tagBDSMThe Wedding Gift

The Wedding Gift


Francesca's deepest desire and longing is to be a Sub for one day. To be at a man's mercy for an entire night, to have no power at all. She is to be wed in 3 days and what her best friend Mandy had done was really shocking.

"No way!" exclaimed Francesca as she looked at the leather suit on the bed and the collar.

"Yes way; you're getting married on Sunday and you haven't yet fulfilled that deepest desire of yours. Fran, if you don't do it now you may never get the chance to do it. So this is my wedding gift to you Fran" smiled Mandy.

"But, oh my God! Where did u find him? Who is he? Where is he from? And where am I going to?" asked Fran

"Don't worry Fran, he was referred to me by someone very dear and he is known to be the best. You are going to have a great time" said Mandy

"Now get ready will you, I have to drop you off at 9 pm sharp and I do not want you late"

Fran's heart was beating with excitement and fear as she slipped into the outfit on the bed. Standing before the mirror she gasped. She certainly did look amazing; she knew that the outfit and all were sent by the mysterious man. This was her true desire, and indeed she looked amazing for the role of being a sub.

"Wow! You look great Fran" said Mandy as she walked in.

"You know Fran, I know you love bill and all but Fran, just for tonight I want to forget him and live out your dream. Now let's move it" said Mandy hurriedly

They arrived at their destination 45 minutes later; the meeting point had been set up at an empty parking lot at the edge of town, where Fran was to be dropped off, and Mandy was to leave as soon as the escort picked her up. Fran would be returned safely at 9 am to her home, by the escort.

As they came to a stop beside a black limo the driver emerged and stood by Fran's door. She opened her door and he asked "good evening miss, are you Miss Francesca?"

"Yes" replied Fran. Looking wearily at Mandy.

"Have fun Fran and darling don't worry you are in safe hands"

Leaning over to Mandy she hugged her and said "thank you Mandy" then gathering all her courage she stepped out to the open limo door awaiting her.

"Miss Francesca, on the seat you will find silk black blindfolds, your orders are to wear them as soon as you enter the car" the driver added.

"Ok" said Fran, as she slipped into the comfortable ride. When the door closed shut she picked up the silk folds feeling their softness she sighed and wrapped them about her eyes. "Here we go Fran, no turning back now" she whispered to herself.

She did not know how long the drive was for she had drifted into thoughts and images of what was ahead of her. She was brought back to reality when the car stopped and her door was opened.

A hand touched hers and she heard the familiar voice of the driver saying "please miss take my hand and I shall lead you to your final destination"

They climbed some steps she noted; about 10 she was too nervous to keep count.

Then she heard it, a deep sexy voice saying "thank you Andre, I can take her from here"

"Yes sir"

Then another hand softer and gentle was placed below her elbow guiding her, she could smell fresh soap and light cologne, he had just had his shower she noted. She was led silently until she felt the hand at her elbow leave and that deep voice said

"Good evening Francesca, I will now remove your blindfolds, you may call me master or sir and I shall be addressing you as pet. Tonight I promise you, that you will never forget, when I remove your blindfolds, you will then remove your cloak and twirl around slowly so I may see the clothes I have chosen for you, then you will sit at the chair behind you like a good pet, and I don't wish to hear a word out of you. You are to be quiet and do not speak unless spoken to. Am I clear pet?" he asked

A rush of fear, excitement and arousal ran through her she managed to whisper "yes master" remembering her role as a pet tonight.

She then felt those warm hands once more, fingers lacing through her long wavy hair before he slipped off her blindfolds and threw them aside. She opened her dark green eyes and before her was a shock, he was tall, and wore a mask, yet it did not hide his light blue eyes, his perfect nose and mouth. He had light gold hair and it was ruffled, he was wearing a long black robe, tied with a sash at the front. She inhaled sharply, he was handsome.

"The cloak pet!" was a sharp order that broke her thoughts.

"Sorry master" she apologized, her hands fumbled with the buttons and she let the cloak fall freely to the floor revealing herself to him. She flushed lightly and lowered her head, did the twirl and backed into the chair sitting down placing her hands in her lap as an obedient pet would do.

