tagFetishThe Whipping Post

The Whipping Post


Part 1

They had been together for a month, and the connection had been instant. He had met Raven on the street, boldly walking up to her and asking for a date. She thought Kevin to be cute, in a rugged way. They proved to be inseparable. The enjoyed even the simplest of dates, wearing t shirts and blue jeans, having endless lively conversation. And they enjoyed, fiery, passionate sex punctuated at every chance they had to be alone.

On their one month anniversary, Kevin had found a note and a package for him at his apartment. The note said:

"Hi Kevin, I want to go out to an exciting new place that I heard about. I think it could be a wild night for both of us. It is fetish club called The Whipping Post. Pick me up on Friday at 10.

I've wrapped a gift for you -- something for you to wear. I didn't think you had anything suitable, so I thought I would get something that I know you will look great in. I'll be dressed very naughtily too!

Love, Raven"

Inside the package were a pair of leather pants, a PVC top, leather wrist cuffs and a pair of spandex briefs. Kevin's mind whirled, and thoughts of Raven dressed in anything black and provocative made him look all the more forward to Friday night.

Part 2

As they exited his car, he tried to catch more detail of what might lay waiting for him under the knee length coat she wore. There was little evidence. He only saw a pair of black stilettos and black silk nylons. Even as the coat swayed open as she walked, no further clothing showed.

The two entered a dark, but elegant, almost Victorian club. Peering inside, Kevin could see brick walls, red velour furniture, with many alcoves for private seating. It didn't look busy, but they hadn't yet entered the full space. He paid the entrance fee, and left their coats with the hostess, and followed Raven into the building. As he caught up, he realized that her coat was gone, and peering at her from behind made his breath quicken. Above her silk stockings she wore the shortest of mini-skirts. Below the hem, the bottom of her perfect cheeks poked out, with little hint of any underwear. Above that was a perfectly matched corset. Her long dark hair flowed down, caressing her shoulders.

Turning around, he saw that her neck was adorned with a pretty silver necklace.

"I'll have a gin and tonic. Grab something for yourself too." She said.

He quickly returned and the two spent a few minutes chatting about their outfits, the club and the people. It seemed relaxed enough to Kevin, although he had never been to a fetish night before. People milled around, chatting, having an odd drink. Raven seemed in her element, although she said that she had not been there before. Kevin had seen her naked in their many lovemaking sessions before, but he kept catching himself trying to peer through the corset, down its top, underneath her skirt...anywhere. Her ability to exude so much confidence, while wearing so little, was intoxicating. Or perhaps it was the drink taking effect.

Raven interrupted their conversation. "So my love, do you like what you see?"

"Absolutely. I'd like to take you home right now and fuck you silly." His come on seemed a little childish, but he was getting into the moment. All of the leather, PVC and lace out in the open like this made for a tremendous visual sight.

"Not so fast there big boy. I want you to show me a good time tonight." She paused. "Actually, I was thinking about doing a little bit of dancing -- and I know how reluctant you are with that. Maybe we should play a game. I call it Take the blue pill or take the red pill. " She held out her hand. From some inconceivable place, she had produced two pills. "The blue one is Viagara. The red one is ecstasy. Go ahead mister, pick one."

Kevin didn't like the music so much, and he wouldn't ever be caught dead on any dance floor, so he reached out and lifted the blue pill from her delicate hand. It was in his mouth and downed with the last of his rum and coke before Raven could protest. A sly grin came over his face, "I figured that would be the best for both of us."

Raven's demeanor changed, if just slightly. "I see. Is that what you want? Well, allow me the privilege of one more drink, won't you before we leave? It will be an hour until you get truly hard anyways." She patted his groin, then reached into his pocket so as to make an effort fondle his member, but pulled out a bill instead, making her way over to the bar. Kevin watched her speak to the bartender, whose characteristics and mannerisms matched that of Raven's. The spoke at length.

When she returned, she had another round of drinks.

She began to speak in a more condescending tone to him. "That was very inconsiderate of you. I am not at all pleased. Don't you know how to treat a lady?" For any other woman, Kevin wouldn't have cared, but for Raven -- well, he would have done most anything.

