tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Planner Ch. 13

The Wedding Planner Ch. 13

byJust Plain Bob©

As she settled in behind her desk on Monday morning she thought about her weekend. Jake had come home from his trip to Atlanta Friday evening and he had wanted to play. For the first time in months he was actually the first one to use her pussy. Dan had been out of town and there had been no other way for her to get herself laid before going home to Jake. As Jake did her she realized how much she hated giving Jake her body unless someone else had used it first. She knew she had to do it in order to keep him happy while she stabbed him in the back time after time after time, but she still didn't like it.

She was glad that it would soon be over. He would get his promotion and that would trigger the divorce and she would be rid of him. Her plan was simple. Harvey would tell her when they were giving Jake the promotion. The night before he received it she would feed him her pussy with another man's cum still inside of it and the next day when he came home beaming over his promotion she would hit him with the divorce papers. When the divorce was final she would hand Jake her little black book and explain to him what it was. Then it would be time to start a new life. Knowing that it would soon be over helped make sex with Jake bearable over the rest of the weekend.

Her day was fairly busy as she worked on the details for the two conventions that would take place that week. There was no wedding scheduled for the weekend which was probably a good thing since Jake would be home all week. With things finally coming together for her she could do without the argument that staying out for the rehearsal dinner would bring (to say nothing of having to go to the wedding if she didn't score at the rehearsal). She was only weeks away from it being over so she would try and keep things calm and easy. At two Marci called her and said that Dan wanted to see her.

"Is he in a good mood?" she asked Marci when she got to Dan's office.

"He seems to be and from the way he is acting I'm betting that he probably horny to."

"Why aren't you in there taking care of him?"

"Only when asked girlfriend, only when asked. Go on in."

Dan looked up at her and smiled when she walked into his office. "Two quick things sweetie; I have a friend I would like you to spend the afternoon with tomorrow. Is your desk clear enough to handle it?"

"As it looks right now I should be free."

"Good, good. The other thing is a little more immediate" he said as he stood up and pulled his zipper down. "I need some relief and I can't wait for this afternoon. You won't mind if I take you bent over my desk will you?"

She had to laugh at that. "You sure are a silver tongued devil" she said as she pulled her skirt up, pushed down her panty and stepped out of it.

Dan walked to the door and stuck his head outside long enough to say "No interruptions Marci" and then he closed the door and locked it.

While he was doing that she pushed aside what Dan had on the desk and then leaned over it and rested on her elbows. "Go easy" she said, "I'm not wet."

"I was a Boy Scout sweetie; be prepared and all that shit" and he opened the top drawer of his desk and took out a tube of KY Jelly. He coated his cock with some and then used his fingers to lube her up. Dan lined his cock up with her slit and she pushed back as he pressed forward and his cockhead slid into her.

"A little eager are we?" he asked.

"You seemed to be in a hurry and I just wanted to help."

The playful banter quickly turned into moans as Dan's hard cock speared into her. There were worse ways to start your work day she thought as the heat built up in her. Bent forward over the desk she was on her toes and not able to get much in the way of leverage, but even so she pushed back as best she could to meet Dan's thrusts.

"Oh Jesus Dan, yes, yes, yes" she moaned as she felt the orgasm.

The orgasm brought contractions and her cunt muscles squeezed Dan's cock and that made him cum. As he pulled his softening cock out of her he said:

"Thanks sweetie; I really did need that."

She turned, went to her knees and licked the wetness off of Dan's cock and then looked up at him and smiled as she said:

"I hope that this was just the appetizer."

"Oh you do, do you? I guess I'll just have to make sure that there is a room available this afternoon."

"I hope that's a promise. Jake is home all week and I really do love taking him a freshly fucked pussy."

Dan did meet her that afternoon and he fucked her twice before sending her home to her husband. That evening as Jake licked her clit she thought about how she was going to give him a pussy with fresh cum in it soon and the idea turned her on so much that her body gave a little shiver. Jake looked up from what he was doing and said:

"Like that, do you?"

She grabbed his head and pulled it to her pussy and growled, "Hell no I don't like it - I love it!"

Tuesday there was no sex with Dan because he wouldn't send her used to anyone he set her up with. She got an envelope with grand in it for an afternoon with Dan's friend from Cleveland and then had two orgasms that night when Jake ate her pussy.

Wednesday turned into a busy day for her as she got involved with two unions that were in a "turf" war over work being done to set up Ballroom A and the Aspen Room for a convention. When she left work and headed home she hoped that Jake wouldn't want sex that night. She hated having sex with him unless she was giving him "used" pussy.

He was on the phone when she walked in the door and she heard him say, "Got to go. The wife is home. I'll talk with you later."

