tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Werewolf and the Halfling Ch. 11

The Werewolf and the Halfling Ch. 11


Thank you all very much for your ideas, they've really helped me figure out where that story is going. Ideas are still greatly appreciated and I hope this story will develop into something that will be loved and remembered. x


The small taxi made its slow ascension up the pebbled driveway. Tall deciduous and coniferous tress swooped down upon the small black vehicle. Christian smiled with satisfaction giving a silent thank you to Gabriel who had found the cottage.

It was three miles five miles away from the nearest town and several meters away from their neighbours. The trees did well to hide the fact that there was something more than a patch of shrub land.

"Will you be needing any help with the dog?" Jessica hid a smile behind her hand as the driver enquired of the large white canine resting on her lap, running her fingers through his thick pelt she shook her head.

As the driver took out their luggage, she marvelled at the seclusion of the home even now it could barely be seen with its grey stones and creeping vines.

"Oh Christian this is just wonderful." The wolf by her side sat proudly his tail wagging with happiness of knowing he had pleased his mate.

As soon as the taxi driver left Christian turned back into his human form. Taking Jessica's hand into his own he pulled her close to his body his fangs nipping at the supple flesh of her neck.

"You're hungry." It was a question but a statement. Ever since her pregnancy Christian had been reluctant to drink from her, in case something happened to their child. but in fact she wanted him to drink from her. She would rather he fed from her than another being.

"Shh." He said cupping her face in his hands. "I will not feed from you, I don't even need to. I'm more wolf than anything else."

Jessica blushed as he rubbed himself against her, it sent spirals of hot heat up and down her body. Rubbing her cheek against his neck, she allowed the magic of the ancients to pour through her body.

Christian arched an eyebrow as the woman he loved shifted from human, to large werewolf. Fine red fur barely covered her pert breast, which were now heavy due to the changes in her body. Long auburn hair ran down her back to her hips, as her extend muzzle nudged him in the shoulder. As a werewolf she stood at seven feet which was dwarfed by his impressive eight as he joined her.

Jessica usually preferred to be either human or wolf, but with him she embraced her werewolf side. Running clawed fingers down his arm, her tongue flickered out to taste his protruding nipple. Growling low in his throat he lifted her into his arms and ran towards the cottage. Jessica gave a deep guttural giggle as she felt him pressing into her hide.

"Key." He croaked. Jessica looked to where their clothes lay tattered on the lawn and burst out laughing.

"I don't see how this is funny." His unnaturally deep voice growled. Looking at his face full of disappointment and barely leashed lust only served to make Jessica laugh even more.

"Oh that's it, do you know what's coming to you?" settling her on to the ground He pulled her into his arm, his lips moving over her shoulder, down her arm. He pressed a velvety kiss to the inside of her elbow and on the tender pulse point of her wrist. Gooseflesh popped up along her skin and ran down her back.

He chuckled deep in his throat as she arched towards him, soft mewling escaped her lips. Christian placed a clawed hand on her slightly raised stomach and kissed the small mound.

A look of pride flittered through his face as he whispered a few words of love to his unborn child. Jessica looked into his eyes and they both smiled as she placed her hand over his. His cool light fur slid across her cheek as he ran his tongue along her muzzle. Spreading her legs she thrust her hips upwards.

Christian hissed as he entered her. as a werewolf he was much larger and she was much tighter. He had never made love in this form before; he knew it was a sacred act seen as the ultimate declaration of love. This was their true form and to make love like this with his child growing in her womb made the act even more seductive.

Jessica whimpered as he lifted her onto his lap, his thrust became ever more powerful and quickened in speed. Her claws left bloody scores on his back, but Christian didn't care, it only heightened his lust for her.

"Christian." She growled just before she came. In unison they howled with release.

Jessica slumped against him, her werewolf shape shrinking until she returned to her human state. Christian, still a werewolf growled gently against her neck realising that no matter how much he wanted to stay this way, he was hurting her. reluctantly they disentangled themselves, Christian running searching hands over Jessica.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" Jessica thumped him playfully on his chest.

"I hope you aren't going to ask me that every time we make love?" Christian paused, looking down into her laughing eyes. Brushing his knuckled against her soft cheek he dipped his head and captured her lips with his.

"I worry." He shrugged then lifted her into his arms.

"Let's go christen our new home."


"You don't understand Toni, I'm getting cabin fever out here." Jessica complained to her friend as she stirred a steaming bowl of mutton and marshmallow soup.

During her pregnancy her cravings had become more and more peculiar. Mary had assured her it was totally normal for an expecting bitch to want things that normally repulsed her. Jessica just longed for the birth of her child, that way she could go back to being a normal werewolf.

"I thought Christian's family were over." Jessica moaned with bliss as she spooned another mouthful of the meat and marshmallow combo into her mouth.

"They are but they are as protective of me as Christian, not only did Mary bring a bucketful of marshmallows, which I am forever grateful for, but she also told me about the raise in vampire conversions in San Francisco. Now this place is like fort Knox, I have to run in the woods with at least two supervisors." Her friend laughed sympathetically on the phone which only angered Jessica more.

"Why don't you come home for a few day?" There was a long silence. Jessica wondered who was more shocked.