"You are probably right. But what's done is done. Can't we move on?"

Raven's mood soured again. "Not even an apology. Typical." She paused and produced a studded leather collar from nowhere and put it around his neck. He let her, partly from the shock of the situation and partly because he knew she was upset. After it was firmly around his neck, she kept her finger through one of the eyehooks, making sure she had him firmly in her hand.

"Let me explain to you the situation. This club caters to women to tend towards domination. That is my friend Mistress Karen over there. She now has your money and your ID, which I conveniently took from your pocket five minutes ago. Your keys are in your coat, and I've asked the club to hold that back from you too. So unless you want to walk home, and somehow get into your locked apartment looking like a Goth freak, it looks like you are stuck here with me."

"I can think of worse places to be Raven -- especially with you looking hotter than ever", Kevin said feeling a little more uninhibited than usual. Her attitude was turning him on it seemed.

"Still cocky are we? Ok -- take those leather trousers off, I want to see what you look like in just those spandex briefs I purchased for you yesterday."

It seems the games have begun, he thought to himself. Kevin was not against a bit of voyeurism. He'd even had sex with an old girlfriend in front of strangers a few years ago, not that he would ever reveal that to Raven. He unzipped and removed his leather pants, and placed them nicely on the red leather sofa where they were sitting. Karen came over, picked up the pants and gave Raven a silver and leather leash. Without a word, Raven attached it to Kevin's collar. "Tonight, you will follow wherever I wish to go."

"There is something else you should know Kevin. I figured you would wimp out and choose the blue pill. That is why I had my friend mix you something special for your first drink. Some liquid ecstasy should put you in the perfect mood for this evening." This last comment made Kevin quite excited, but also feeling very vulnerable. It seemed that his new girlfriend was three steps ahead of him.

She whispered in his ear, "Just let go of your inhibitions and trust me. I'll make it worth your while. It will be a night you remember forever." He looked into her eyes for what seemed like an eternity, with that, Kevin got down on his knees and kissed Raven's palms, her knees, the inside of her thighs, and her stilettos.

Part 3

Raven smiled and released a breast from her corset. "Use your mouth." She commanded him. Kevin took her nipple into his mouth, and slowly caressed it with his tongue, gently teasing and nibbling on it. "Not like that" she told him "suck on it more."

Kevin began to alternately suck and lick her perfect breast. And as he continued his efforts, it became firmer and the nipple harder. Raven's body began to respond, her back arching and soft whimpers of pleasure coming from her throat which Kevin could hear through the music.

Kevin didn't look up or open his eyes, but their actions had attracted a few curious onlookers, if only for the glimpse of more of Raven's perfect body. It seemed that at this club, anything went.

Raven shook herself from this little bit of pleasure, and used the leash to pull her man's mouth away from her breast. "Come on, follow me" she said.

As Kevin stood, his knees buckled a bit and the room was spinning. Normally, as steady as a rock, his heart was racing, and the flashing lights played tricks on him. She led him up a stairway, and he first laid eyes on a large projection screen which featured S&M acts. A man in his late twenties was being flogged and the camera alternated between the woman issuing the strikes and his face, which showed a curious mixture of expression.

The intensity of the music increased as they made their way to the center of the crowed. Soon they were amidst a throng of dancers. Kevin's body moved freely to the music, with Raven holding him close. "Dance like we are fucking each other!" she yelled at him. And their bodies came together in a rhythmic liaison. Kevin's arousal in the evening continued to build, from the effects of the drug, the overwhelming crowd of half naked party goers before him, and the woman who was leading him on this submissive journey. His penis was starting to get larger, and with only spandex between it and the air, there would be little left to the imagination soon.

"I like it when you dance for me." Raven said. "I knew you had it in you. It makes me wonder what else you might be capable of -- or at least forced into doing!" Her eyes flickered. Kevin had temporarily forgotten about the fact that he was within her control -- for as long as she wished it seemed. They danced for what seemed like an unknown length of time, his body started to perspire as the energy of the music and drug continued to drive his desire for her and for more attention.