When he hung up she thought for a second that he had a guilty look on his face. Probably talking to one of his honeys arranging to see her on his next trip. The thought that he might have been talking to one of his whores pissed her off and she said:

"You're on your own for dinner tonight. I have a hell of a headache and I'm going straight to bed. There are plenty of leftovers in the fridge" and she headed for the bedroom.

The rest of the week flew by. She took care of one of Dan's friends on Thursday and Dan himself on Friday, but both nights Jake didn't come to bed until after she had fallen asleep.

Saturday night she went with Jake to his company Christmas party which was being held in the warehouse section of the building where Jake worked. Both Harvey and Bobby were there, but she had to pretend that she didn't know them. They sat at the head table and she and Jake and another couple were at a table toward the back. As they walked by the head table Pam saw her and winked at her.

About halfway through the evening she saw Harvey get up and head toward the bathrooms so she got up to go to the ladies room. She was in the hall when Harvey came out of the men's room and she looked both ways to make sure that no one else was around and then she asked:

"Is there some place we can go for a quickie? I want to do it while Jake is so close."

He laughed, "There is that deliciously slutty mind at work again" and he took her hand and led her to a door. "This is the production manager's office. You want it bent over the desk or lying on it?" he said as he closed and locked the door behind him.

"Whatever will be the quickest for you."

"On your back then."

She raised her skirt and pushed down her panties and stepped out of them. She lifted herself up on the desk and waited for Harvey to step out of his trousers. He moved up to the desk, lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and slowly started to ease his cock into her pussy as she moaned and cooed:

"Oh yes lover; oh yes!"

As Harvey was unlocking the door she said, "Have Bobby meet me here in thirty minutes."

"I don't know if he can get away from Pam."

"Ask him and if he doesn't show he doesn't show, but I would like to give Jake pussy tonight that has been used by both you and Bobby. Is Tony here?"

"No. He doesn't like these kinds of affairs so I gave him the night off."

"Oh well, I would have liked doing the three of you, but I guess I'll just have to settle for what I can get."

When she got back to the table Jake was talking to some guy she didn't recognize about sales ratios and quotas or some such thing and it didn't seem like he even missed her. Ten minutes after she got back he moved over to a table with three other guys were sitting and started talking business and he hadn't come back by the time for her to head for the production manager's office to see if Bobby were there.

The door was locked and she tapped on it lightly twice and seconds later Harvey opened the door and beyond him she could see Bobby. Bobby already had his pants off and his hard on was bobbing in anticipation.

"Hurry" Bobby said, "I need to get back to Pam before she misses me."

"Oh oh" she thought as she stepped out of her panties for the second time that night, "Does not sound like Bobby and Pam have discussed the open marriage thing." But Bobby was hard and ready and she decided that she would worry about Pam later. She got up on the desk and Bobby lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and slid his cock into her. As Bobby's cock entered her Harvey positioned himself so he could get his cock into her mouth. Bobby fucked her fast and furious and he came before she was even close to an orgasm. He pulled out and said:

"Sorry baby, but I have to get back before I'm missed."

He pulled on his pants and headed for the door. Harvey followed him and locked the door after Bobby left and then he cam back and took Bobby's place between her legs. He brought her to orgasm, got himself off and then said:

"I think we need to get back. I'll be in town Wednesday and Thursday. Can you fit me in?"

She laughed. "Into my busy schedule or into me?"

"You know damned well what I'm asking."

"Maybe in the afternoons, but the evenings are out. Jake is supposed to be in town all week."

"I'll take care of that. Figure on the evenings."

Back at the table it was obvious that Jake hadn't missed her and even though she had reached the point where she could hardly stand to look at him it still pissed her off that he ignored her.

Then she had a thought - a bad thought. She had not planned for what happened with Harvey and Bobby. She would need to get clean before getting Jake to go down on her. She could get most of it with paper towels in the bathroom, but she wouldn't be able to get the stuff up inside her - the stuff that would flow down as she walked and danced and stood around talking or when she got excited and her own juices started flowing. She would need her douche bag to get really clean, but how to do that without making Jake wonder why? She didn't see any way that she could do it. As much as she hated letting a chance to feed Jake used pussy go by she would just have to take a pass on having sex with Jake when she got home.

She was at the punch bowl filling her glass when Pam joined her and asked:

"Are you doing anything special for lunch on Monday?"

"No. As far as I know I don't have anything on for Monday."

"Have lunch with me at Marco's at noon?"

Can do that."

"Good. I need to talk to you. I have a problem and you seem to have the touch when it comes to helping me with my problems."

"What kind of problems?"

"Bobby problems. Got to go. See you Monday."

Back at the table Jake asked, "Why were you talking to that blond bimbo?"

"Who? Pam? How do you know she's a bimbo?"

"Cause she's married to that asshole son of the boss."

