waited patiently for you at the window, and eventually you came to me. You didn't make me wait tonight. You turned on that soft lamp, then got onto the bed and waited for me.

I had chosen to dress myself in a silk robe tonight, the material clinging to my body as it warmed through. I saw your eyebrows rise at the change in the game, but I smiled softly as I let the sash trail softly through my fingers as I leaned my chin in my hand and watched you. You frowned then and waved an irritated finger at me, making me laugh softly. Impatient, were you?

I pulled the sash so slowly, the silk sliding effortlessly over itself as the knot unravelled, I laid it over the arm of my chair on both sides, and relaxed so the material slipped a little, exposing more skin. Looking over to you I waited for the next commanding flick of a finger. Your hand was already over your groin, slowly moving as you watched me. With your free hand you waved for me to continue.

Raising a finger to the lapel of the gown, I slipped it under and gradually eased it down my shoulder, exposing naked flesh, and then the band of a bra as it slipped further. Repeating it on the other side, I leaned forward so you could see my breasts pushed up, the nipples peaking out over the silk of the cups as the robe slipped down my arms. Taking the nipples between my fingers, I rolled and squeezed them as I watched you do the same with your cock.

I could see the way it was pushing out the material of your trousers. You must have been so hard for me. How hard could I make you?

Easing the gown further, I let it drape over the chair to expose myself to you fully, my skin shining under the light of the lamp I had carefully place earlier beside me. Then I raised my stockinged feet to the sill but kept my knees together.

You sat up at that, your hand working a little harder on your arousal as you studied me as I sat still for you, my legs hiding my most intimate area, whilst you could see my breasts held on show in the silk cups. Your mouth was open a little, were you imagining what it tasted like to kiss my lips? My breasts? My pussy?

You were shaking your head now and waving at me, demanding I show you. I smiled and resumed playing with my nipples. Leaning back on the chair, I slowly opened my legs for you to see. I was wearing the briefest of silk panties, the match to the bra. They barely covered me and I was sure you could see how they were sodden, clinging to my lips as my arousal tormented me.

Your eyes widened at that, and I knew you could see my arousal. Could you smell my musk? I was so hot for you I was sure you must have done. I wanted to rip my panties off, to slide my finger in and play with myself whilst you watched, but that wasn't for tonight. Not yet. I satisfied myself with letting my hand drift down over my belly, and a single finger trail down and over the swollen lips through the silk before I closed the blind. I'm sure I heard you moan in frustration. But then, I hadn't had my reward either. You hadn't shown me how hard you were, let me seen what I wanted to taste.

You were missing the next two nights, leaving me wondering where you were. I passed it fantasising about the moment we eventually touched. About how you would arouse me whilst I stroked your hardness and brought you to the edge. Would our voyeurism continue once we did, or would we keep it private between us?

You came back the third night, and this time you sat at your window, mirroring me. What were you doing? I waited for you in just my underwear, my chin resting in my hand as I watched you. You were busy on your laptop, a frown creasing your brow as you worked hard. Every few minutes your gaze would flicker up to me, taking me in as I waited for you. A small smile tugged at your lips before you returned to your work. I would play with my hair, twirling the threads around my finger as I waited.

Eventually you closed the computer down and put it aside. Then you relaxed back, your feet resting up on the window sill as you stretched your legs out. You were in your pyjama trousers again, a loose grey t-shirt covering your torso.

I waited longer, wanting you to take the lead. Eventually you understood and you frowned for a second. Then you relaxed down in your chair, your knees splaying out to the side a little as you rested your hand over your groin. I watched closely as you used the cotton of your trousers to rub yourself, a look of ecstasy creeping onto your face as your cock grew hard.

As the material was pushed up you looked over at me. I waved irritably and mouthed an instruction to you. I saw your shoulders shake with a laugh as you pulled the ties of the trousers and then pushed the waistband down. A moment later you pulled your cock out so I could see.

You were no longer than the usual, but you were thicker. Just the right size to go into my mouth as I tasted you, and then slide into my pussy as I made love to you. You were just perfect. I looked up as you watched me, then you mouthed the same words back to me. Yes, it was time to let you see.

I removed the bra and tossed it aside. For a minute I held my breasts and played with my nipples as I knew you liked it when I did that. Eventually you waved it aside and pointed sharply. You were impatient tonight. Standing up, I slipped my fingers into the waist of the panties and paused. Looking up at you, I slowly slipped the material down my thighs, enjoying the way you bit your bottom lip as you watched me expose myself. Your eyes widened and a hand returned to stroke your cock as I let the material slip to the floor. Standing tall, I cupped my breasts again and parted my legs a little so you could see me from top to bottom. I had shaved for you so he could see the lips of my pussy as they were swollen and parted, the glistening moisture on them telling you of my arousal.

Your hand was moving faster now, pumping your cock as he stared at my pussy. I loved to watch you do that; that just the sight of my body made you want to fuck himself like that. I wanted to use my fingers to make myself come for you, to tease my clit and rub myself until I screamed with release. But that wasn't for tonight.

