tagNonHumanThe Werewolf's Sabbat Ch. 05

The Werewolf's Sabbat Ch. 05


Janette stood there; numb, unable to move or think straight. "Um, it's nice to meet you." She nodded politely to the man who Melissa's arms were possessively wrapped around. She forced herself to smile as convincingly as she could in a desperate effort to mask anything on her face that might betray her utter humiliation at that moment.

Melissa looked at her friend excitedly. "Mitch is the owner of this club, plus several other places in town. He's one of the wealthiest bachelors in Washington, aren't you, baby." She said braggingly.

"Oh, is that so?" Janette raised her eyebrows at him, and folded her arms across her chest, a thought suddenly occurring to her. She'd heard about men like Mitch, flinging their riches and good looks around carelessly, bedding a different woman each night. She gazed around the dance floor noticing the wealth of gyrating, bouncing, barely dressed barbie dolls and felt her anger slowly rising through her chest. Why the hell couldn't he have picked one of those bimbos to make a fool out of instead of picking on her?

Mitch gave the buxom blond a stern look. "We need to talk." He said flatly as he dragged her away by the arm.

'Is that what they are calling it these days... talking?'

Janette's eyes followed them as they walked away, Melissa still clinging to him as though they were Siamese twins joined at the hip.

"It seems my rude ass brother failed to make proper introductions. I'm Liam, the co-owner of this club." Liam took Janette's hand in his, raising it to his lips and gently placed a kiss on her knuckles.

Janette quickly jerked her hand from Liam's as though his lips had scalded it.' How dare he touch me,' she thought.' He's probably just as much of a conceded asshole as Mitch is'. She looked around, her nerves on edge, not sure what to do or say. "I have to go to the bathroom. Be right back." She said to Liam before scurrying away down the hall leading to the restrooms.

"Wait, Janette!" She heard Liam call after her before shoving the restroom door open and locking herself inside, unable to catch her breath. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid.' She thought to herself. 'Why in the hell did you ever think he would want you when he could have someone like her?' Janette couldn't decide what made her angrier. The fact that Mitch had been playing games with her or the fact that she actually fell for it. She gazed at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, suddenly noticing all the lines and imagined wrinkles covering her bland features. 'She's like a model and he's a 'Greek God'. She thought. 'They deserve each other'. Janette was kicking herself for being so gullible. Was she so desperate that she would fall for any line a guy told her just because he happened to be one of the most beautiful guys she's ever laid eyes on? She wiped away the one silent tear falling down her cheek. Refusing to feel sorry for herself she straightened her spine and raised her chin before opening the bathroom door and stepping out into the hallway. She looked to her left, seeing Mr. Full-Of-Himself and her floozy of a friend having what appeared to be quite the intimate conversation. She couldn't bring herself to face them again. She looked to her right and sighed her relief when she saw a big neon EXIT sign at the end of the hallway and decided to take it. Janette raised her chin, taking a deep breath and walked to the end of the hallway and burst through the back door. She was in such a hurry that she almost knocked someone over.

Looking up into the face of the man dressed in all black with sea green eyes, she took a few steps backwards in trepidation. What was it with all the pale faced people around here? They definitely needed to invest in a sun lamp or something. Perhaps a tanning bed? "Are you lost?" The pale, black haired man said grinning wickedly.

"I'm fine thank you." Janette said nervously before bolting away from Mr. Pasty and towards her car in the parking lot across the street.

Jack stood leaning against the building taking a smoke break when he noticed the brunette streaking across the street into the parking lot. With the way she was running, he thought someone may be chasing her. He pulled his cell phone from his pocket, and placed his thumb on the speed dial button that would ring Thor's phone in case he needed back up. Jack didn't see anyone following her so he watched a few minutes longer as she got into her car and sped away down the street. 'She's an odd one', he thought to himself before stomping out his cigarette and going back inside to finish out his shift.


"What did you tell her?" Liam asked, taking another pull from his beer bottle. He didn't hear any of the conversation that Mitch had with Melissa but he did notice her march angrily to the back of the club and new it couldn't have gone well. He certainly didn't envy his brother's situation.

