tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe White Album

The White Album


It was something I should have owned, I mean what self described Beatles fan could seriously call himself a fan without owning The White Album? The White Album which really wasn't the title of the album, its actual title was simply The Beatles and yet that's all I heard, man you gotta get The White Album. Yeah I had Sergeant Pepper's, Magical Mystery Tour, Let it Be and even Rubber Soul, but when it came time to fork out for a double album I didn't, telling myself that I could always listen to my best friend Tim's copy. That good idea lasted about six months when we both went off to college in different corners of the state.

So now, I'm pushing my mid fifties and I still lust after that album, or now that remastered CD. Yeah, I guess I could get it at Amazon, or other music store, but I don't know, it just didn't seem right to get it there, I decided I would try to save money by buying it on Ebay. This good idea lasted just a few weeks while I missed auction after auction getting outbid by pennies every single time. Well, I have to admit I am one who gets caught up in the bidding and damn if I really didn't screw up my bid.

The prize was a mint condition CD in the original store wrapping. It had never been played, it had been inside a non smoking household, and bidding started at one penny. There it was, I had to have it so I went in and put down a bid only to see it immediately countered. I bid again and it was countered again. After about seven bids I was getting tired of the game so I did something I am not particularly proud of. I contacted the seller directly and convinced him to pull the auction. In return I would purchase the CD by letting him, damn, I can't believe I did this, by letting him fuck my wife.

Well he was ready to go, but came back with one counteroffer, he got to fuck my wife with me watching. Damn, I had already gone over the deep end, why not go all the way. I emailed him back and accepted his offer. I bought The White Album CD for the purchase price of letting some punk kid fuck my wife while I watched.

Okay, I'm not a complete fool and there was no way I was going to approach my wife with this deal, instead I called a friend, who called a friend and after a quick drove down South Main Street, I was in the company of my wife for the evening. Now life for a pro like this is not easy, so the thirty year old woman I picked up did look as if she could pass for my fifty year old wife.

As I drove to the kid's apartment I coached the woman in what her part in the whole transaction would be. She had been around a while and was pretty good at play acting but as she put it, "You know honey, in all the years I've done this, you're the first guy to ask me to act like his wife."

She made a good point, but convinced me she was ready and able for the part. When I pulled up to the apartment and rung the doorbell I found myself looking at a punk who looked to be fifteen. I was ready to call the whole thing off when he pulled out an ID that certified he was twenty five years old.

"Oh come on kid, that ID is as fake as my wife's tits," I said, pointing to my "wife."

"Hell, these tits are 100% natural, and I paid good money for them to be that way," the hooker replied.

The punk kid shook his head, "Look, I've always looked younger than I am. See here," he said pointing to a Texas A&M diploma.

"Yeah, what did you major in?"

"Computer science," he replied. He then pulled out a passport and said, "I even have a birth certificate..."

"No, no that's okay," I replied. "Well, here you are, here's my wife."

I stepped aside and let the hooker walk into the room. The kid swallowed hard and then said, "She is pretty."

Watching him fight off gagging, I followed her into the room and asked, "Where did you want to do this?"

"It's just an efficiency apartment, the couch is my bed. You can sit over there," he replied pointing at a chair.

I sat down and watched as the hooker quickly undressed. The kid rushed into the bathroom and then strolled out with a towel around his waist. You could see his erection bulging out, making a tent in the towel.

The naked hooker sat down and then leaned back on the couch opening her legs. The kid kneeled down and moved his head between her legs. Grabbing his head the hooker said, "Hwy wait a minute, I was just supposed to fuck him."

"Look, I won't last long when I fuck her, this way I get at least some time with her," the kid complained.

"Okay, go ahead," I said, nodding to the hooker who was signaling this extra was costing me another twenty dollars.

I watched as the kid greedily dove in, immediately pushing his tongue into the woman's well used pussy. Wondering how many other guys had already cum inside her I watched as he slurped her a bit and then he moved up and ran his tongue over her clit. The hooker seemed to be responding and I guessed the kid watched enough porn to know a bit about the woman's anatomy.

He began pushing his fingers into her pussy as his tongue circled her clit. The hooker was enjoying it all and began to raise her hips, pushing her pussy onto the kid's face. If a few minutes she moaned loudly and came, lifting her ass off the couch as the kid sucked her clit. When the orgasm subsided, she reached down and pulled him up on top of her. Carefully taking his cock, she guided it into her pussy and then leaned back as the kid began thrusting into her.

I watched from behind him, seeing his skinny cock disappear into the hooker's wet pussy. I could see his ass muscles flex as he thrust forward, his balls bouncing off her ass each time he plunged into her. After about ten deep thrusts, he moaned and he ass and leg muscles clinched as he came.

His whole body seemed to be trembling as he stayed on top of her, his cock burrowed into her pussy until she finally said, "Okay you were quick, but now it's time to pull it out."

The kid rushed into the bathroom, while the hooker stood up and got dressed. I handed her the extra twenty I owed her and then waited until he came out of the bathroom. He was dressed back into his shorts and tee shirt and moved over to a shelf. He grabbed and handed me a CD.

"Thank you," I said.

"No, thank you, I enjoyed your wife," he replied with a shit eating grin on his face.

"You're first time?" I asked.

"No I have a girl friend."

"Computer science major?"

He nodded.

"Figures," I replied heading out the door behind the hooker.

As we climbed into the car and drove off, the hooker asked me, "All of that for a CD?"

"Yeah, but not just any CD," I replied.

"Why didn't you just buy it at Amazon, that's what I do?"

"Yeah, I thought I'd get it cheaper, fucking Ebay."

"I guess that didn't work out too well."

"Yeah, well at least we sure fooled him."

"I guess we did, you sure got him didn't you?"

"I sure did," I said pulling the car to a stop at the corner where I picked her up.

"Pleasure doing business with you. You got any other quick ones just let me know," she said climbing out of the car.

I unwrapped the CD and slipped the pristine disk into my CD player. Suddenly the music started and I pulled away. As I entered the freeway I listened to the lyrics, "...can't get enough of your love babe..."

Nearly hitting an eighteen wheeler I pushed the eject button and looked at the CD. There it was printed clear as day, "The Barry White Album." "Son of a bitch," I shouted as Barry White moaned in the background. Once I got home I stormed into the house, sat down at my computer and opened my web browser. I typed in the letters AMAZON, then searched the keyboard to type the dot and finished up with COM.

"I simply had to have it, it was something I should own," I thought to myself as I typed in The White Album in the search box. I had my credit card ready as that damn Barry White song kept playing in my head.

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