tagFetishThe Weather Girl Ch. 05

The Weather Girl Ch. 05


This is a continuation of the story. Chapter 4 had Betty (a widower---see Ch 1 & 2) confronting Douglas and making him acknowledge his love for kink. She begins her tutoring of Douglas and bringing him into the world of constant desire. She drains his balls of all his cum, makes him taste his own seed through snowballing and licking it from her vagina, and showers him with piss. She also captures his tongue anally and preps him for more.

With him clean, Betty can now prepare Douglas for his meeting with a young lady named Sonya. Betty's prep is anything but routine. Our story picks up from this last scene...


"Douglas, look at you." Betty smiled. "You are thinking with the wrong head. You are becoming aroused and do not realize you are a fraud. You aren't wearing any panties. She is expecting you to be covered in intimates when you meet. She will ask and you will either disappoint her or lie to her. You must meet with her, but only with a clear head AND in panties."

Betty rose and said. "It is time to cleanse you and prepare you for panties. Let's not disappoint our flat-chested Sonya."

Her words were incredible. One moment she was my mentor, the next a slut and now a temptress again. Without understanding, I WAS in Betty's control.

"Follow me into the bath."

I followed thinking about Betty's words, "our flat-chested Sonya." Subtle but controlling: "our flat-chested Sonya."

As I entered her bath my eyes and senses were overpowered by a temple of lust. The room was immense and filled with so many items of mixed nature I wasn't sure what to think. I had a hard time spotting the toilet and when I did it was like nothing I had ever seen before.

The seating area was about three feet off the floor and sat on a semicircular stage. The stage front was open and there were hoses, bowls and other unidentifiable devices attached inside. A wheeled stool stood in the center of the circle and it reminded me of a cow milking station. The actual toilet had an oversized seat and a black padded back with padded arms extending from its side. Padded foot rests were positioned so the legs would be lifted up and away from the body.

I could envision a person on the seat, their back pressed against the chair, gripping the armrest, knees chest high, legs open, ass exposed, and being invaded by someone who adored shit. Someone so kinky they would build a play bench just for shit. Someone by the name of Betty.

"Welcome to my Temple of Preparation!" Betty said with her lusty voice. She extended her arms outward while moving in circles to highlight the various stations. "This is where your training in kink and filth begins. This is where the center of my kink and filth resides. Come let us try some wine."

Betty moved toward a custom wine bar. The bar consisted of a climate controlled wine humidor standing about chest high with wine glasses aligned on its top. It contained both red wines and white wines and each bottle was attached to a tapping system which ran to the outside of the humidor. There was another tube connected to each bottle. This tube ran to the end of the humidor and into a very large glass beaker of golden fluid. My mind raced, "Could this be a beaker of Betty's piss?" As quick as the thought entered my mind, Betty proved it correct.

Betty opened a door at the end of the humidor and removed a molded plastic cup attached to a coil of clear flexible tubing. The cup was a suction type device shaped to fit over a woman's vulva. Betty flicked a switch in the cabinet and I could hear air being sucked through the tube.

Next to the humidor was an odd shaped chair. It had a small seat with two tubular legs extending from the bottom forming curved rocking legs. At the end of the legs were foot holds. Betty sat on the chair, spread her legs, and lewdly placed the cup over her pussy. Looking me directly in the eyes Betty began to piss into the cup while rocking gently back and forth.

Betty was obviously enjoying the suction on her pussy as her legs were trembling. It was simply filthy to watch her nectar being sucked through the tube and into beaker. I loved it. When her bladder was empty, Betty spoke. "Every bottle and glass of wine served in this house contains a blend of my urine."

Betty stood and placed the cup and tubing back into the humidor while turning off the suction. Closing the door, Betty beckoned me to come to her.

"Using this knob, I can control the level of my urine in the wine." Taking a glass from on top of the humidor, Betty continued, "Let me show you." Betty turned the knob a bit to the left and then opened the tap to a bottle of Chardonnay. Filling the glass with an adequate sample, Betty said, "Taste this."

I took the glass and sampled it as I would at a restaurant. Only this time my excitement level was peaked. I thought, "Every glass of wine I have ever tasted at this house had Betty's piss in it. God is she kinky!" The taste was delicious. "This is wonderful." I told Betty.

