tagMind ControlThe Web Ch. 04

The Web Ch. 04


Fourth part of an eight part series. I wrote this story to develop some themes more along the lines of "mind-influence" than "mind-control." The most erotic time in a relationship is often spent exploring the boundaries of trust and sharing. If that turns you on, then this story will have many molten scenes. At the same time, as the writing progressed, the characters grew and influenced each other in interesting ways. Is it better to get what you want, or learn what you want? I still don't know who really was in control. Maybe you will.


I got back to work Monday, concentrating on finishing the communication design for the client. When I got home, I had a box by the door. Inside I found a container with some homemade cookies. The note read "For a sweet guy. Thanks seems too little for what we shared over the weekend. I am greatly looking forward to Wednesday! --Cathy"

"The cookies are great!" I said after she answered. "I have a fantastic weekend, and I get goodies afterward."

"Just afterward? Seems to me you were getting them all weekend."

I laughed. "I think you've got me there. Yeah, I've been getting some great goodies for a while now."

"Thank you. I have to confess, I've been getting them for a while myself."

We chatted about various things, including my trip over the weekend. We were both looking forward to Wednesday.

"Perhaps we can share a few goodies with each other on Wednesday?" Cathy asked as we were closing.

"I'd love to. See you then."

Fortunately, Tuesday and Wednesday brought some new design work, so I could concentrate and keep Cathy out of my head during the day. Tuesday night was slow, but I busied myself an errand for Cathy, a long run in the evening, and getting ready to leave. When I got home Wednesday, I changed, grabbed my bags, and headed over to Cathy's.

"Good to see you, Brad," she said before embracing me and fastening her lips to mine.

"You look fantastic, Cathy." Once again, she stunned me with her combination of elegance and sexuality. She wore a black dress that emphasized her toned upper body and long legs. A gold necklace led the eye down between her firm breasts. Her eyes danced as she watched me take her in.

"Why thank you, Brad!" she exclaimed as I handed her the flowers I had picked up on the way. "I love them!"

"They can be a reminder that I would have loved to spend some time this weekend with you." I replied.

"I was going to asked you about that. Why don't you drop off your things in the second bedroom? There's some closet space if you need to hang anything. Then we can talk."

When I got back to the kitchen, I found a glass of wine waiting for me at the bar.

"So now that I have you to myself, let's talk about your plans. Leaving early tomorrow morning?"

"Not too bad. The flight leaves around nine-thirty so I don't have to go until eight or so."

"Hmmm. Might be time for some morning exercise before you have to get going. What do you think?" she said, winking.

"I think I can wake up for that," I laughed.

"I don't think you'll have trouble waking up," she said, smiling. "And when are you getting back?"

"I land around nine on Sunday."

"Too late for any fun," she pouted. "I'd still like to continue our sessions, though. Perhaps we could try something during the week?"

"I could easily make a weekday work," I said. "In fact, Monday would work, or Tuesday..."

"Or any day?" she said, looking into my eyes.


"Let's make it Tuesday," she decided. "I've already talked to Kelly, and she's free that evening."

"A little advanced planning?" I asked.

"Never hurts," she replied lightly, blushing a bit. "Now, let's see about some dinner."

Cathy had picked crab cakes. "Something light, so we keep our stamina," she said laughing. I helped her get the green beens cleaned and get the salad made while she put the cakes together. I took my seat at the bar and watched as she deftly fried the crab cakes and sauteed the beans, all the time keeping a lively conversation going while she sipped her wine.

"Brad, why don't you bring things to the table outside while I finish?"

I got everything out and she joined me at the table. We enjoyed another lively conversation over dinner, discussing movies, music, and shows we had seen. Once again, I found myself captivated by Cathy's wide-ranging interests and tastes. Clearly, she loved life, and she brought intellect, passion, and humor to her experiences.

"Even with such a beautiful evening," Cathy said, looking into my eyes, "we probably want to make sure you get enough sleep for your trip tomorrow. Let's clean up and get you to bed."

"Excellent idea," I agreed, my cock rising.

We cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen. Cathy pulled a box out of the refrigerator and then walked over and took my hand. "I've heard these truffles taste better in bed. Care to find out?"

"Why, I'd love to," I replied.

