The Wicked Witch


"Oh, Hulk, what a nice big cock you've got for this wicked witch. I may need to ride this broomstick soon!" I groaned again and then Ding-Dong! Our respite was over. She slowly took her hand out of my jeans, then bent over and ran her tongue over the head then whirled for the door. I stood there, my cock thrusting up out my jeans, the head swollen and greeny purplish, coated in precum and I heard her greet the kids in her wicked witch voice. In minute she came back, while I still stood there with my cock sticking out.

"Mmm, that looks like a lovely candy bar for me!" But just as she approached, Ding-Dong! We both moaned in frustration this time, but she grinned at me devilishly. "Your turn, Mr. Incredible Candy Bar, I've got to go visit the Witch's Cavern."

I started for the door desperately trying to do up my jeans. I just made it and opened the door to a trio of aliens - I think they were aliens. As soon as they left two more groups came and then our sidewalk was at last empty. I closed the door and there was Mom. It was dark in the hallway, lit only by some candles. I put down the bowl and wrapped my arms around her. I noticed she had taken off the cape, but that wasn't all she had taken off! As my hands began to roam her body again, I discovered she no longer had a bra on. Her nice warm tits nestled into my hand through the gauzy fabric of her blouse. I couldn't wait anymore and roughly opened her blouse - I may have popped the button off but I was the Incredible Hulk, after all - and bent down to suck her right nipple into my hungry mouth. I sucked and gently nibbled on it as my left hand cupped and stroked her other breast. She moaned loudly and stroked my head and shoulders, digging her nails lightly into my skin. I then reached down with my right hand to her knee and slid my hand up between her legs. She opened her legs wider and my fingers traced up to her crotch and into a very hot, naked, wet pussy. We both moaned as my fingers entered her pussy and I backed her up against the front door. I kept kissing first one breast then the other as I finger-fucked her faster and faster.

"Oh, God, Oh, Fuck" my mother moaned. "Oh God, don't stop baby, don't stop!" I had no intention of stopping as I managed to slip another finger into her then my thumb found her clit and rubbed it round and round. She shrieked so loudly it must have been audible out on the street and her legs clamped around my hand and she shook against me as she climaxed. "Fuck, oh sweet jesu, oh fuck honey, Oh…." She moaned as her trembling slowly ebbed. Then Ding-Dong! They were back. Mom remained leaning against the door as I opened it a little and handed out candy to the kids, holding the bowl in my slick, pussy-juice covered hand and doling out candy with my dry left hand to the two 8 year-olds on the stoop. But I was so turned on my what we had done I forgot to hold the bowl in front of me as the two kids scooted down the sidewalk to the two mothers who waited on the sidewalk about 25 feet away.

As I turned to close the door I must have been silhouetted against the candle light and I heard one of the mothers say to the other "My God, did you see the package on the Incredible Hulk? That big boy is certainly packing!" And they laughed to themselves as they moved down the sidewalk.

I finished closing the door to find my mother in front of me. "Yes", she said "The Hulk certainly IS packing!" as her hand caressed by cock through my jeans. "And I think it is time we had dealt with this big boy!" And now she backed me up against the door and slowly slid to her knees, then fumbled briefly with my jean's snap, then it gave and my cock popped free and she pulled on my jeans, tugging downward. After a little resistance since they were tight they came down then fell all the way to the floor where the pooled on my bare feet.

"Um-hm!" she murmured, "This was worth waiting for!" and she slowly ran her tongue up my cock and swirled it around the tip, licking the precum off. I moaned and leaned back against the door as she took my cock deep in her mouth, one hand holding my cock and the other caressing my balls. It was all I could do stay upright. I had never felt so much pleasure in my life. She slowly bobbed up and down on my cock and I slowly rocked back ad forth, sliding my cock into her hot mouth. "Oh, fuck mom, oh fuck, Oh God." I could feel my balls tingling and knew I was about to blow my load when Ding-Dong! Oh shit, they were back.

I wanted to ignore them and get my release, but Mom grinned wickedly at me and let my cock pop out of her mouth, licked her lips and rose to her feet.

"Just hold that big boy right there, honey. I'll be back in a jiffy!"