It took all his willpower not to grab her there and take her right there on the floor, Jacques was shocked, he had not expected such a beauty, he had been a Dom for many years now and had many clients yet non as beautiful and sexy as the woman that stood before him.

The black jet curly hair , her dark green eyes, her full kiss me lips, her perfect nose, the way the choker fit perfectly around her slender neck, the way the mini skirt clung sexily to her wonderful ass and the way the little top showed off her beautiful breasts. Already he was aroused; he wanted her and could feel his erection throbbing with heat.

Oh she is going to be a delight he thought, he would certainly enjoy her.

She could tell he was aroused, it was evident and it sent a rush of pure excitement through her. Yet she stayed still eyes lowered to the floor and hands folded.

"Pet, look at your master" she was ordered

She did as he bid.

Slowly he opened his robe exposing his exquisite body to her and his throbbing arousal clear and proud.

"Does my pet like what she sees?" was the question.

Licking her lips she said "yes master I do"

He stepped back closing the robe and said "come pet kneel at you master's feet and wear your leash"

She rose quietly kneeling at his feet, arching her neck, giving him access to her collar, he latched the leash and said "rise now, it is time for my supper"

She followed him silently into another room; in the middle of it was a table and one chair. On the table was a pillow in the middle and at the side were dishes of fruits, a glass of wine and a bottle. She understood she was to be dinner.

"Now pet, lay back on the table" he ordered and spread your legs.

Obediently she did as told. Lying back onto the pillow she nestled her head and spread her legs.

He grabbed each ankle and cuffed them to a loop at the side of the table, spreading her wide for him to see and pulling her towards him so that her covered pussy was inches form his face. He leaned in and inhaled her scent. "Mmmm! You are very aroused my little pet" he said. His hand sliding over her panties, feeling the moisture through it, rubbing lightly.

She arched her hips at his touch, moaning deeply.

"Be still pet, we have just begun" he said.

Picking up a sharp knife he lifted her skirt exposing her more and sharply cut the edges of the pants ripping them off her, he tossed them aside. His fingers now rubbing against her moist clit sending rushes and tremors through her body.

He reached for a strawberry from the iced dish and placed it against her folds, as she felt the coldness she moaned and bucked, "Oh! Lord!"

He kept rubbing her clit with his finger while he gently probed her with the strawberry, then he left it inside her, his fingers gone only to be replaced with his lips. He licked, and bit on the strawberry using his mouth to push it in further, probing again. When he felt her release near he said "come for me pet, I want to taste you"

It was all she needed, her body shivered and squirmed, her release hard and strong, she let out a deep moan as she came. Feeling his lips still there, and his fingers stroking her to the brink.

And then he slipped the strawberry out of her covered with her cum, he licked on it and took a bite. "You taste amazing my lovely little pet"

He then picked up the bottle of wine and poured some onto her pussy. She shivered. He smiled and dipped his head back in licking it from her and sucking.

Fruit by fruit he tested on her, making her cum time and time again. At last she laid there panting heavily, Ankles aching from the cuffs around them, and body quivering.

Slowly he stroked her leg and said "now my pet I shall uncuff you and then you will kneel down between my legs".

As she was released she gently slid off the table and knelt between his legs, his robe open and his arousal thick and hard against his tummy nearly reaching his navel. She licked her lips, for Fran had always enjoyed sucking.

His hand caressed her hair and slipped lower down her neck to her top, beneath the material he stroked gently at her breast, stroking her nipple she moaned louder.

He then grabbed her leash and pulled her forward "do u want this? Do you want to taste your master?"

She looked up at him and answered "yes master"

"Yes master what?" he said

"Yes master, I would love to taste your cock, please"

He yanked her leash again, bringing her lips to the tip of his cock. With his free hand he traced her lips with it teasing her.

She was fighting the urge to stick her tongue out to lick it, her wetness growing. She knew she would cum once more if touched.

"Suck your master" he said. "And you are not to use your hands pet"

Hungrily she licked the tip of his cock, tasting it, and then slipped the tip into her mouth sucking at it tracing it with her tongue.