Cathy pulled me along to her bedroom and sat down next to me on the bed. She pulled out a truffle and brought it to my lips. I bit into half of it, and she took the other piece and put it into her mouth. As I chewed and savored the flavors, Cathy leaned in and fastened her lips to mine. The chocolate swirled in both of our mouths as our tongues danced. Cathy's breath was hot on my cheek when she broke away.

"Oh, that feels good," she said as she leaned in again. I caressed her back as we kissed. When I pulled back for air, I looked into her eyes.

"You're beautiful," I whispered. "You're so...alive."

"Thank you," she whispered back, her eyes sparkling. "You make me feel alive."

We leaned in and kissed again, and then I stood and pulled Cathy up with me. She molded her body to me, pressing her breasts into my chest and intertwining her legs with mine. My hands roamed up and down her back, occasionally wandering down to her ass. My cock strained against her hip as she pressed into me. I felt her fingers find the hem of my polo shirt.

"Let's get this off, shall we?" she said, stepping away and pulling the shirt over my head. She pressed herself back, and I felt the nubs of her nipples press through her dress. I longed to feel them directly, so I reached down and slightly gathered the drape of her dress.

"Yesss," she breathed, and I stepped back and used both hands to pull the dress upward. Cathy raised her arms as the dress came up, and I saw that she wore black lace panties and no bra. I gently set the dress aside and gazed up and down.


"You like?"

"I like."

Cathy laughed and pressed into me again. This time, I felt her nipples drag against my chest as she twined against me. Her hands found my slacks and unfastened them. I stepped out of my shoes as she knelt down and pulled my slacks from my legs, draping them over the chair. She finished with my socks and then kicked off her sandals as she joined me. I kissed her lips some more and then trailed across her face, nibbling at her neck before kissing the hollow of her shoulder. I leaned over and slid my tongue down her chest, gently kissing the swell of her breast.

"Ohhh," she breathed as my tongue and lips lapped the sensitive flesh. I worked to the side and below, carefully avoiding the stiff nipple begging for attention. When Cathy started thrusting her chest forward, I had mercy on her and moved inward.

"Ahhhhh," she sighed as my tongue brushed over the stiff nub. I licked, then nibbled, then sucked as her excitement rose. With my other hand, I fondled her other breast, working up to rolling the hard nipple between my fingers.

When the scent of Cathy's arousal hit me, I trailed my tongue down her abdomen and nibbled at her panties. She pushed her hips forward, so I reached up and slowly pulled the waistband down. Her arousal now washed over me as I revealed her hot pussy. Cathy lifted her feet as I kneeled down to get the panties off. I reached up and cupped her ass as I trailed kisses between her legs. Cathy gyrated above me, trying to angle her pussy onto my teasing tongue.

"Oh, God," Cathy moaned when I finally made contact. I felt her hands cradle my head for balance as I probed into her folds.

"Let's get on the bed," I said and rose up. Cathy kissed me while she teased my boxers over my throbbing erection and then down my legs. I lied down, and Cathy climbed over me while I watched her body. We kissed, my hands running over Cathy's back down to her ass. I gently tugged Cathy forward to bring her breasts into range of my tongue. As I touched each nipple, Cathy dropped her chest, pushing the hard nub into my mouth. Finally, I pushed her ass forward with my hands, signaling her to straddle my face. Cathy responded, and I relished the sight of her swollen labia, open for my tongue. I started licking up and down the sides of her outer lips, caressing her ass with my hands.

"That feels really good," Cathy said. I kept up the licking, moving into the inner lips but still staying clear of her clit. Cathy started twisting above me again, lowering her pussy a little further onto my tongue with each motion. I let her set the pace, and when she dropped forward onto her hands I felt her pussy slide down, exposing her clit to my tongue. She groaned as I started licking around it. Her breathing became ragged, and she started lightly humping my face. I flattened my tongue as she increased the pressure. Soon, she was humping harder, and I could feel the tremors of impending orgasm in her legs.

"Uhhhhh, uhhhh, oh, ohhhhhh!" Cathy moaned as she hunkered down on my tongue. I felt the spasms of her orgasm ripple through her pussy, while her legs quivered around my head. I let her squirm on my tongue as she rode out the aftershocks, and then relaxed into the afterglow.

"Wow," Cathy whispered when she had recovered. I watched her swollen pussy lift off of my tongue, her clit still prominent. Cathy backed down my body and positioned her sex just above my cock. Her eyes looked a question at me, a smile playing on her face.