"I simply told her that I didn't want to see her again." Mitch said "I didn't know what else to say to her. I told her that there was nothing between us and that she needed to lose my number."

Liam laughed. "And what did she say to that?"

"Oh, believe me, she wasn't happy about it. She actually slapped me in the face. Can you believe it?" Mitch shook his head in disbelief. "I only met her a day or two ago and she has already slapped me."

Liam smirked. "I can't say I blame her. Sometimes I want to slap you, too."

Mitch couldn't help but join his brother's laughter. He gazed around the dimly lit club in search of a petite brunette wearing a hunter green dress. "Have you seen Janette? I need to talk to her." He couldn't understand why she had been there in the first place. She didn't seem the type to frequent night clubs.

Liam leaned back on his bar stool and peered down the hallway. "She said she was going to the bathroom but she's been gone a long time now." He looked at his brother and shrugged his shoulders taking another swig of his beer.

Jack, overhearing the last of the conversation piped in, "Janette? You mean that cute brunette that was in here with that blonde girl you were with?"

"I wasn't with her." Mitch sneered.

Jack raised his hands in surrender and took a step back. "Hey now, you could have fooled me. Hell, she was all over you. I'm just calling it like I see it, boss. Besides," Jack handed a beer to another customer before continuing. "The girl left about ten minutes ago, boss. She took off out the back door. I saw her leave when I was taking my break.

Mitch stood up so fast his bar stool fell backwards behind him. "What the fuck? Please tell me you're kidding." He felt his face turning red in anger. How' could she just leave like that?', he thought to himself. When he realized how the situation may have looked from her point of view, he found himself swearing again.

Jack shook his head nervously. "No I saw her leave. She was running like a bat out of hell across the street. She looked pretty upset."

"Fuck!" Mitch said before grabbing his phone. "Why didn't you say something earlier?" Glaring at his best bar tender, he dialed Janette's number and waited when he heard a ringing behind him.

Liam picked up the ringing phone on the bar and handed it to his brother. "Is this what you're looking for? She must have rushed out of here without her phone."

"What the fuck am I suppose to do now?" Mitch couldn't imagine how things could get much worse. What could Janette possibly think of him right now? He had to find a way to talk to her and explain things.

Liam punched his brother in the shoulder. "You idiot. You have her cell phone; therefore you have to return it to her." He said before throwing Mitch the keys to the jeep. "It's the perfect opportunity to talk to her. I'm sure I can find another ride home. Go ahead, take it."

Mitch shoved the forgotten cell phone in his pocket. "Thanks. If she returns to the club for her phone, stall her. Call me right away but don't let her leave until I get back." He said to his brother before heading down the hallway towards the back entrance. He stepped out the door and headed towards his jeep when he noticed Jude pressing a blonde female against the wall, kissing her rather passionately. He looked once more before stopping suddenly. "Melissa?" The couple looked over at him, their eyes glazed over and both of them panting wildly. Jude shooed Mitch away with his hand in irritation before continuing to ravish the girl's mouth. "Well, that certainly didn't take long." He smiled and got into his jeep.


"Oh my God! What time is it?" Mia sat straight up in a sudden panic. She took in her surroundings in a state of utter confusion. She had no idea where she was or why she was here, she just knew that her head ached like never before and her stomach felt queasy. She got up quickly only to find that her knees, which seemed to be made of jelly, wouldn't support her slight weight. Mia gasped when she felt someone put their arms around her as she started to fall to the floor. She looked up to find a tall slender man standing above her. He had straight black hair that reached the middle of his back and the most entrancing, sea green eyes she had ever seen. Whoever this man was, he had to be the most beautiful, yet intimidating creature she had ever laid her eyes on. Mia closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. She had never felt this nauseated before.

"It's okay, little one, I've got you." Alexander said, cradling the girl in his arms. He quickly pulled the waste basket to her when he noticed her hand flying to cover her mouth and her cheeks bulging out like a chipmunk. Alexander held her gently over the trash can, holding her hair back as she vomited uncontrollably, unable to catch her breath in between abdominal spasms. "Well, that's disgusting." He said plainly. He half expected something like this would happen once the girl regained consciousness. Anyone he has ever seen who had lost as much blood as she had, always got sick while recovering.

