The Wedding Planner Ch. 15

byJust Plain Bob©

"You fucking bitch!"

"I know, but you are the one who made me that way. And as for being a bitch? How does this grab you. Ten minutes ago a special messenger handed a package to Miss Abigail Hodges. It contained a copy of everything that I have on your cheating ass. The reports, the video tapes, the audio tapes---all of it! Along with it there was a note that said:

"You may still want him, but at least you can't say you weren't warned. He cheated on me our entire marriage with multiple women. Just remember...once a cheater, always a cheater."

"Have a nice life Jake" and she walked out of the room with a huge smile on her face.


The night her divorce was final she, Pam and Marci went out to celebrate and the three of them ended up in an apartment with five guys. Marci had to leave at ten, but she and Pam took care of the five until noon the next day.

The next night she went out alone only intending to have a drink or two before going home and she ended up taking three guys home with her and three nights later she stopped for one drink again and ended up in an apartment with two more. She did another poker party for Dan and while on the bed with a cock in her mouth and a cock pushing deep into her pussy she finally admitted to herself that she really was a slut after all.

The next day she called Harvey and asked if his offer was still open.

"Of course it is. Who will I be getting the woman who said she wanted to get married again and settle down or the slut that I'm crazy about?"

"The slut Harvey; you get the slut."



Harvey did indeed get the slut he wanted. She did whatever he wanted her to do and he wanted her to do a lot. He did set her up in a three bedroom condo and then handed her the deed to it. She sold her house and banked the money with the rest of her "earnings" against the day when Harvey might get tired of her. She didn't think it would happen - he was hinting at marriage - but she had learned that a girl needed to think ahead.

She never did tell Marci what Pam had told her about Bobby being in love with Marci. Bobby took care of that himself. He called Marci two and sometimes three times a week. Sometimes he brought Tony with him when he saw her and once or twice he had his dad with him. Eventually he told her how he felt about her and she immediately left her husband and sued for divorce. She asked for sixty percent of the assets and when her husband told her to go to hell she told him if he didn't settle and do it quick she would change her filing from "irreconcilable differences" to "infidelity" and then she dropped the private detectives report on him that she had obtained using some of the money she had made helping out Dan with his friends. His choice was simple - a sixty-forty split OR whatever the court ordered and a successful "infidelity" suit in a state that did not have "No Fault" could amount to a seventy-thirty split, alimony and a share of his pension and 401k when he retired. Frank wisely did not fight the divorce.

Bobby was going to set Marci up in an apartment and when Pam found out about it she put her foot down and said "no way." After a sit down between Pam, Bobby and Marci, Marci moved in with Pam and Bobby. So far it seems to be working out. Tony is a frequent visitor and seems to sleep over a lot. She and Harvey spend a lot of time there also.

Dan was upset at losing two of his best girls, but the women he hired to replace them turned out to be just as good when it came to "helping out" his friends and she and Marci did come back and visit Dan on occasion.

Jake moved to Atlanta and married Abigail Hodges. She had read the reports that had been sent to her and had decided that Jake had strayed because his wife was a cold fish in bed and she had tossed the report into the trash. Six months after her wedding to Jake she found that she had 'some how' gotten a social disease. Her divorce from Jake is pending.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/25/17

A Total Waste of Time!

You've written lots of good stories but,this wasn't one of them! Dragged out,boring and,a totally shitty ending!
Why would you waste your,and our time with this drivel?!
Shitty people doingmore...

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by Anonymous06/22/17

Nice Moral of the Story

According to JPB you better don't be unfaithful to your wife for she can turn into a whore, divorce you and force you to pay alimony for life all for a job she quit at the end to become the mistress ofmore...

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