"He is an asshole so it is automatic that she is a bimbo?"

"Yeah. Why were you talking to her?"

"Just making conversation. She introduced herself and said she was trying to meet new people. Said she felt weird sitting at the head table and not knowing another soul in the building. She seems nice. I don't know why you think she's a bimbo."

"What other kind would the dipshit marry?"

"You certainly don't sound like a big fan of his."

"I'm not. I'm busting my ass to go somewhere in this company and that little turd just walks in and becomes a vice-president for no other reason than he is the owner's brat."

"If he is a VP then somewhere along the way you are going to be working for him and you would be wise to hide your dislike or you just might find yourself out on your ass."

"I can't help it. The dipshit just grinds on me."

As soon as Jake said that she knew that she was going to take a chance and let him eat her pussy when they got home. What could be better than letting him have a taste of someone he disliked so much. If she could get a couple of more drinks in him - strong ones, doubles or even triples - he might not even notice that it wasn't her natural juices he was licking up. If she got enough booze in him he might not be able to screw her, but she didn't care about that anyway. What did it for her was Jake eating her pussy after someone else had played in it.

She managed to get enough alcohol in Jake to get him in the condition she wanted him in, but by then she was in no condition to drive so she had to call a cab to get them home from the party. Jake was ambulatory - just barely - and she got him into the house and up to the bedroom. She helped him undress and then she undressed herself and pulled him onto the bed with her.

"Get me ready baby, get me wet and ready."

She guided his head to her pussy and he licked and sucked and never said a word about how wet and juicy she was or about the taste. She wished that she hadn't cleaned out what she had. It would have been just marvelous for Jake to have sucked it all up.

Sunday Jake was an absolute bear! He had the mother of all hangovers and she just stayed out of his way all day and that evening he went to bed before she did and he was sound asleep when she slid onto the bed next to him.


Pam was already at the restaurant when she got there.

"Thanks for coming Fran. I really do appreciate it."

"So what is this Bobby problem you have?"

"I don't think he likes being married to a slut. I would have thought that after the night at your place and the limo ride after he would know what he was getting for a wife. For Christ's sake Fran, he drove the limo while his father and Tony tried to fuck me senseless on the back seat and seven hours later he married me anyway."

"You haven't talked about it with him?"

"Every time I try and bring it up he changes the subject or gets up and goes somewhere."

"You were alone for two weeks on your honeymoon and it was never mentioned?"

"Not once. The last word on the subject was at the end of the limo ride. Bobby pulled up and parked and said, "We're here" and I said, "Just a couple of more minutes; I need to finish these guys" and Bobby said, "Damn!" All we did on our honeymoon was play and make love. It was like we had an unspoken agreement not to say anything until the honeymoon was over. Now the honeymoon is over and I can't get him to talk about it. When he got back from this last trip I told him about our little party and he didn't say anything; he just got up and left the room."

"I wish I'd known all this the night that you, I and Marci partied."


"I would have left Bobby alone at the Christmas party."

"You did Bobby at the party?"

"Bobby and Harvey both."

"And your husband was there? Did he join in?"

"Not hardly. I guess you don't know about Jake."

She told Pam about what was going on where Jake was concerned and why she did what she was doing.

"So you did Bobby and Harvey and then went home and fucked your husband?"

"He had so much booze in him that he couldn't get it up, but I had him eat my pussy. I just wish I hadn't cleaned most of Bobby and Harvey out of me before going home."

"But the fact is that Bobby did do you and that means that his mindset isn't "We are married now so no more of this playing around stuff."

"He did rush a bit and he said the reason was that he had to get back to you before you missed him."

"Why? That doesn't make sense. Why would he want to hide it from me when I'd already told him what I had done with you and Marci?"

"I don't know Pam; that is something that you are going to have to pull out of Bobby."

"How? I can't get him to talk to me about it."

"Then we will just have to put him in a situation where he will have to talk about it. I've an idea, but I'll probably have to involve Harvey."

"You worked miracles for me last time so I'm going to trust that you can do it again."

"No promises Pam, but I'll try."

She had been back at her desk about an hour when Jake called her and told her he was going to have to fly to Atlanta that afternoon. She had been expecting the call since Harvey had told he would be in town during the week and would see to it that Jake wouldn't be a problem. The news didn't bother her since Dan was out of the office for the day and he hadn't set her up with anyone. If Jake was home he would have wanted sex and she would have had to avoid it somehow since her new posture was that Jake only got used pussy and it looked as if the day was going to be a bust as far as her being "used" was concerned. But then again Jake wasn't going to be home and it was also her policy to get laid every night that Jake was out of town. She smiled and picked up the phone and punched in a number.

"Hey Marci; doing anything tonight?

To be continued…

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