"Follow me!" she yelled. "I think that they are ready for you." Follow you where, he thought, and to whom. She led him to a small stairway, which led to a portion of the cavernous room that was shielded from the music, but where you could see everything (or more importantly, everybody could see you). "It's blindfold time" said Raven. And with that, the lights went out for Kevin. She led him to what seemed like a large X and secured his wrists and feet to the ends of the X so that he was helpless to move.

"You haven't been punished for your actions earlier this evening." She said. "Well, right now I'm happy with the way that you pleasured me, and the way you turned me on while we were dancing together -- so I don't think I can punish you. I've asked Mistress Karen to do it. Besides, she is better with the flogger than me."

He felt a soft gloved hand trace over his legs, his arms and his back. A sharp percussion came across half of his back, causing him to take a deep breath in. "What the fuck?!?" went through his mind. It was followed by another, across the other part of his back. Followed by another and then another. He felt the pain, letting it grow, internalizing it, letting it seep deeper and deeper into his skin. The blows continued until his mind floated along with all of the flashing lights his mind's eye saw in the darkness of the blindfold. Whimpers and yelps flowed freely, and it was not any of his care. Then without warning, the flogging stopped. He stood there motionless, hanging limp from the apparatus, breathing slowly as the ache in his back seemed to intensify ever so slightly, causing an overwhelming wave of sensation and calm to his body. After what seemed a few minutes, his blindfold was removed and he anticipated his hands would be freed shortly.


He screamed, as a hard wooden paddle came across his right ass cheek. It burned a bright red underneath the thin underwear.


He screamed a second time, as the paddle found his left cheek.

Raven appeared holding the paddle.

"I just want you to know that I too am capable of forcing my will on you. Do you want another?"

"No!" he pleaded.

"Whack, whack!" came two more brutal hits. He screamed even louder while his body squirmed in futility for the hope that any more strikes would be somewhat off the mark.

Raven re-appeared. "Always remember to apologize when you screw up, got it mister?"

"Yes Raven, I'm sorry!" he sputtered, trying to compose himself from the pain. She paused to look at his face and body, then reached down into the front of his briefs to check on him. Despite the deepening pain in Kevin's back and buttocks, his cock had grown considerably from the effects of the Viagra.

"Yes, this will do nicely" said Raven. And she unhooked his hands from the cross, brought them to his back and bound them with handcuffs. Then she unhooked his feet.

"Follow me to you first humiliation." And she led him down the stairs and back into the throng of dancers, placed the blindfold on once again and held the leash firmly in her hands.

Part 4

Kevin stood in that spot in a daze, completely at a loss for what to do next. Emotions failed him as his senses and psyche were overwhelmed by the music, the pain in his body, the treatment from Raven, and the drugs rushing through his body.

He felt a kiss from Raven's lips on his neck. Affection was very welcome at this time, and it brought him a sense of relief. She tenderly bit his ear, and then said to him, "Tonight you will be violated on this dance floor, by everybody and for everybody."

She took firm hold of his leash. Within an instant, he felt a hand reach into his briefs and he knew it wasn't his partner's. The hand touched his cock. It touched his balls. It wasn't sexual, it didn't provide stimulation. It was an examination. He was relieved when that hand disappeared, and his privacy was restored. But no sooner when the first left, then a second returned. He could tell it was a different hand. Different temperature, different mannerisms, different strength. He opened his mouth to protest and a set of fingers found their way in, grabbing his tongue. Another hand entered his shorts, this time to grasp his balls, tugging on them. An audible laugh was heard. He couldn't see his assailants, but he was quite sure that they were talking about his penis. Its size. Its shape. Its texture. Another pair of hands grabbed him, and these stroked his cock roughly for a few second. Another hand came with fingernails. Another with a glove. Another pinched his shaft. Some just felt him. Some measured. Some squeezed. It went on, over and over again until his legs began to quiver. By now the conversation around him had built into an audible din, quite clear over the music. Everybody was watching and talking about him. Men's voices, women's voices. Kevin thought that the humiliation was completed.