I pressed a hand to my window as I watched you jerk yourself off, your cock growing redder and darker with each pass of a fist. Then you were shuddering as you spurted cum all over your shirt, your cock jerking as you orgasmed for me. Slowly you collapsed in the chair, breathing heavy and rapid. Letting your hands drop to the side, I watched that glorious cock slowly soften and come to rest. Looking up at your face, I saw a soft, gentle smile as you watched me. You whispered a thank you to me, so I pressed a kiss to the glass and then closed the blind.

You were on my mind all day the next day, the way you had pleasured yourself for me. How your hand had moved, the way your cock had jerked when you came. How relaxed you had looked afterwards. I wanted that in my life every day. I wanted you.

You were waiting for me again the next day. A sardonic smile on your lips as we took our places. We both knew this game was reaching its climax, the point where we had to choose to end it or continue to the next level. I knew which I wanted, but did you?

I was naked this time. I didn't want any preamble with clothes. I wanted this animalistic, straight to the point. I wanted to fuck you tonight. And I saw the same desire on your face.

I sat in my chair, my knees drawn up and wide so you saw my pussy opened to you. You jerked forward in your chair to look as closely as you could. The bulge in your trousers quickly grew and you absently released your cock so you could stroke it. I waited until you looked up to my face to show you the vibrator I had bought that day. You looked surprised for a moment, but then nodded eagerly.

I made a show of switching it on, then I placed the tip in my mouth as you watched. Yes you liked that, you could imagine me doing that to you. My hot, wet tongue playing with your cock. That's what I wanted too.

I released the vibrator, letting my lips linger over it before I moved it down my body, using the vibrating tip to bring my nipples to hard peaks, then lower to my clit. I pressed it in to the wet folds of my pussy and used it to bring myself quickly to the edge of orgasm, my clit throbbing with excitement. I was wriggling on the chair, raising my hips to the vibe as I got hotter and closer to an orgasm.

You were pumping your cock as hard as you could, wanting to bring yourself to orgasm hard and fast. I pulled the vibe away and back to my breasts, and I saw you swear as you stopped masturbating to match me.

I was panting heavily, my body screaming at me to release it, but I knew if I waited for a minute then the second wave of arousal would be enough to give you one hell of a show. Sliding the vibrator back down my body, I by-passed my clit and held the tip of it to my entrance. You leaned forward again, one hand pressed to the glass as the other returned to your cock. You knew this time it was for real.

Your mouth opened on a sigh as I slowly slid the vibe into myself, the wet folds of my body closing around it, just like it wanted to do with your cock. I held it there for a moment as I savoured the way the buzz spread through my lower body, tingling off nerve endings and sending blood racing. I wouldn't last long once I began, so I caught your eye and smiled. You understood me.

I moved the vibrator out of my body until only the head was still inside. The sweet sensation of a cock in me and the vibe buzzing through me almost enough to send me over the edge. I spread my legs as wide as I could so you could see what I was doing, see how my pussy was taking in that cock, how it was wet for you. Then I pressed a finger to my clit. My hips rose to meet it, and I swirled my finger around. Your jaw clenched at that, and I saw the veins stand out in your neck as you fought to hold on to your control. Just a few more moments, and you'd see what you wanted.

I lost all control as you watched me, my finger rubbing hard and fast on my clit as I slammed that vibe in and out of my body as I writhed on the chair, desperate for the release I had deprived myself of for weeks.

I shuddered as my orgasm built, and I know you could see that. I managed to look across and see your fist pumping hard on your cock as you watched me. I was so close, and only a few more flicks of the finger was all it took.

I arched in the chair, my feet pushing against the sill as I orgasmed, my cum hitting the glass and running down as I rammed that vibrator in as deep as I could. Oh god it felt so good to come for you, my whole body shuddering with release as I slowly collapsed back. I let the vibrator slip to the floor as I looked at you. Your mouth was open and your hand pressed hard to the glass as you jerked out the last of your cum onto the glass to match mine.

I held your gaze as I slowly sat forward and pressed my hand to the glass to mirror yours. I needed you.

Looking around, I found my phone sat nearby. Snatching it up I held it forward so you could see it. You frowned at me, then realisation dawned as I tapped my front teeth with a nail. I was so heavily aroused that the orgasm hadn't satiated me. I needed you, your hands, your mouth, your cock. I needed you so badly it hurt.

I watched as you looked around the room frantically, then you leaned over and snatched up a phone. You frowned over it as your shaking hands struggled to hit the keys you needed, then my phone shone with a connection.

Slowly I typed out three words; looking over at you I hit the send button. The screen highlighted the contours of your face, deepening your eyes and lifting your cheeks. I saw your thumb press down on the accept button and my message opened up. You read it, then frowned and looked up at me in surprise, and then nodded. You understood perfectly.

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