tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Ch. 07

The Wedding Ch. 07


Wife Makes Beach Appointment

She walked into the bathroom to look at her new swimsuit her husband had purchased for her. It didn't hide much. It certainly wasn't a suit she could wear anywhere but a long ways from home! She wondered what her co-workers would think if they saw her now. Nobody she knew could possibly connect her quiet conservative work demeanor with this suit. The pale green color appeared to highlight her auburn hair nicely and didn't make her look too white as a darker color would. Turning to look at her back she noted that it provided some cover but not near the amount she was used to. With the exception of the thin straps it looked like she didn't have a top on at all from behind.

In front, she noted that if she was viewed from the side a person could catch a glimpse of the underside of her breasts which she found sexy but again, not anything she was familiar showing. She noted that the bottom fabric was much narrower than any suit she had ever worn. She grabbed her razor. Moving the fabric away from her just a bit she trimmed her flaming red curls to make sure nothing showed. She found herself having to trim more than she wanted leaving just a strip in order to ensure nothing showed.

She slid into her flip flops and threw on her cover-up and tied it closed. "Thank god I brought this" she thought half out loud as she walked back into the suite and her husband who by now had changed into his trunks and a t-shirt. "I should have bought you a speed-o" she commented as she noted his suit hung down to his knees. "This is a little unfair" she said to him.

"Perhaps, but you are so f-ing hot in that. You must know that any man who looks at you in that suit will get an instant woody. Take off that wrap and turn around for me." She grinned and did as she was told spinning around for him. "Slowly!" She turned more slowly, sensually. "Oh god you are so hot. I wanna bang you right now! You have such a nice ass. I just love it when men see your hot ass wondering how I ever hooked up with you. You know they will all be salivating over you; wanting to fuck you; wanting to stick their hot rods in you!

"Oh stop. Let's go." She glanced at her watch. It was almost 1:00 PM and she didn't want to be late. She feared what Scott, Bob, and Matt might do if she was late. She remembered back to that Chevy Chase movie where their home sex video was stolen and his wife ended up on porn sites. She couldn't afford that sort of experience. She swung open the door and ran down the hall to the elevator. Pushing the button the doors opened immediately and within a second or so of her entering them almost closed before her husbands' arm reached in to squeeze into the elevator.

"Trying to leave without me eh? I suppose you want to lose me at the beach so you can get some action?" Before she could answer he had slipped his hand inside her suit, groping her left breast as he kissed her. He backed her into the wall of the elevator as it began its' descent grabbing her ass under her suit in the process. "Tell me about how that guy fucked you at the wedding reception. When did he do you? Was he good? Does he have a big cock?" he hoarsely whispered to her?

"Stop it!" She pushed her husband off her and pulled the fabric back over her breast noticing her nipple severely poking through the cloth. "You can't behave like this." He just grinned at her as he pulled his swim trunks down just far enough for her to see his excitement. "Yes he has a big cock. Now are you satisfied?"

"No, tell me more..." he stated just as the elevator doors began to open.

She pushed out ahead of her husband and trotted into the hotel lobby and out the big lobby doors knotting the tie around her wrap as she went. Her husband strolled out behind her with his hands folded in front of him attempting to cover the tent in his trunks. The doorman smiled knowingly as he walked toward the front entry. As he was walking past the doorman he stopped and leaned toward the hotel employee and whispered "I know what you are wondering and yes, she is a hot fuck!" Smiling broadly he jogged out to catch up to his wife, who by now was halfway across the street and running toward the Hilton. By the time he caught up with her she was halfway through the lobby which was open to the beach out back.

"What's your hurry, slow down!" He grabbed her arm. "The sun won't go down for hours; I think we have time to get there."

"What time is it" she asked, looking a little panicked.

"About ten after one; plenty of time."

"Ok" she replied as she walked out onto the terrace looking around. She didn't see the guys but she did see a couple chairs that were just opening up so she ran over to claim them. She threw her bag on the chair to save for her husband and planted herself firmly on the other.

"Nice spot" her husband stated as he again caught up with her. "Why don't you take your wrap off and I'll put some lotion on so you don't burn."

She objected. "I think I'll just sit her like this a bit."

"Remember, that is not our deal," he stated a bit too firmly as she looked back towards him. "You agreed to wear whatever I want you to wear whenever I want you to wear it and right now I want that wrap off."

She leaned forward and pulled it off her and dropping back down to the chair. "Ok, happy now? Can you give me my sunglasses and hat out of the bag?" He handed her both.

Once her dark glasses were on she again surveyed the scenery as her husband put lotion on himself. As he was distracted he didn't notice when she took notice of three men in the water excitedly pointing toward her. It was the men from the prior evening.

She watched as they walked out of the water and toward their lounge chairs that were only about 50 feet away. Scott, the bolder one grabbed something and walked toward them. Scott walked up to her husband. "Nice suit your wife as there. She will have to be careful or she will burn a lot of skin in that suit" he laughed. "I actually sell sun tan lotion. When I noticed your wife I thought I should bring you some. I'd love to help you apply it on her," which is about when her husband looked up over his glasses at Scott and looked back toward his wife. It was so very obvious to him what had caused this man to make that comment.

"Oh what the hell, knock yourself out."

She shot her husband a quick glance, wondering what the heck he was thinking as Scott squirted some lotion into his hand. "Hi, I'm Scott."

