tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Werewolf and the Halfling Ch. 07

The Werewolf and the Halfling Ch. 07


Their love making had been devoid of warmth. She had withheld herself, he knew that she feared him, that anything he would say would be in vain.

She was not here by choice, but by the fact that her family had disowned her, he knew enough to know it would be a long time before they forgave her, and probably eternity before she forgave him. he felt cold and bereft as she curled even more tightly into a protective ball. There was a good four inches between them, but to him it felt like a canyon.

For the first time in centuries, he wished he had never been born. That his parents hadn't rebelled against the laws. It was taboo! God dammit.

"Shame on you Christian, cursing like that, hat would mama say?" Christian froze, he looked at the dark shadow by his bedroom window.

The menacing figure, seemed immobile, but in a second he was beside him. For what seemed an eternity they faced each other, tense and ready for battle. Christian grinned and hugged his brother.

Vlad stilled before hugging him back. No matter what he loved his little brother. Well he admired him. even after he had sent assassins after his parents.

He awaited the moment in fear, the moment Christian would find out. The dark part of him wanted to see his brother suffer, while the not so dark, just wanted him dead. Christian pulled away, then sent a bolt of light at the creature.

It was what he had to do. Vlad hissed, sending him a deep red strobe that pierced his chest.


Jessica came awake. The smell of blood was so strong it burnt her eyes. She looked around the room, nothing unnatural, except for the flapping curtains and the absence of Christian. She sighed in relief.

Thank god he wasn't here. She had to find some place to stay, she couldn't possibly stay with him. everyone knew that he was too powerful, that he had put terror into everyone's lives. He was not right, a mistake.

She hated the fact that she sounded so cold, but it was a fact. He was the only Halfling, in the world. Ever to be created. It was her duty as a werewolf to kill him.

But could she? Maybe he had been controlling her mind all this time, yes he had, for it was wrong to even lust over a vampire.

Don't lie to yourself Jessie girl, he had no control over you.

She sighed deeply, then slipped out of the bed. Where was he then, killing children in their sleep. A cold fear washed over her. What if he had killed the Edmonds, what if he had grown bored of them.

Jessie, do you not know him at all?

"No." She whispered. If she did she never would have fallen in love with him. She was surprised everyone was awake, even more surprised that Steven and Simon were in werewolf form. They were about to exit the door, gave her a curt nod and left.

Jake laid curled on the sofa tears running down her face, whilst Mary clattered around in the kitchen. What had he done! It was true he was heartless.

"Mrs. Edmonds, what has Christian done?" She gasped as she saw Mary slump into a chair her head in her hands.

"I told him, told him." She slammed her fist on the table, before realising Jessica stood there.

"Oh dear, come sit. I know how fond you are of Christian." Jessica sat down her hand covering Mary's. if he had hurt this family, she would kill him!

"What has happened Mrs. Edmonds?"

"He came here, he came and took Christian." Jessica shook her head in confusion. Mary tsked.

"Vlad, Dracula. He came for Christian. I told him to kill him, but he didn't."

"Why, why didn't he kill him?"

"Because they're brothers." Jessica gasped. Another one? Another Halfling. The world is doomed. Mary sensed her thoughts and laughed hoarsely.

"Vlad is the son of Christian's mother and a vampire earl. They are half brothers. And no matter what Vlad throws at him he wouldn't kill him. he loves him too much, and now I know he's dead." Mary wailed.

Jessica felt her throat close. Vlad the Impaler was a legend, and the most unbeatable vampire. It was said he was indestructible.

"Christian's dead?" She whispered. He hadn't brainwashed the family. They really cared for him.

"Why do you all love him so much? He's The Halfling." Mary looked fit to burst, she snatched her hand away.

"He was but a boy!" She stood up and paced the room. "only six years when Philippe sent trained men to kill him and his parents. He heard his father being killed, watched his mother raped then killed whilst tied to a chair with silver chains burning into his skin, thank the moon I found him in time. I have loved him as a son since."

A cough came behind them. Both women leapt from their seat. Jessica stared and stared at the large white wolf. He lay limp in Simon's arms.

"He's not healing fast enough Mary, I don't know what he's done, but he's not healing fast enough."

Apparently this was out of the ordinary. Steve took her outside and the last thing she saw was Christian lying on the kitchen table. They stood in the yard for what seemed an age before Steve finally spoke.

"What are you're intentions towards my brother?" That was the most unexpected and ludicrous thing she had ever heard.

What right did he have to ask her such a thing, as far as she was concerned she should have killed Christian whilst he lay asleep beside her.

"It's not your brother, it's The Halfling, a freak. An oddity it isn't even meant to exist. It has to be terminated."

"Your lucky I don't hit bitches." Jessica shrank back slightly, the stark anger in his eyes, made her feel ten times as sick with herself for speaking so harshly.

Steve walked away from her towards the tyre swing at the end of the garden. "He is my brother." He said suddenly, almost making her jump ten feet.

"Jake had lukiemia when he was seven, Christian gave him his blood and took the virus into himself. Because of him Jake is alive. He's saved my rump a good few times." He said wistfully. This didn't sound like The Halfling everyone feared.

"At first I was like you, I didn't understand how my mother could look upon The Halfling and see a person in him. but he's there Jessica. One time I beat him to a pulp. He didn't fight back, at the time I thought he was so full of himself. "He said he couldn't be defeated, that with one punch he could kill me" Jessica eyes widened. Steve sneered, self pityingly.

"I called him a half breed, I said he wasn't worth the dirt in my claws, that his mother was a vampire whore, that his father was a rabid, horny mongrel. He showed me his past, what happened that night. And I promise you Jessica, I even still have night mares. After three and a half hundred years. I still have nightmares. And because of what happened it made me ashamed that I was a werewolf, that our loyal king could do such a thing. "his own grandfather. He can only be beaten by Vlad. And because he is so trusting and loving, he cant kill him. he'll let him kill him first. Because of you he is willing to be found on the hunt."

Jessica gasped, grabbing her throat she gulped for air. 'the hunt' was every full moon. Vampires and werewolves would work together flushing out The Halfling. She could see them now all the Edmonds, running from one city to another to be safe.

Before she realised, what he was doing he placed his fingers to her head.

"Now you will see what 'The Halfling' has endured."

He was running into a trap, Jessica could see it. The people he had thought were his friends had ambushed him. but he couldn't kill them. Jessica cried out as an oak stake impaled his heart. He lay so still. Then a burst of light emitted from his chest, swamping everything in light. The vampires shied from it hissing and slipping into shadows.

The werewolves growled and attacked at all angles. Jessica flinched a she heard the tearing of skin and bone crunching. They left him to die, but to her utter amazement he began to patch work together before becoming whole. She saw all this through his eyes and much more.

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