"Now try this, same wine but a different blend," she replied as she turned the knob clockwise. Filling the glass to the same level as before, she offered me the sample.

Swirling the chilled liquid around my tongue, I noticed a difference but still the taste was wonderful. "This is good also." was my response. "How do you do this? Which one had more of you in it?" For some reason I blushed slightly as thought of drinking Betty's urine.

"As with a good wine, it all starts with a good grape. I drink plenty of fluids and eat very few foods which give urine its bitter taste. This produces piss which is very palatable on its own. Blend it with a fine wine and people can't get enough of it."

While Betty was talking, she turned the knob completely clockwise and poured two generous glasses. Handing one to me, she continued. "This is a 50/50 blend of wine and nectar." Lifting her glass, Betty toasted, "Cheers!"

It was heavenly. We drained our glasses and set them back on top of the humidor.

Betty continued, "I find it so erotic to watch guests drink my nectar. My pussy gets so wet when I see people savoring my piss. I'm such a filthy slut. At the end of the night I fantasize about serving them directly from the source. God it makes me hot. Feel my pussy."

Not waiting for me to move, Betty grabbed my hand and shoved it into her pussy. Three of my fingers found their way into her soaked box. Grinding her hips onto my hand she moaned deeply. I thought she was going to fuck herself to orgasm. As quickly as she started, she stopped.

"I could do this all night, but we've got to get you ready." Betty smiled and looked into my eyes. She took hold of my cock and stroked it with one hand and grabbed my balls with the other. She pushed into me and lowered her mouth to my right nipple.

A tight vacuum formed as my skin was sucked into her. Biting the base of my nipple, her tongue flicked its tip. All of her action seemed to be aimed at removing something from my body. Her hands pulled and tugged my groin while her mouth worked my nipples. It was ecstasy with one exception; my bladder was straining for relief from all the nectar consumed since I arrived this afternoon.

"Betty, I'm sorry, I've got to pee." Looking around the room I wasn't sure where to go.

Smiling lustfully Betty went to her knees. "I've been waiting all night for this, Douglass. Piss on me. Use me for your urinal. Piss on this filthy bitch. Piss on me. Piss on my face. Let me drink it."

Betty removed her bra and her panties as she moved to the floor and writhered around under me. She was rubbing her tits and caressing her pussy while staring at my cock. Her glance went to my eyes and she begged, "Piss one me, Piss on me."

My cock was starting to become hard from Betty's urgings, but the pressure from my bladder was overpowering. I let go. The stream shot onto Betty's head drenching her hair. Her hands went to her face and she moved to catch the stream in her mouth. She was smearing the overflow onto her face, tits and the rest of her body.

Going back to her knees she followed the stream to my cock and put the fount into her mouth. I was pissing directly into her mouth. I could feel her mouth expand and collapse as she gulped down my waste. The fullness of my bladder and the fullness of my cock seemed to make the stream go on forever. Piss leaked out from the corners of her mouth and down onto her tits. Betty rubbed it in.

When I finished, Betty got up and French kissed me while pulling my head towards hers with her piss-wet hands. I wasn't surprised Betty was saving my piss. What did surprise however was its pleasant taste. But then again it did start with Betty's piss-wine.

Breaking the kiss, Betty took hold of my hand led me to the toilet stage. "Now let's get you clean." I wasn't sure what was ahead, but I knew it would be erotic, kinky and filthy.

As we made our way across the room, I noticed the floor was the same as the spa in Miami: Olivia's--the spa which Betty seemed to know about. It was tiled and slightly slanted towards a center drain. I saw the remnants of my piss flowing towards the drain. I wondered if the design was a coincidence or just a common design. Perhaps Betty was in Miami. My thoughts were interrupted by Betty's voice.

"Douglas I want you to move onto the seat and make yourself comfortable. Put your legs onto the foot rests, place your arms on the extensions and relax. Your asshole needs to be clean and all your shit removed from your bowels." There was a sense of seriousness in her voice.

"There is nothing worse than staining a beautiful pair of panties. Unless of course, you are having someone lick them clean." Betty laughed a bit as she moved the work chair into position.