Then she opened the door with me behind it and went into her witch voice "Oh my little pretties! What have we here?" I stood there amazed ad stunned, the torn shirt hanging off me, my jeans on the floor, my huge throbbing cock glistening in the candlelight, dripping with saliva and precum as on the other side of the door my mother, clothed only in a gauzy blouse and skirt joked with the kids. After a bit more she handed out the candy then slowly closed the door.

She turned to me with a wicked grin and said "Now where were we? Oh yes, I was sucking the Incredible Cock!!" Then she reached up and tore the blouse down the middle and let it fall to the floor. SHe looked fantastic, her full breasts thrusting out, the nipples stiffly erect. Then my topless, wicked mother sank to her knees and slowly sucked my cock into her mouth and down her throat. I groaned so loud it could have been heard outside, but fortunately nobody was there to hear it. I couldn't bear another interruption! Apparently Mom didn't want one either as she attacked my cock with a vengeance, sucking vigorously, almost viciously sucking, licking, swirling until I thought I might pass out. Then my balls tightened and I came like a great wave, thrusting up with my cock and spewing great loads of cum as I groaned and cried out. Mom tried to swallow it all, but it was too much and she rocked back, cum trickling out of her mouth as the last ropes of cum landed on her naked tits. It was so titanic my knees were like rubber and I had to grab the doorknob to keep upright.

I was panting and gasping and so was mom when Ding-Dong! went the bell. I hadn't even heard them come up the walk!

"I think" panted Mom, "I think, you … you had better get this one, honey." And she looked down at herself, topless, covered in cum and panting. I laughed and weakly bent down to pick up my jeans. I struggled to get them up and stuff my still half-hard cock into them. 'Careful with that big boy there, I'm going to need him again soon!" I smiled with pleasure as I finished buttoning up. Mom rose and slipped into the kitchen as I opened the door.

I dealt with the latest group, hoping my disheveled demeanor was taken just as part of the Hulk act. As I closed the door, I felt a presence behind me and then Mom slipped her arms around me. I felt those awesome tits against my back and my boner began to rise once more. Then I felt her pull on the shirt and relaxed my arms and let her pull it off. She then hugged me again from behind, those marvelous breasts rubbing against my back. I put my hands back and ran them up her sides, realizing that she had taken off the skirt as well and was now completely naked!

"Mm, hm, you feel so good young man!" Then I felt her hands slide around my waist and trace up and down my rapidly stiffening cock. "Ah, youth, ready for action again, eh?" Then to my surprise I felt her snap open my jeans and tug them down, leaving me naked as she was. She gently stroked my cock, which provoked another groan from me and a sibilant hiss of pleasure from her.

"It's after 8, lover, why don't you go blow out the pumpkins while I shut off the outdoor lights and we'll hold our Halloween celebration?"

"Oh God yes, Mom, I'm on it!"

I started to reach down for my jeans but she said "Don't worry about those, just go do it!"

"Naked?" I exclaimed.

"Sure, green boy, go wave that big package. It will only take a moment."

I turned to look at her and she was grinning evilly in the weak light of the candles. Then she kissed my deeply while stroking my cock. Pulling back an inch or so from my lips, she said "Go for it honey, it will be fun. I'm right behind you".

Somewhat disbelieving, but so turned on that I would do anything for her, I turned to the door and opened it. A quick peek revealed nobody on the walk or the street so I stepped out and quickly descended the stairs to the bottom. I ran to the end of the walk and snatched the top off the jack o' lantern and blew vigorously. The candle went out and I turned to head for the house. In the distance I could hear someone laughing and a small shriek. I turned again but nobody was there. As I turned back to the house the Halloween decorations on the porch went out. I could see Mom standing at the top of the steps, dim in the moonlight but clearly naked to the world. Emboldened now and feeling somehow even more turned on to be running around in our yard, naked with a big hard on, I strode up the sidewalk and slowly bent over and blew out the last two jack o lanterns.

When I straightened up, Mom had descended the steps and leaned in to me and we kissed. I slipped my fingers between her legs as she grasped by cock.

She moaned low, then said "Come with me, Hulkie" and towing me with her hand on my cock, led me across the lawn and around the corner of the house. What did she have in mind? We walked around to he rear patio, where the moonlight was streaming between the occasional cloud. There was a patio table and chairs and a large chaise-lounge covered with terry cloth that we used for sun-bathing. She pulled me over to the chaise and sat down on it, still holding my cock.