She panicked. She had told Scott the night before her name was Debbie. She certainly couldn't tell him her real name! She reached out her hand to shake his. "Hi."

He grabbed her hand and began applying his lotion on her hand, up her arm, and toward her body. He quickly reached her shoulders, squirting more lotion into her hand and rubbing under her straps. "This is ridiculous," she stated. "I don't need anybody to rub lotion on my front, I can get that myself." As she turned she said "you can rub it on my back if you'd like.

"Sure, be happy to" as he squirted more lotion into his hand and began applying it to her back reaching under the suit on both sides to get a quick feel of her breasts hanging out of the side of the suit. "Yes this sure is a nice suit; more women should wear a suit like this." Turning toward her husband Scott threw out "I gotta tell ya man, you have one hot woman here."

"Thanks, I know" was his reply as he dropped down to the lounger closing his eyes.

Scott began rubbing lotion on her feet and up her calf and on to her thigh. She felt him rub under the edge of her suit bottom as he pulled her left leg toward him. "Oh my god," she thought as she knew where he was going next. He moved his hand down toward her leg and ever farther into her suit bottom. He touched her lips under the suit as he leaned toward her.

"I can tell you shaved for me" he whispered as he touched the outside of her almost bald pussy. "Did you tell your husband you came here to get fucked?" She involuntarily lifted her hips just a touch as a whisper of a moan escaped. "Does he know his slut wife had my cock in her last night?" as he pushed a finger between her lips.

She could feel her wetness. She couldn't control it, or this situation. She didn't know what to do. "I think I have to go for a swim" was her solution as she pushed him a way and jumped off the lounger. She turned and ran toward the water, dove in and kicked away from the shoreline. As she coasted to a stop she pushed her feet toward the sand and stood. Happily she was facing away from the beach. She looked down toward her suit and saw that her left breast had popped out just at the level of the water. She quickly covered before anyone could see her.

As she stood looking out at the expanse of water she felt a presence and turned. There in front of her were all three guys from the night before. She quickly looked past them and saw that her husband appeared asleep and had turned onto his stomach away from her.

"You didn't tell your husband about us did you" queried Scott; "he doesn't know you are getting fucked today does he? Or should I say fucked for the umpteenth time!" He reached toward her and pulled both sides of her suit off her breasts. "God you have nice tits" as he groped her, pinching her nipples between his fingers. "I can't wait to get you in my bed so I can really pound you!"

She pushed his hands away, scowling at him as she covered herself again.

"Ah, that just means you are going to get your pussy played with if I can't play with your tits!" She felt her suit bottom being pulled to the side as he inserted a finger. She closed her eyes as her mouth dropped open ever so slightly. "Ah, this is what you want isn't it? You want your pussy played with until you are ready for my cock." He grabbed her hand and shoved it into his suit, wrapping her fingers around his hardening member. "You want this don't you?" She didn't respond. "Tell me you want my cock" he said somewhat menacingly "or your husband sees our pictures. She nodded. "Tell me baby."

"I want your cock."

"Tell me how much baby; tell me you want this cock in your pussy."

"I want your cock in my pussy."

"Tell me like you mean it baby or the photo's come out."

"Yes, I want your cock in my pussy" as she grabbed a hold and began to pump him

"That's it baby, now move closer" as he grabbed her waist and pulled her into him. "Put my cock into you Debbie, let my cock feel the inside of that hot cunt of yours" as he bent his knees just enough and pushed up toward her.

"Oh god" escaped her lips as she felt him push into her. "People will see they will know what you are doing!"

"Hey guys, stay behind me so nobody knows what's going here" he shot over his shoulder. "You will be fine baby, nobody will know, unless of course your orgasm is too loud" as he pushed further into her.

"Oh god, Scott, you have to stop, oh god, please, you must, oh god, you are so big, oh Scott, please don't, oh god" was all she could say as she leaned her head on his chest. "Scott, your cock is so big it is just so big, oh god, baby it is just so..." as she licked his nipple. Don't stop, oh that feels good, oh god, are you going to cum in me? Oh god you are big, pump faster, pump me faster, yes, like that, yes that's it, oh god, please...don't, don't, don't stop, oh god. Scott, fuck me, yes that's it, fuck me faster, give me more, yes, oh god." She grabbed his ass and pulled him into her. "Take me back to your room, I want you to really do me, please, I want that big cock to do me right, oh yes, like that, yes more like that" she panted.

"I'm gonna cum Debbie, gonna cum up that hot snatch of yours."

She felt him get bigger, harder and felt him begin to twitch...and she felt him squirt inside her as her legs became weak as she was now being held up by his thrusting.

"MMMM baby that was great. You are such a hot fuck. I'm glad I met you. I'm in room 1414. Can you remember that?" She nodded. "Good. Later on tonight give me a call and I'll really fuck the living shit out of you. Ok?" She nodded. Remember, come up and I'll fuck you good and if, after that you are not completely satisfied I will fuck you until you are. After that I'll delete all of our pictures."

He pulled out of her, turned and walked back toward the beach with his wingmen following close behind. She just stood there in a daze as she felt his cum flowing out of her. Looking back toward the beach her husband was still apparently asleep. Scanning the beach she didn't notice that anybody had taken notice. "Tonight" she whispered to herself. "Tonight..."

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