And then a hand reached in to the back of his spandex shorts, and a finger force itself into his ass. The finger found its way slowly, deeper and deeper into his bum, violating it before beginning to build into a rhythmic thrust. It probed him, touching his g-spot, making the anus wider and wider. "Wouldn't you like a cock for that ass hole?" came a voice that was undeniably male. Kevin turned to run, but Raven held the leash tight.

"Remember Kevin dear, you aren't DONE yet!" she said. And with that she tore off the blindfold, allowing him to see all of the people who had either watched or fondled his cock. They all held up their hands mockingly, using the same gestures that they had used to examine his manhood. Raven went behind him, grabbed the spandex shorts and with great force, tore them from his body exposing his body to all. A cheer went up from the throng.

And with that, the group dissipated, returning to the dancing, leaving Kevin standing exposed in the club.

Raven turned and stared him in the eyes. "How are you feeling my pet?" she asked. "You don't look too bad to me, as she glanced down at his cock." Despite everything that had happened, the flogging, and the humiliation, his cock was gigantic, the largest he had ever seen it grow. It was even starting to hurt slightly from the over engorgement. "It's the mix of ecstasy and Viagra" she said. "The gay community calls it sextasy. Perhaps I should take you to a gay club just like you are now? I'm bet that we can find a nice clean cut boy to suck your cock for hours. I'm sure you would be very popular. "

As much as The Whipping Post had thrown him for a loop, the concept of this new venue was even less interesting to him.

Raven said "Oh well, maybe another night and another fantasy. Well have to work on that, and create a training plan for you. But for now, I think a little bit of me time is necessary."

And without a word, he followed her downstairs, back to the lounge.

Part 5

Raven led Kevin by the leash to a more private area. They sat together and he nestled into her bosom, happy to relax for a minute. Despite that, he realized that he was the only person naked from the waist down that he could see.

"I've loved watching you tonight Kevin" said Raven. "You are making me so hot, standing and taking your punishment and humiliation like a man. That might sound strange, but here -- it means something". She brought his eyes up to meet hers. "You know that we are still the same? Friends. Lovers. A couple. Tell me you understand that this night changes nothing about how we treat, and love, and respect each other."

Alex nodded. "I think it will take me some time to recover. But you are still the person who I want to share in my life."

They embraced for what seemed like an eternity, sharing a moment of time free of any interruptions, distractions, or any domination.

"Now my pet, I want you to bury your face into my cunt. Bring me to ecstasy. Make me scream". Raven let go of her embrace and proceeded to lay down on the sofa. She lifted one leg so as to create an opening for her partner. Kevin looked at the beautiful creature before him, and delighted in the opportunity to focus on her for a while. He took his hands and removed her underwear, which turned out to be the most insignificant of thongs.

Kevin slowly moved his mouth down, taking time to kiss various parts of her body as he finally found the soft lips that formed her pussy. He licked them slowly, knowing that he was going to give it the best attention he possible could. "Here, in front of a crowd. Here, after she has shown ME so much attention." His tongue began to explore, to make advances on her clitoris. His tongue darted back and forth. "I can take as long as I want" he thought as her body began to respond, and ask for more.

He teased her as much as he could. Her hands found his head, forcing it further into her pussy, but he remained resolute to make this as controlled as possible. He kissed her clit, sucking it into his mouth over and over. He knew that this drover her crazy -- not enough to get her off, but enough to bring her to the point of no return. Kevin made sure that this went on for as long as he possible could.

"Just fucking do it!" she finally yelled. And Kevin followed the instructions of his mistress, and switched his tongue to flicking the clit. He know that is what brought her to her climax. He attacked it, relentlessly, pinching her nipples with his hands, burying his entire face in her pussy -- relishing the juices the flowed from her.

And all at once, she began to moan, loudly. A group of ten had formed a circle to watch the culmination of his work. She grabbed his hair and tried to pull him off, but he kept going -- kept pleasuring her clit. Soft screams turned into hard ones. Again and again she came to orgasm, wave after wave -- each one building her to a new high. It became clear that he wasn't going to stop -- not just because she was pulling at his hair, for he had braced her down with his forceful arms -- taking whatever pleasure he could in the fact that he controlled this moment. He controlled her pleasure.

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