She felt his hand at the back of her head while the other held her leash, he pushed her forward more driving his cock deeper into her mouth, fucking her mouth urgently.

He moaned and groaned, as she licked and sucked harder, knowing that he was near, she wanted to taste him, taste his cum, she wanted to swallow all he had to offer.

He then yanked her hair back; she whimpered and looked at him. "Do you want me to cum pet? Do u want to taste my cum? Swallow it?"

She eyed him and said "yes master, I want to swallow all that cum, if you will let me"

"Then pet you may use your hands, you however may not cum, you will swallow my cum every last drop of it"

She reached for his cock and began stroking it hard and fast, her lips once again there sucking teasing then she felt him, she knew he was near , he groaned out loud threw his head back , bucked his hips and spilled his seed deep into her mouth. She lapped greedily swallowing every last drop, then licked him clean and sat back.

He watched her sit back looking all so innocent, her lips shining, her eyes glowing and a smile upon her face. She was very pleased he thought. And she was about to be more pleased he thought.

He slowly rose up form the chair and looked down at her, yanking her leash, she stood, and he walked her into yet another room. She looked around the room, it had to beams with suspenders and all around the walls were toys. He led her in between the beams; grabbing each of her wrists he cuffed her and then her ankles once more.

She watched him walk to one of the walls picking a large knife and then another picking a vibrator. She inhaled sharply, he was going to torment her she knew it; the night had just begun for her.

He came then to stand behind her, placing the toy and knife on a table beside him, her bare ass touching against his now firm cock. He wrapped his hands around her waist then lower stroking lightly her clit. He heard her moan and smiled, whispering in her ear he said "my pet you are one wet woman"

He then came to stand before her knife in his hand, he ran it down the middle of her chest, and then with a swift turn of the wrist he tore her top down the middle exposing her breasts to him. She let out a gasp of surprise as the material tore apart; looking into his eyes she saw the hunger and the wanting. Then once again the knife came between her chest sliding down her tummy to the hem of her skirt and with a fast tug the fabric spilt.

Now she stood there before him naked and helpless, he smiled knife still in his hand he knelt before her spread legs, sliding the knife gently on her skin, then again with a fast strike he nipped her flesh and watched patiently as a little trickle of blood emerged. He leaned in and began to lick that wound tasting her blood, sucking at it gently.

She let out a small cry as she felt the blade nip her flesh, but then it was shortly replaced with his lips, sucking lightly and gently at the wound. She moaned and rocked her body for the heat between her thighs was unbelievable now and she needed, she craved his lips there.

"Master, please" she whispered.

"Yes pet? What do you want?"

"Master, please I want, I need you to lick me" she said shyly.

"I am licking you pet. Define what you want my squirming little pet" he said

"Master, I want, I need you to lick my pussy master, to make me cum, I beg of you"

His lips then moved lightly kissing her flesh till he reached her pussy; he began sucking and licking, tasting her sending her over the edge. He then stopped "pet you may not cum" he ordered

She moaned and threw her head back, fighting the urgency to cum, her panting harder, and her body shaking.

His hands grabbed her waist and held her form as he lapped and sucked her, his arousal more hard now aching to be relieved, he fed upon her till he heard her scream and beg "please, master"

He stopped once more and looked up at her, sliding up her body her began kissing her chest till he reached each nipple sucking it and biting lightly. One hand at the clit, two fingers probed deep into her then 3 as he stroked her clit with his thumb. She quivered and bucked against his fingers.

Finally she could not bear it any longer "master, please let me cum I beg you" she pleaded.

"Not yet pet, not yet" he said as he moved back and grabbed the vibrator. He slipped it between her thighs and to her folds, sliding it in to her.

She groaned at the new intrusion and moaned as her folds wrapped around it. She felt its speed on max as he fucked her pussy with it sending her to the edge then dropping her back down. Her tolerance was at end when she screamed again "master, please I want to feel that hard cock deep in me fucking me"

He knew that they were both on the edge and she was on the verge of exploding, he left the vibrator deep in her and slipped down to un cuff her ankles. Then he retuned to her sliding the vibrator out bringing it to her lips, "taste yourself first pet"

She licked at it and smiled, knowing that it was time.

