tagIllustratedThe Welder

The Welder


Trisha drove up onto the nearly deserted construction site and parked her truck near the opening in the building, yet safely away from the portable toilets. Even immediately after the honeydipper finished servicing those things the stench was unbearable, so a safe distance was a necessity. Happily, when she stepped out of the truck, she noticed the wind was at her back, so any lingering odor would blow away from her.

The construction here still had a ways to go before the building could be secured, so Trisha's company was hired to check out the building in the off hours and on weekends. Trisha picked up the Saturday morning duty, so she rolled up to this site, the second of three sights she patrolled while working, at about 10 am. Normally on Saturdays the site would be completely deserted, but today she saw a pick-up parked around the side of the building. Normally this might be a concern, but she could see the truck was towing a welding machine, and the tell-tale flashes of light from inside the building, she knew that one of the crews must be working some overtime.

Grabbing a flashlight, she headed down a long plank, bridging over a particularly muddy area just outside of the building. Stepping into the building she took a quick look around, confirming this area was empty, with nothing amiss. She then crossed the concrete floor moving to one of the corridors leading to the back areas of the building.

The corridors and other areas of the building were just as empty, overall, much like she expected, completely boring. She had saved the area of the building where the welder was working until last, so she could take a few minutes chatting before moving on to the next boring inspection. Crossing under several beams and passing through a future doorway she spotted him across the large room.

Even though he wore a red shirt, was hunched in a corner of a balcony and was a bit difficult to see. He was difficult to see, until his welding lit up the room in a bright electric arc. Trisha made sure she kept out from under him, knowing, too well, how the sparks that flew there burned instantly through clothing. Few people on a jobsite ever walked under a welder, and no one did it twice.

Moving over to one of the stairways, Trisha climbed up on the second floor, pausing to look at the interesting accidental artwork she found splayed on a wall. She was always amazed at the interesting and intricate sights you could find at even the most boring construction sites.

Walking out on the balcony, she got fairly close to the welder and paused to watch him work, taking care not to look directly into the bright flare of the arc weld. She noticed the thick, acrid smoke that slowly curled up around the man. Even from where she stood, the metallic, burning odor assailed her. She found it oddly intoxicating, thinking, "The smell of progress, construction." She imagined the welder's hair and body would still carry a hint of the smell, even after showering. The thought intrigued her.

Waiting until the welder backed away from the steel to attach another welding rod to his lead, she softly said, "Hi, you doing some overtime."

"Yeeow, you startled me there little lady," the man replied, lifting up his welding hood and turning toward her.

Trisha could see his red face, streaked lightly with black from the smoke, and his bloodshot blue eyes peeking out of the hood. He began to remove it completely when she said quickly, "Oh don't let me disturb you."

"Nah, I need to take a break anyway. Startin' to feel dizzy in the fumes," he replied, waving his hand, fanning some of the smoke away.

Seeing his bald head emerge from the welding hood, Trisha cold see him better now, realizing he was an older gentleman, probably in his early sixties. His face was wrinkled and looked sunburned.

"You must be out in the sun a lot," she said, noticing his shy smile.

"No, not really, it's the arc from the welding here. The hood protects your eyes, but if you're around it enough, it's kind of like a suntan."

"You should use some sun screen, it would keep it from burning," she said.

"My wife used to tell me that, I guess I should have listened to her."

"Smart lady, you should listen to her now."

Tilting his head a bit he said, "Ah, if I only could. She died about five years ago."

"I'm so sorry," she said moving a step closer to him.

"No, no, it was her time I guess."

"It must be lonely without her."

"Well, I work a lot, keep myself busy," he said, smiling broadly now.

"You have any lady friends," Trisha asked him, thinking to herself how he reminded her a bit of her grandfather before he died.

"No, a bartender friend, but she just pours the drinks. I don't turn their eye like when I was younger. Course I was married then and not supposed to notice."

"Why any woman would be proud to step out with you..., why I don't think we've been introduced. I'm Trisha," she said holding out her hand.

"Hi Trisha, I'm Fred," he replied, pulling off his glove and shaking her hand firmly.

The man's hand felt rough and strong, and a stray thought crept into Trisha's mind as she wondered how this rough hand would feel on her breast. She felt a tingle between her legs as one again she felt herself drawn to an older man.

Holding his hand a bit too long, she noticed a slight tremble, but didn't mention it. Instead, she said, "Hey, I could use some fresh air, those fumes are getting to me. Wanna come with me?"

"Sure he said, let me go shut down the machine," he answered, heading down the stairs to his truck.

Trisha followed him, glancing into the cab of his truck and noticing it was piled up with papers and stuff. Looking over at him, she watched him reach to shut down the welding machine, noticing the distinct tremble. Glancing back up to his face, she realized he saw her staring at his trembling hand.

"Oh, my hands, yeah, they tremble a bit now. Some days are worse than others, my Doc says it's on account of the fumes, you know, a little bit each day over the years."

"Why don't you stop it then?"

"If I quit working I don't know what I'd do, I think I'd just lie down and die."

"But you could do something different," she pleaded.

"Ah pretty lady, it's all I've done for over fifty years, it's all I've known for most of that time. Besides what's a little shake on this worn out old body?"

Banging her hip onto his she said, "Oh, come on, you look pretty fit to me. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that body."

"I don't think I'd mind it either," he giggled. "Wouldn't mind getting my hands on yours either."

Trisha stopped, her mind suddenly snapping on an idea. "You really mean that Fred? About getting your hands on me?"