"Please," I groaned, and Cathy laughed as she reached down to grasp my cock. I felt the head push into her warm tunnel as she slowly sank down. I sighed with the hot tingling coming from my loins as Cathy continued down until her pubic bone was mashed against mine. Cathy then lowered her upper body, her eyes looking deep into me until she fastened her lips onto mine. Our tongues danced together while I felt the tips of her breasts drag along my chest. Cathy raised back up, put her hands on my chest to steady herself, and started fucking me. I lied back and let her.

"Enjoying yourself?" she grunted as she rocked over me.

"Incredibly," I answered, getting a smile in response. I let my eyes wander down Cathy's body as the pleasure built up in my cock. Her breasts rose and fell, luring my hands up to touch them. I felt their weight in my hands and rolled the hard nipples between my fingers. I looked up into Cathy's eyes again, amazed that this beautiful woman was in bed with me.

Cathy's breath came faster as she increased her pace. Her pussy enveloped my cock in a hot, smooth, undulating tunnel.

"Ahhhh," I sighed. Each time Cathy sank down, I moaned a little louder. I could tell that an orgasm—while still a little ways off—was going to happen. Cathy's face knit in concentration as she road me for her orgasm. I resisted the urge to drive my hips up into hers, knowing that she could take me much higher than I could take myself.

Cathy's breath now came in gasps. I felt the thin sheen of sweat break out on her breasts, and I watched the blush spread across her chest. Tingling waves radiated out from my cock into my body as I climbed, Cathy never stopping the delicious milking of my cock by her pussy. Her face went rigid.

I teetered on the edge of orgasm. My cock burned with the sweet fire of impending release—every muscle in my body trembled as I arched my back. Suddenly, my world went incandescent.

"Uggghhhh, aaaahhhhhhhhh, AGGHHHHH!" grunts ripped from me as I went over the edge. Cathy drove her pussy down hard and remained there, pressuring the base of my cock and forcing my cum to squeeze past. This amplified the pleasure of each jet that I blasted up into her. I made more inarticulate sounds as I thrashed beneath her, dimly aware that she was groaning through an orgasm herself.

"Ohhhh, God," I breathed, relaxing back and letting the aftershocks send twitches through my body. As my vision cleared again, I saw Cathy's eyes looking deeply into mine. We communed with each other through our eyes, the intense physical release opening each to the other. I went beyond the fear of revealing too much, and let my love for Cathy show through. I didn't know yet how far that love went, but there was no doubt that I loved her. I felt her love communicate back to me as well.

Cathy lowered her head to me and we kissed languorously. She rocked her hips slightly forward to take the pressure off the base of my cock before it became painful. I ran my hands over the smooth skin of her back as we enjoyed the intimacy of our bodies together. Finally, she raised back up and smiled down at me.

"You took me to another world," I said.

"You helped by staying still and letting me do my magic," she replied. "I'm surprised you could let go like that."

"I just had a feeling that it would pay off if I let you control our lovemaking."

"So maybe I can teach you a few things, too?"

"You can teach me whenever you like," I replied.

"Buttering me up so you'll continue to get laid?"


"Smart man."

We both laughed. Cathy gently eased herself off of me, smiling at my twitches as her pussy released my cock. She settled down beside me, and we held each other for a time.

"Let's go get our teeth brushed, and then get back here for a little more cuddling," Cathy said.

"I think I can get up again," I said, and swung my legs over the bed. I found my toothbrush while Cathy was in the toilet, and brushed and cleaned with her at her double sink. I let my eyes wander over to her reflection in the mirror, enjoying the sight of her as she brushed her hair and splashed her face. Her muscles rippled and moved under her skin when she bent down, attesting to her taut physical condition.

We slipped back into bed and she cuddled next to me, finding my lips with hers. A tentative good-night kiss progressed in passion as we each felt the willingness of the other. Cathy's hand slipped between us and caressed my leg. My cock grew semi-hard, and it bumped into her wrist. Instantly, she slipped her fingers around the head, gently milking.

"Interested in making love again?" she purred.

"Not in the least," I replied, squeezing her ass to underscore the point.

"Men." I felt Cathy chuckling beside me.

"This time, I'll probably need a position where I can push into you pretty hard. That all right?" I asked.

"I'm all yours," she answered. "Just let me know."