"Look I know I said your grand-father had gone a bit crazy." That was an understatement.

Vincent never wanted Jessica's name mentioned, he had removed all her belonging and burnt them the night she had told him of her pregnancy.

Now they trained vigorously, vampires were no longer the problem; it was the Halfling Vincent wanted.

Toni hadn't told her the full extent of Vincent's hatred. At times she feared for Jessica knowing the only thing stopping her grandfather from killing her mate was that he didn't know where they were.

Toni allowed Jessica time to think. In all honesty she didn't want Jessica to be harmed, but Vincent had explained the only way to save her was to kill the Halfling. Could her mentor be right, was the Halfling keeping Jessica imprisoned. Perhaps Jessica had been brainwashed so thoroughly that she didn't even realise that the Halfling was abusing her. Toni growled in anger.

"Are you ok?" Jessica asked jogging her from her thoughts.

"Of course, as I was saying all your grandfather needs is for you to come home. You left without giving him the chance to adjust to your pregnancy. Come home Jess." Jessica sighed, could she really leave this place? Francisco wasn't the place it once was, by running away from their families they had also ran away from the fact that Vlad was still at large.

"I'll see what I can do."


Jessica awaited the autumn with abated breath and as the first of the leaves began to fall she knew that it was time.

"Are you sure this is what you want to do?" Christian had asked a worried expression on his face. Jessica had been adamant she would birth their child as a human; she wanted the chance to hold her child to her breast.

Her pregnancy was now very visible and she found it amusing when Christian rested his head on her bump and spoke of all the things he would teach their child. It was early evening and the sun had just begun its descent when Christian had mentioned going for a walk.

"You know you can roam if you want." Christian squeezed her hand gently, this had been the fifth time Jessica had mentioned roaming.

Was she trying to get rid of him? Ever since his family had returned to America watching Jessica had become imperative. She was a target and he would kill him self if anything happened.

"I'm not going to leave you." Jessica growled with frustration, she didn't know where this anger came from but suddenly she had had enough.

"That's it! I can't take this anymore." Not really thinking it through Jessica turned into a wolf and ran into the dense woodland. Christian paled, she would now have to remain a wolf for the next three months until their wolf pup was born.

Christian shuddered as he dropped to the ground, fur ran over his body as he took the form of a wolf, chasing after his mate.

Jessica panted with exhilaration, she didn't mind that she would now give birth as a wolf, if it meant freedom then so be it. Her ears pricked as she heard the pads of paws on the woodland floor. Careful not to tread on leaves she made her way to the small stream that ran through their property. Taking a long drink from the water she quickly washed herself in it, trying her best to rid her scent.

'I haven't survived this long not knowing how to track.' Came the voice in her head. Jessica spun around her ears lowered. Christian stood magnificently on a jutting log, his windswept fur blowing in the breeze.

Not only could she see the anger in eyes, but the pain he felt that she would run from him.

'Leave me alone, I want to be alone.' She darted towards more wooded area sure that she had out run him when she felt a sharp tug. He had her by the scruff of her neck, his iridescent blue eyes burning into hers, she whimpered as she felt his incisors penetrate her skin.

Christian spat her flesh out of his mouth, darting away from her as if he feared hurting her anymore. Laying on his belly he flattened his ears against his head, then turned onto his back, his belly showing in submission.

'Talk to me.' He implored, his stomach still showing. Jessica walked towards him, sprawling herself over his stomach.

'You are suffocating me, no one knows where we are, and everything has been fine in the past three months. When our baby is born we will return and defeat your brother...together.' Christian yelped in disagreement. Moving her head she flicked her tongue of his gentiles. Christian froze and he hardened.

'Jess.' His voice barely a whisper as he squirmed beneath Jessica. Jessica pushed herself off him, her tail waging in anticipation. To mate as wolves. She barked playfully as he nipped her tail playfully. So caught up in their ministrations, they didn't hear the crunching of leaves under foot, the breathing of fellow wolves.


Christians head jerked up just was he was about to penetrate Jessica. Pushing her behind him he changed into a werewolf, his hands held in front of him ready to attack.

"Who are you?" He growled. One of the wolves stepped forward his white coat was littered with grey hairs yet he still stood strong. The wolf changed into a man, a head taller than Christian, iridescent blue eyes scorched his. Blond hair ran down his shoulders as he stepped forward.

"What kind of shit is this!" Christian yelled, drawing back his lips and showing his impressively sharp fangs.

"Watch that mouth of yours!" Christian growled launching himself at the man becoming a werewolf in the process. All the wolves began to attack him their teeth tearing into his flesh.

Jessica ran forward her own teeth bared. No one bit her mate but her. As she tore at the wolves she realised Christian was still strong as he was protecting her from their attacks.

"Enough!" The strange man yelled flinging all the wolves off Christian. He lay panting on the floor, he muscles screamed he pushed himself up. A soft body helped him, it was Jessica.

He lifted her up into his arms, his fingers running over her body.

'Let me down baby.' She licked his face earnestly as he placed her on the ground right before he felt a sharp pain in his back.

Jessica howled as he crumpled to the floor. Her teeth bared she made to run at the human. He caught her in his arms and gently wrestled her to the ground.

"Quite down, my son is fine."

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