He threw the vibrator aside grabbed her hips and lifted her, then with one hard thrust he pushed himself deep into her, impaling her on his hard cock.

Her hands now able to grab the chains that held her suspended she used them to level herself with him, and then he began to move, fucking her harder and with no mercy.

"You are so tight my pet, so perfect around my cock" he moaned as he thrust deeper.

Then one hand snuck up and began to un cuff her wrists freeing them as she fell down into his arms, he kept her there, riding him as he took her to the wall slamming her hard against it, he rammed deeper into her, and took her higher. She quivered, her walls tightening around him, he took her lips kissing them hard, carnal need filling them, and he ravished her with exquisite force. Then he whispered "cum with me pet" in her ear.

She came hard and felt him spill his seed in her, filling her pussy with his cum. He let out a deep groan against her lips then placed his lips at her neck breathing heavily.

Minutes later he stirred, still there against the wall he slowly lowered her, grabbing her leash he said "well done my pet, now we must rest, come with me"

As they walked into a dimly lit bedroom she looked around it was beautifully furnished, then she noted the four poster bed, she wondered where she was to sleep.

As they reached the bed his hand unlatched the leash and collar and he said "you shall be sleeping beside me pet"

"Thank you master" she said and climbed in-between the silk sheets.

He slid in after her laying on their sides he spooned her and said "now sleep, you will need your strength later"

Moments later they were both sound asleep.

She awoke to a throbbing and wetness between her thighs and felt a hard arousal at her back, and a hand stroking gently at her clit. She moaned and tried to turn, yet she was hushed with whispers of what was to come, she rode the fingers feverishly and whimpered softly.

She then followed the orders that had been whispered to her she knelt on her knees, face and shoulders into the pillows and her legs spread wide. She shivered as she felt him behind her, sneaking a glance she noticed he had slept in the mask. Then she felt his fingers once more caressing and stroking her as his hard cock nudged against her little bottom. She pushed back trying to get him into her, yet she was swatted and he said "patience pet, patience"

He teased her folds with his hard cock and his hand slid down to caress her breast, she moaned and pleaded. Then with one hard thrust he rammed deep into her, holding still for a moment as she adjusted to him. Slowly he took her, gently till she finally screamed out "master, harder please"

He lost control, all his wits flew and he slammed hard and fast into her, taking her fiercely, the sound of flesh slapping hard filled the room, moans, groans and whimpers echoed around them. Till finally her collapsed above her Cuming hard. She whimpered beneath him and whispered "wow"

He slid off her to lay down next to her, his breathing hard, he turned and looked at her and said "you have been a wonderful pet Francesca, now you must bathe and get ready, you will find some clothes in the bathroom, they are yours to keep and to remember me by. You will wait here; Andre will come up for you and escort you to your home"

Fran looked deep into those eyes and whispered "thank you master" a sudden feeling of pain and hurt swept through her for she was not going to see him again, and she had enjoyed the night immensely. She slowly slipped off the bed, then turned to him and asked "may I know your name? Master"

He looked at her, he did not want her to go, she was one of a kind and he had enjoyed their night, for him it was more than a business deal "Jacques" he said.

She smiled and turned towards the bathroom not wanting to look back fearing she would not want to leave ever again.

She took a long shower, and then dressed in what he had left her, lacy panties with a "j" marked on them and a long white silk dress.

She opened the bathroom door expecting to see him laying there on the bed, but to her dismay it was empty and she inhaled sadly. It had been goodbye.

He watched her through the screen that was recording the rooms all night and sadly closed his lovely eyes. She was not his, and never would be. Only memories and what was recorded would be his and hers.

She heard a tap at the door and Andre walked in, "miss, this way please" he said.

She was led to the limo that picked her up and inside she found an envelop, she opened it and gasped at what she saw. A DVD disk of their night it said. I shall never forget you my little pet, if you ever need me, call this number and say master.

She closed her eyes and a tear fell from her eyes, quickly she wiped it away and sighed.

Her wedding gift would never be forgotten.

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