Once Alexander was sure that the girl was finished vomiting he helped her stand, his hands grasping her hips supportively. "Are you okay?" He said with a worried look in his eyes.

Mia tried to stand on her own but found her legs still shaky. She held on to the strange man, unsure she could maintain her balance if she let go. "Who are you? Where am I?" She asked weakly, her throat feeling hoarse.

"My name is Alexander. I don't know if you remember anything, but someone spiked your drink. You were found in the back of the club unconscious." He smiled reassuringly at her. "You have been here asleep in the office for an hour now. Come on, little one, I'll help you get cleaned up." He walked her slowly into the bathroom in the back of the office.

Mia didn't know what to think of the man who was helping her. Why did he keep referring to her as 'little one'? She found it quite annoying but didn't say anything. "I'm sorry about that." She blushed with embarrassment, nodding towards the foul trashcan. "That was very unladylike of me." She leaned down in front of the sink and began rinsing the sour taste from her mouth. Mia was well aware of Alexander's overbearing presence behind her, still holding her hips to keep her steady. The feeling of his hard body pressed against her back sent unexpected goose bumps down her arms and a shiver down her spine. She gazed in the mirror at her reflection and noticed the dark circles under her eyes. 'You look like hell', she thought to herself. Suddenly she felt Alexander's strong arms sliding around her waist and his lips grazing the side of her neck making her shiver once more. She looked down at his arms around her and slowly looked up in the mirror realizing that something wasn't right about the reflection staring back at her. It seemed to be missing something. Something like... the man standing behind her?

Alexander groaned when he seen shock and fear slowly creep into Mia's face, her eyes going wide as saucers. Finding new strength, she quickly broke free of his embrace, and began backing away from him, her mouth moving as if to say something but no words came out.

"Mia, stop. I can explain everything. Let's sit and talk about this for a minute." Alexander tried to calm the terrified girl but it was no use. She continued her retreat backwards until she finally hit the bathroom wall, unable to go any further.

"H...How do you explain the fact that you have no reflection?" She squeaked. Her heart raced painfully in her chest as her eyes darted back and forth in search of an escape route, but finding none. She was trapped. She was trapped in a strange bathroom. She was going to die here. She didn't want to die in a disgusting bathroom in the back of a damn bar!

"Mia, please try and calm down. I'm not trying to scare you. I would never do anything to hurt you." Alexander didn't know what to do to calm the frantic girl who was trying desperately to squish herself into the wall behind her.

Mia thought about all the monster movies she had seen over the years and how the vampires in these movies never had a reflection. She couldn't stop the hysterical laugh that escaped her. There was no such thing as vampires... were there? Her face went pale as she was on the verge of hyperventilating. "You're going to kill me, aren't you?" She tried to fight the darkness that overcame her but failed and silently collapsed to the floor.

Alexander was beside himself and decided right then and there that he would just forget about any attraction he felt towards the little red head who lay on the floor at his feet. After all, you can't very well bed someone who has trouble remaining conscious for more than five minutes at a time. He let out a sigh and rolled his eyes before reaching down and swiftly picking Mia up and depositing her, once again, on the sofa in the office.


Jude couldn't seem to get enough of the blond little tart who was crushing her mouth against his at that moment. Don't misunderstand; he had had his share of women over the past two millennia. One of his favorite pastimes had always been seducing an unsuspecting female until she was putty in his hands. However, he had never been one to make it a habit of making out in filthy alleyway's either.

Jude wasn't sure of what happened. He had been standing there, minding his own damn business when a blond goddess came rushing out of the door he had been standing next to. She seemed rather distraught and was looking all around her as though she didn't know what to do or where to go.

"Looking for someone?" Jude let his sudden heated gaze leisurely travel from the girl's generous perky breasts, down to her narrow waist and curvy hips before bringing his eyes back up to meet hers. Her heart shaped face with bold blue eyes and porcelain skin didn't affect him near as much as her full pouty lips. The thought of his thick cock disappearing between those sensuous lips left him instantly hard. She had long blond hair curling down her back, perfect for wrapping his fingers in forcefully pulling her head back as he took her from behind. It had been entirely too long since he had allowed himself any playtime with a human female. Jude licked his lips in anticipation of what was to come. Let the seduction begin, he thought, pushing himself from the wall he'd been leaning against and slowly walking towards her like a predator stalking its prey.