"Well, I, I..."

"Look Fred, I'll be honest, I've got a thing for, ah gentlemen, older gentlemen and well, dammit, my truck is right over there and well, well... Do you want to get in the truck with me?"

"I don't know what to say, I just don't..."

"Just say, 'Yes,' Fred."

"Yes," he replied with a triumphant smile.

Trisha unlocked the truck and opened the driver's side, saying to Fred, "You climb in here; I'll get in on the passenger side."

She hurried around the truck, looking out the entrance drive to make sure no one was heading their way. Confirming they were alone, she climbed in and quickly pulled off her shirt and bra, leaning to him. Feeling his rough hands cup gently cup her breasts, she sighed, running her hands over the back of his.

"Their so nice, soft," he whispered.

"You want to suck them?"

"Yes," he answered, scooting over to her, as she arched her back to meet him.

The light stubble of his beard scratched her a bit as his lips closed over her erect nipple. The combination of the scratch on her skin and the gentle sucking of his mouth send waves of pleasure though her and she felt herself breathing hard and fast.

Reaching down to his lap, she undid his belt and pants and eased a flaccid cock out of his pants. She gently stroked it, until Fred removed his mouth from her nipple and sat up. She immediately bent her head down to his cock. The heady aroma of his crotch was beginning to drive her wild as she slipped him into her mouth.

Moving her hand down to his balls, she moved her head up and down, sucking him hard, while moving her tongue all over him. She could hear him moaning some and feel him lifting his hips up to her, but his cock was just not stiffening at all.

He suddenly relaxed some, and running his fingers though her hair, saying, "I'm sorry, I thought it would work okay."

Trisha sat up slowly and looked into his eyes noticing tears beginning to well up in them.

"I was sure it would work, you are so beautiful, I just knew it would."

"It's okay Fred."

"The Doc says this is probably from the fumes too. I would have quit welding if I knew I'd have a chance of this," he said, gently reaching back to her breast.

"Have you tried Viagra?"

"My blood pressure is high and I can't take it with my blood pressure medicine. I'm sorry."

"It's okay Fred, I'm okay."

"But I want to..."

"Fred, do you want to eat my pussy?"

His eyes got wide, "I've never heard a woman say anything like that before."

"Do you like it?"

"Yes," he answered.

"Then Fred, would you please eat my pussy," she said, kicking off her shoes and pulling her pants and panties completely off. She then leaned back, and motioned with one finger for him to, "Come here."

Watching him eagerly lean over her, she moved her hand to his head and guided him lightly onto her pussy. Opening her legs, she felt his hot breath rollover her thighs and then suddenly, the surge of pleasure as his tongue dipped into her wet opening. He pushed deep into her and then slid up her slit, piercing her again with a jolt of pleasure as his tongue touched her clit.

Moaning from the sensations circling her clit, Trisha felt his rough hand move over her thigh and then shuddered at the rough, but satisfying feel of his finger, slowly sliding in and out of her. Seeing his bald head buck up and down with the motion of her hips, she knew this was a sight she'd think for years. Quickly the combined sensations of his tongue on her clit, his finger up her cunt and his hot breath covering her lifted her higher and higher, as she raised her hips and came. She came in wet, pulsing contractions as she felt herself squeezing and releasing his finger, still shoved deep inside her.

Fred sat up, gently removing his finger from her. She looked first at his face, then down his chest to his, his, his bulging erection.

"Fred, look at you, you're enormous!"

Before he could answer, she pounced on him, sucking, licking and stroking him wildly. Fred responded with equal enthusiasm, pushing his hips up to meet her, using his hand to push her down on him. She worked on him hard, continuing the motion, only slowing as she began to feel fatigued. Removing her mouth a moment, she switched hands, using her saliva as a lube she moved her hand fast and hard. After relaxing her jaw a bit, she took him in her mouth again.

Minutes passed as she sucked and stroked him, her muscles aching, but something in him, she sensed something. Slowly, slowly it came, but she could feel it, his hand pulling her hair as he made a fist, his leg and ass muscles knotting tightly, and his breathing, so fast.

He groaned and released, he muscles going slack, releasing her hair. For a moment she thought maybe he died, but the sudden salty surge into her mouth and his shout, "Oh god Trisha," let her know he was certainly alive.

The salty surge come only twice, in very modest portions, as she swallowed the tiny amount of cum he had shot into her. Resting her head in his lap, she kept him in her mouth as his erection subsided, gently sucking every drop of his meager, but precious cum. Then something warm splashed on her face and looking up, she realized he was crying.

Sitting up, she squeezed close to him and held him tight.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be doing this, I just never thought... I never thought it could ever be like this again."

She whispered, "Fred, I never thought it could be like this either."

They sat together for a long time, until it looked like a car was pulling into the construction site entrance. They quickly pulled on their clothes to find that the car was just making a u-turn and was speeding down the highway.

"I better get back to welding I guess."

"Yeah, I need to visit my other sites. Tell me Fred, when are you gonna be working overtime next."

"I imagine next Saturday, why?"

"You know, I think I may have to schedule to work that day. Perhaps I'll stop by and say hello."

"Just hello?"

"Well, if you're real nice, I may ask you to eat my pussy again."

"Oh I'm always nice."

"I can tell," she replied, climbing into her truck and closing the door. She backed up, then put the truck into drive, waving to him as she slowly pulled away. She whispered to herself, "Yes I can tell."

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