I'm sure she felt my cock harden to her answer. I brought my hand up to her breast and slowly massaged it until I reached her nipple. I felt it harden as I rolled it between my fingers. We continued kissing, and when I felt Cathy's breath get faster and her body heat up, I reached down and slipped my finger into her pussy folds. She sighed and squeezed my cock as I slipped the moisture around her lips.

"Why don't you lie down on your tummy," I said. "You can slip your hand between your legs and play with yourself while I bump into you from behind."

"Ummmm, sounds fun," she said as she pushed the pillows away and positioned herself face down on the bed. She spread her legs slightly and raised her hips to get her hand underneath herself. I looked at her spread out below me, her face turned to the side with her breasts flattened under her. Her ass gently rocked as she settled her pussy over her hand.

I straddled her hips and grasped my cock to find her entrance. She arched her back to hike up her pussy for me, and I felt her lips with the tip of my cock. I pushed forward and slowly sank inside. Cathy sighed as I stretched her open again. I withdrew and pushed forward, sinking deeper each time until I was flattening her ass checks with my groin. Each time I pushed forward, she rocked her ass back to meet my thrust.

"Oh, God," Cathy moaned. I felt her fingertips tickle my balls as she teased her pussy. I reveled in the satisfying pressure all around my cock and hips when I pushed into her. I kept up a steady rhythm, allowing her to match me thrust for thrust. I noticed that Cathy had raised her hips to give her hand better access, and I could feel her fingertips speed up as she started to work her pussy in earnest.

Cathy pushed her ass up harder, and I heard the faint slap as I matched her thrust.

"Yes," she panted, and we both picked up the pace. The slaps increased in volume as I banged into her from behind.

"Oh...oh...oh...oh..." Cathy grunted with each thrust. She raised her head up and balanced on her chin, her body going tense as she drove herself to orgasm. Her excitement spilled over to me, and I felt the first jolt of tension in my balls. Cathy arched her back even more as she concentrated on her clit. I steadily rammed into her.

"Uhhhh, ahhhh, uhhhh," Cathy moaned. "Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, ooohhhhhhh!" She went rigid under me and I pushed hard into her and remained there, grinding my hips into her rolling ass cheeks as she cried through her orgasm. I felt her pussy twitch around my cock, and I looked down to see her arm pressed deeply between her legs. Watching a woman come always excites me, and I felt my cock harden and tighten as I enjoyed Cathy grinding back against me.

"Incredible," she whispered, and then I felt her start pumping against me again. "Please take your pleasure, Brad."

I wasted no time in pushing into her, quickly regaining the slapping rhythm that we had before. I focused my attention to where our bodies were joined together. Cathy was arching her back firmly, giving all of herself to me. Her tight ass lowered and then drove up hard, flattening against my pounding hips as my cock disappeared into her depths. The sight fueled my excitement, and the heat of impending orgasm built up in my cock.

While I usually fought not to come too early the first time, I usually worked not to lose the thread of orgasm the second. This time, Cathy's moaning orgasm and then her offering of herself to me made it easy to ride the wave. I relished the feelings and sights of pounding into a beautiful, willing woman. I passed the point of no return, feeling the sweat break out on my skin. I banged away the final seconds of intense pleasure before plunging deep and holding it, working to squeeze back the come surging in my balls even as Cathy had done before. Cathy responded, holding her ass high and pushing against me.

"Arrrrggghhh, ahhhhhhhhhh!" I exclaimed as I came, each jet forced out of me by intense contractions through my body. I twisted against Cathy's ass, milking even ounce of pleasure out of my cock. Cathy purred contentedly below me as she felt my orgasm ripple through my body.

"Oh my God, that was intense," I said as I started to relax. "It really turned me on to see you give yourself to me."

Cathy twisted her head to the side and caressed my arm with her fingers. "It was my pleasure," she said. "I like to make you happy." She paused and laughed. "And I know that you like to make me happy, too!"

I traced a finger along her back. "You have that right!"

We stayed in place a while, just enjoying the coupling between our bodies. Finally, I eased out and lied down beside her.

"Usually I don't care, but would you like a hot washcloth to clean up a bit? That might help with some fun in the morning, if we wake up in time."

"How could I refuse?"

Cathy laughed and got up and ran hot water over a couple of washcloths, bringing one to me. We both cleaned up a bit, and she turned off the light and climbed back into bed after taking them back.

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