Jude slowly circled the girl, her anxious eyes never leaving his. The slight fear he detected in her face turned him on even more and she jumped at the low growl of a laugh coming from deep within his chest.

'Hmm... Where to begin.'

He slid one long finger slowly along her jaw line. "Don't you know it's dangerous to be alone with a strange man in a dark alley?" He noticed her bottom lip quiver slightly and couldn't wait to slide his tongue across it.

He carefully pushed himself into her mind and smiled when he saw the blush rise up her face at the vivid mental pictures he was sending, showing her exactly what he was about to do to her body. Jude slowly stepped towards the frightened girl only to find her matching each of his strides forward with her own strides backward. He continued towards her, inhaling deeply the scent of fear in the air, until she finally backed herself into the brick wall behind her. Jude laughed lightly in amusement when she looked around realizing what predicament she had gotten herself into.

'Is this how it is always to happen? Do they never look behind them?'

"What's your name?" Jude asked softly, his face but an inch from hers.

"M...Melissa." She gasped when his tongue snaked out, sweeping along her bottom lip.

"Just as sweet as I imagined it to be." His smile grew wider at her furious blush. "I wonder if your other lips are sweeter." Jude slid his fingers around the back of her neck and up into her hair, pulling her head back. He took one look at the flawless skin on her neck. He could here the rapid beat of her pulse and could almost taste her fear spiced blood on his tongue.

'You don't have to fear me. I won't hurt you.' He thought to her convincingly

Jude looked deep into the girl's eyes and willed all of her fear to leave her. He lowered his mouth to hers, gently parting her lips with his hot tongue. She pushed at his shoulders for a moment, trying futilely to escape him only to find herself surrendering, melting into his body and wrapping her arms around his neck. Jude felt the girl's knees give out beneath her and he wrapped one arm around her waist, holding her up while the other hand remained on the back of her neck pressing her lips firmly to his.

'Calm down now, it's only a kiss.' He thought to her, letting his tongue explore and tease her mouth. 'I haven't even got to the good part yet.' He laughed cruelly into her mind, feeling her body shudder under his hands.

Jude inhaled and caught the girl's musky scent of arousal thick in the air as she hopped up, wrapping her legs around him, kissing him even deeper, tangling her fingers in his hair and pulling him closer. What was with this girl? Her scent and taste were driving him wild with need. His steel hard erection was almost painful in the confines of his jeans that had recently become too tight. He pressed her back, using the wall as a support in order to free his hands up.

Jude's senses were on fire as he continued to ravish this beauty before him. No longer fearful of him, she seamed to respond wantonly to his every touch, her small moans and gasps spurring him on. He broke away from the heated kiss, and looked into her flushed face before gazing down at her heaving chest, her breathing becoming ragged. In one swift move he ripped the flimsy material from her chest, revealing the most perfect breasts he had ever seen. She threw her head back with a moan when he teasingly ran his tongue over one hard pink bud, while roughly rolling the other with his free hand. Jude looked to his left, noticing a small stack of crates sitting along the wall.


He effortlessly carried the girl, sitting her on top of them. Jude wasn't a fan of 'quickies' but seeing as they were in a semi public place, he knew he didn't have as much time as he would have liked. He slid Melissa's ass to the edge of the makeshift table and quickly unzipped her jeans, almost ripping them down her legs and throwing them to the side, along with the black heels she had been wearing. Melissa sat up, pressing her lips to his once more while unzipping his pants and pulling his erection free. Jude growled low in his chest when he felt her small hand grab the shaft of his rock hard cock and began firmly stroking him, her tongue never leaving his mouth. He couldn't take much more of the torture this little vixen was putting him through. He firmly pushed her back against the wall, dragging her hips to the edge once more. He spread her well-toned legs open, grasped his cock in his hand and began sliding the engorged head slowly up and down the girl's soaking slit, coating it liberally with her hot juices.

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