Situated, she continued. "This will feel absolutely fantastic if you stay relaxed. The first task is to remove the shit in your rectum and lower colon. Then we will remove the remaining waste from your intestine."

Her words were very clinical but the crazed and lustful look in her eyes painted another picture.

Betty picked up a jar and unscrewed the lid. It looked and felt much like cold cream as she scooped two fingers of it from the jar and started to massage the cream around the outside of my anus. It did feel wonderful.

The massage was mixed with insertions into my rectum; first one finger, every so slightly and then a bit deeper. The one finger was replaced by two and then three. In between insertions, more cream was applied making the probing smooth and enjoyable.

When I was sufficiently relaxed, the fingers went deeper and I felt the tips of them touch the head of my next movement. Betty moaned and whispered to herself, "There it is. There it is." My presence did not seem to matter. The only thing which matter was the shit she felt.

A finger moved around the perimeter of the shit and I felt my inners push involuntarily. The movement started a slide towards my rectum and anus. Having been massaged and relaxed, my anus allowed the string of shit to pass effortlessly out of my body.

In Betty's free hand a stainless steel bowl collected my waste. She circled the bowl such my shit formed a coil in it. Betty's other hand was still in my ass feeling the shit crossing her fingers. To her delight, my expulsion was significant, nearly filling the bowl. When I was done, Betty's fingers made a final circle to remove any extra traces. Removing her fingers from my ass, I could see remnants of shit covering them.

Setting the bowl onto the floor, Betty locked her eyes onto mine and brought her shit covered fingers towards her breasts. With the tips of her fingers she traced a circle around her areolas and flicked her fat nipples. A brown residue covered her skin where her fingers touched. She then drew a line from her pussy directly up across her stomach between her breasts, up the neck and onto her lips where she made a similar circling motion. Betty opened her mouth and inserted one of the covered fingers into it. Never breaking eye contact she licked it clean.

While still sucking her finger, Betty lewdly mounted the podium and straddled me face to face. She finished licking her finger and removed it from her mouth. Both of her hands went to my nipples and pinched them. It wasn't too hard but hard enough to stir my cock towards an erection. Her shit covered fingers played with my left nipple as her free hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled it towards her. I saw her mouth opening as she tilted her head for a kiss.

I closed my eyes and accepted her mouth onto mine. Her tongue pushed its way in and I took it. There was a unique sensation as our tongues intertwined; almost numbing. I was tasting my own shit; the filth from my body. It was being fed to me from someone who just pulled their fingers from my ass and licked my shit from one of them. I was entering a different mental zone. I was experiencing Betty's euphoric state of lust.

Betty broke the kiss and pulled back, bringing her shit covered fingers to her mouth. She took a second finger and licked it clean. When she opened her mouth I could see small pieces of my shit on her tongue. Without a word she shoved the remaining soiled finger into my mouth. It was overwhelming. My cock was harder than I ever before experienced. I sucked and licked Betty's finger savoring every lurid tasted which burst onto my tongue.

I was her filthy, filthy man.

We frenched like sluts; passing shit between us. I was aware of nothing but pure animal desire. Whatever Betty did to me I accepted. I had no control; I was being controlled.

Betty broke our actions abruptly and dismounted. I was dazed. Stepping onto the floor in front of me she picked up the bowl of my shit and opened a door on the inside wall of the podium. There was a group of similar bowls each in its own compartment. Betty placed my bowl in an empty space.

Turning her attention back to me, Betty said, "Douglas your training is going very well. You've accepted shit far sooner than I expected. This is good."

While she was speaking, Betty started to place straps onto my arms and legs; fastening them to the supports of the chair. I watched in a daze, tasting the lingering shit in my mouth; wanting more.

"The reason for these straps is to help you appreciate your surprise and to ensure it stays a surprise." Betty moved back to the shelving of bowls and removed one.

"Douglas you should enjoy this." Betty said as she scooped some shit, someone else's shit, from the bowl and squeezed it onto my cock. The feeling was incredible. The cabinet had to be heated because the shit's warmth made it feel as if it came directly from someone's asshole. She stroked my cock a few times and stopped.

"Close your eyes."