"God, you have a beautiful cock, honey, so perfect!" She ran her fingers up and down it, milking precum from it, which gleamed in the moonlight. "So perfect" she repeated, then leaned forward and ran her tongue up my cock and around the knob, lapping it like an ice cream cone. I stepped forward, thrusting my cock up and into her mouth as she greedily sucked it, bobbing her head up and down.

She raised her head and my cock slipped out of her mouth with and audible pop, the stiff throbbing member gleaming in the moonlight. "Ohh, that is so good, honey, but I've got to feel this big boy sliding all the way into my pussy.. now!" And she slowly laid back on the chaise and slowly spread her legs. I started to kneel between her legs, but first I reached down and slid my hands up her slim silky legs and bent to kiss the inside of first one thigh then the other, slowly working my way up to her lovely pussy. Even in the moonlight I could see the lips protruding, shining wetly.

"Ohhh, God honey" she moaned as I ran my tongue up her pussy lips as my hands gently kneaded her ass. It fell so good! I plunged my tongue into her pussy,slowly lapping up her pussy to her clit, which I flicked with my tongue. "Oh, god, fuck me that's good. But come on honey, fuck me now!"

I didn't need any more urging and moved up her body, briefly kissing and sucking each nipple then her mouth as my cock homed in on her pussy. Without any wait or hesitation my cock rubbed at her pussy lips then she grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into her. We both groaned loudly at the sensational pleasure we felt. A tiny part of the back of my mind wondered if the Stephenson's were at their windows about 50 yards away, watching us, but then I didn't care anymore as Mom and I started to slowly hump together, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. We slowly increased the pace, the sound of my cock bottoming on each stroke with a wet squishing sound, the chaise squeaking more and more as our rhythm increased. Mom had wrapped her legs around me and her heels were hooked behind my knees, driving me deeper and deeper into her. Then she let out a small shriek and stiffened against me and I felt a great warmth around my bottomed out cock as she came. She then slowly relaxed and reached up to cradle my face in her hands and kissed me deeply.

I then began to slowly pump in and out of her again and she was running her hands up and down my body, saying "yes, oh, yes, God honey, oh" in a kind of sing-song rhythm. Again, our pace slowly built up, faster and faster and I felt my cock stiffening, growing, my balls tightening, then I went over the top and was cumming so hard I am not sure I didn't momentarily pass out! I certainly lost track of what was happening except the glorious sensation of my cock buried in her pussy, feeling her pussy squeezing and spasming around my cannoning cock as we reached orgasm together.

Slowly, the world came back, me lying on my mother, both of us sweating and panting. Sound came back slowly and I could hear insects chirping, far off a dog barked. I raised myself up on my elbows and looked down at my mother. Her eyes were shining and a crooked grin was on her lips. I probably had the same grin on my lips! I leaned down and gave her a feather like kiss on her lips, then bent further and ever so gently kissed each of her nipples.

"Oh, honey, thank you, that was so awesome! I'm not sure I have ever cum so hard!"

"Thank YOU, Mom, this was the most wonderful night of my life."

We lay there together for a little while, then Mom said "Let's go inside now, sweetie. It's getting a little chilly."

I slowly rose up and took her hand and helped her up. We were both a little unsteady and I took her in my arms for a few moments to steady us. Then she put her arm around my waist and led me across the patio to the door. We entered the family room and she took my hand and led me down the hall to her room and then into her bathroom. There was just enough moonlight coming in through the skylight for us to see where we were going. She opened the shower door and turned on the water. She has a huge shower about 6 foot square with glass sides and a big shower head. In a few seconds it was warm and we stepped in, letting the cascade wash over us.

We slowly washed each other with shampoo and soap, Mom carefully scrubbing me to get off all the makeup. She laughed when I pointed out that her tits were green too where the makeup had been transferred to her during our lovemaking. Eventually, we were both clean and just stood holding each other under the cascade of warm water.

"You know, honey," Mom murmured "I never intended for tonight to turn out like this. When I picked out the costumes, it was just supposed to be a joke, maybe a little flirty, but nothing likes this!"

"Well, I never expected anything like this either," I replied "but I'm sure glad it did!"

She giggled and kissed me. "Yes, I'm going to miss you even more now when you go back to school on Monday!"

"I know, me too. But we still have the rest of the weekend!"

She giggled again and said "And there's Thanksgiving and then Christmas!"

I laughed too and we kissed again as the water poured down on us.

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