I did. I felt something slip over my head and onto my eyes. It was a blindfold. It was tight but not uncomfortable. The inside was fur lined and felt erotic although I now lost all vision.

"Meet my assistant," Betty sang. "But then again you can't see my assistant. Too bad, for my assistant is very skilled AND very handsome."

The word handsome scared me. Men are handsome, women are pretty.

"I know what you're thinking. Is my assistant a man or a woman? It's an interesting thought; which makes what's going to happen to you all the more erotic and mysterious. You must learn to transcend the visual and focus on the physical."

Betty continued, "Lust, filth, and kink are physical, Douglas. Is a sensation any better or worse because of the environment? The answer is no! Granted environment can add to the eroticism, but the sensation is simply the sensation. This you must learn so you are able to discern between various stimuli."

Betty's next phrase was unnerving.

"Finish him."

Without a response or any sound of movement, a pair of hands took hold of my cock and began stroking it. The warmth of the excrement was coaxing it harder. I tried to discern the gender of the hands but it was impossible. Their size was neutral along with their grip. There was no texture, no softness, nor roughness. The stroking and squishing made me think the hands were covered with latex gloves. The growing urge inside my balls helped me to remember my instructions....focus on the sensation.

"Use your mouth." Betty commanded calmly.

The hands were replaced instantly with the assistant's mouth. By this point I did not care or even think of gender. My mind was centered on the mouth milking my cock using their saliva and someone's shit as a lubricant. My body started to shake as my orgasm ripped the cum from my balls. The mouth kept sucking. I could feel the warm from both sources; both of which were being consumed by the assistant.

"Very good." said Betty. "Clean his intestines, make sure there's no body hair, soften his skin in the spa, and then prepare his nipples. When you are done bring him to me."

I heard Betty walking away and the sound of a door opening. Betty spoke once more, "And Douglas, please don't try to speak with my assistant or attempt to remove your blindfold once your restraints are removed. Doing so will banish you from this house forever. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mam." It was my only real option.

"Very good" came her response and the door shut.

I heard the podium's work stool move under me and then felt the non-descript hands rubbing cream into my anus. A warm cylindrical object was slid easily into my rectum and I felt a warm liquid pass into me. It felt soothing. As I started to fill, I heard Betty's voice again from a pair of speakers.

"Douglas, I can see and hear everything occurring. When you feel the need to expel, simply do so. If you haven't figured it out yet, the entire room is a toilet. Just let your urges flow."

It wasn't long after Betty's instruction the urge to expel came over me. My pushing slid the metal nozzle and tubing from inside me along with streams of waste. I heard the sounds of splashing, on the floor, on the stool as well as the distinct sound of splashing on skin. Where was the assistant and what part of their body was being degraded.

But was it degrading? If this person just sucked the cum from my shit covered cock, then my expulsion was more than likely desirable. The thought made me push a bit harder; for their pleasure.

The cleansing process was repeated three more times. I knew we were done when Betty's voice broke the silence.

"My assistant will now remove your bindings. Steps with handrails will be positioned in front of you. Bring your feet together and place them onto the front step. You will then reach out for the handrails and stand. There will be four steps down."

While my instructions were being announced, I felt the straps being removed. I made no attempt to remove my blindfold as Betty's warning was crystal clear. I heard what had to be the steps being positioned. I moved my feet and the steps were there. The handrails were at my reach. I stood and descended the four steps.

"In front of you is a table. Lie down upon it on your stomach." continued the instructions.

Reaching out in my blindness, I felt the table and moved upon it.

"You will now begin the process of outer body cleansing. This is a combination of an exfoliating scrub, massage and hair removal. During this process three small balls will be inserted into you anally. One is to help rebuild the mucus lining of your intestines. Another is a vitamin and mineral supplement. The third is a combination of herbs to enhance the feelings of lust and desire as well as to produce better tasting excrement. Once the balls have been inserted, you are to roll onto your back. The balls will dissolve and be absorbed while the front of your body is cleansed."

The table was wheeled to another section of the room. I heard valves being opened and felt soothing warm water flushing my back. Warm and soothing creams with grit like material were applied and massaged into my body. It was heavenly. I wasn't thinking of the assistant at all; only the sensual feeling of the pampering taking place.

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